Family Photo: Jamie Lynn Spears Steps Out With Daughter (and Dad!)

02/12/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

Photographers on the hunt for a shot of Jamie Lynn Spearsnew beau, Hammond, La., businessman James Watson, didn’t luck out on her recent outing with a different older man.

Jamie Lynn, 18, was snapped Tuesday in Kentwood, La., with her father, Jamie Spears — not James, 28 — and Maddie Briann, 19 months, her daughter with Casey Aldridge.

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Brooke on

Maddie is a doll….we haven’t seen her for quite some time.

Brooklyn on

Jamie-Lynn looks great! And Maddie is adorable!

Lola on

Kudos to Jamie for staying out of the spotlight & focusing on her baby girl, she looks gorgeous!! Little Maddie is such a cutie, looks like her dad.

Dasche Bledsoe on

The baby looks very well taken care of and Jamie Lynn looks fantastic. I am SO proud of her! Seriously.

Allie-Rose on

Jamie Lynn looks great and Maddie is such a doll!

ruby on

I am trying not to judge here but what does a 28 year old man have in common with an 18 year old girl? I am sure that she is mature for her age but wouldn’t he still have to be immature for his age?

asdas on

My thoughts exactly, Ruby! If they were 38 and 28 it would be different, but there is something wrong with a 28-year-old who still likes to hang out with teenagers.

Tanja on

My father was 28 and my mother 18 when they first met, and they are still together after 3kids and 32years of marriage…
Maddie is beautiful!

Rye on

Yeah, i’m not judging Jamie Lynn in this situation at all, but I do have a problem with a man who thinks it is ok to date a girl who is only freshly of legal age. Something doesn’t feel right about that to me. I kind of understand a little bit (my dad was 19 and my mom was 25 when they got marred) but it still creeps me out for some reason. I am just one of those people who, as a 28 year old myself, feels that 18 year olds still have a TON of growing up to do in life. I can’t imagine having anything in common with someone that young. that’s all!

ruby on

Of course there will always be success stories. Just as there are success stories to young mom’s and dad’s being able to survive a marriage but for the most part there aren’t. Most 28 year old men should want the companionship of an adult woman who has some life experience. Sure Jamie Lynn has life experience but at the end of the day she is still very young.

And you are correct Asdas; if she were 28 and he was 38 it would make a world of difference.

Chris on

Jamie Lynn looks so grown up, must be the hair. It’s good to see her out with her dad.

JL has been through a lot in her 18 years: working as a child, being a mom, etc. She probably has very little in common with men (boys) her own age. I don’t know too many 18 year old guys who want to play daddy. Look at what happened with Casey, who is the actual daddy!

Luna on

Jamie Lynn looks gorgeous! Maddie is a cutie pie too. However, she is just a teenager, no matter how mature she is. He is a man, nearing 30. Jamie Lynn is only 18! Yes, she has been in the entertainment business and is a mom. But I almost feel like by dating this guy, she’s signing away any remaining teenage years she has left. That being said, I’m glad she’s taking care of her daughter out of the public eye. And I don’t disapprove, I just feel that she shouldn’t be so quick to go to an older man. Not that my opinion matters 🙂 But hey, there’s no saying she’ll marry him. Plus, Chris is right, not a whole lot of younger guys want to be a daddy.

Melanie on

Am I the only one who wishes that Jamie Lynn and Casey had made it work? I really liked them together and thought they would make it! Out of all the “young kids” having babies, I really thought they would stick it out and stay together!

Lacey on

Who cares about their age differance! My husband is 22 years my senior. Maddie is adorable!

lis on

I had pretty much forgotten that Jamie Lynn had a little girl – which means that girl is doing something right. There will be time for the spotlight later. Good for her.

LOL on

Some of you all need to mind your own business IT’S HER LIFE.JamieLynn has done an amazing job thus far.Her kid is beautiful and she looks great…

mjane on

well first off, the little girlie is beautiful, looks like mom is doing well raising her. She does seem mature for her age.
second, no matter how mature you think you are at 18, u shouldnt date someone who is close to 30, total different ball game there guys. Actually i know someone, a man who is about 30 and hangs around with all kids, like 13-20 yr olds, and i think its sick. I mean what would a 13 yr girl have in common with a 30 yr old guy? it kinda makes ya wonder, and better then that he got a 16 yr old girl pregnant. I think its totally wrong when someone who is that old dates a young girl. Maybe his not doing anything wrong but still, should be rules and regulations when it comes to this, i live in canada by the way, so i dont know if its different for the u.s.

JMO on

Well from my own experience I was a very mature teenager. When I was 18 I met a guy who was 31 (at a bar nonetheless) and we hit it off right away. We began talking and hanging out but everyone kept putting it into my head that there was too much of an age gap between us and we’d have nothing in common (even though we had lots in common) He was the first guy I had met that respected me and didn’t try anythin on me and really wanted to be friends before anything. But I let everyone else get in my head and I told him we could only be friends. I think I regret that but it is what it is.

I can see how sometimes you may think that two people with that much of an age gap doesn’t have much in common but it depends on the person. Jamie lynn may be 18 but she had to grow up very quickly in the last two years. Remember sometimes age is just a number.

