Robin Thicke Is 'So Proud' of His Super Sperm

02/11/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
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Bump watch is familiar territory for the women of Hollywood, but when whispers of a possible pregnancy for Paula Patton began circulating in 2008, the Precious star found it particularly painful.

“That’s when you realize you do care what people think,” she tells the March issue of Women’s Health.

Although she was not pregnant at the time — a baby doll dress and a few extra pounds ignited the rumors — Paula, 34, and husband Robin Thicke soon decided to take the plunge and pursue parenthood.

“You can get into that cycle of ‘What’s next? What’s next?'” she says. “But I thought, ‘I want to have children and I’m not getting any younger.'”

Because she had been using birth control, Paula admits she worried they would experience difficulty conceiving a baby. Those fears were unfounded, however, for Robin’s “super sperm” did the trick soon after the couple began trying. “He’s so proud of himself, it’s ridiculous,” Paula quips of her husband of four years.

Expecting a boy in May, Paula says she is “trying to eat smart” with the hope of avoiding a prolonged struggle to lose the baby weight. “I try to eat a salad every day,” she reveals, “[and] I switched from drinking coffee to green tea.” Although she has developed an affinity for milkshakes, the actress keeps the craving in check by filling up with fruit or water beforehand.

“When people say, ‘You have a pregnancy glow’ I wonder if it has to do with my healthier lifestyle,” she muses. “No more cocktails and I’m getting more sleep than ever — nine or 10 hours a night. I was never that girl.”

Exercise is also part of her plan, but Paula admits she’s “cut back” on the Ashtanga yoga she regularly practiced before becoming pregnant. “I told my trainer I don’t want to see the inside of a gym,” the actress recalls.

“She said, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll have you back [in shape] in six weeks.'”

Source: Women’s Health, March issue

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Chris on

“super sperm” lol

urbanadventurertales on

It bothers me when celebrities talk about how easy it was to conceive and “super sperm”. I think it’s quite insensitive to people who do struggle with infertility. IT’s something that you have no control over and when celebs talk about how easy it is, it comes across as superior sometimes.

Angela on

He should also give credit to his wife’s super eggs, ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus. πŸ™‚

Elizabeth on

Angela – fantastic comment!! You never hear about women complementing their body parts πŸ™‚ I think that would be an awesome comment in an interview “well I got pregnant easily b/c I have super fabulous eggs and tubes!!”

cris on

I don’t see anything wrong with people telling others how easy it was for them to conceive, some people just take things too personal! If I had difficulty getting pregnant, I would not judge others comments as insensitive when they state how quickly they became pregnant…I just don’t get some people.

M on

I always ovulate 14 days after stopping the pill, but I guess it’s not that easy for other women.

I agree that it’s silly to say he has “super sperm”–or that she has super eggs. Unprotected sex, in normal circumstances, frequently leads to conception. It’s no amazing feat that she got pregnant when she was not on birth control.

Also, I don’t think she needs to worry about being sensitive to people with fertility problems. She has no responsibility to be politically correct! Why would any of us expect her to minimize her own joy and pride about her fertility and pregnancy–that is so selfish of those who expect that. It’s quite insensitive for any of us to say she’s being insensitive!

Jen on

Speaking as someone who struggled with fertility problems and needed a little help to get pregnant…

…I fail to see what is so super about his sperm, it did exactly what it’s designed to do. What’s so super about something working correctly?

RIP Michael on

Wow some of you posters are something else…

Angela on

I think it’s all in how you choose to look at things. If you take it personally that a celebrity talks about how quickly they were able to conceive, you should probably take a long hard look at yourself to see why it’s such an issue. I get pregnant very easily. I also have a significant case of scoliosis with a huge scar down my back from surgery to correct it. It would be easy for me to fixate on somebody talking about how their favorite feature is their back or wearing a back-baring outfit, but that would be ridiculous because these people mean me no harm and the issues I’d really have would be with myself, not those people. When it comes down to it there is something great about all of us and those are the things on which we should choose to focus.

bre on

I agree, something else indeed.

