New Baby 'Looked Like a Lou,' Says Heidi Klum

02/12/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Courtesy Heidi Klum

Decisions, decisions. Prepared with a list when it came time to choose a name for daughter Lou Sulola, Heidi Klum tells Ellen DeGeneres the process was easier than expected — her fourth child and the short and sweet moniker were an instant fit.

“We had four or five names that we really liked. We wanted to wait until she came out and then we liked Lou,” the Project Runway host explains.

Also among the contenders were Ellie and Elfie, Heidi says, but the answer was clear once she and husband Seal saw their daughter for the first time. “I liked Ellie, but she looked more like a Lou. Lou was the winner.”

And while the family is “absolutely” loving on Lou — including tickling games between the 4-month-old and her big sister Leni, 5 Β½ — Heidi continues to work to regain her figure. Taking to the Victoria’s Secret runway six weeks post-delivery, Heidi was all about having a good time, despite the extra pounds.

“I was there hosting the show and I loved it,” she recalls. “I had so much fun and I was like, ‘What the heck! Give me that outfit!”

Click below for Heidi’s tips and tricks for postpartum photos, and what one part of her anatomy is a bit off on her new wax figure.

Taking it all in stride is just another day on the job for Heidi, who has her own set of tips and tricks when it comes to her photo shoots. While the spread for InStyle — which she shot at only three weeks postpartum — depicts a flawless model mama, Heidi urges women to take a closer look.

“It’s a lot of head shots!” Heidi confesses. “You don’t sit very forward, you move the biggest part very far away and you lean forward.”

Noting that the clothing is often “straight from the runway,” the model admits she had trouble squeezing her newly-acquired assets into the various ensembles. Her solution? Let it all hang out!

“A lot of the time I leave it open for photo shoots,” she says. “No one sees it, so it’s just open in the back or the side zipper doesn’t close, so sometimes you just have to shoot from this side!”

When it comes to her new Madame Tussaud’s wax figure, however,Β  Heidi jokes that everything is in place — maybe even a bit too much. “[My breasts] touch each other, there it’s a little bit apart,” she exclaims.

“After four children they’re not as perky, so they’re a little off on the measurements there!”

Heidi and Seal are also parents to Henry, 4, and Johan, 3.

Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

— Anya

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Luna on

I didn’t like Lou in the beginning but it’s truly grown on me. I actually enjoy it. Lou has a pleasant ring to it. And I feel like it flows with Leni, Henry, and Johan.

ElenaS on

Like the name Ellie but it’s quite close to Leni’s name – Helene.
My name is Elena a version of Helene and my nickname is Ellie so there might be mix up when both girls grow up or when they are in other counties

cassie on

love her honesty

Amy Herring on

I love Lou because when I look at this picture it makes me think “little LuLu/Lou-Lou” and it’s so charming and sweet.

Brooke on

I was not sure about Lou when I first heard it, but now I think it is absolutely adorable for them. I have completely come around on it.

Angela on

Elfie? Um, OK.

Dasche Bledsoe on

I like Lou the best, I liked Ellie too.

michelle on

I love Heidi for spilling the beans on model secrets. yes, sher is a supermodel and yes, she os way more gorgeous than 90% of women, but she just seems so normal.

lover on

@angela: um, like your name’s a whole lot better?

anna on

Her first name is just Leni. It’s true that originally Leni is short for Helene (which was Heidi’s grandma’s name), but nowadays it’s not uncommon in Germany to just use the short version (e.g. German soccer player Sebastian Kehl also named his daughter Leni).

CelebBabyLover on

ElenaS- Actually, from what I’ve read, Leni’s name is just Leni, not Helene. She was named for her grandmother, who’s name was Helene but was called Leni. πŸ™‚

Philippa on

Wow I’m glad they didn’t go for the name Elfie!
I think Ellie’s a nice name, but I have to say that the name Lou is growing on me. I didn’t like it at first, but it definitely has a ring to it and it sounds sweet. And judging from the pictures we’ve seen of her, the name definitely suits her πŸ˜€

JM on

they have a beautiful family and a cute baby but i still really don’t like the name Lou for a girl, i just think of an old man every time i hear it.

Amanda on

@ lover…geez. Put away the claws. Let’s not judge or insult people, everyone. We are each entitled to our own opinions, and I think Angela is a lovely name. I too thought, “Elfie?” for a second. But these are celebrities, and they are not noted for going the traditional route for names…as we all know on these boards. My name is Amanda…it’s plain and was the most popular name in America when I was born. But it’s mine. There was no reason for you to call out Angela for being skeptical of someone else’s name choice. Weren’t you doing the same thing by criticizing Angela’s name?

