Céline Dion Is An ‘Open Book’ With Fertility Struggle

02/19/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
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Speaking out about her struggle to conceive a second child came naturally to line Dion. “I’ve always been an open book,” she noted recently to Good Morning America.

Vowing to take “one step at a time” the 41-year-old songstress stays positive by focusing on the good and remembering that she’s not alone.

“It’s something very beautiful when you want to conceive and when you want to be parents again, when you want to be blessed again,” she notes. “And for me to share this is about also bonding with other women that are going through the same thing.”

Calling pregnancy “priceless,” Céline says that she and husband René Angélil are undeterred by the setbacks they’ve experienced.

“You know what? We had a miscarriage. We tried three more times. It did not work … We are trying again for the fifth try. It’s aboard right now. All aboard.”

Noting that their son René-Charles, 9, was conceived with the help of a fertility specialist — after six years of trying — Céline says she “can’t thank [the doctor] enough, to have this beautiful child.”

Making René-Charles a big brother has provided motivation for the couple, who married in 1994. She adds,

“It would be extraordinary to try and make this love of the family grow more. But I have — I have — to try.”

Click below to read about Céline’s “biggest joy.”

Being a mom is “a blessing,” Céline says, and something she likens to having “another heart that grows inside of you.”

That much is on full display in her new film Céline: Through the Eyes of the World, which chronicles her life on the Taking Chances tour. In one scene, Rene-Charles loses a cherished stuffed animal; When it is recovered, Céline’s relief was palpable.

“It was like the biggest joy,” she recalls. “I was like, ‘Oh! Thank you! Thank you.'”

Source: Good Morning America

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Louise on

What an honest interview.
Good luck to Celine and her husband, I hope they are able to achieve their dream.

Cricket on

Give me a break. There a people in this world who can’t have children, period. They will never know what it’s like to see two blue lines, feel as another life grows inside of them, and experience the miracle of hearing their childs first cry. She has one beautiful, healthy child already. She should just be grateful that she has him and was able to experience those things.

I am sick to death of her whining because she can’t get pregnant again. Stop already. If you want another child, adopt one. Lord knows there are enough children who need loving homes. If your heart truely desires another child how about loving one of them? You are blessed beyond belief, start acting like it.

N.S on

There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding 40+ year old women who are TTC – and I think it’s very unfair.

I wish Celine and Rene the best of luck.

mrsh on

I understand her desire to have another child, and commend her for being so forthcoming about everything! I do hope, though, that if she is unable to conceive, they will be content with either having an only child (something that I happen to love), or will be satisfied to adopt a child. It would be unfortunate if they were to go through life thinking their family is “incomplete” simply because they were unable to conceive again.

Sonya on

I just don’t understand why a woman who had so much trouble getting pregnant the first time (when she was in her 20s) would wait so long before trying again, knowing that her chances were getting worse every year she got older. (And I know someone’s going to mention her carer, but that’s the choice we all have to make, so it really comes down to what you’re willing to sacrifice -having a baby or part of your carer. And it’s not like she couldn’t sing while pregnant).

Anyway, I wish her well and hope she gets another baby whether biologically or through adoption.

Mrs. R. on

so I can see why she waited… her husband had cancer, they had a young child, and she had a HUGE payout in Las Vegas for her show there. I can’t blame her for wanting to take advantage of her career high.

What I am not interested in is hearing about every detail of her treatments and the losses and the gains and whatnot. Seriously TOO MUCH INFORMATION for me. I try to ignore the articles, but it seems like she’s going out of her way to talk about it CONSTANTLY!

acmommy09 on

Celine does not whine about not being able to conceive. She simply shares her struggle in hopes of offering support to women in similar situations. She is always very positive and optomistic about it. Also, adoption is not for everyone.

lover on

i don’t understand how some of you can be so critical. for a person who desperately wants a child, it is heartbreaking to struggle with conceiving. my boyfriend and i have been trying for about 7 months and everytime that time of the month comes around, i can’t even function because of the nerves and sadness when i get my period. i can only imagine how she feels because infertility treatments seem like they’d work and to not have success with them would be even more heartbreaking.

if you don’t like reading articles like these, don’t read them and don’t comment on them either. maybe celine dion feels like talking about it is therapeutic or maybe she reads blog comments to read other people’s success stories. i’m saying that because sometimes i do that. reading that couples conceive after x number of months gives me hope that maybe the current month is my month.

don’t bash her. longing for a child is the saddest longing in my opinion. you’re longing for someone that doesn’t even exist and you don’t know if they ever will.

it would be tasteful if some of you expressed sensitivity to those of us who aren’t as fortunate in the baby department yet.

p.s. adoption is a beautiful thing but not mandatory for celebrities just because they have enough money. it’s annoying how adoption is mentioned sooo much. if you’re really passionate about adoption and don’t have money, then save some. WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY) and if you can’t/don’t save money for adoption, then hush. because not everyone thinks like you.

