Billie Piper 'Grateful' for Peace and Quiet After Son's Birth

02/15/2010 at 08:00 PM ET
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When Billie Piper retired to the English countryside to finish out her pregnancy with son Winston James, 15 months, she soon realized that there is such a thing as too much downtime.

“I did go a bit Sylvia Plath down there,” she tells the UK’s Times Online. “Staring at the condensation on the window and wondering where it comes from. Following slugs in the garden that hadn’t moved a foot, and feeling a bit desperate.”

After an emergency c-section that left her “barely [able to] walk” and with husband Laurence Fox away on location, Billie, 27, says that the solitude turned out to be a good thing indeed.

“I was alone in the country with a newborn baby for three weeks,” she notes.

“I’m actually grateful for that time now. It forced me to be in bed with my child. And really that was the only time that I was still, with baby, without distractions or confusion. It was just the two of us. You sleep when they sleep and feed when they feed.”

While still pregnant, Billie admits she had become “completely neurotic.” She quips,

“[I] saw what I’d be like without booze and [cigarettes]. And it ain’t pretty.”

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Postpartum, things weren’t much better! Asked about her speedy return to pre-baby size, Billie explains “it was literally just about going mental for six weeks.” Admitting that she has been “quite lucky,” Billie also reveals that she “wasn’t massively healthy” either.

“I just ate loads of protein. It’s either that or speed pills, and the thing is you do actually have to sleep at some point. You’ve got to try and maintain a healthy marriage and I’m not sure that amphetamines are that conducive to a successful relationship.”

Speaking of her marriage, Billie says that since becoming a mom she has at times struggled to redefine her role, and reconcile it with her job on Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

“You want to work, you want to be a wife, you want to be a mum, you want to be in control but then you also want to feel small in your husband’s arms,” she explains. “There are wildly conflicting emotional responses to everything.”

Including, it seems, the thought of Winston growing up! Billie admits that she’s already begun to torture herself with scenarios involving schoolyard bullies and the like. “I get really angry,” she says, “and then I think, ‘He’s 1-year-old; What are you doing?'”

“Only the other night I was having a conversation with Laurence. I said, ‘Is it just me or can you ever imagine letting Winston walk from our house to the end of our street on his own,’ He said, ‘No, I can’t.’ So that’s it! He’s not doing it.”

Secret Diary of a Call Girl airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on Showtime.

Source: Times Online

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Dasche Bledsoe on

That’s nice. Sometimes things that seem awful turn out being great.

Catey on

I know that I was in a state of shock for the first couple of weeks and cried constantly through frustration and lack of sleep. And then you beat yourself up because you feel that way. But your mind finally lets you release and you discover the joys that motherhood can bring.

I remember my eldest son was 3 weeks and I went into check on him as he slept. I was beyond tired and was so close to tears. He then gave out the softest of sighs in his sleep and his peace (while I was so tired and stressed) made me burst into giggles at the silliness of the situation. Such a turning point as a mother!

The way she speaks about the struggle of women today to be independent while allowing yourself to enjoying being dependent on your partner is really spot on. We have been so brought up to believe that we can have it all, forgetting that it can all be better if we share it with our partners, family and/or friends.

claire3 on

oh billie – i tortured myself with visions of other children being mean to my sweet little baby boy too!

then he grew up and the kid of two sweet geeks turned out to be the sporty, ridiculously good-looking, popular kid that other children swarm. which has its own issues let me tell you…

no matter what you plan for, motherhood will deliver something unexpected.

Molly on

Have there been pictures of the little dude published, ever? I’ve never seen any and I’m curious to see what he looks like.

moose on

So what are the issues of the uber-child Claire3? Very curious…

Jenn on

Okay, I don’t know who this person is, so maybe she was just trying to be funny, but she comes off as a little deranged with all the talk about booze and speed.

Marie on

Billie Piper’s great and I love the story she told about her and Laurence imagining Winston growing up – or not! Made me laugh. She’s spot on with what she says, but funny with it.

christina on

Very honest interview here…especially the reference to drugs, which is undoubtedly how many a Hollywood woman stays slim.

Jamie on

she’s a crazy lol I love her

Marie on

She’s joking, talking dryly, about the booze and speed…

Julie on

I love her honesty! Sorry, but I happen to agree that there are probably many Hollywood women getting “help” from drugs to stay/get thin, no matter how much they deny it. The industry has just become ridiculous in the standards it’s setting lately for sizes.

Honesty on

She is so beautiful.

Tracie on

Billie’s fab and has a huge following in the UK. Here’s a link to a pic

Elby on

Jenn, she’s just being dry. She was a pop star in her teens then disappeared for a bit before re-emerging as a great actress, she played the Doctors companion Rose in Doctor Who and now has the lead role in the secret diary of a call girl.
My husband loves her and we have agreed that he can leave me for her as long as I can leave him for David Tennant.