Anyway, I’m happy for Paula and Robin and can’t wait to see little Julian Fuego. I bet he’s going to be just gorgeous.

C on

5 cycles of ivf later I finally got pregnant. And now has a gorgeous baby boy.

That struggle made it sting for sure when people got pregnant jut like that…

BUT if that’s their life why should they not say it out loud? There’s no one thing easy and perfect for everyone, should we all never speak about the good things in our life? My struggle doesn’t mean others should be any less happy about how things worked out for them. She’s not rubbing anyone’s fce in it, it’s just a fact of her life. She has every right to say it.

kh on

Excellent comment, Angela! That is the truth!!

GiannaG on

M, I agree with you. I think it’s extremely selfish and self absorbed to expect celebrities, or anyone for that matter, to stifle their joy because of your own personal issues. That’s taking ‘misery loves company’ to the extreme. As sad as infertility is, the fact that some people suffer with this does not mean that Paula has to keep quiet to spare their feelings. What does this have to do with her? We’re all adults, and I’m sure by now we’ve learned the world does not revolve around us. People are still allowed to be happy and to express their joy.

sara on

Nice cover!

Anna on

I think it’s cute they are so happy about the pregnancy and how fast it went. Just because other people suffer infertility should not mean that people who do not, can’t be happy about their “super sperm”.

lover on

what i’m wondering about is how her trainer is going to get her in shape in a few weeks! that’s the real issue here, not the “insensitivity” towards infertile people.

Tracie on

Why the rush to lose the baby weight? Enjoy your son when he arrives, don’t concern yourself with diets and exercise regimes etc.

cΓ©cile on

It’s funny how people can have different perspective on things. I didn’t for one second read her comments as insensitive towards couple with infertility (maybe because I didn’t experience it, I admit).I was more focused on the part where it’s said “Because she had been using birth control, Paula admits she worried they would experience difficulty conceiving a baby.”
Instead of disrepect I saw optimism: yes, ladies you can take birth control for years and still be fertile.I’ve noticed this pervasive idea that consists in frightening young women,making them feel guilty to take BC,discouraging them to even consider it.
Again, I read it more as an encouragement, some women can see one of them conceive without struggle after years of BC.

Luna on

I have no problem with this comment. She’s happy so I’m happy for her. We don’t need to criticize others’ joy because it is not necessarily our own.

Sarah K. on

Angela, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Everyone has issues, whether its infertility or something else. If we weren’t supposed to talk about the good things that happen to us just because it may not have happened to someone else, we’d all be silent.

It’s not like Paula is bragging directly to someone with fertility issues. She’s joking and expressing her happiness. If that upsets you, you need to work out your own issues.

Morgan on

Fantastic comment Angela!!!

dutchmom on

Good one, Angela! My husband made the same joke about his supersperm when our first daughter was conceived without trying (I forgot to take the pill once!) and when our second daughter was conceived a month after quitting birth control. I always joked along saying that my supereggs gave him a chance, haha!
Anyway, I don’t think people should be so oversensitive, because sometimes this forum is getting a little on the bitter and grumpy side.
She’s not offending anybody, she’s just telling about HER life.

cruddy on

Ok am I the only one that noticed that it was not Paula that made the “Super Sperm” statement, but the author of this article. All she stated was that she got pregnant soon after coming off the pill. And for some, it does take time to get pregnant after coming off just as it is easy for others. I mean let’s be honest, what man that wants to get his wife pregnant are not proud they did so in the first shot!! LOL It’s funny that every article is now using that as the title but the truth is Paula never said it, so why throw strive toward her? All she is quoted as saying is that he is proud of himself.

Paula did make the “super sperm” comment as part of a quote.

