Meet Rocco Rio Reynolds!

02/03/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
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As co-anchor of the morning show Good Day LA, Jillian Barberie Reynolds is used to functioning on barely any sleep.

That skill is coming in particularly handy with her second child, newborn son Rocco Rio, 3 weeks.

“I’m up every three hours,” Jillian told Life & Style during an exclusive interview at her LA home on Jan. 27.

“I don’t care. I Twitter while I’m breastfeeding him. I call it breast-tweeting!”

Jillian wasn’t quite as laid-back about Rocco’s Jan. 11 arrival — two weeks early — via cesarean section.

But she, husband Grant Reynolds (a stay-at-home dad) and their daughter, Ruby Raven, 2 ½, are happy just to go with the flow when it comes to their newest family member.

“At my age, I was so lucky to get pregnant without help,” Jillian, 43, says. “We didn’t plan it. It was just natural.”

And in this economy, she also feels fortunate to have a steady mom-friendly job.

“I have the perfect mom gig,” says Jillian, who is eyeing a late March or early April return to TV. “I work three hours a day on Good Day LA, and I’m home by 10:30 a.m.”

Source: Life & Style

Courtesy Life & Style for use on CBB

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Monique on

He is so tiny!!! Beautiful little baby. Jillian looks amazing as always 🙂

bungalowbliss on

What a sweet little guy. I love those toes!!

Molly on

omg hes so cute!!1

Lissette on

He is such a cutie! And Jillian looks great! Gives me hope that at 43 she got pregnant!

T. on

what a cutie she looks great…
The name hasn’t grown on me yet I think its the Rio that just doesn’t fit for me.

mrsh on

Rocco looks like a very peaceful baby.

Sarah on

I sure don’t understand why she always has makeup on like she is going out to a fancy party. The baby is so cute though!

stan on

Reading that makes me SO JEALOUS of her work schedule! I leave the house at 7:45 and dont get home until 6:00.

emmajlh on

the earrings seem a bit over the top but she is a stunning lady and if she wants to present an image of having everything ‘down’ then this is the look i suppose one would go for.

personally i prefer the angelina jolie virtually makeup free and in her nighdress look for these style of photos – a lot more believeable!

Jaime on

Absolutely adorable pic! Rocco sure does have the cutest feet.

Larry on

He is soooo cute. And you look OSOM Jillian. I tell everybody you’re CDN. =) from a fellow transplant.

Luna on

He is just so cute! Congrats to the Reynolds family.

Dawn on

She looks fabulous & he is so cute!! Congrats to her family!

Mina on

Regarding the make up, if it gives her confidence, I dont see a problem. It may LOOK high maintenance but she can probably do her full face in less than 10 minutes. I know alot of new moms said when it’s all about baby, just having time to do their make up helps them look & feel good. Who doesnt want to look their best?

I think this is a great photo of Jillian & baby Rocco! I love how relaxed he is.

maricela o on

congrats jillian u have a beautiful family.

Melissa on

Yah! He looks so cute! If I remember correctly, Good Day LA is going out to Jillian’s house tomorrow at 9AM. Can’t wait to see it! 🙂

emma on

Jillian and Grant you have a beautiful family. Rocco and Ruby are very lucky.

Nadine on

You look fabulous Jillian! Rocco is so precious. He looks very alert in this picture. Congratulations!!

Janna on

How sweet!! He sort of looks like he’s thinking about something!

Anon on

Those are the same earing she is wearing in the picture of her and newborn Ruby a couple years ago. And Rocko looks soooo much like his big sister the same age!

Forever Moore on

Rocco looks a lot like Ruby when she was just born

Linnette on

Jillian u look great makeup, dress, hair, and all. The baby look beautifullllll:)

Sara on

Yes, she is incredibly blessed to get pregnant naturally at her age and seems to acknowledge it. Many, many women her age struggle at that age (myself included)to get pregnant without assistance. She is fertile!

Luna on

I looked at the picture of Jillian after she had Ruby and i think she looks a lot better this time. She’s got more of a healthy glow about her. Idk there’s just something i can’t put my finger on.

Emaline on

Oh he is SOOO cute!!!! My son was born on the 11th too, but a year ago 🙂

Kat on

He is so gorgeous! and he was born on my oldest son’s birthday (my son was also born early… but by 4wks).

alise on

awwwwwwww. . .congrats to the beautiful family 🙂

Briley21 on

Holy huge feet! That is one cute baby though. I’m a huge fan of hers. Have been for years. So happy for her!

Sophia on

Beautiful baby and all, but doesn’t anyone else think it’s a bit odd that she twitters while she’s breast-feeding? I mean, I’m not a mom so I guess I haven’t had to cram a billion things into a day and overlap tasks, but to me, and I’m saying this as a teenager not a mom, breast-feeding is kind of a special, sacred time where the mom and baby are calm and are bonding with each other. To me using the computer while doing this kind of undermines the whole thing. But maybe it’s just me. Congratulations to Jillian, Grant and big sister Ruby on the birth of a gorgeous, gorgeous little boy 🙂

Jane on

How adorable! He looks like he is very alert and staring at something off camera. lol

tigerlilly on

Say that name three times fast…cute name…

CelebBabyLover on

AWWWW! What a cutie. 🙂

Reader on

Sophia, not a big deal at all to do things while you breastfeed a baby. They eat A LOT, and you spend a ton of time just sitting there while they eat. Some people read or watch tv. I remember having my daughter in my lap in a boppy pillow while I shopped online. Rocco looks a lot like his dad in this pic. Don’t like the all R names they gave their kids. The dad seems very sweet on their show.

brannon on

I was personally happy to have the computer when I was breastfeeding. The first few times were sweet…at 3, 4 and 5 am you are just doing whatever you can to stay awake 🙂 Prefer the the more natural new baby photos but to each their own.

Alex on

Jillian looks thrilled. The baby is cute (all babies are cute).

Hanna on

She looks great. 43 and a new baby? It goes fast. My baby is 20 this March. It seems like yesterday. I was 35 for him and 39 for my daughter.

Kate on

I just ordered a TV tray so I can continue getting my Masters while breastfeeding my new baby. You learn after the first one that you can do a lot while feeding (and it helps keep you sane). Trust me, Sophia, when you’re breastfeeding, that sweet baby is on your boob 24/7 and there is plenty of time to bond. Sometimes you need to feel like you’re still connected to the outside world!

Debbie on

Jilly! Rocco is adorable. You and Grant make BEAUTIFUL babies! I miss you on Good Day LA,…(just not the same without you).In the words of Wendy Williams, you are a sister/friend in my head. Well, I hope to see you back soon, and congrats on your wonderful family!