Sarah on

I do appreciate Celine’s candor, especially when so few celebrities are willing to admit the truth about trying to get pregnant after a certain age. However, I read PEOPLE’s cover story and she says, repeatedly, that she and Rene have no interest in pursuing adoption. This interview makes it even clearer; what Celine really wants, more than another child, is to be pregnant. I’m not saying that adoption or surrogacy or any method of pursuing parenthood is easy, but to out-of-hand dismiss adoption after talking about how she’s pining, yearning, aching for a child does not ring true. I think what this, coupled with her other interviews, makes oddly clear is that Celine wants to pregnant more than she wants another child.

JMO on

She’s in her 40’s he’s like 68 they have ALOT of odds going against them in general. I have to say has she ever said anything about adoption?? She seems so dead set on having a biological child. And it’s understandable but I agree you have one healthy blessing in your life maybe it’s not in God (or whoevers) plans for you to have another child biologically. There are so many children in this world who needs home. Celine and Rene have enough means to go about getting a child (or two or three or four) why not??
I hope it works out for her but if it doesn’t I hope she considers adopting if she truly wants to be “blessed” with another child. She’ll be amazed at how great it also feels to love a child you didn’t grow inside you. Love knows no boundaries when it comes to adopting a child.

Mary-Helen on

I feel badly for her, but @ the same time, the fates are telling her that this most likely won’t happen, so perhaps she should look @ alternatives, ie adoption or surrogacy. Her husband is very old, in his early 70’s and perhaps RC is the only child they will be blessed with.

JMO on

Sarah – should of read what you wrote before I posted? Really she has no desire to adopt?? That’s kind of sad. And I agree if you want a child she could easily find a child but I guess if you have a desire to carry a child then it will make it harder. That makes me sad though. I know so many people who if they could adopt would – for them it’s not about being pregnant anymore it’s about welcoming another life into their life no matter how the child gets here.

Amanda on

Wow, the lack of compassion in these comments is sad 😦
I have 3 beautiful, healthy children and have never had problems conceiving but my heart goes out to Celine and other women facing infertility, whether it’s trying for their first or their fifth child. Celine obviously appreciates the miracle that is her son, it is completely understandable that she might want that again. I wish I could have a 4th, but it wouldn’t be financially responsible and I am a little sad over that, I am so incredibly happy with my family that I’d love to do it again and feel so blessed to have had all of my children, doesn’t mean that I can’t be a little sad my family won’t look like I had always imagined.
I think I’ve only seen maybe 2-3 articles where she talks about infertility, so I can’t imagine it’s all that hard to avoid. Why waste your time commenting if it bothers you? She’s a celebrity and she’s talking babies, hence being posted on a celebrity-babies.com site.

rb on

She shares her struggles and feelings and gets bashed, other celebs keep it quiet and they get bashed for not sharing because it could make other “non celebs” know that even the rich & famous can have infertility. Which is it?

Oh and just because someone has the means and desire for another/more children does not meam they should want to adopt. Adoption is not for everyone.

I do agree that it is somewhat odd that they waited so long considering their struggle the first time around though.

Luna on

I’m sad for her that she can’t get pregnant and have a biological child. I feel bad that she desires a pregnancy and a baby and she’s been repeatedly denied that dream. But I really feel sad that she won’t even consider adoption when there are too many children who need parents. I understand that it’s very personal but they really shouldn’t just write it off when fertility treatments aren’t working. However, I also feel that this is personal and perhaps Celine should speak about it a wee less. 🙂 At least they have one beautiful child who she loves and she had biologically.

