Jill Scott Reveals Her Motherhood Moment of Truth

02/10/2010 at 06:00 PM ET
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The first few months of motherhood for Jill Scott were anything but the divine experience she had imagined. In fact, the actress joked during a tongue-in-cheek appearance on Chelsea Lately, she often contemplated returning her then-newborn son Jett Hamilton!

“I’m going to keep it real gully with you, the first two months I wanted to give him back,” she confesses.

Opening up about her struggles as a first-time mom, Jill is determined to let new mothers know they are not alone in their feelings of desperation.

“I expected someone to come and save me because after you have the baby, nobody cares about you anymore,” she recalls. “Nobody cares if you sleep, nobody cares if you eat. It’s just you and this all-consuming thingy!” Noting that a new baby demands “all of your time and all of your attention,” Jill reveals that the initial period of adjustment “hurts.”

However, it wasn’t long before Jill saw the light at the end of the tunnel and everything fell into place.

“One day, when I was standing by the door and I was considering throwing him out into the pool — sleep deprivation is ugly — at that very moment I looked and said, ‘Ah! I love you!’ And that’s what did it.”

Despite the rough start, Jill is loving life with her “gentle” baby boy, now 9 months, whom she has dubbed “Casanova Tender Lover” because of his sweet disposition.

“It’s a lot of work, a lot of work,” she says of motherhood. “I’m sure other people have had children before, but not like [my baby].”

Jett is Jill’s son with ex-fiancΓ© Lil John Roberts.

Source: Chelsea Lately

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Amber on

I’m not a mother yet, but I can only imagine how overwhelming it is to have a baby.

ruby on

It takes a lot of guts to admit that motherhood is rough more times than not. I know that for me all of my friends told me how I would bond immediately after my daughter was born. It didn’t happen for me. After she was born I was too worn out and sore. It wasn’t until several hours later that I finally fell in love. But even after that you are just so tired and the baby is just so demanding that it is tough. Kudos to her for admitting this!

sat on

hang in there, moms! hugs to all moms πŸ™‚

Katie on

I had to laugh out loud when she said she was contemplating throwing him in the pool! I completely understand how she feels, when my daughter was born i also felt like giving her back sometimes. The two months or so are SO hard, and although people tell you about it, you never completely understand til you’ve been through it yourself.

Dasche Bledsoe on

While I never wanted to throw my baby in to a pool I’m not sure I can say the same for not wanting to bash my hubby upside the head at 3am while I was up breast-feeding and he was snoring in the bed πŸ™‚

Amy on

It’s nice to hear someone be honest and real instead of the usual glossing over motherhood and parenting. I’m so tired of reading comments from celebs on how easy and wonderful and lovely every single second with baby is. Any mother knows that’s not reality. Those romanticised comments only makes it harder on women who do have a hard time or are shocked at the reality of how hard mother hood really is. Thank you Jill!!

True on

WOW, it is so nice to hear some honesty, having a new born is such a hard work, and i remember how tired i was the first three months when my son was born, its nice to know that other people also go through the same thing.

Alice on

Haha Dasche that is soooo true! And very well said Amy!

Thank you Jill Scott for being so honest! I myself struggled in the early weeks and would’ve loved then to hear someone being this honest! I love my son to bits but I’d be lying if I said there were days I thought I couldn’t do it!

Soph on

I didn’t bond with my son til he was four months old. It was horrific, I wanted to throw myself in the pool, not him! Kudos to Jill for being honest.

CelebBabyLover on

Sounds like Jill had a mild case of “the baby blues” (i.e., the much more mild version of PPD). I’m glad she’s feeling better now, though. πŸ™‚

Gem on

Soph, you’re not the only one! And when people say stuff like ‘oh, isn’t he lovely, isn’t mother hood great?’ you have to grit your teeth and say yes, because otherwise they think you’re crazy. Thanks Jill, if more people said stuff like this then not falling in love with your baby instantly might not be such a scary and isolating experience.

Elki on

@ Dasche: I actually have a bolster nearby and everytime he starts snoring I use the bolster to make him stop… πŸ™‚ Of course he has to go to work the next morning and I do not expect him to wake up but snoring while I have to breastfeed, change nappies at night makes me quite aggressive towards my husband – never to my baby though.

freedomgrl77 on

Amen, Dasche,
My husband attributed a ton to my postpartum at times because he just constantly wanted to be on the go and gave no time to just sit and chill. Then of course at nighttime he was of no help and claimed he had to have his sleep for work the next day. Sometimes I wanted to throw him in the pool! My daughter was a very colicky baby and I felt like a zombie those first few weeks of her life. It took me a good six months and therapy to get to feeling like myself again. Thank you, Jill, for keeping it real and not making it sound like a fairy tale.

daniela on

Hilarious! Love her honesty!

