Jennifer Garner on Separating Fame From Family Life

02/04/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Courtesy Marie Claire

Although the political aspirations of husband Ben Affleck remain a mystery, Jennifer Garner says she’s ready to heed the call if and when it comes!

“People do tell me I’d be a good politician’s wife because I’m such a Pollyanna and a Goody Two-shoes,” she admits in the March issue of Marie Claire.

Those eager to slap the “has it all” label on the 37-year-old actress would be mistaken, however. Jennifer quips,

“Well, I haven’t showered today. I just want to throw that into the conversation. So I’m not sure I do have it all.”

In the interview, conducted alongside her Valentine’s Day costar Jessica Biel, Jennifer says that the movie was a welcome departure in more ways than one.

“When I do work, it’s always one woman and a bunch of men,” she notes, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to forge a friendship on the set.

The role also lured Jennifer out of a self-imposed maternity leave, following the birth of daughter Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 13 months this week. Jennifer explains,

“I haven’t worked much at all lately, to tell you the truth. The two weeks I worked on this movie were the only two weeks I’ve worked in about a year-and-a-half because of being pregnant and now having a 1-year-old.”

Click below to find out how daughter Violet learned that “Mom” and “Jennifer Garner” were one and the same.

Indulging in a glass of wine — “I never go out much anymore,” she confesses — and periodically checking for text messages from a nanny, Jennifer says that her fame has only recently become apparent to her firstborn.

When a classmate recently informed Violet Anne, 4, that “Jennifer Garner lives in your house,” the preschooler was confused, later asking her mom, “Who is Jennifer Garner and why are people saying she lives with us?” Jennifer adds,

“She just knows me as Mom, so I did have to explain to her for the first time about the difference.”

Valentine’s Day opens February 12.

Courtesy Marie Claire

Source: Marie Claire, March issue

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Audrey on

Is this airbrushed? Her legs never look this super skinny in candid shots.

Rebecca on

ahhh, violet is the cutest….

Rebecca on

it is definitely airbrushed. jennifer isnt that skinny.

tasha on

This is why covers like this drive me mad. They take a perfectly normal-looking, healthy woman, and photoshop her into a barbie doll. Her legs are definitely “slimmed”. So not necessary.

kate on

She actually has lost a bunch of weight (not that she needed it at all). She said that she just stopped breastfeeding and will be filling out again shortly.

Amanda on

I’m slightly confused as to why Violet wouldn’t know her mother’s name. She surely must hear her father and other people using her mother’s name and one set of her grandparents will be “Garners” won’t they? That seems odd to me.

I♥CBB on

I REALLY hope the cover isn’t airbrushed. Jennifer and Jessica both have BEAUTIFUL bodies. Very athletic. If I was Jennifer I would be really mad that they did that. Especially since I’m sure she works very hard to keep her body toned and muscular body. On another note, I subscribe to Marie Claire and I’m excited to read the article. I love the clothes on the cover. Lovely! 🙂

SAR on

Why did they slim Jennifer’s legs? It’s not like she’s overweight. The airbrushing makes her legs look too thin to support her body.

Otherwise, this is a nice article. The Garner-Affleck family is just too adorable for words.

Luna on

I love Jennifer Garner. I completely agree with so many statements she makes about women supporting each other and I think she is a great role model. The Violet thing cracked me up. I would have wondered who that strange lady supposedly living in my house was too.

Mrs. R. on

Amanda –
It’s kind of a tall order for a 3 year old to put together that her mom is Jennifer, that she’s a Jennifer Garner, and that Jennifer Garner is a famous person.

My 3 year old knows my first name, and she knows her nana and papa have a certain last name, but I don’t think it would ever occur to her that their last name was once my last name.

Also – how do we know Jennifer uses Garner in her real life… perhaps she goes by Affleck.

mosherre on

She does go by Affleck in her personal life. There was a picture just last week of her at a bakery, you couyld see the name on her bank/credit card and it said Jennifer Affleck. Violet is too young to be putting last names together with first names.

Elby on

That’s a sweet story about Violet, given that her surname is Affleck she can’t be expected to know that her mother is Garner professionally and she wouldn’t necessarily know that Jennifers parents surname is Garner. My children know their grandparents as granma Kate and Granpa John and Granma Mary and Granda Hywel surnames are pretty meaningless to pre-schoolers.

christina on

I love Jennifer, but she’s so beautiful without this airbrushing!!! Ugh! I wouldn’t even have recognized her. As for the name thing — sounds about right to me. I’m sure Violet knows her as “Mrs. Affleck” for her name other than mom.

Laura on

I agree with kate. i don’t think it was airbrushed. Jennifer has lost alot of weight lately (if you see pics of her on other websites). She is almost looking too thin…especially her legs. She has lost alot of her muscle tone and looks even frail in some of the pictures.

Grace on

It’s likely that no one actually calls Jennifer “Jennifer”, instead calling her “Mom” or “Jen” or an endearment. When you put that together with the different last name AND the fact that the other child probably knows Violet’s mom and said “Jennifer Garner” instead of “your mom”.

I grew up with the child of a famous man, and had no idea that he was famous until I was about 10. He was just Mr K. I figured everyone who came up and talked to him while we were out were his coworkers.

True on

That Violet story is very cute

CelebBabyLover on

kate- Thanks for sharing that tidbit. Maybe they didn’t photoshop her legs thin after all! 🙂

Mrs. R.- Violet is actually 4, not 3. That being said, I agree with you completely. 🙂

Elki on

Can anyone explain Jennifer’s quote to me? I am German and have no clue what she is talking about:
“I’m such a Pollyanna and a Goody Two-shoes”.
Thank you!

Amanda on


Pollyanna is from a children’s story (and a Disney movie) about a little girl who always looks for the good in every situation. She looks for the good so much that at first she irritates everyone she meets until eventually everyone understands how important it is to look for the good.

“Goody two shoes” is a slang phrase that is often used as an insult toward people who are always doing the right thing.

Elki on

Thanks to you, Amanda! Even reading CBB can broaden one’s horizon 😉

Kathy on

Amanda – regarding Violet not knowing Jen’s name. Seriously? Do you have kids? I have a 5 year old and she knows my name, but that’s only come about recently as she hears her Dad call me “Darlin” or some other term of endearment, rarely does she hear me addressed by my first name. Yes grandparents address me by my first name, well the in-laws do, my own parents usually refer to me by a term of endearment as well, rarely by my name. Do you honestly think Ben says “Jennifer Garner, when is dinner going to be ready?” Or “Jennifer Garner, it’s time for bed” Most children know their parents as Mom/Mommy and Dad/Daddy until they reach a certain age, which Violet hasn’t reached yet. Aside from that, Violet’s last name is Affleck and while Jen’s legal name may be Affleck as well, the world knows her as Jennifer GARNER not Jennifer Affleck, adding I’m sure to Violet’s confusion. I find it completely NORMAL that Violet didn’t understand who Jennifer Garner was, what surprises me is that you find it odd!

lena on

Amanda thank you also from my side, I didn’t know what those two words meant…now I know.

On topic-I find her a very down to earth mom, not trying to hard to look so polish in the paparazzi pictures because finally we all, the mothers, know how difficult is to do everything in the same time and sometimes I find a little bit annoying that celebrities are having a gorgeous hair in the early morning.

I know that is their job to look gorgeous 🙂 but is still a little bit disturbing because do not reflect the reality at all, our normal reality of course.

Lee on

I have seen a few pictures Lena and people leave such mean comments about how since she is famous, she has to look good 24/7.

Bella on

Jennifer looks so much younger with bangs! She looks, *gasp*, possibly younger than Jessica?