Cat Cora: Any Additional Kids Will Be Adopted

02/06/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
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While Cat Cora and wife Jennifer aren’t ruling out the possibility of expanding their brood, they’ve eliminated at least one way in which it could happen. “The only way Jennifer and I would have another child is if we adopt,” the 42-year-old Iron Chef star tells PopEater.

The couple tried to adopt before welcoming son Zoran, 6, but found that “it is very difficult for same-sex couples.” Undeterred, Cat says it is the route they will pursue should they elect to have a fifth child.

“We have agreed that if we ever wanted more children, we would only do it by giving back and adopting.”

In the meantime, Cat says that she and Jennifer have their hands full with Zoran and his little brothers Caje, 2 ½, Thatcher Julius, 10 months, and Nash Lemuel, 6 months.

“We love our four boys,” she proclaims. “We are so blessed.”

“Of course, it is a challenge for me to juggle everything and be home as much as possible as well — but it is a rowdy, busy household, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Source: PopEater

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April on

Those two look so much alike it’s crazy…they even have the same nose!

ruby on

I will never understand why same sex parents aren’t seen by some as fit parents. Especially when it comes to the foster care system; it is better to let them sit in the system then to let them be adopted by gay couples? That is insane! Who makes that rule? Surely not someone who has ever been a foster child.

I hope that they are able to adopt if they choose to. It would be a shame if they were not allowed to.

Amanda on

What a gorgeous couple they make! You can tell that they are the most dedicated of parents, and it saddens me that in most places, gay and lesbian couples aren’t allowed to adopt. There are sooo many children who need homes. Maybe one day, this country, and the rest of the world, will understand that it’s not the sexual orientation or the gender of the adoptive parents that matter, it’s the love and support which they can provide to those children. Here’s to hoping for a newer, braver, more open-minded future in which our children can grow and thrive!

Mags on

Me, I was thinking that too. They could be sisters.

Kate on

How are their two youngest kids only 4 months apart?

brannon on

4 lucky boys – great names and two super cool moms! Love this family.

April on

Kate, Jennifer gave birth to Thatcher and Cat gave birth to Nash.

g!na on

I hope they can adopt! maybe a girl? lol. after having 4 boys! Thye seem very happy!

Katie on

That would be wonderful if they adopted. They look like sisters not like a couple!! WOW!!! I can’t believe it!

Betsy on

See them often with their boys around town – they are so nice, friendly and those boys are cuties!!

Lena on

Well in NYC they could adopt foster kids. My sister works with children getting adopting in NYC and they look to that community the same as everyone else when it comes to adopting. They even go to the Gay/Lesbian Expo at Jacob Javits Center for recruiting purposes.

Lena on

Oh and yes they look very much alike.

I♥CBB on

They look like twins or definitely sisters. I think it’s wonderful they want to adopt. I hope they are able to soon! 🙂

Erica on

You guys aren’t exaggerating. If I didn’t know differently, I would assume these two were sisters…they have the same face!

Chants on

Amanda…very well said i 100% agree!

Jen on

Friends of mine,a same sex couple, in NYC adopted their son just four months after starting the process. They got lucky.

And I know this is nitpicking, and some people might jump down my throat, but I don’t like it when people people say they want to adopt to “give back” or “save a child”. That’s a lot of pressure for a child to carry around. And adoption shouldn’t really be about saving a child, it should be about parenting a child.

CelebBabyLover on

Jen- I think Cat just meant that, if she and Jennifer decide to have more children, they’re going to provide a home for one who’s already here, rather than adding to the Earth’s population. 🙂

Electra on

Jen, I agree with you.

Angi on

It’s a shame same sex couple have a hard time adopting. A lovely home is a loving home. It shouldn’t matter the gender of the parents. They seems like wonderful mothers. Any child would be lucky to have them raise him/her.

hcecilia on

@ kate: their two youngest are four months apart because they both were pregnant at the same time. they switched their implanted eggs (same father) and voila.

it’s nearly creepy to me that they look so much alike! but they seem like a sweet dedicated couple and parents.

CelebBabyLover on

hcecilia- Actually, that’s not entirely true. They didn’t “switch” their eggs, per se. Cat was impregnated with embryos made from Jennifer’s eggs (as you pointed, they did use the same sperm donor for all of their boys), while Jennifer was implanted with some embryos made from her eggs, and some made from Cat’s.

eternalcanadian on

It is so cool how much Cat and Jennifer look like each other! That holds true for a lot of couples who are attracted to those with similiar facial structures. I have a couple friends who both look a lot like their spouses, so much they could be siblings! 🙂