Tom Brady Is Loving Life With His Boys

02/05/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Bauer Griffin

Football season may be over for the New England Patriots, but their star quarterback Tom Brady is still getting plenty of exercise on the home front!

Telling Extra that he delights in roughhousing with his 2-year-old son John Edward Thomas, the new dad is counting down the days until the family’s newest addition — 8-week-old Benjamin — joins in on the fun.

Currently enjoying the offseason, Tom is taking full advantage of his rare downtime to spend with his wife Gisele Bündchen and the boys. “I like to spend time with my family and friends and get a little rest because, obviously, during the football season, there’s not a whole lot of that!” he says.

When it is time to hit the field again, however, Jack and Benjamin will be in on the action, supporting their dad on the sidelines — and the proud papa says there’s nothing he loves more.

“It’s a great thing to see them run around at the football game — or at least one of them run around,” he raves.

“For a long time, I didn’t know when I was going to be a father, and now I have two boys.”

Jack is Tom’s son with actress Bridget Moynahan.

Source: Extra

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Something About Baby on

I wonder if Jack and Benjamin will be as talented on the field at their father.

mel on

awww,I can´t wait to see pictures of Jack with baby Ben!

acmommy on

I am wondering if anyone knows where Jack’s beanie is from? I don’t know why, but when this photo first surfaced like a year ago I just fell in love with that beanie. I have googled and googled and cant find it! Anyone? Thanks!

Danielle on

I didn’t think very highly on Tom back in the day when he was going through all of that crap with Bridget Moynahan, but from the many photos I see he seems to be a hands-on dad to Jack and I’m sure he’ll do the same with this latest child. Now if only the Patriots would’ve made it to the Super Bowl…grrrrrr! 😉

kitty on

It looks like a hand knitted hat. Bridget knits so many she made it.

mamabear on

You know, none of us know what happened between Tom and Bridget, so I do not think that it is fair to say “…I didn’t think very highly on Tom back in the day when he was going through all of that crap with Bridget Moynahan”.

We can only ASSUME, based solely on Bridget’s decision to give her son the surname “Moynahan” instead of that of his father,”Brady” that Bridget was unhappy and perhaps, quite angry with the break up and everything that followed.

I do not recall Tom Brady uttering one word against Bridget during the aftermath, so it appears he played the gentleman and just kept his mouth shut about the break up.

IN MY OPINION, I believe that Bridget did her son a disservice by not allowing Tom to give the child his last name. It wasn’t as if the father “took off” and had no desire to be a part of his child’s life, as is the case of so many unmarried fathers.

AGAIN IN MY OPINION, it just seems like the act was done in bitterness and anger – a way to get back at Tom.

Down the line, who is she really hurting? Surely, her son. Because there will be a time, when little Jack asks that question of why, if he too his his father’s biological son, then why doesn’t he have the same last name as his brother Benjamin?

Andrea on

Bad idea to bring up the last name business. I’m glad CBB has just stopped posting that his last name is Moynahan because EVERY time there’s a post about this family the last name gets brought up and the single moms have a fit.

I think it’s very sweet what he said about his boys!

kitty on

A name can always be changed, so do not bother to bring the subject up.

Jennifer on

mamabear – I had my son 10.5 years ago and his father & I weren’t together at the time he was born. I gave my son my last name, not because of spite or anger, but because my son spends the majority of the time with me and it’s just easier when dealing with his schooling, etc. I explained my reasoning with my son’s father beforehand and he was fine with it. I told him if he truly wanted our son to have his last name, then that was fine with me – just let me know. To date, he has said nothing about changing my son’s last name.

We aren’t privvy to private conversations that Bridget and Tom might have had. For all we know, they had a conversation along similar lines and he’s fine with Jack’s last name not being Brady.

There is also more to being a mom or a dad than a child having your last name. Obviously by all the pics we see of Jack with both parents, smiling and looking genuinely happy, he is doing find and that’s what genuinely matters.

Tom & Bridget seem to have moved beyond the whole last name issue, so perhaps the rest of us should, too!

