Baylen Brees Catches Confetti!

02/08/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

Almost got one, Dad! MVP Drew Brees lifts his son Baylen Robert — who was more interested in grabbing at the celebratory confetti! — into the air after his team, the New Orleans Saints, defeated the Indianapolis Colts in Sunday night’s Super Bowl.

Baylen is the first child for the Saints quarterback, 31, and wife Brittany. He arrived on Jan. 15th, 2009 — Drew’s birthday!

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Stella on


Brooke on

I loved when they showed this on TV. That little baby was absolutely adorable.

I♥CBB on

I cried when I saw Drew with his son. It was an amazing moment captured for all the world to see. He was crying and holding his son and my heart (along with I’m sure everyone else) completely melted!

Livie Hart on

Honestly, I was rooting for the Colts, but this moment was breathtaking. Here it is on youtube for anyone who didn’t catch it:

cassie on

this was such an awesome image

Liliana on

He is too cute for words!

Sara on

This moment last night was truly captivating. What a beautiful moment between father and son. So sweet.

Coco on

My heart just melted when I seen Drew & his adorable little boy. I can tell its an awesome feeling to share that special moment with your son.

I’m so happy The Saints won!

Robyn on

I watched the whole game last night and was rooting for the Saints. I’m a lifelong Saints fan from Louisiana so this was an AMAZING game to begin with, but I absolutely teared up seeing this on television with his son. It was so beautiful.

Steph on

So Precious!!

Allie-Rose on

Baylen’s such a cutie!

J.D. on

I got a little teary when I saw this last night. The way Drew was whispering to him with tears in his eyes was such a touching moment. I saw this picture on Twitter where Drew’s holding Baylen up in the air like from the Lion King. It was so moving.

Talia on

Thanks for the video, that is the most precious thing I’ve seen in a long time!

CTgirl on

What a wonderful bond this father-son duo will share for life, the same birthday and celebrating the Super Bowl win together. Baylen is such a precious baby! 🙂

JMO on

that’s a precious baby boy and a wonderful moment between father and son. Not a Saints fan but I am very happy they won!

laura on

Great moment and I love that he is wearing headphones to protect his hearing

skunknuggets on

That is just precious.

daniela on

The moment with his son brought tears to my eyes (cause he had tears in his eyes). Very precious!!! Something about a man crying always makes me tear up! 🙂

Erika on

That little boy is SO beautiful and this is a great picture. I honestly can’t stand football and think it’s so boring but I was happy to hear the story of the Saints and that they won.


I’m a lifelong New Orleans resident, and just when I didn’t think there would be anything that would make me cry more than my team winning the Super Bowl, they go and show Drew and baby Baylen! I was bawling!!!!! Such a sweet moment!!!! Who dat baby!!!!!!

Jane on

cute kid. dumb name.

g!na on

I saw this pic on the front page on yahoo! That baby is so cute. I first thought the baby was a girl because this baby is sooo pretty! Than i read it was his son! This baby boy is gorgeous! 😉

g!na on

BTW, That is the cutest stinkin hand! especially the way he’s concentrating on grabbing something!

Kaitlin on

I nearly melted when I saw little Baylen in his Brees jersey. It was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. All I could say was “PRECIOUS!!” when they showed them together.
Congrats Saints!!! ❤

Kelsey on

This was my favorite picture from the superbowl coverage. I was originally rooting for the colts but I was so happy when is saw him holding his little boy.

Bugs on

Seeing Drew crying with Baylen among the confetti last night made me cray a little. It was so touchy!

RIP Michael on

As a Colts fan I’m heartbroken, but Baylen is adorable in this shot. Doesn’t even know what all the fuss is about 🙂

sinclair on

Wow, he’s got dad’s prominent forehead!! So cute to see him mesmerized by the confetti and the excitement of the SB.

Coco on

What a wonderful moment. Thanks Livie for the link. Those earphones are so wonderful! I can only imagine how loud it would have been for him otherwise! We use them for car races and on our friend’s small plane. Peltor makes them… but I had to giggle they got black and gold to match!

True on

WOW that is awesome.

ljss123 on

Gorgeous kid and what a lovely moment between father and son.

CTBmom on

What a beautiful baby boy! It was so touching to Drew so emotional, sharing such a huge moment with his son.

Shelley on

I agree with Jane

Luna on

I also agree with Jane. He’s cute but, Baylen? Um no thanks. I watched the entire Super Bowl through the worst cold I’ve had in some time and boy was I happy the Saint won!

Lola on

Although I did too want the Colts to win..this is a gorgeous photo…definitely frameable!!!!

Talia on

Luna I thought you were saying Baylen (like… the actual child) was ugly! You meant his name right? lol

Shannon on

Baylen is just too cute for words…and talk about a spitting image of daddy!

Hea on

So precious!

Lily on

Such a beautiful little boy. I loved seeing Drew holding and talking to him after the game. I haven’t seen a sweet moment like that in sports in forever. It was so heart-warming. =)

Diana on

I’m a big Colts fan and was rooting for them to win; but I have to hand it to the Saints. They played so much better and they deserved to win. Seeing Drew Brees with his son made me tear up, too. It was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

max on

i’m so happy the saints won 🙂

Christian on

Baylen Brees ( Drew Brees) son really should be a WR. If he can catch that than he can proboably catch a football!

zamaria on

the baby is so cute

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

Baylen is sooooooooooooo cute! He looks just like his daddy. I was so proud of this day, the day I will never forget. Drew Brees is so cute.


Funny the people stating Baylen’s name is dumb both have the worsts names known in america.

I would take Baylen over jane or shelley ANY DAY!


Add luna on that list too.

Dana on

And NOLA 😉