Cathryn on

I wish everyone would stop trying to push adoption on those who have difficulty conceiving. Adoption is not for everyone, and no, that is not because they want to be pregnant more than they want a child. It is because they want a biological child and there is nothing wrong with that. Infertile couples are not the irresponsible people who brought a child into this world that they cannot take care of and put it up for adoption. If they choose to adopt, great, but if not, that’s also a perfectly valid choice. I truly hope that all of you critizing Celine for not adopting have opened up your home to a child in need, especially before you have a biological child!

lilly raine on

cricket, who says shes complaining, i think shes grateful for what she has, one little boy, but is trying for a second child, when someone experiences a beautiful pregnancy and a miracle of birth, then most mothers do wish on having more kids, i think its great that shes so open to take about the trouble of getting pregnant again, and who knows maybe if she cant pregnant again she will adopt, but i think she will do whatever it takes to become pregnant again, i feel for her, i know how hard it is to become pregnant, i had my first child, and i wanted a second, my first time was no sweat i got pregnant, and loved every minute of it, then the second time i around, it was more difficult, i had two miscarriages and months of agony, then i finally got pregnant, and it was a blessing.

Kerri on

You know, some people just don’t WANT to adopt. And that’s OK. If they don’t want to, they definitely shouldn’t.

trinh on

i love celine but i will never get y ppl are SO reluctant to adopt

Alice on

I agree with cricket. She should just adopt because it’s obviously not working for her. I do understand that this is saddening for her, but it’s even more saddening that she won’t even consider adoption. She already has one beautiful child.

fuzibuni on

why should celine get grief from people because she is having a hard time conceiving?

she is allowed to try for pregnancy as long as she wants, just like anyone else… and she does not deserve to be criticized for it.

If a woman conceives quickly no one ever suggests that she should have adopted instead. if you are going to support adoption, then promote it across the board. it’s not ok to suggest it to women having fertility struggles anymore than it would be okay to suggest it to someone who plans to conceive naturally.

often it seems that people go for adoption after trying to have “their own” child first. Perhaps Celine doesn’t want to adopt because she has had a public fertility struggle and her future adoptive child would most likely learn about it and wonder why they were the second choice.

Erika on

I can’t believe the people telling them to adopt. The father is well into his 60s, and has health issues- both of which could make it very, very hard for a normal couple to adopt, since many countries have restrictions on both of those issues. Maybe they don’t want to be like the other celebritiess who get around the rules/waiting times and go through the adoption process in 5 minutes. Or maybe it just isn’t for them. Adoption is beautiful, and it’s a wonderful thing to do, but realistically it is not for everyone- whether they don’t want to emotionally, or they can’t because of restrictons.

I like how they are so open, and I wish them the best of luck in having another child, no matter how they choose to do it!

C on

Lots is reasons, trinh.

Fear that the adoption will be called off.

Fear that the mother will change her mind.

Fear that an older child won’t adjust (a friend of mine adopted an older child with RAD…she’s so strong and I like to think I am, but RAD is NO joke).

Lack of funds (you can get INS coverage for infertility often now.). Or being too old. Or having a disease that makes you “undesirable”. Or not being done mourning your infertility (something agencies screen for).

Or simply. Strong desire to go through every moment with a child from conception to birth and onwards. It doesn’t mean they value the pregnancy more than the child.

Adoption is wonderful and beautiful. But it shouldn’t be done lightly or for the wrong reasons. Like when people say they want to save a child? Loving a child is a reason to adopt. Saving to many means they expect gratitude and it’s a bad reason to adopt, IMO.

Adoption isn’t for eveyone and I never want a child who is wanted in every way to be adopted into a family that won’t give them 100 percent.

Maya on

JMO: no such thing as “should of.” It’s “should HAVE.”

Liliana on

No one on this website has the right to tell Celine what to do with her reproductive organs. In addition, I’m also failing to see how she’s whining about her infertility. If anything, she seems to think that by sharing her story, she will help other women struggling with infertility learn that they are not alone. Where’s the harm in that?

As a poster said, she’s damned if she talks about her struggle and damned if she doesn’t. Either way, someone will ALWAYS find fault.

Never did she say she wasn’t content with being a mother to her son. In fact, she seems to adore him. The truth is, many individuals have an idea of the kind of family they hope to have and obviously, for her, it involves more than one child. I don’t see how that makes her ungrateful.

Also, adoption isn’t for everyone. There are a multitude of reasons for this and it varies from person to person. Everyone is entitled to do what they see fit for their family. Just because some individuals struggling with infertility turn to adoption, others do not. It doesn’t mean they’re terrible people; they just need to do what’s best for THEIR family.

mrsh on

C – That was one of the most well-written posts I’ve read on this site, ever.

