Jessica Alba Says Honor's Favorite Word Is 'No'

02/04/2010 at 06:00 PM ET

Honor Marie Warren is flexing her soon-to-be 2-year-old muscles, according to mom Jessica Alba.

During a Wednesday visit to Live with Regis and Kelly, the Valentine’s Day star said that her 19-month-old daughter is “very busy,” “likes to do everything her way,” and has entered an opposition phase that peaks at dinnertime.

“She loves saying ‘No,'” Jessica explained. “It’s her favorite word.”

“Now, she won’t eat unless I tell her not to eat. I have to use reverse psychology. I’m like, ‘Don’t eat your vegetables!’ And she looks at me and, in defiance, eats her broccoli.”

When asked how she and husband Cash Warren arrived at baby girl’s name, Jessica revealed that it wasn’t entirely their idea.

“I told my girlfriend that I was pregnant, early on, and she was like, ‘I’m not having any more kids but if I was going to have one, I would name her Honor,'” Jessica explained. “It was just random and it stuck with us. We liked it.”

As for whether or not the couple envision Honor following in Jessica’s footsteps and pursuing a career as an actress, Jessica expressed doubt. “I will tell her to be an actress and she’ll do the opposite,” she quipped before adding,

“After she’s done with college she can figure out what she wants to do. My father-in-law [Michael Warren] is an actor [so] it’s kind of in the family.”

Valentine’s Day hits theaters Feb. 12th.

Source: Live with Regis and Kelly

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Jessica on

wait what?! Am I reading that right? she stole her friend’s baby name? That’s a big no no where I come from…

Isabella on

…she was like, “I’M NOT HAVING ANY MORE KIDS but if I was going to have one, I would name her Honor,”

If her friend is never going to actually use the name (because she specifically said she couldn’t or didn’t want to have any more children) then I don’t see the problem with Jessica taking it. I don’t really consider that name thieving.

laura on

you can’t read? her friend said ‘i’m not having any more kids but if i was having one’

Alice on

Well her friend said that in reaction to her pregnancy announcements, adding that she would not be able to use it. Sounds like a suggestion to me!
Names are for everyone, if you don’t want people to use “your” baby name don’t go and announce it to them the minute they tell you they’re expecting unless you say it in a “I’m-telling-you-so-you-don’t-use-it” manner 🙂

Liliana on

Her friend was finished having children hence why she mentioned what she would’ve named her daughter if she had another one.

JM on

well, it more says that her friend had no intention of having any more kids, so why not use the name. plus, i’m sure she wouldn’t have used it if her friend had a problem with her using it. there is no reason to think she actually “stole” the name….

Jessica on

Laura, meow, catty much? Actually I can read, I read a lot haha!
Her friend said she didnt plan on having more kids but if she did have another one…geez, Im pretty sure there’s a Seinfeld and sex and the city episode about the same thing. I dont particularly like strangers making a snarky jab, just because they don’t like someone’s opinion, it’s very unbecoming…

Elby on

Welcome to the world of no, there’s no going back once they’ve learnt that word.

Me on

Lol, Elby, that’s sure the truth!

Mary-Helen on

LOL! My almost three year old LOVES no! The terrible twos are freaking wonderful. They start around 18 months and end around their 18th birthday (so my mom says lol)

As for the name stealing, I was in a similar sitch with my youngest daughter. We were expecting our third daughter and stuck for a name and a girlfriend w/ three boys said she wasn’t having anymore kids, but if she did, she would name a girl Hunter or Hadley. We had already picked Hunter as a boy’s name so we were like “Can we use Hadley?” and she was happy someone got to use it. We always tell people now we “outsourced” her name lol.

