Exclusive: Meet Lucia Rose Mariano!

02/12/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

Considering Mom and Dad fell in love in Panama while filming Survivor: All-Stars, married in the Bahamas and traveled around the world together twice on the Amazing Race, it’s no surprise that little Lucia Rose Mariano is at ease in multiple time zones.

“It’s funny,” says reality TV veteran Rob Mariano, 34, currently appearing on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, the series’ 20th season. “Lucia’s only 7 months old and she’s already been to Pittsburgh, Vegas, Boston and Atlanta! We’re lucky she’s so good on flights.”

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Before Amber, 31, won the $1 million prize on Survivor: All-Stars in 2004, Rob, the first runner-up, proposed at the show’s live finale. Since then the couple set up house in Pensacola, Fla., while Rob has tried his hand at professional poker.

A baby wasn’t in the cards at first: After a whirlwind on-air romance, “We wanted to enjoy each other for a little while before we added another person to our family,” says Amber.

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When it came time to pick a baby name, Amber once more had to outwit, outplay and outlast her husband. “I really liked Lucy, but Rob wasn’t crazy about it.” Amber says. “So I kept trying to find a name that was similar, and Rob said that he kind of liked Lucia, so…”

Once again, Amber won. “When she was born, I got a little teary-eyed,” Rob recalls. Amber adds, “Then he looked at me and said, ‘I think her name is Lucia.’ And I started crying too.”

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— Cynthia Wang

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Luna on

Tell me Lucia isn’t gorgeous. I love how she’s making almost the same face in each picture. I love how her dad was so moved when she was born. I love this family. Congratulations Amber and Rob on baby Lucia! 🙂

Brooklyn on

Oh my gosh! Lucia is so cute!
And such an adorable family. I love Amber & Rob and remember watching them on Survivor!

Doreen on

Awww yes such a sweet Survivor couple and baby!! :)Can’t wait to find out what happens in the next episode to Rob!

Karina on

That baby is ALL Amber. They make such a cute couple and the baby def looks like the mother. 🙂

Jenny on

Call me jealous, but Amber has the most amazing head of hair!

Jess from Ohio on

What a cutie! I’m anxious to see what happens to Rob next episode. It appeared he slipped and fell or in some way was injured. I hope it doesn’t end his run on the latest installment.

Sam on

Beautiful little baby! I’ve always liked Rob, ok that is not true!!! The first part of his first season was touch-and-go but LOVE HIM now!! Not sure if his ‘fall’ was part of an act or real?? Hmmmmm, it would be like him to ‘fake’ it for some reason or another!! We’ll see in a week.

Billie on

Cute baby girl!

Molly on

I had no idea they had a baby! She looks so thoughtful for one so young. Maybe she’s got daddy’s sharp mind…

robinepowell on

I liked Amber better with blonder hair. Cute baby though. 🙂

Amber on

I swear I spoke this up…was just talking about Rob and Amber!

Amber on

When did Amber have blond hair? I don’t ever recall seeing her other than a brunette.

Lacey on

I remember when he proposed to her and then they were on the Amazing Race. Lucia is soo adorable!

cris on

Just google Amber’s pics and you will see plenty of pics of her with blond and light brown hair.

Lucia is adorable, looks a lot like Rob!

Brooke on

She is ADORABLE!!!

Mary-Helen on

Too cute!

Maya on

I can’t believe some people actually “like” this couple. They play dirty, and I for one was so happy to see the look on Rob’s smug face when they lost on “The Amazing Race.” I also think it’s time for Rob to grow up and get a REAL job, instead of being a serial reality show contender. I mean, he’s obviously not going to win when everyone knows his wife has breviously won…

Dasche Bledsoe on

She is an adorable baby girl – I love her little pink outfit 🙂

Mama Llama on

Is Lucia pronounced “Lu-see-uh” or “Lu-chee-uh”? It’s one of those names I’ve seen in print, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard spoken.

Brooke on

Maya – Have you ever thought that because of his reality show “career”, he was able to buy that house and life for Lucia??? I cannot imagine it would be very easy to make money after you have done so much on t.v.

Angi on

That baby is a sweet little thing.

kaitlyn on

I read ‘Lucia’ as ‘Loo-sha’, but in the article Amber says she liked the name Lucy so I’m just guessing they use the pronunciation ‘Loo-see-a’. I think it’s a pretty name any way you say it!

Kellie from Qld,AUSTRALIA on

No its pronounced Loo-chee-aa , well thats the italian way so im guessing thats what they have gone for

Ashley K on

I’ve been waiting to see pics of this family! So adorable and super excited to see Rob on Survivor this season. I don’t get into reality shows or the contestants, but these two are the reason I watched their seasons of Survivor and The Amazing Race. So glad they seem happy!

Jennie on

She is a real cutie, her name is beautiful and really fits her!

Jen K on

100% agree with Maya. Can’t stand either of them, never have. But that is a one cute baby!


hi my name is actually Lucia.
Im from Argentina, and is pronounced Looseea. not lochia
Anyway for english speakers can be difficult, i know because i have a sister from USA and she had a lot of problems to pronounce the name correctly.

Shelley on

Rob an Amber, you have such a beautiful daughter. I’ve been watching you guys for years. Nice to see you back, Rob you got my vote in my Survivor pool here in Canada. Enjoy the new memories with your little one, cherish every moment, she is gorgeous!