– CBB Staff

urbanadventurertales on

Wow… it’s clear that most of the posters here have never struggled with infertility, therefore your lack of sensitivity towards the subject is not surprising.
We tried for 9 months to conceive our twins (conceived w/out the help of fertility treatments) and my husband’s sperm was tested and it in fact is “super sperm” (very high count, high motility). But it still took us awhile to conceive and during that time it was very hard to have people talk about easy conception so flippantly.
I also have friends whose husbands have low sperm count and it’s certainly a topic of sensitivity for males. Which is why I made the comment about “super sperm” being insensitive. It’s something that none of us have control over, yet are made to feel inferior if our bodies to perform correctly.

Shannon on

urban, no one is trying to make you feel inferior. Your body was not failing to work properly. From what you said, it sounds like it was working perfectly normally. I know it seems like it was a long time, I am not at all trying to say that it shouldn’t have been hard for you to not concive quickly. I went through 7 months of trying before I got pg, and even that was hard. However, most doctors will tell you that 9 months is not that long as far as TTC goes. Most won’t even look into the possibility of infertility or assistance until normal, healthy couple has been trying for at least 18 months. It sucks to have people around you get pg super easily when you’re not. I know. But I don’t think that means they should have to diminish their joy b/c someone they don’t even know is still trying. Infertility sucks. But it’s a part of life sometimes, and there’s no way for random strangers to know if someone’s going through it. Why should every happy, excited pg woman have to keep quiet in order to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings? I can understand how it can be hard to hear about if you’ve been struggling to conceive, with or without help, for a long time, but your personal struggles should not be a reason for someone else to have to refrain from sharing their happiness.

Jane on

urban, I agree. It is almost impossible to know the struggles of infertility unless you have gone through it… if you know someone who has gone through it, you may have some insight, but it is still really only understood to those who have gone through it. I also found the comment insensitive, as well as just, well… kind of shallow and limited. As Angela says, his wife is just as much a part of the process as he was- why would he suggest it all has to do with his super qualities?
Trust me, though, to those of you who feel people who are having ferility struggles are trying to squash others’ joys by asking for sensitivity.. it is not that. If you have success with pregnancy, you have so much happiness- and a baby at the end of the journey- that is all too powerful to be diminished by someone else, and a little sensitivity about comments regarding ease of fertility should occur- it is called compassion. By the way, I think I remember his father, Alan Thicke, making some insensitive comments in his time too. Like father like son!

cris on

If you are sensitive to the idea of others conceiving children, maybe this is not a site you should be visiting.

Sarah K. on

Urban and Jane, no one is trying to be insensitive. But, when is anyone allowed to express happiness? There will always be someone in the room that can’t experience that same joy. If it’s not fertility, then it’s something else – disease, financial loss, etc. etc. What is or isn’t ok to be publicly happy about?

Alice on

Gianna, great comment. Why is it refreshing when a celeb talks about infertility struggles and it’s insensitive when another says she got pregnant very easily? They’re both doing the exact same thing, talking abut their experience.

I would take it differently if she’d said that in a conversation with a friend who might have been trying for kids for example. That would be insensitive. Not a joyful comment in an interview, she doesn’t have to care what every single potential reader is going to find insensitive. She doesn’t know us, she’s not even talking to us, we just choose to read it because we like celebrity children stories.

That one may feel sad/envious while reading her comment is totally understandable but feeling hurt or that she’s been rude to you… if babies are a sensitive topic then by all means reading baby stories is not the best way to feel better. :/

Lorus on

It took me 17 months and fertility drugs to conceive my first child. My second one was a complete surprize so I’ve been on both sides of the fertility battle. I don’t see anything wrong with someone being happy about conceiving so quickly. Why shouldn’t she be happy that it happened right away? I think our society has become so beyond politically correct that no one can open their mouths without someone else feeling insulted.

asdas on

Jane, I’m pretty sure his comment about the super sperm was meant to be a joke . . .

urbanadventurertales on

Thank you for your understanding, Jane. It’s unbelievable to me that someone (who has experienced fertility struggles) can say that they feel these comments were insensitive and get RIPPED for feeling that way.
I’m not deminshing their joy of having a baby at all! But why do they have to talk about the process of conception? Let alone brag about it? It just seems to be a little over-zealous and over-sharing going on.

