Pete Wentz Enjoys Making Babies

02/08/2010 at 02:00 PM ET

He’s only been a father for 14 months, but it’s a job rocker Pete Wentz says he’d love to try again.

“We are very lucky and hope to have another child at some point,” Pete — who has a son, Bronx Mowgli, with wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentztells PEOPLE during Hard Rock International’s Rock & Soul Party Friday night near Miami.

Adds the rocker: “We also like doing what you have to do to have a baby!”

“My child has taught me selflessness, patience and how to give this unexplained kind of love,” Pete, 30, says at the party, where he was asked to deejay by football agent Drew Rosenhaus. “I can’t explain this kind of love, but Ashlee, who is just an awesome mom, shares this feeling with me.”

As for his other job, bassist for Fall Out Boy, Pete says he’s looking for new challenges now that the fate of the band remains uncertain.

“I am solo tonight, but I won’t sing or perform a song,” he says. “I will just deejay. As for the breakup with the band, all I can say is that for now I want to chill.”

— Rennie Dyball

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sad on

This is the second article I’ve read today on celebrity males who state they enjoy making babies or practicing to make a baby. Like this is a shocker or something? Of course men like it!

lover on

well duh, they like it. and pete’s not trying to get shock value. i’m sure he was making small talk and trying to be funny.

Lauren on

What guy doesnt?

Lisa on

Bronx is adorable and I love how inlove Ashlee and Pete seem. You can tell he is a precious little boy! Love to see what a girl of theirs would look like?!?

Hea on

“Of course men like it?” That made me laugh.

I’m not a man and I love it.

Doreen on

Yeah, get it ON!! lol

Luci on

LMAO Hea and Doreen, I love it, too!!!

JM on

πŸ™‚ yep, nothing wrong with us girlies admitting that we like it too. it’s a wonderful thing, and why shouldn’t people admit that they enjoy it, men and women….

Luna on


Hea on

Oh, and by “it” I mean sex. S-E-X. Just thought I’d point that out so nobody will misunderstand. πŸ˜€

Jessica on


selene on

This is a site about celebs and their babies, so were bound to hear a few quotes about the making of the babies.

SH on

Whatever floats their boat – what scares me is what they’ll NAME the next one…

Lola Marie on

LOL I imagine it is a fun “extra-currecular” activity for most guys πŸ˜€

Hea on

Lola-Marie – But not for women?

Piglet on

Yeah we get it – you, me and everyone else “likes making babies” we all know where babies come from and how they are made. It means he is not a virgin – are we suppose to be amazed? Sorry it just sounds pretentious to me (before anyone accuses me of “blowing it out of proportion) he made the comment about enjoying sex – duh everyone likes sex, does this need mentioning?