Eric and Rebecca: Back in Black

02/10/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
Todd Williamson/FilmMagic

Baby girl is coming soon!

Eric Dane and expectant wife Rebecca Gayheart pose at the premiere of his latest film, Valentine’s Day, held Monday at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Calif.

The couple have named their daughter, due in early March.

“Rebecca wants to wait to see her before we start calling her it,” the Grey’s Anatomy star explained, because “you want to make sure that the name sticks.”

Valentine’s Day hits theaters Feb. 12th.

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Amy on

These two are so gorgeous…can’t wait to see the pictures of the baby.

Sanne on

Hot! Hot couple… Must be fun to look like that before your delivery! Baby Dane is gonna be a beautiful girl ;-).

Noelle on

She looks gorgeous!

Reader on

gorgeous. good look for her

selene on

Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, thats all I have to say.

kendrajoi on

She’s gorgeous and glowing! They are so sweet!

Callen on

She has always been beautiful. Im just wondering if its more than one in there, she has been pregnant for awhile and her stomach( not her) is She looked great last night on E.

Jessicad on

They are both glowing and gorgeous!

HeatherR on

I almost think that I will miss her being pregnant! She is normally a pretty girl, but she is drop dead gorgeous while pregnant!!! What luck!

CelebBabyLover on

Callen- Actually, she almost looks a little small to me for being so close to her due date. Anyway, I doubt there’s more than one in there, especially since Eric only talked about naming one baby, not two. 🙂

lisa on

they are gorgeous…but thier actions still leave something to be desired.

daniela on

My goodness this woman is beautiful!! Pregnancy looks great on her!

Stephany on

Wow, that is one stunning couple. They both look so happy and Rebecca is just glowing! I can’t wait to see Baby Girl Dane and hear the name!

leonor on

she looks great, but I’m tired of seeing pictures of her!

Maya on

I agree – their actions leave something to be desired. First she kills a boy by running him down with her car, and then the tape. I don’t like her at all.

Something About Baby on

She looks fantastic! Pregnancy suits her.

steph on

Maya i agree with you. I want to like her cos she ‘looks’ nice, and i like her husband as an actor, but i just get the creeps when i see her smiling. I know that the accident happened a long time ago, and she has paid her penalty, and that it would be ridiculous to expect her not to be happy ever again, but there’s just something that stops me from liking her.
Oh well, I wish her and Eric all the best for their expanding family 🙂

Kate on

I am sorry but this accident was years ago. People wonder why criminals constantly go back to crime. Its because people don’t give the second chance to move on. She had an accident and she paid for her crime. In regards to the video, what she does with her husband is her business and nobody else’s. Unfortunately the video came out but that is her and her husband’s business.

Kasee on

Granted I didn’t like her for a long time after that car accident, but I am older now and for those judging her still, remember this – if you have ever been on the phone, texted, or distracted while driving (looking for something, turned around talking to your kids) it could have been you in that situation. Of course you can have your opinion of whether or not you like her, but the idea that she should never come out of her house or be happy or have a child because of that accident is insanely unfair. I am sure she punishes herself enough, especially now that she will know what it’s like to have a child.

RIP Michael on

Oh she looks so pretty! I think the extra pregnancy weight makes her look healthier. Her face looks fuller and just beautiful.

Lee on

I agree with Kate. It makes me wonder if the same people have issues with forgiveness in real life. If they can’t forgive celebrities they don’t know, how do they handle people in real life.

hayley on

i can find the right words….but at the end of the day everyone makes mistakes. everyone does something bad at least once in a life time, do you not think that the second she see’s her baby she will truly understand what that other mother lost and how badly that will haunt her..i think thats punishment enough for any one

its not for us to be judge and jury for these people, itsa lighteated site about babies not a place to drag up horrible accident i repeat accident ….if she was drunk..or high then i could undertand but it was never proved she was playing with phone.

its caled forgiveness, its har to do but it makes you the bigger an better person…

Brooklyn on

Rebecca looks gorgeous!