All Women Stalker on

Ellie is a sweet name as well. But she’s definitely a Lou. πŸ™‚

anonymous on

Elfie totally makes me think of Wicked, which probably isn’t the best association to have…

Angela on

Thanks Amanda. πŸ™‚

ElenaS on

I looked for informations and in most newspapers and web sites says Leni’s name is Helene. Anyway I like Ellie better than Lou but it’s now my baby to choose or give critics

Aussie Mum on

Wow–my daughter’s name is Ellie and she loves Heidi and the kids,so she’ll like this news! I also thought- Elfie?? Imagine the comments if she had named her Elfie. Lou has really grown on me. I love MY Ellie and it really suits her!

bex on

Lou is much nicer name than some of the “trendy” hollywood names going on. I much prefer Helene to Leni but still a sweet name. And BTW Elfie could be a nickname for another name like Elfriede which is a German name. Just because a name seems “weird” doesnt mean it doesnt have other cultural references.

CelebBabyLover on

Elena S.- Well, when Heidi posted Leni’s birth announcement on her site, she annouced the name as Leni. Also, if I’m remembering correctly, she once said that Leni was named after her grandmother, who was called Leni (even though her really name was Helene).

Also, the fact that Lou’s name is just Lou (Heidi pretty much confirmed that in this article by saying she “looked like a Lou” and that “Lou was the winner” in terms of what name they would use), as opposed to Louisa or something, makes me think more than ever that Leni IS just Leni. Sounds to me that Heidi and Seal like nickname-names. πŸ™‚

anna on

Those sites are wrong. Her name was given as Leni in her birth announcement and Heidi also commented on it on some talk show (the video was posted on CBB, that’s how I remember).
The confusion probably comes from her being named for Heidi’s grandmother Helene.

You’re right. Elfie is short for Elfriede. πŸ™‚
It’s possible Heidi was thinking of children’s author Elfie Donelly. Two of her works, “Benjamin BlΓΌmchen” and “Bibi Blocksberg”, are extremely well known in Germany.
This reminds me of when people commented how it wasn’t that surprising that Ingo Rademacher named his son Peanut since Ingo had such a strange name himself. The name Ingo though is a very old German name (it’s the male version of Inga) and isn’t considered the slightest bit unusual. πŸ™‚

Maya on

I also don’t like Elfie. @lover: grow up! Do you really have to resort to personal insults when a person expresses her opinion? (btw, IMO Angela is much prettier than Elfie.)

asdas on

What is this new trend where you have to see what the baby looks like before you name the baby? I always thought the person made the name, not the name made the baby.

Luisa on

I like Lou. Afterall it is my nickname after Luisa. Congrats to Heidi, keep poppin out beautiful babies

selene on

@asdas its hardly a trend to see what your baby looks like before you name him or her. Me and my sister were both Zoe until we were born and neither of us are called Zoe, that was 20+ years ago.

When I read Elfie I immediately thought Elphaba aswell which is maybe not the best name sake. But I think Elfie is cute.

kait on

Okay, gotta love Heidi. Remember she is German and not all names are world-renowned. Each country is very unique with their naming process and I have learned to embrace that. But honestly- her being at the Victoria’s Secret show six-week post, after saying she probably wouldn’t, is not surprising because she only had like 10 pounds extra weight on her after Lou’s birth. She hardly looks unnatural, and she’s just as sexy with those extra “curves” if you will. Good for her for not being insecure as a model and a mother – she is a great role model regardless of her job (as others may find it inappropriate possibly?)

H on

just like little Leni, my (real) name i Helene! i think that it would have been super cute to name Leni “Helene” and Lou “Louise”, and then while they are still little call them Leni and Lou ( which let’s face it are cute for little girls but maybe not for grown woman…)
Wheather her name is Ellie, Elfie or Lou, this kid is super cute, and is going to be even more gorgeous than her mother if that’s even possible!

JM on

some of you seem to have forgotten that heidi is German. in german speaking countries Elfie is not THAT unusual, a little old fashioned maybe, but not crazy in any way. just because it’s not popular in your culture doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it.

asdas on

Selene, I know people have done it in the past, but it is definitely very trendy right now for celebrities.

FC on

I can’t see Lou being any other name than the one she’s been given, and she’s the sweetest looking Lou I’ve seen in a long time. πŸ™‚

Love Heidi spilling the trade secrets on how she pulls off some of her magazine shoots and working around outfits that don’t exactly fit quite right. Humanizes her even more. πŸ™‚

Melody on

I love the name Lou! And she is such a beautiful little girl! I like Heidi so much as well, because she seems so genuine. They would probably be a fun couple to have over with the kids and just grill-out, play games and gab!

CelebBabyLover on

Luisa- Heidi has said multiple times that Lou will be her last child. πŸ™‚

asdas- I think what Selene was trying to point out is that plenty of “normal” people opt to wait until birth to name their baby, too! It’s hardly just a celebrity thing! πŸ™‚

emma on

Elfie doesn’t seem that strange to me! I’m from the UK and there is a Scottish name Effie, which is quite similar. I think someone said that she would get comments at school for being an Elfie? What comments? Not over here she wouldn’t I don’t think. Having said that, I also love the name Lou – very simple and very pretty.

Sophia on

Also remember that Seal is Nigerian (Yoruba). It is common in his culture to wait until after the birth to name the baby. Typically there is a naming ceremony and teh name must have a meaning or be symbolic.

Fatima on

I love the name Lou! She really looks like a Lou, that’s the best name for her!