Rye on

I wish Celine the best and know that whatever is meant to happen for her will happen…but, I am a little irked by the fact that everyone seems to either be harping on her decision not to adopt or the fact that she has waited too long after having her son to try again. Why isn’t anyone harping on the fact that her husband is an old man and he probably won’t even be around long enough to see his kids grow into adults? Doesn’t THAT bother anyone? I’m sorry, but If I was a child being conceived in this scenario, I would be totally disturbed about it later in life knowing that one of my parents went into the situation with the knowledge that they were possibly not going to live long enough to see my life grow and to watch me have my own kids and stuff. I don’t know…that’s just me! I think Celine is a great woman and she always seems very fun and quirky and nice…but, I think the Renee thing is creepy. I don’t understand how it is ok for a guy in his 70’s to be reproducing but people have such issues with a woman in her 40’s trying to have a baby. Ugh!

Gaias and Priam's mom on

As a mother of one and the soon to be mom of an adopted son(insert squeal!!!) I don’t think they should adopt simply because they can’t have biological kids of their own. I know that’s common to do, but it sits wrong with me. If they choose not to adopt because they know they won’t be able to give a non-bio the love they deserve then I applaud them for making the right decision. Plus maybe she really wants to go through the pregnancy again, some women consider it a beautiful experience.

I think the number of children someone wants to have is very private and shouldn’t be judged. She’s not hurting any of us by having her ivf a billion times, so she can try till she’s 60 for all I care and I wish her luck.

Lauren on

In their defense adopting a child when Rene is pushing 70 will not be a very easy task even with their celebrity status. When i was researching on adoption one of the rules was you had to be at least 21 or so years older than the child you are adopting and you must NOT be 40 something years older than the child.

I’m sure she feels blessed to have her son and there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel that joy one more time.

Mary-Helen on

Adoption isn’t the only option for them; there is also surrogacy.

I don’t mean to be insensitive, as I’ve seen how infertility can crush someone. My best friend & her husband have struggled for three years & I’ve watched her choke back tears looking @ my kids because she wants it so much. But IMO Celine has suffered four miscarriages/failed IVF’s and maybe even countless other “old fashioned” attempts. I can’t imagine how she’s hurting, but perhaps she should look @ surrogacy or even accepting her family as it is instead of punishing her body and mind. Adoption is an option, but since she has said no to that, maybe surrogacy is an option. Rene has suffered from cancer, maybe his count is just too low. I appreciate her candor and hopefully others struggling don’t feel so alone & I hope she finds her peace.

Silver17 on

I commend Celine for sharing her story. I, too, battled infertility and feel that it is a silent, growing epidemic among women. I found it hard to make friends and family understand what I was going through. They offered lots of well-meaning and some not-so-well-meaning and all completely useless advice and platitudes. Which is precisely why I think many women keep this battle private, but also exactly why I think we should talk about it more–to promote understanding and sensitivity among all people about this situation. When I finally got pregnant after two years of emotional hell, lots of invasive tests, seven rounds of fertility drugs, and multiple IUIs, the first song I bought on iTunes was Celine’s “A New Day Has Come”, which she recorded after her son’s birth and her first infertility struggle. Its words so perfectly described how I felt about trying to get pregnant, what other people told me as I tried, and how glorious it was to finally be expecting my cherished baby. I listened to it every day of my pregnancy and still hold it dear. As such, I wish Celine the best with her new battle, as I wish the best for all women who want to be mothers and face this situation. Infertility is not something I would wish on my worst enemy.

moose on

Gaias and Priya’s mom: Can I (insert squeal) too! How exciting.I am so jealous!

sil on

@ Cathryn: i totally agree with your post. Well said!

CelebBabyLover on

Lauren- Excellent point! Rene’s age and health issues would probably make adoption impossible for them, even though they’re celebrities (I’m of the belief that most celebs who adopt actually DON’T get special treatment. For one thing, when a celeb makes an adoption announcement, it’s usually when the adoption is either imminent or has already happened. So of course it’s going to seem to us like they were able to adopt in a matter of days/weeks!).

Anyway, I wish Celine and Renee the best! 🙂

urbanadventurertales on

I agree with Gaia and Priya’s mom. I think adoption is a beautiful thing, but should not be done as a second option always. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that someone would adopt only as a last resort. Adoption is so beautiful adn my hope is that it becomes more and more recognized for how special it is.
Celine and Rene are honestly too old to adopt (most countries will not allow parents past 45 yrs. old). I do wish them the best of luck in conceiving. I would personally never resort to IVF, but I am not goign to judge those who use it. It’s a personal decision for everyone.

