Exclusive: Meet Mikaella Castroneves!

02/18/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
Tamara Reynolds for PEOPLE for use on CBB

Hélio Castroneves routinely drives 225 miles per hour on the racetrack without breaking a sweat.

But when he took his newborn daughter Mikaella to her first doctor’s visit in January, the three-time Indianapolis 500 champ turned into a nervous wreck behind the wheel.

“It was snowing and some of the roads were icy,” says Hélio, who is enjoying first-time parenthood with his girlfriend of two years, Atlanta restaurateur Adriana Henao, 34. “I was very cautious!”

One year ago Hélio, 34, was on trial in Miami for tax evasion (he was acquitted in April).

“It was like a Category 5 storm,” he says now. But it’s been all sunny skies since Mikaella arrived on Dec. 28th.

With the upcoming racing season just weeks away, the Dancing With the Stars winner is savoring every moment with his baby girl.

“At night I put her on my chest, and I give her the bottle,” he says. “I can feel her breathing and hear her heartbeat. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.”

So far Mikaella isn’t following her dad’s tire tracks.

“She doesn’t like to ride in the car!” he says. And that’s just fine with him: “There’s only one race-car driver in the family. Maybe she will play golf!”

Source: PEOPLE; Mar. 1 issue

— Monica Rizzo

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Paige on

Aw. What a beautiful family. Mikaella is precious, Adriana is beautiful, and Helio is just plain good looking, even more now that he’s a proud daddy.

I still think she’ll be wanting a go-kart in a few years. I think he won’t be able to say no to that little face.

Can’t wait for the IndyCar season to start. I think we’ll be seeing her victory lane with her daddy some this year.

Liliana on

Mikaella is beautiful!

Hea on

Cute picture but why is she naked?

Diane on

Very cute. I wonder if mom got peed on? I’ve been there.

All Women Stalker on

I agree, they are beautiful. That kid will be gorgeous.

Loralie on

What a beautiful family! 🙂

Beverley on

That is a beautiful picture. And I used to love watching my husband in the evenings with the baby on his chest. So precious.

Chris on

“At night I put her on my chest, and I give her the bottle,” he says. “I can feel her breathing and hear her heartbeat. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.”

Awwwwwwwwwww! 🙂

Ashley on

Awwwww 😀
Little naked baby tushy!

Forever Moore on

I think the naked pic is cute…after all, that’s how she came into this world 😀

Meg on

Adriana is so skinny! Wow – look at her toothpick legs! I can’t believe the baby was just born December 28th. That is a sweet picture though and the baby is beautiful. So are her parents!

Alicia on

Beautiful family!

As for Mikaella’s lack of attire, she’s an infant and obviously was born naked. It’s natural. Personally, I prefer to see a newborn in something simple than some of the over the top outfits I’ve encountered in recent years.

Mrs. R. on

I am almost distracted at how completely gorgeous his girlfriend is. That little girl is going to be one brunette beauty!

pia on

she’s naked cause she’s beautiful..
what a lovely little girl and her bottom is so sweet

Molly on

my baby was born with this much hair too and by 6 months she was completely bold !!

steph on

first thing i thought of? what a cute little bum! I think this is just a precious picture and congratulations to them on their new daughter!

nico on

I rarely ever comment, but I’ve got to say the naked baby kinda rubbed me the wrong way too. I don’t have anything against nakedness, but when I saw this pic, my immediate thought was “why is the baby naked and the parents have clothes on?” yes, the baby was naked when she was born, but the parents did not look that relaxed either. no ill feelings, just my to 2 cents.

I really like the angle though.

CelebBabyLover on

pia- Beautifully said! Babyhood and early childhood are the two times that naked pictures are cute! LOL!

CelebBabyLover on

Just to clarify my last comment, I’m not trying to imply that there’s anything wrong with adult naked bodies. All I was trying to say is that not many people are going to be cooing over a picutre of a naked adult! 😉

Luna on

She’s a gorgeous little baby. I love the picture.

Shannon on

Awwwww, how sweet are they? I love cute little nakey baby bums! Helio has been a fave of mine ever since DWTS, so I am so excited to be seeing him here on CBB!

mrsh on

Baby bums are the best! Hopefully nobody got peed on 😉

Mary-Helen on

Bum! Love baby bum pics!

Randa on

Little Naked Babies are so cute!!! what a sweet looking family!

Brownsugar1313 on

Awwwww so cute…..she is adorable and yes she came in to the world naked who cares!!!

Babies are gorgeous and I agree with whoever said they would rather see a baby bum or something super simple like a onesie as opposed to some fancy over the top clothes.

Beautiful family 🙂

Hannah on

oh wow it doesnt look like she even had a baby! she looks great (I’m jealous!) and I thought the baby’s nakedness was a bit weird too but she’s a cutie.

paige on

The baby is so cute! cute little baby tushy!

Julie on

Nothing cuter than a naked baby bottom!