Erin on

mamabear, isn’t also true that you’re assuming Bridget was angry, Bridget was bitter? She’s never mentioned Tom except to say this wasn’t the situation she though she’d be in, being a single mom. And she can tell Jack if/when he asks about his last name that mom did what she thought was best. Doesn’t sound like Tom has a problem with the last name, so why do you?

Danielle on

geez mamabear. my personal opinion is my opinion. i certainly didn’t expect everyone or anyone to agree with me for that matter, nor was i rude or insulting. it’s funny cause you didn’t like my statement, but you go ahead and take the opposite side and pretty much bash bridget. i states something and didn’t elaborate, because this isn’t the right place to do that, nor do i know if my opinion is what happened. we don’t know the truth…just what we hear…

Natasha on

I think there was another celebrity (or maybe it was just a regular couple…can’t remember now!) who had a child first born with the mother’s last name as she didn’t expect the father to be involved and when he was — she changed his last name to the fathers. Not saying this has anything to do with Tom & Bridget’s situation; for all we know Jack could be the last person possible to carry on the Moynahan last name and it meant a lot to her family if he carried it? Who knows.

noam on

no one knows their private discussions, but it seems like she couldn’t have been THAT bitter, considering jack’s middle names are edward thomas, and tom’s name is thomas edward…

lipsy on

Jack does have Tom’s name and middle names as his two middle names….
It’s so much ‘easier’ when parents were never married and not together at birth for the custodial parent to have the same name as the child, in my opinion. He’s just as much her child- why not carry her family name?

Jen on

mamabear, I’m curious as to why you seem to think that a child automatically should have their father’s last name? my daughter’s has her father’s last name (my husband), but that was our choice. from a legal standpoint,a child will automatically get their father’s last name ONLY when the parents are married. to assume that a child must have their father’s last name is a very patriarchal idea.

bridget has primary custody and, as she was not married at the time of his birth, it was her perogative to give her son her last name, bitterness or no.

you also did exactly what you accused someone else of doing except that instead of stating it was simply your opinion as the other person did, you spoke as if what you are saying was fact.

Jennifer on

I wonder if we’ll ever see a pic of baby Benjamin? I bet you it’ll take longer than it even did with Suri Cruise! I honestly think it could be a year or more before we get a good look at him.

As for the name thing…it wouldn’t matter to me in the slightest, but I totally get what Danielle said about TB during the BM situation. I thought he was an ass back then too! Lol. But who knows for sure really? Only the two people who were involved will ever know what really happened. Besides, everyone seems to have moved on, so the situation now seems to be working.

Sarah K. on

I agree with most of the posters that it’s not an issue that Jack’s last name isn’t Brady. Tom said in an interview before Jack was born that both he and Bridget decided what to name the baby so I’m sure the last name issue was brought up then. As other have already said, Jack’s middle name is Tom’s reversed.

As for he and Ben not having the same last name – what if Jack’s last name was Brady and it was Bridget who had another baby. Would it be ok for the siblings to have different names then? In situations where the parents split, it’s inevitable that there will be half-siblings. They can’t all have the same last name. And the father is not automatically entitled to last name rights, especially in today’s society.

Tom apparently doesn’t have an issue with his child’s name and it certainly hasn’t damaged their relationship, so it’s really a non-issue.

Anna on

I don’t understand why some people think that because Jack doesn’t have his father’s last name his mother was angry with his father, or the kid will have problems because of it.
He spends most of his time with his mom, it only makes sense to give him her last name.

Jessica on

The thing I like most about this entire family unit is Jack seems to be a happy boy- Bridget and Tom do a great job at working together to make sure he gets to see both parents. It seems as though Gisele and Jack have a good relationship too…based on the pics I see and that is what I love – they all work together for him.

If I remember correctly, Bridget and Tom were already broken up before she knew she was pregnant. Either way, it looks as though they are making it work.

GiannaG on

I highly doubt this child will care what his last name is. I’m sure he will at some point understand that there are REAL, significant issues in this world, and that this is NOT one of them. And Tom ‘being a gentleman’ about the situation with Bridget is really the least he could do. Maybe he refrained from bashing her because there was nothing TO bash. Maybe with the way things happened, Tom knew SHE hadn’t done anything wrong and he would have been really pushing his luck to slam her on top of everything else. If he did what people say he did, then it was aces (and smart) of him to keep quiet.