Jessicad on

I agree with Alice.

You shouldn’t rip other people for being excited or making jokes about how easy it was to get pregnant, that’s not fair to put your pain on them if they weren’t directing it to you personally.

Kat on

Cris at 1:04 pm, let me just say, WORD.

RIP Michael on

Wow Angela very very well said…

Tina on

Personally, I see it from both sides.

Yes, I’m happy for Robin and Paula because they are expecting their first child, and unless you really didn’t want the baby, who wouldn’t be excited? On the other hand, I am also one of those people who is currently struggling with infertility and used to take other people’s baby news personally. I would get upset every month when I found out that I wasn’t pregnant after getting help and then someone I knew was pregnant instantly. It’s still hard (we’ve been trying for three years with no success) and I can understand where other people are coming from when they are stating that it’s not polite to “gloat” about your success in conception. HOWEVER, misery loves company, but I certainly don’t! I make it a point to be excited for other people when they are expecting because I know that my time is coming soon. I know it’s harder for some than others, and it took me a while to get there, but bask in someone else’s joy. Yours just might be around the corner.

With that being said, congratulations to Robin and Paula! Not sure if I’m fond of the middle name, though…

Allison on

bragging about your sperm being so great is like bragging about not being diabetic.

it’s nothing you did, it’s just your health, and i think it’s pretty rude to brag about your health in an article that will be read by people with all different experiences.

Lee on

Urban and Jane, I have to agree with Cris that this probably isn’t the site for you if you are that sensitive. We talk about both sides when it comes to this. It’s only fair but are you against that too?

Electra on

So its okay to talk about how difficult it was to get pregnant in an interview because that makes a celebrity “honest” and “strong”…but if a celeb has a easy time getting pregnant they should keep it to themselves?

Jessicad on

Well said Tina, I wish you luck and hope you get there soon:)

I’m just sensitive to comments like this because I had a bad experience with someone who couldn’t conceive. I went to a football game with some friends of mine who also brought a married couple I didn’t know, we were all talking and they asked if I had children, I told them I had a daughter and was happy she was with my dad that night and told them how great he is with her. I asked them if they had any, meaning children, the wife replied, “No we’re infertile and will never have kids, or did you mean a father, because both of our dads died 2 years ago but thanks for bringing both of those subjects up and opening those wounds for us”, then she turned and walked away. I was floored, and felt terrible, but then I got really pissed, she made me feel awful for asking a simple question. I thought it was rude and completely out of line, she took her pain and anger and tried to make me feel guilty, so wrong. Of course I feel bad for people who can’t have children, but I shouldn’t feel bad about having one either. I thought it was really selfish of her to do that.

This thread just reminded me of that.

em on

In my view it’s a tacky and immature thing for him to say, but people *are* proud of their children and unborn children so I just feel happy for them and with them. πŸ™‚

Gigi on

Is it that serious people????

kat on

Well I am proud to say I have “super eggs” and my husband has “super sperm”. We have 2 kids and I got pregnant with both of them 2 months after getting off the pill…. It’s a great thing. It’s not like she is sitting here saying ” Hey, look at me I got pregnant fast and you didn’t” There is noting wrong with telling people things happened fast. She is proud and happy. It is her first baby. Just because someone has trouble getting pregnant and is having a hard time with it, doesn’t mean other people who don’t have problems can’t talk about their getting pregnant fast… But than again people will find anything to get mad at these days..

