Padma Lakshmi Welcomes Daughter Krishna Thea

02/22/2010 at 09:15 AM ET
Lucas Jackson/Reuters/Landov

Padma Lakshmi is now the happy mother of a daughter.

“Model, author and Emmy-nominated host of Top Chef Padma Lakshmi gave birth to a baby girl named Krishna Thea Lakshmi on Saturday [Feb. 20th],” her rep tells PEOPLE. “Mother and baby are well and happy.”

Last month, Padma dropped hints about her daughter’s name, saying, “I am going to name the child an Indian name. It will be after someone in my family, so don’t expect to see an Anglicized name – it will be a classically Indian Sanskrit name.”

Padma, 39, announced her pregnancy in Oct. after years of struggling with endometriosis. She has not identified the baby’s father.

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mrsh on

Great name!

Tabby on

Ahh what a pretty name!! Congratulations

J.D. on

Congrats to Padma! I love the name too.

Jennifer on

I like the name a lot!

Liliana on

A beautiful name for what is sure to be a beautiful little girl.

laura on

krishna is an indian boy name, odd…

Chicki on

Krishna Lakshmi is ceratinly a mouthful! Congrats to the happy new mommy!

Mandy on

Awww congrats!

I love the name as well! The first and middle flow very nicely together.

parvathy on

im really glad she decided to keep an indian name…show’s she hasn’t forgotten her heritage. i spend most of my life outside india, but my parents taught my brother and me to love and respect our indian culture. you can get a more traditional indian name than parvathy! krishna’s a beautiful name! i know i’ll definitely be doing the same with my own children.

jessie on


Abbe on

I love Thea, but isn’t Krishna typically a classic masculine name?

Jessicad on

That’s a beautiful name, congrats to her!

Dominique on

To Laura, who said *Krishna Lakshmi is ceratinly a mouthful! Congrats to the happy new mommy!*

Certainly not for those of Indian culture, which Khrishna is. What an odd comment…

C on

Krishna WAS typically a male name but I’ve met a few girl Krishna’s. Kiran, Hetal, etc…I’ve heard a lot of Indian names lately being used in both genders.

Congrats to her! We had a son last month but if we had a girl Padma was actually at the top of our girl list! We wanted also to stick to traditional Indian names.

Mary-Helen on

Congrats! Love the traditional name!

Gabrielle on

Love the name!

Babymam on

Chicki, do you know anyone who’s Indian? Where I live, there is a large Indian community, and I’ve grown up with many Indian friends, one being Jiji Jaganathan. Another Jaya Karumpulthan, who’s parents, sadly, changed their last name to James, to fit in better, I suppose. It’s not a mouthful to those who are a part of the culture.

Janna on

I’m sure she’ll be a great mom. Congratulations!

babymama on

it’s my understanding that krishna is a traditional “masculine” name, but i know two girls named krishna. for girls the a at the end is pronounced like long a, rather than a short a. personally, i love indian names: krish, radha, radhika. my friend just had a baby boy named shashi, which is an androgynous indian name.

Erica on

Gorgeous name, happy for Padma!

someone on

I think Krishna is Ben Kingsley’s real name.

shirese on

I bet she is beautiful.

lover on

that’s a beautiful name! i’m glad she stuck with an Indian name…nothing looks worse than an Anglicized first name with an different last name. I’m mexican and i see that soo much. it’s like you’re trying so hard to fit in. I hate hearing of people named Aiden Lopez or Taylor Sanchez when the parents BARELY speak english. there are beautiful traditional names of every single ethnic background out there, ya know? so major props to Ms. Lakshmi 🙂

Jade on

babymama Says:
February 22nd, 2010 at 1:34 pm
it’s my understanding that krishna is a traditional “masculine” name, but i know two girls named krishna. for girls the a at the end is pronounced like long a, rather than a short a.

You’re partly right and wrong. Right in the pronunciation part. Wrong about the traditionality. “Krishna” means black, this can be used as a boy’s or a girl’s name, with different pronunciations, as you mentioned. “Krishna” is a VERY common traditional name for women in India. I would know because I’m an Indian.

Congrats to Padma Lakshmi!

Luna on

I almost screamed when I saw this! I’m so incredibly happy for her! I really like the name but I’m wondering if someone could please tell me how to pronounce Krishna? Is it Kri-ish-nah? I know how to pronounce Thea I was just wondering on the first name. Either way, it’s beautiful and I’m overjoyed for Padma.

Shannon on

Beautiful name! Congrats to her!

Sabrina on

i love the name! i am so happy for padma!

ljss123 on

Congratulastions to her! Love the name.

Nola on

I lived in a very Indian area for over ten years and Krishna is unisex, I’d say.

Krishna is said KRISH-nah

babymama on

thanks, jade! i only meant that Krishna is traditionally masculine because the deity is male. that’s how my friend explained it to me, anyway. like i mentioned, i know two girls named krishna. but really, what do i know?! i was raised jewish! 🙂

Luna on

Thank you very much Nola.

Marilyn on

Wasn’t she due late March/early April? Either that was wrong or she had the baby early. We don’t know the weight so it’s hard to tell but congratulations to her. I like the name.

kmb on

how cute! even though the name is traditional, it has a nice ring to it. can’t wait to see this little one!

maggie on

i kinda like the name even though i can barely say it properly. i knew she was going to have a girl. 8)

Robin on

Congrats!! I love the name too!!

Elzbieta on

“i’m glad she stuck with an Indian name…nothing looks worse than an Anglicized first name with an different last name. I’m mexican and i see that soo much. ”

Lover— Considering the majority of the US is compromised of people who descend from immigrants having an anglicized first name with a foreign last name is pretty common. I know this is just your opinion, but its a little offensive. Theres nothing wrong with assimilation.