GiannaG on

PS-as others have said, the parties involved have moved on, and so should we.

janie on

Beautiful family! Jack is very handsome and I am sure Benjamin is too!

Liliana on

I must’ve missed the memo that stated when a mother gives her child her surname, it’s because she had to be bitter or angry towards the child’s father.

The child is every bit as much its mother’s as it is its father’s therefore I don’t see why it’s an absolute must that a child takes its father’s surname.

Aside from single parents, I know three married couples that chose to use the wife’s last name for their children. One woman was an only child and the last person to carry on her family’s surname so she decided to give the name to her children. The other two simply thought it wasn’t mandatory to use the husband’s last name so they didn’t.

As others have said, Tom and Bridget have moved on and are successfully co-parenting their son. Why attempt to create drama that isn’t there?

Lorus on

I was living with my then common-law husband for a few years when we had our planned daughter. She received my last name and not his. It was a mutual decision and there was no bitterness. There is no rule etched in stone saying that a child must have it’s father’s last name.

QT on

GiannaG maybe you should take your own advice & move on. Did I miss when Bridget became perfect & couldn’t have possibly done anything bad or to make Tom upset?? If Tom dod what people accuse him of?? What people? Nosy fans or CBB followers that have zero idea of what happened between them.

People Saying that John won’t care what this last name is are being unrealistic. You don’t think he’s not going to wonder why his little brother has daddy’s last name & he doesn’t? Plenty of times kids feel left out when a parent has a new family. So it’s not out of the question for Jon to feel or think that way at some point. Good that this is all happening when he’s so young

Talia on

I love your response QT, you didn’t know Bridget’s perfect? She did NOTHING wrong whatsoever and I’m sure was a perfect angel throughout the entire pregnancy/birth.

Sarah K. on

You don’t think he’s not going to wonder why his little brother has daddy’s last name & he doesn’t?

Couldn’t that logic also apply if Jack’s last name was Brady and Bridget remarried and had a baby. Jack wouldn’t share a last name with that sibling. What’s the difference?

Those situations are inevitable with parents who split up. Fact of life – not a big enough deal to be harping on it for 2 1/2 years

hcecilia on

i wasn’t with my daughter’s father when she was born (nor even now) and i was angry because he started dating some other girl before he ended things with me and our daughter was born, but she has his last name. it’s just a personal choice and i did it mostly because his first name and middle name in their feminine forms didn’t sound right with her first name.

Lorus on

I just wanted to add to my previous post. My older daughter (from a previous relationship) has my last name. I have since gotten married and kept my maiden name. We now have another daughter together and she has her father’s last name. My husband is going to be adopting my older child but she will continue to use my maiden name as her last name. It’s never been an issue and when she brought it up I told her it was her choice on which name she wanted to use and she wants her original name! So don’t assume that when John is older he’s going to wonder/be jealous that he doesn’t have Brady as a last name like his half brother does.

acmommy on

People people…lets just worry about what important here….the beanie? Anyone?

asdas on

“Because there will be a time, when little Jack asks that question of why, if he too his his father’s biological son, then why doesn’t he have the same last name as his brother Benjamin?”

Jack is his legal son. What in the world does the fact that he is his BIOLOGICAL son have to do with your argument?

Jaja on

John’s parents didn’t marry, so it’s only right that he has his mother’s last name instead of his father’s. In other parts of the world that law applies, only in America it isn’t. Anyway, what difference does it makes? He is still his father’s child no matter what, and Tom Brady does not seem to neglect his daddy duties or love John any lesser than Benjamin. I hope that both boys will share a close sibling relationship.

Gail M Woodburn on


I am a single Mom with two boys. I believe it is importent the boys to have their fathers last name. In my case they were born with that name and it would be unfair to change their name. It is just the Mom putting her feeling above her kids. My boys were six and seven when we separted and they wanted to keep their Dads last name. It does matter as they get older I disagree.