Tina on

I agree with you, Kat. No one intentionally flaunts their baby joy on purpose; when a couple learns that they are expecting, of course they’re going to tell everyone and have that glow! That’s why I am happy for Robin and Paula (although I could do without his comment). And I applaud you for saying that you have “super eggs”! You should be proud that you have two beautiful children because they are little blessings, as should other people with children. Why should anyone have to hide his or her joy because, like I stated before, misery loves company? Not only are you doing a disservice to other people, but you’re doing a disservice to yourself.

moose on

I see both sides. I certainly wouldn’t talk about how easy it was to get pregnant with a friend who had struggled….just as I wouldn’t rave on about a pain-free natural birth to a friend who was traumatised by a bad c-section or gloat about a baby sleeping through the night when my friends were up every two hours with theirs. Its called sensitivity and there will be time to share that stuff but not when people are still in the trenches so to speak. But it is hard because this is an interview not a conversation, so its not directed at anyone in particular…but I say go on, let her smugness irritate you if infertility has affected you. I think it would irritate me if I was in the same place…but remember she won’t always have the golden ticket…in several months she could be holding a clocky baby and crying at 3 am in the morning. Life has ups and downs for us all!

torgster on

This whole interview just makes me gag! Jeez they sound like an immature pair of teenagers. Grow up already.

FC on

I love Robin’s excitement. He cracks me up, being every bit of the boastful papa-to-be! πŸ™‚

urbanadventurertales on

Well thank you Lee for univiting us to the site. Very mature of you.
I have NO problems reading about other people getting pregnant. I was able to experience the joy of carrying twins myself. I never used fertility treatments, but I have so many friends who’ve struggled with infertility that it’s made me sensitive and aware of those issues.
It would be like me talking about how easy it was to carry my twins fullterm, knowing full well that so many women aren’t able to carry their babies fullterm. It has nothing to do with me being better or more capable, it’s just the way my body handled the pregnancy. But I know enough to not talk about it proudly b/c it’s nothing I had any control over.

Jane on

Thank you so much, urban-
looks like we were really misunderstood by some people on this thread. I wasn’t sure if I would respond to those rather rotten comments or just let them sit there and stink. Like you, I have no problem with hearing about other people getting pregnant and enjoy baby showers, etc. Just the other week, I found out that a friend was pregnant, and I felt so much joy for her. And she didn’t mention how quickly it happened for her.
You said it so well, and I agree completely so I won’t repeat what you said. Thanks.. and glad to have the solidarity!

Lee on

Urban and Jane, it’s pretty obvious you didn’t read all of the comments or else you would understand why you are getting a negative response.

Cathryn on

My guess is that if she was bragging about something else, such as how naturally thin she is (for example) people wouldn’t be so OK with the comment. Anyway, I don’t really take offense to it, I just think it makes them sound kind of immature.

urbanadventurertales on

Not sure what you mean, Lee. I read all the responses and most of them were blasting us for feeling like the comment was a bit arrogant and immature.
Again, fertility is nothing to brag about and it seems to be coming across as bragging in this article, which makes it extremely insensitive IMO.

Alicia on

I see nothing wrong with her comments.

She’s obviously happy about the upcoming addition to her family and she should be able to express her feelings. In my opinion, she doesn’t even come close to bragging. Regardless, she shouldn’t have to stifle her joy because some individuals are too sensative.

Before I get flagged, I will say it took me three years to get pregnant with my daughter and each month, without luck, was beyond difficult. That said, I was always happy for those around me when they were expecting a child. Did it hurt? Of course. They were getting what my husband and I so desperately wanted. But my reproductive health and their joy were completely separate so why should I be bitter? For some people it is true: misery loves company.

CelebBabyLover on

Oy! I think, at this point, we all need to agree to disagree! πŸ™‚

a teacher somewhere on

I think that some people are missing the point that she was worried about infertility issues and was more so saying how relieved she was when she didn’t have any. Not to mention the way it’s written the author of the article is the one toting the fact that she got pregnant quickly and uses some of Paula’s quotes to fill in that section.