Camila Alves: 'Things Are Not Back to Normal Yet'

02/03/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
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Proving that a 40-day break does a body good, Camila Alves stepped out with partner Matthew McConaughey over the weekend in support of MusiCares. Discussing her new Shear Genius hosting gig, the 27-year-old admitted to USA Today that filming the show last spring was tough.

“I had just found out I was pregnant,” she notes, “and I was sick during shooting and couldn’t tell anybody.”

“Everybody was asking, ‘Why is she drinking so much club soda?’ And the clothes were not fitting anymore.”

Speaking to Us Weekly, Camila credits “flowy stuff” and “layers” for helping hide the leftover weight she is carrying from daughter Vida, 4 weeks, but there was little to be found on the night in question!

“We’ve got Spanx,” she explained. “We’ve got things that can help.” She added,

“I think that after you have a baby, you still have a little belly. Things are not back to normal yet.”

When asked the secret to her success, Camila suggested that moderation is key. “Don’t do anything crazy,” she said. “Try to keep it basic.”

In addition to Vida, the couple are parents to son Levi, 18 months.

Season three of Shear Genius premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

Sources: Us Weekly, USA Today

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Reader on

she sounds so sweet and ‘normal’

acmommy on

She is so pretty. I love to see her when she leaves her hair curly it’s beautiful!

hmm on

People rail thin 6 weeks after giving birth is just not healthy besides Id rather be spending that time enjoy my newborn instead of in the gym!

Angela on

I like Camila’s sensible advice.

MJ on

It is sensible advice but I’m not sure she practices what she preaches. She seems to have unfortunately fallen under the Hollywood spell of having to drop the weight immediately. Not healthy at all.

Janna on

Does it occur to anyone that many ‘celebrities’ are long and lean to start with? That they go out of their way to eat just right and exercise through the entire pregnancy to be extra sure not to put on too much extra weight? And that’s the reason they appear to bounce back so quickly? Plus, it’s their JOB to look a certain way.

Why does everyone assume that you must be unhealthy if your body goes back to near-normal after six weeks? It happened for me.

Plus there are a ton of celebrities who this did not bounce right back (Melissa Joan Hart comes to mind. She wasn’t super-thin right after childbirth).

stretchmarkfree on

Who wants to be stick thin anyway.

Lauren on

Just because a woman’s body bounces back in 2 months after giving birth doesn’t mean the woman is starving herself or exercising like a maniac. Some women don’t gain much during pregnancy. Plus, we don’t know what these celebrities are wearing under their clothes, she could have on one of the girdles or wraps + a flowy top for all we know, plus with the help of photoshop, its like nothing ever happened…

Jessicad on

She’s not rail thin, I saw her on Chelsea Lately the other night and she looks normal for 4 weeks out, and great! She was wearing all black but you could tell she’s still carrying weight, she looked fantastic though.

Reader on

hmm who said anything about being rail thin? really if you are healthy through your whole pregnancy and after it will not be too hard to get back to your original weight by about 8 weeks out. I mean that for someone who is 200lbs or 110lbs. If you gain 25lbs or so and stick to smaller portions most anyone can do this. It’s not easy, I know. I prefer bigger portions 🙂 I do know that it works, and it is healthy though. If you are breast feeding, that helps a ton in the beginning. I’m nt saying your body is the same, because usually it’s not. it’s softer, and that is ok too. I think Camilla sounds very normal. Celebrities have it in their line of work to need to be back to normal very quickly. They usually also have the means to have a trainer, nutritionist, possibly a cook, a cleaner, and a baby-sitter to make this all easier as well.

Olia on

i saw her pictures on the other blog. i think she looks normal as 4 weeks after birth. she looks great and no she is not skinny. you can easly notice she has some belly and some weight left.
Camila always look like down to earth, with distance and very carefull with her comments.

urbanadventurertales on

I’m not super skinny at all and yet I was back to my pre-preg weight 6 weeks after birth and that’s b/c I was breastfeeding! But I definitely wasn’t toned. And I think Camilla was right to speak about how your body changes after birth and you need to be okay with it for awhile.

C on

I puked through my whole pregnancy, gained 15lbs and lost it in 10 days. But my body is not the same as pre baby. Stretch marks, belly, noooo muscle tone in my abdomen. No big but seriously everyones body is different. I seperated my pubic bone and bruised my tailbone so there was no working out here. I wouldn’t assume a woman went “Hollywood workout crazy” and was doing unhealthy thing simply because she looks decent post baby.

Mariel on

I love Camila. She sounds so cute and normal.

Erin on

I’ve never seen her speak until she was on “Chelsea Lately” the other night. I really like this lady. Glad to see someone say something about waiting around six weeks – like I’ve always heard and what’s healthy for the mother – before getting back “on the saddle”. She was very honest about what a woman’s body goes through and I really enjoyed her for that.

amandamay on

i gained 25lbs during my pregnancy and lost all of it within 3 weeks (i remember other women being almost angry about it) – my son has a super high metabolism and ate pretty much non-stop (breastfeeding almost every hour – crazy!) and i really think being young helped ( i was 25 when i had him) now that i’m 33 i’m pretty sure losing it would be more difficult as i’ve noticed it’s harder for me to lose a couple of pounds than it was in my 20s. i think genetics play a big part, too. everyone is different.

Chicki on

Camilla may or may not look normal, but OMG that “wax figure” she’s standing next to CANNOT be Matthew McConaghey! Jeez, let’s hope he doesn’t stay out in the sun too long and completely melt away! 🙂

Catey on

I bounced back after my three and was back to pre-baby weight within weeks. I stayed fit through my pregnancy, ate well and didn’t have any real cravings other than a desire for apples with my youngest.

If you are lean and unlikely to carry weight before you have babies, it is pretty easy to loose the weight after, particuarly if you are breast feeding.