Elzbieta on

Anyway I love the name Krishna and one of my good friends is named Thea, I know Padma must be beaming! But I thought she was due in April but maybe she said that for privacy purposes because she seemed about due to pop judging from the last photos that were out.

Patricia! on

Congrats Padma!

welcome to the world Krishna 🙂

Chicki on

@ Dominique: Why is it an odd comment to state that the alliterative “sh” sounds in Krishna and Lakshmi are a mouthful when said together? It’s just an observation and in no way meant to be offensive. Perhaps this is not a “mouthful” to those in the Indian culture, however as a native speaker of English the name just doesn’t roll off the tongue and — believe it or not, I am basing my comment on (gasp!) my very own personal frame of reference!! I am in no way disparaging her choice of name, in fact I was very happy to hear that she decided on a traditional Indian name.

I find the commenters on this site to be increasing hyper-critical for no good reason at all!

Erin on

Like the name a lot and the birth date, too. I’m a February 20th gal myself. Welcome to the world, little Pisces!

parvathy on

to those who think krishna is a boy’s name, not anymore! i have an aunt who’s name is krishna. its becoming very popular for girls too.

Melissa Wilson on

I, too, don’t see a problem with the poster that commented on how the name is a “mouthful.” It IS a mouthful. With repeating sh, k and i sounds, how could it not be a bit of a tongue-twister?

Regardless, it is an absolutely gorgeous name.

daniela on

Congrats to Padma for having a healthy baby girl!!!

Benigna Torviso-Marko on

Cngratulations and the best. Love the names and sort of difficult to pronounce. Absolutely lovely.

jen on

I hear that name and think of my favorite George Harrison song – love it! Babies are the best.

shemari on

The baby’s name is beautiful.

I’m sorry but her name is not difficult to pronounce nor is it a tongue twister. You know sometimes it’s best to keep some thoughts to yourself.

JJ on

That’s exciting!
Lover,I found your comment offensive. I have an “anglicized” first name and “ethnic” middle and last name. And, I am very happy about it. It was hard enough growing up being the only person of color, made even worse by my extreme shyness. My first name allowed me to blend right in when I wanted to and no one ever had trouble pronouncing it. So, while I think it’s cool to name your baby a more “ethnic” first name I think it’s ridiculous to look down on “anglo” names. I think I am probably going to do what my parents did and give a nice easy name to pronounce as first name and then something more traditional for middle, allowing the child to chose what she feels more comfortable with.

FC on

I read this on Yahoo! news site. I think it’s great she had her baby, and I love the name she picked for her new little daughter. 🙂

Mina on

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L name!!! I cant wait to see pictures!! I love the middle name especially. How does everyone pronounce it? I say it like Thee-ah, but I’ve heard They-ah, or Te-ah. Either way it’s a lovely name

emma on

didn’t think she was due so soon! congrats to them!

nettrice on

I do not think assimilation is good in many cases when it comes to people who have a non-Western ancestry as Padma does. Being taught how to stand proud amongst those who are different even if they are in the majority is one quality of a strong leader or at least someone who is confident in themselves. I applaud Padma for sticking with her traditions.

I have no problem saying Krishna Lakshmi. For those who do they should practice saying it until they’re able.

Posh_Fan on

Krishna is one of my favorite names and it’s a unisex name. It’s pronounced the same way it’s written. Krish-nah.

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats to Padma! I hope she shares a picture of little Krishna! 🙂

Luna on

@ Mina: I believe it is pronounced Thee-ah like you originally said. Beautiful name. Congrats Padma on baby Krishna.

Michelle on

Huh, Ben Kingsley is Indian. You learn something new everyday, I just didn’t think it would be here!

Leonor on

I thought she was due at the end of March. Did she have her early? Maybe she was induced early. I remember reading she was on bedrest.

Anyway, congrats to her! I love the name and that she chose one that reflects her culture.

heymisslayla on

Jeez, how many Hindu deities can you fit into one name? Krishna AND Lakshmi.

Happy for her, though! The girl is going to eat very, very well.

Rach on

Lover’s comments were pretty silly. Why does it matter to you what anyone names their child ? What gives you the right to criticize them ? You say something like that not realizing you are the part of the problem. Children get names like that from parents being badgered and having comments like those above of people not knowing how to pronounce it or having it be too much of a mouthful for some people. That being said, there are many foreign people that were born and raised with English names, like myself keeping with our english ancestry despite colour. LOL, that takes me back to the times people would tell me that they thought all Trinidadians were black, and people who saw my very english name and assumed I was white, even though that “english ” name was actually a hebrew name my mom chose from the bible.
I do find it amusing the comments about the gender bending of the name Krishna. Do people truly believe that genderbending names are only popular in Western culture ?

And heymisslayla lol I know ! But moms name is Padma Parvati Lakshmi 🙂

Jenn on

Um nettrice, If I don’t know how to pronounce either the first name or the last name how can I practice? Or should I just practice saying it wrong, which I happen to think is much more offensive than asking how to pronounce something properly.

gma on

Congratulations!I am happy to see her wish come true.

JJ on

I really cant believe how rude and crude some of you people are. This woman just gave birth to a child that she has wanted to have and some of you make THE SILLIEST remarks about a childs name. Please as my mother use to say “IF YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY DONT SAY ANYTHING”.

Lyoness on

I love her name. It’s beautiful! Congratulations!!

Mia on

Very happy for her! Does anyone know what family member the baby is named after? I don’t know anything about Padma. I really like the name.

Jennifer on

Krishna Thea is a beautiful name. Krishna and Thea are both Cambodian names as well and I guess it is because the Cambodian language was influenced by Pali and Sanskrit. Traditionally Krisna is a boy name among Cambodians like how a lot of people are saying but it think she can name her child whatever she wants