When my sister was born, she was colicky as all get out, and my mom told me many of times she wanted to throw her out of the window!!! I remember overhearing her one time (I was 7) and I was so scared that I ran and told my dad, and he laughed his butt off! I thought she actually meant it….my sister cried for the first year of her life so maybe at that time she really wanted to do it – I would too! πŸ™‚

emma on

so true! no one cares if u sleep or eat or go out anymore!

Nikki on

I really do appreciate hearing this honesty coming from someone in the spotlight.

I did not bond with my son for long after his birth, so many people coming in, doting on him, and I just wanted to run away. Sleep deprivation and post natal depression are hideous.

I remember saying similar things, but not regarding my son, I would say that I wanted to just get hit by a car, or to just not wake up.

Patrice on

To all of you women who posted above about the Honesty coming from Jill Scott. I want to say I am thankful for all of you posting on here and being honest about the feelings you had as well. It’s so refreshing for a celebrity to talk candidly about the not-so-joys of those first months of parenthood, but it’s even more refreshing in my opinion to hear from you ladies too.

For me, I was diagnosed as dehydrated and exhausted a few weeks after my 3rd son was born because I wasn’t use to caring for a newborn and toddler at the same time. My eldest son (who at the time was 11yrs) helped out some, but I didn’t want him to take on too much responsibility for his toddler brother. I didn’t have much help from my boyfriend and that’s where the exhaustion came in. While I never really felt like it was my newborn that was the problem, or had problems bonding with him, my general patience was worn so thin that I was walking zombie ready to explode into either tears or fits of range over the smallest thing. I found that it was a blessing I had my baby in spring, because the weather was good for walks to the park to let my older boys run off some of that energy and those quiet walks we took gave me exercise and fresh air. It helped a lot.

Shaya on

I’m so glad Jill Scott was so honest in this interview. Being a new mom wasn’t easy for me but I was too afraid to say anything to anyone for fear of being a “bad mother”. I finally got the courage to mention it to my mom and was so afraid of her response but she said “Sweetie I could of told you that months ago”. It’s such a relief to know that there are some women who think motherhood isn’t always rainbows and sunshine.

pam on

Motherhood is the most difficult job in the world, and babies demand so much. It’s refreshing to hear a star level with the world about how difficult it is. But in the end, it is all worth it, and I speak from experience having had 3 baby boys, who are now 37, 31 and 24.

The S is for Super on

I love when moms keep it real. New moms are so scared to admit that they’re overwhelmed or that motherhood wasn’t what they thought it was going to be. I love when someone comes out and tells it like it is. Kudos to Jill Scott!

Posie on

If anyone can keep it real, it’s Jill Scott. My experience bonding with my baby is opposite from hers, but hearing how honest she gives me a whole new respect for all Mothers out there. It’s a reality and women go through it, and I’m glad that let be known. I’m so glad that she ultimately connected with her son and is doing better. I love Jill!

Dee on

I am going to be a new mom in June and it is soooo refreshing to hear someone be so real about giving birth and having the baby afterwards.

I am scared as it is about the whole process and all I hear is people telling me about how awesome it is and its like really….can you just be straight and tell me the truth.

A lot of celebrity moms gloss over the facts and its just awesome to hear a different POV!!!

You go Jill!!!

Randoosh on

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah finally, an hohest opinion about becoming a first time mom. Thank you Jill.

topmom100 on

I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard the interview with Jill Scott about her baby. It has been over 30 years for me and I remember it like yesterday. Sleep deprevation is unbelievable. Just when you think you can not take another minute, they finally sleep for more than an hour(if your are lucky). If you are breast feeding the baby is attached to you for as long as you breast feed or “threaten to run away from home”.

Jill on

so very true Jill Scott – I don’t know how many times I wanted to throw my kid through the window in the first few months. You just feel like you’re under the gun 24/7 and there really was NO help for me – I was on my own!

It does get better though – she’s 8 now and looking back it was well worth those initial 9 months of ongoing hell with moments of love!!!

I must add, God/nature’s ingenious, you’re given this all consuming lump of human flesh and somehow you grow to love it and it’s THAT, that stops you throwing it out the window or into the pool!!