I respect JLS for staying out of the spotlight to raise her daughter. It’s probably the best thing she could of done. I hope she continues that.

Anna on

I don’t see the problem here. When I was 19 I dated a 36 year old. She is 18, not 15. And I know plenty of 28 year old men thatstill act like they are in their early 20’s.

lover on

stop judging her for these rumors. everyone said she was too young to be a mother and she has obviously done a great job sooo everyone should leave her alone and let her and her man live in peace. i WISH i could’ve found an older man at 18. all i found were dumb little boys with mommy issues.

Jane on

Her new boyfriend’s name is James? And she’s Jamie Lynn and her Dad is Jamie. lol Kind of confusing. Maddie looks adorable btw.

CelebBabyLover on

JMO and Anna- I agree completely! My brother was just one year older than Jamie Lynn is now when he started dating his girlfriend (in fact, they consider his 19th birthday to be the day that they offically became a couple, so he was literally exactly 19 when they started dating!) who is five years his senior.

Granted, that’s not as big of an age difference as there is between Jamie Lynn and her new boyfriend. However, the fact remains that, like in Jamie Lynn’s case, when my brother began dating his girlfriend, one of them was still techincally a teenager, while the other was well into her 20s (okay, so 24 isn’t as far into your 20s as 28, but still!).

The only difference is that, in their case, it was a teenage guy and a 24 year old young women, rather than a teenage girl and a man in his 20s. My point is, there is nothing wrong with being attracted to and/or involved with someone older or younger than you are (within reason, of course. Obviously it’s wrong for, say, a 30 year old guy to be involved with a 13 or 14 year old girl.)! 🙂

Lorus on

I think it depends on the person. I first started dating my now husband when he was 18 and I was 27. He graduated highschool 2 years early, parents died young, ran his own part time business, and was going to college. He was at a very different stage in his life compared to his friends.

asdas on

Anna, that’s the point. He probably acts young for his age, i.e., he is immature for 28 and that’s why he’s hanging out with a teenager.

Mira on

Jamie Lynn is right at the late-20s stage in terms of maturity. She has a toddler and plenty of money she’s earned herself. Do you expect her to hang out with high school seniors who are wondering where to go to college and still have an allowance from their parents??

Kaya on

Baby Maddie is adorable and Jamie-Lynn looks great

Electra on

I think her daughter has more to do with it than her job. I mean, she was with Casey Aldridge for a long time and he is a regular teenager. Her daughter more than anything seems to have made her grow up. This is all speculation, I don’t know her an neither do all of you so we really can’t say if her relationship is healthy and appropriate or not.

Jessicad on

She really does seem to be doing a great job with her daughter, we would’ve heard more about her if not. If she’s mature for her age, and we all know most guys mature later so maybe he’s slightly immature for his age, they could be a perfect match. Most guys I know around that age are done partying and done with college, almost ready to settle down, I’m sure she’s around that place too.

I love her outfit!

Laura on

I would LOVE to see more pics of Jamie and Maddie. I think Jamie has done wonderfully as a new mum, removing herself and her daughter from the limelight and trying to give Maddie as normal a life as possible.

Isabella on

Jamie Lynn has had to grow up a lot in a very short amount of time. Most people are living the college life up until their early to mid twenties and definitely aren’t jumping at the chance to play Daddy, so frankly I’m not surprised that she’s not interested in guys closer to her age.

And I have to say, I was very critical of her at first, but seeing how she’s handled her situation…making sure her finances were in order, earning her GED, stepping out of the spotlight to focus on raising her daughter, etc….I’m impressed. Jamie Lynn is a smart, classy, mature young woman, and her daughter is a cutie pie : )

Bancie1031 on

Jamie-Lynn looks great! Maddie is so adorable!

Brooke – you are correct …. it has been some time since we have seen them unfortunately ….. but at the same time I’m glad that Jamie-Lynn is living her life out of the spotlight.

Liliana on

Both Jamie Lynn and Maddie look great!

I give her credit for trying to lead a normal life and keeping her daughter out of the spotlight. I can only assume it’s difficult.

As for the age difference, I doubt any of us knows the relationship well enough to judge whether it’s appropriate or not. Given that she had to grow up quickly, I see her as being more mature than her peers. I, too, was a teen mother and know from experience that little to no men, at that age, are wanting to get involved with someone who has a child. The freedom is far too enticing. Even now, at 24, the majority of men close to my age have no desire to settle down.

QT on

Maddie has become such a doll.

Jane I thought the same thing when I heard his name. Lol. Her dad’s real name is James, along with her nephew’s middle name, she also has at least two cousins named James or Jamie.

asdas on

I can completely understand why she wants to be with a 28 year-old man, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I think there is something wrong with a man who is almost 30, however, who still hangs out with teenagers. He must be very immature.

CelebBabyLover on

asdas- Actually, I think it’s the other way around. She’s probably, as other posters have pointed out, very mature for her age, so maybe, even though she’s techincally 19, he sees her as closer to his age, if that makes any sense!

ally on

you guys keep saying,”hes too old for her”! but thats not the baby daddy.thats JAMIES DAD!