Christina on

Rene is 68 years old and has battled cancer. His age alone is enough for many adoption agencies to decline their application, let alone his health history. Likewise, Celine is over 40. Many (most?) adoption agencies require at least one of teh prospective parents to be under the age of 40.

It’s my impression that Celine has been trying to conceive again all this time, not that she “waited so long” to start again.

Personally, I commend Celine for being open and honest about her struggle with primary and secondary infertility.

Ashandra on

I guess I don’t really understand.Celine has so many blessings- a wonderful career, son, and a happy marriage. She has everything a woman could be blessed with. Can’t she just accept that her body can probably not have another child? It’s hard but is it worth all this trouble for her?

Amanda on

Maya-you should probably pick apart the grammar of everyone’s posts, if you have the time. My husband is an editor, and I frequently proofread his proofreading, so I’ll be the first to admit that I’m neurotic about grammatical errors. However, there is a time and place, and that time and place is not on a website about celebrity babies. Maybe your comment wouldn’t have rubbed me the way it did if you would have had something else to contribute to the discussion. That being said…

I know how infertility feels. We had always gotten pregnant very easily…all five times I’ve conceived, it’s been on the very first try. However, none of those pregnancies lasted any longer than maybe four days after the positive home pregnancy test except one. I made it to sixteen weeks with my daughter in December of 2008, and went in for an ultrasound the day after my birthday. My baby was so still on that screen, and there was no heartbeat. I had a D&C the next day, and after giving my body a few months to heal, we started trying again. Here we are, 14 months later, and still nothing. I’ve been seeing a reproductive endocrinologist at Magee Women’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, and they diagnosed me with low progesterone and gave me suppositories to increase the levels, and I’m supposed to use them for two weeks starting two days after a positive LH surge (what the ovulation predictors detect). That’s just messed up my cycles, which have always been so regular for the last sixteen years. And infertility doesn’t just happen to older women…I’m 27, and I was 25 the last time I got pregnant. Whatever happens, though, we will adopt. From the first month we met, we knew that our family would someday include adopted children, whether we had biological children or not. And those children will be OUR OWN. I share this story because I know that there is someone reading these comments who has gone through something similar, and I want you to know you’re not alone. Hang in there. You’re tougher than you think.

robinepowell on

Well why did she wait so long to try again, especially when she had trouble the first time around. Her son will be ten this year and she’s in her 40s, that should tell Celine something.

erika on

She is a beautiful person!!! Finally- a celebrity interview that is open, honest, and REAL! I feel for Celine, having gone through my own heartbreaks trying to conceive a child. I hope she has success soon. Many hugs and much love to her beautiful family. xoxo!

mrsh on

Amanda – I just want to wish the best of luck to you! You’ve been through quite a lot in your fertility journey already, and it sounds like you have a wonderful attitude about the whole thing. Thank you for sharing that. Also, I’m from Pittsburgh, too 🙂 I have two cousins who have struggled with infertility. One conceived via IVF a few years ago and had boy-girl twins. The other cousin had multiple failed IVFs, and recently adopted a baby girl. There are just so many options for making a family, it’s all about what “fits” for you.

asdas on

Ashandra, it probably is worth the trouble for her, or I doubt she would be doing it. Some people are happy with just one child while others are not.

asdas on

Cricket, it’s pretty hard to adopt when you are 41 and you have a 70 year old husband. Maybe you should have thought of that before you left your angry comment.


Amanda, you are such a strong and beautiful woman!! I know you will be blessed with the family you deserve.

On another note, I do think that Celine should stop trying to have another child biologically. She simply waited too long and her husband is too elderly (Yes, he can be called elderly!). The body was made to not have children after a certain age for a reason. If they do have another biological child, that child will be 20 and their father could have died from old age.

Adopt, and give the gift of life to a child who needs it. Heal a heart already in the world, and let a child know that they are indeed loved.

asdas on

Cathryn, when someone says they want only biological children and would never adopt that’s fine, that’s their choice, but it makes me question their motivation for having children.

Cathryn on

asdas, you need not question someone’s motivation for having children just because they don’t want to adopt. I get that it is hard for people who have embraced adoption to understand that it is not for everyone, but it just is not. I tried for 2 years to have a biological child before I was finally successful. I wanted to experience every part of having a biological child from being pregnant and feeling her kicks to seeing parts of myself and my husband in her as she grows. I simply could not love her more. That’s my motivation.