Alee on

A couple I know (American) has a daughter named Lucia, they pronounce it “Lu-cee-a.”

lis on

The swedish way (the only way I know it) is “loo-che-ah” which I guess would be the Italian way too.

It’s a really pretty name, however you say it 🙂

nettrice on

I don’t know who these people are but the baby is cute. I just wish the guy would look at the mother at least once in the photos. lol

Hanna on

I love Boston Rob! As far as reality stars go he is one of the most entertaining one’s to watch. Ya, so he plays dirty (many do, some hide it more). I am sure I would do some dirty playing too when playing for a million bucks. I doubt it reflects his true personality and relationship with his loved one’s.

Mirdeb on

Lucia is lovely, Rob and Amber ROCK!

All Women Stalker on

Aww I loved this couple. They were adorable. Their daughter looks so cute!

Reader on

she looks just like Rob!

Lindsay on

She’s so adorable! They make an amazing family! Congrats Rob and Amber 🙂

lauren on

Boston Rob! I love him 🙂

Am on

Love Boston Rob and Amber and the baby is too cute! No matter how you think they play its nice to see at least one couple that started on a reality show actually last.

Celeste on

Oh my gosh!! Lucia looks just like Rob. She’s the spitting image of daddy. 🙂

asdas on

Why not come up with a name BOTH parents love?

fuzibuni on

my friend just named her baby lucia. They pronounce it LOU-CHEE-UH.
the little girl who lives behind me also has the same name, and it’s pronounced the same way.

leonor on

in Italian it’s pronounced Lou-chee-a. In Spanish it’s Lou-see-a.

Shelly on

I don’t like either one of them but that’s one cute baby girl! I do have to say I was cracking up last week when Rob got a fire going for the Villians even though the Heroes were given the flint! LOL I didn’t even know they had a baby until it was mentioned on the show last week.

Dixie on

Their baby girl is soo cute! and her name is pronounced Lu-see-a. Rob and Amber have said it on tv shows before.

Brooke on

OMG she is so cute!!! I love Rob and Amber! Beautiful name it fits her!

Desiree on

Wow I was just thinking, I am going to google and see if there are any pictures of the baby and here it is!!. She is such a cutie and I love this couple. I hope that if Rob doesn’t win they do like a special when they gave a million to Rupert and that he wins. He really is great on Television

In Texas on

I love Boston Rob, one of my all time faves on Survivor! Beautiful baby girl they have! Hard to tell who she looks like yet, but dang she has a cute Daddy!

Lily on

What a gorgeous little girl.

Shanna on

What a beautiful baby, a great combination of the two of them. I want to find out what happens to Rob on Thursday’s Eppy, as well. I have always loved Rob, I had the hugest crush on him in Marquesas and then I have loved him as a player in All*Stars…gotta say he is my fave villian of the show!!! If a villian wins than I want it to be Rob, and if a hero wins I want it to be Stephenie…Rob and Stephenie (my 2 favoite players of all times)!!!

Jess on

she is so adorable…boston rob and amber look so happy….good for them….can’t wait to see what happens to rob. richard won survivor the first season and he played dirty so how is rob or any of the rest of them any different….i mean look at russell…doesn’t mean they are bad people in real life…it’s just a game

JJ on

It’s my mom’s name. We pronounce it loo-see-yah. Her nicknames are lucy and “ciata,” pronounced chee-tah. SO, who knows what they’re calling their precious one.

deedee on

That is one good looking family! I am happy for them! 🙂

lex on

What a cute, cute kid! If she looks like Mom but thinks like Dad, what a contender when she grows up!

Dee Dee on

Love this couple, Boston Rob is the best survivor out there. They talk about russell being a good player but i have not seen him win anything. Survivor needs to go back to the way the game was in the first 10 seasons (no idles ) Your little gift of God is a cutie pie.

Susan on

Lucia is a very beautiful baby. I wish Rob and Amber the very best. I would like to see them have their own show.

Jessica on

Lucia is so precious!! I have loves Rob and Amber since the very beginning, both as individuals and as a coupl. All Stars is my favorite season of Survivor because of them. I’m so proud of all of their success and they’re my favorite celebrity couple. It’s nice to see someone who met on TV and made it last. Lucia looks like both mom and dad, she is gorgeous!! All the best to you three…beautiful family!!

Luzia Diaz on

I am so happy for Amber and Rob. Since I watched them fall in love in Survivor and do Amazing Race I feel like they’re part of the family. They sure do glow, don’t they! And I am thrilled the baby has almost my name!

Best of luck to you guys. Keep your love and your family foremost. You guys are doing wonderfully in the game of Life and Love, and that’s the most important one of all.

elizabeth on

such a cute baby! :} she looks just like her daddy! i loved watching amber and rob in all-stars! i wasn’t that much of a fan for rob in marquesas but i loved him in all-stars! and i liked amber in both seasons

Celeste on

My goodness! Lucia has some good genes there. She’s a little bit of Amber and a little bit of Rob all rolled into one. 🙂

eileen on

Boston Rob is the reason my husband and I watched this season.
I wanted him to win from day one. He really can play this game.

William on

I like Amber a lot she’s so pretty