Karla on

Certainly don’t think she ‘stole’ the name. There’s not a single person out there that doesn’t know if you don’t want a name taken then you don’t say it/announce it. I agree with Alice, sounds more like a suggestion. And I know all about that ‘no’ word lol. Welcome to the world of toddler-hood Jess hehe

mrsh on

I wouldn’t consider that name theft. Name theft is when you take a name from someone who is actually planning to use it, without asking permission to do so. If the person tosses a name out that they “would have used if they were having more kids,” but aren’t having more kids, the name is fair game. I would still ask, as Mary-Helen did with her friend, but the name is fair game if they aren’t planning to use it. I have a whole list of names I loved, but I’m not having more children. I’d be more than happy to suggest any and all of them to a friend who was expecting!

Devon on

I am sure Jessica and Cash asked their friend if they could use it even if the friend wasn’t having any more kids. It happened with Gwen and Gavin, their friend like Zuma and they asked to use it and same with Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. They had a friend named their daughter Apple and they asked if they could use it too. I personally haven’t told my friends the names I like for my future children because I don’t want them to use them but if I was done having kids, I would want to see the names I loved to be used!

Born Fabulous on

Awww! Honor is so cute! Sounds like my 2 year old!!!

True on

Welcome to the world of NO Jessica…..LOL

Mari on

I knew two girls once, where one told us how she would name a kid, if she ever got one and when the other girl got a DOG a few month later she named it like the other girl wanted to name their kid. Now that I thought was rude.

This is more cute. Like Jessica was saying you can’t use the name anymore so I’m gonna use it for you, so in a way you have a kid with that name around. 🙂

Tracieleigh on

Mary Helen – that is so funny! A good friend was stumped and we were so done with having kids…so I told her I had a name that I would never use, but share with her and it was HADLEY!!! She used it and I love knowing “my” name is out there!!!

Mary on

Oh Jessica, it only gets worse from here….

Lisa on

The very idea of baby name stealing is just catty. Everyone’s heard a name they’ve liked and then used it. We don’t own copyrights on our names.

KD on

My oldest daughter’s name came from a client of mine at work when I was a children’s photographer. Her name is Chase (although I had originally planned to use it as a middle name, things changed). I told the client I loved that for a little girl and i was obviously pregnant so the mom asked if I had considered it, I said no and she said if i loved it I should use it and they would be honored. Its nice to know that there are two girls named Chase in my small town:)
I asked a client about a name for my youngest child, her daughter’s name is Grayson, which I love and although we ultimately didn’t use it, she was also honored I loved the name so much.
I think it is more irritating to be asked if the child is named after some television show or famous person than to borrow a name while making the intention to borrow the name clear or a name that won’t be used. I get asked all of the time if my two youngest (Zoey and Addyson) are named after characters on Sesame Street and Grey’s Anantomy/Private Practice, NO they are not and I didn’t think about Sesame Street. As far as Addyson goes, she was born before the show came out, she’s almost SEVEN!

Mary-Helen on

@KD I hear you! My 3 year old daughter’s name is Addison & people ask me about Grey’s. I had never even heard of it because I don’t watch alot of TV and thought they meant the text. Still never watched it lol!

Chants on

Me and my friend were expecting the same time-three weeks between our due dates and our children were born in the end ten days apart i LOVED the name ‘Vita’ for a girl and she loved ‘Rafael’ for a boy i had a boy and she had a girl and i called my boy Rafael and yep she called her girl Vita!!

Sarah on

Great story Chants! You must have both really liked the name the other picked!

I really don’t believe there is such a thing as name stealing and why in the world would you ask if you can name your baby a name that another friend liked? Friends come and go all the time but your baby will have that name forever. If you like the name use it. If your friend likes it too then she will use it. It’s a name, not money that actual can be stolen and missed.

Molly on

I’ve never understood the “name stealing” concept. So you and your friend both have little Billy or little Emma. So what? There were four or five Elizabeths in my grade back in the day, and three or four Sarahs. No one died from the trauma of “sharing” a name. There aren’t that many truly unique names out there – if there are any at all.

Denise on

I agree, the very concept of name stealing is ridiculous, now that is catty. We don’t own names and if I wanted to name my child a name I could care less who had it too if I truly loved it. I would never be upset about sharing a name with a friend or family member and if it were “enemy” I would care even less.