Ellen Pompeo Shows Off Stella Luna!

02/03/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

From long days on set as Meredith Grey to first-time motherhood, nothing is stopping Ellen Pompeo. That said, during a Wednesday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a radiant Ellen — showing off her svelte body after baby — was quick to point out that juggling it all requires an extra set of hands! “I have an amazing baby nurse,” she says. “I couldn’t do it without her.”

Despite the hired help, Ellen and her husband Chris Ivery are determined to be hands-on parents when it comes to raising their “doll” of a daughter Stella Luna, 4 months. And, according to the doting mama, Chris has already fallen for his little lady!

“Chris loves dressing her up like him. He’s like, everyday, ‘Look. We look alike,'” the Grey’s Anatomy star laughs. “So he goes out and buys her clothes that look like his clothes.”

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Showing off a sweet photo of the matching father-daughter duo, the actress admits it’s not a coincidence that baby girl’s introduction is via The Ellen DeGeneres Show. With Ellen D. noting that the paparazzi has certainly been clamoring for the first shot, Ellen P. reveals her hidden agenda!

“I have to give you the first picture because because I get to leave here with underwear with my name on it that my husband will wear around and it is such a good ego boost,” she confesses.

“He runs around the house in the ‘Ellen’ underwear. It’s the highlight of my life.”

And thanks to the host, Ellen’s ego is about to get a whole lot bigger: the new mama received a onesie for baby Stella that read, “I love Ellen.”

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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shirese on

Cute but I can’t tell who she looks like.

Lynn on

She’s so adorable! I love Ellen, too.

Katie on

What adorable little chubby cheeks! I think she looks a lot like her daddy but it’s tough to tell right now. She just has that adorable baby girl look about her!

amy on

what a cute baby. I think she looks like her daddy.

sazzy on

awwww shes a cutie!

dee on

Cheeks!! I think she looks like a good mix of both of them. She has the same eye and face shape as ellen, to me atleast. She’s a pretty little chicken nugget.

Reader on

Dad’s mouth and mom’s cheeks. cute story there about the Ellen underwear! I always wonder if she knew about the children’s book before naming her daughter Stella Luna

daniela on

Oooh look at those cheeks!! I could eat her up! She’s one gorgeous baby! I think she looks like daddy right now, but that could change as she gets older!

Jessicad on

What a cutie! I love Ellen too, now she and McDreamy need to have one:)

Something About Baby on

Such an adorable baby. Congrats to her and her husband/

Cricket on

I wish we had a clearer picture. I’ve been dying to see her. I didn’t know about the book until after Ellen’s daughter was born. I just thought it was a unique name until my daughter brought the book home for me to read to her. A beautiful name for a beautiful young lady.

m-dot on

I can’t see the baby too well, but she looks like a cutie. I love that Dad is dressing her like him. LOL That is so funny and cute. =)

FC on

Ha, love the underwear bit. And Stella is so adorable. I want to pinch those cheeks then take off with her. 🙂 I find it sweet that Chris is so smitten with her, even dressing them alike, but I don’t blame him. 😀

I♥CBB on

How cute that Chris buys Stella clothes that match his clothes. He certaintly seems enamored with his baby girl! Ellen “P” looks AMAZING!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL and soooo happy! 🙂

Julesy on

What a class act! I just adore Ellen Pompeo…she just seems so real, honest and lovely!!!! Stella definitely has features from Chris and Ellen! Such a beautiful family!

Janna on

Love the chubby baby cheeks!

christina on

Very cute! Glad Ellen and Chris are still together…hopefully happily…

Sunshine on

I think it’s weird that she named her baby girl after a book about bats!

Jane on

She looks like a mixture both parents. What a cutie!

CelebBabyLover on

Sunshine- We don’t know that for sure. Her daughter DOES have the same name as the book, but it could easily just be a coinicdence. 🙂

g!na on

she looks just like her dad.

brannon on

SO SO cute! (but yeah…Stellaluna is kinda a classic??)

bre on

From what I can tell Stella is a pretty and chunky little lady. Ellen seems so in love with her too.

The book Stellaluna was published in 1993, and unless you were a small child or had a small child then it’s quite possible that you’d never heard of the book. I know I didn’t. But even if Ellen did name her daughter after a bat I think it’s cool. If the book was about another boring pretty princess in pink I doubt people would think it’s weird. Charlotte is a spider in a classic kids book, Olivia is a pig, why is a bat such a big deal.

maggie on

what a revelation!! I just adore this woman having wathced Ellen on youtube. She is soooo bubbly and happy and i found myself laughing at her laugh! I wouldnt rate her too highly as an actress but she is a breath of fresh air compared to Katherine Heigl who seems to be constantly bemoaning long working hours! Well done Ellen!

Kate on

I am very happy for Ellen and her husband. I think it sets a good example when a woman with a successful career isn’t afraid to start a family as well. Obviously the more money you have, the more help you can afford, but motherhood is pretty universal.