There is nothing wrong with the desire to create and carry a child of your own and I think it is sad that people question someones “motivation” to do so. I guess I would question your motivation for caring? People should do what makes them happy.

Aussie Mum on

@24-MAYA This is a blog about celeb babies,not a college essay where posters are marked on there writing and grammer.Enough!!

@38 Amanda–I truly hope that you and your hubby get some precious children & am sorry that you had to go through losses,as I have a close friend with very similar problems.She is now 19 weeks and full of both excitment & worry!! Good Luck with whatever course you choose

CelebBabyLover on

Christina- I agree completely! I don’t know why it’s so hard for people to grasp that Renee and Celine are simply too old for adoption to be an option!

I also agree with what you said about the fact that Celine probably didn’t “wait so long” before TTC again. I, too, wouldn’t be surprised if she has been trying all along. Just because we don’t know about her trying to concieve prior to this year doesn’t mean she wasn’t. I think she DID indicate a few years back that they weren’t trying, but she may just not have been ready to share her struggle at that point. Not everything needs to be made public! 🙂

Elzbieta on

I really agree with Gaia and Priam’s mom, I really don’t see where the negativity is coming from in some of these posts. Yes, they should be happy with one child but who says they are unhappy? They just want to be blessed again.She maybe hurting herself by undergoing these treatments, but I’m sure she’s aware of the risks. She wants a second baby that badly.

P.S- Gaia and Priam’s mom congratulations!! I’m reading the Iliad for one of my classes, Priam is an awesome name. It very very old but it sounds modern and wise! Goes really well with Gaia.

Amanda on

Thank you all for your kind words and positive thoughts! We sure need them. We just found out that we were approved for a home loan on Friday, and you know what they say…new home, new baby. Maybe my body is just waiting for some security, I guess you could say. Either way, as soon as we get moved in, we are going to start taking the adoption classes and fostering. I’m lucky enough to not have to work, and my husband works from home, so why not help kids who are stuck in the system? I may fall in love with one of them and realize that he or she is meant to be our child. Anyway, I am the creator of a facebook group called Pregnancy Loss Awareness, and lots of the women in the group are from the Pittsburgh area, so if any of you are interested, look it up, or find me on there through my email. We get together sometimes and talk about our struggles and keep each other optimistic. I’m not from Pittsburgh, but I can get there in half an hour from my home in the northern panhandle of West Virginia. I hope to see some of you on there. :^) awilson1245@hotmail.com to find me.

Sara H on

Infertility is such an emotional issue. For those who are going through it, it is very painful; and for those who really can’t imagine it, they are often judgmental and want to give you all the answers you didn’t ask for. My husband and I have battled with infertility for over ten years with no success. Not 1 pregnancy, not 1 anything. Life continues to happen during this battle, and things make you put the battle off, such as Celine’s husband’s cancer. I know that during our infertility battle, my mother bacame ill with cancer, and it required me to put our battle on hold while we fought and lost her battle. We are back to our battle with infertility now. Any woman who has stood in our shoes knows why I refer to it as a battle, and not a struggle. I wish women would have and show more compassion on this site for Celine and her husband. When I read the comments, there were so many that were so judgmental of their life choices. Who are we to judge how someone should put their family together? I wish them all the luck in the world with their current battle, as I do all the women struggling that read this post. With determination that we have as women, wonderful medical care, and the support of our husbands, we too will build the families we have been dreaming about since we ourselves were little girls.

Silver17 on

Sara H, I’m praying for you. Hang in there. I hope, hope, hope your battle ends with a beautiful baby for you soon.

Shannon on

#8, lover- I tried for 7 months for my 3rd pregnancy, after 2 previous easy, one try conceptions. I know how hard that wait it, and I agree I can’t imagine how much harder it must be to go through infertility as Celine is. However, I just wanted to let you know, I got pregnant on month 8, and I now have an incredible 3 year old boy. I’m sure you’ve heard this, but I was told it takes the average healthy couple 1 year to get pg. So keep at it, and keep hoping, and I’d be willing to bet that pretty soon here, you’ll be getting ready to welcome your own little one. 🙂

I think it is wonderful to see a celeb open up about something so personal and difficult, hoping that she can help other couples going through that same thing by sharing her own struggles. So often we hear people complaining that a celeb lied about something b/c they want to keep certain things private, and here we have a women who’s doing exactly what people want, and she is still getting blasted. If her comments help even one woman out there who is struggling through the same things, then I say she’s doing a wonderful thing.

Gianna on

Prayers for her and her twin babies.. how wonderful!