Zulily.com: Amazing Deals for Mom and Baby!

02/02/2010 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy of Zulily.com

There’s a new private-sale site for moms and kids on the block. Following in the footsteps of The Mini Social and bTrendie.com, Zulily.com has burst on the scene to offer daily deals — up to 70% off — on children’s apparel, toys, gear and gifts.

Now busy moms can get amazing discounts on hard-to-find, boutique brands like Origany (eco-friendly kids clothes) and Minui HandySitt (an ultra-portable high chair from Europe).

Sign up here now! It’s free. Current sales include Baby Nay (high-quality clothing for girls), Bouncing Frog (luxe blankets and burp cloths) and Lex Modern (hip, graphic-art nursery decor).

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Maria Hansen on

Awesome! It seems like sites like these are a dime a dozen now. I started shopping at BabySteals almost two years ago and it seems like it is the new online fad. I’m excited to hear about more and shop the deals!

Maria Hansen on

Awesome! It seems like sites like these are a dime a dozen now. I started shopping at BabySteals almost two years ago and it seems like it is the new online fad. I’m excited to hear about more and shop the deals!

Customer on

Bab shipping practices. Can take 3-4 weeks to get your items.

Johanna Molenaar on

I have had great service, timely delivery and really love the
shoes that I purchased.

Dissapointed mom on

I placed an order with Zulily a month ago. Just the processing time took about 4 weeks.

When my “complete order” was shipped (7/27) I got billed the total amount of the order plus shipping but I only received one pair of shorts. Then I received an email from them saying that they were not able to fill my order and that I would be getting a credit within 3-4 days. On August 6 I received a partial credit and a few days later I received another partial credit. When I called today to find out about the rest of the credit they were not even “aware” that they still owe me money.

As far as I know this company was only supposed to charge my card for the shorts they shipped. I’m definitely not ordering from this site anymore and I’ll make sure to tell my friends and family to do the same.

Meri on

It takes forever to receive the items, it really takes the fun out of online shopping. They have always answered my inquiries in a timely fashion though.

Cara on

I did not have this problem. My order came the next day. I only ordered one item though. Maybe they’ve improved since these complaints.

customer on

Shipping takes forever. Also when you finally get your order they charge your card, not when you purchase (they will put a hold on your cc for a couple days) I’m not so great at checking my bank accout and when I thought my cc was charged over 4 weeks ago for 2 orders over $300, it was charged when I got the item. Which could be good in some ways.. but not when you think you’ve already paid for it.. good thing I had the funds there.

customer on

cute clothes at good prices, but they ALWAYS fail to send one or two items I ordered. I place big orders, but come on it shouldn’t be this hard. Shopping online is supposed to be a convenience, but it is a huge hassle to deal with Zulily and keep track of what they have sent and what they say “sorry, we have an ‘unexpected’ shortage and won’t be able to ship ___” How “unexcepted” can it be when it happens on every order???

ronda kornfeld on

After waiting forever my order arrived just not what I ordered or how many I ordered. First I ordered valentine’s day heart casserole dishes sold in a set of two, I received a different heart and only one per order. Then I ordered mixing bowls first received the set I ordered then received second set but not indicated on account section of website, according to them everything that shipped was what ordered and the number ordered. Learned my lesson, buy in a store what you want and you will take home your selection not theirs.

Lena Wu-Fuentes on


Considering the amount of members zulily has……..i was lucky to have a smooth experience. Not having to pay full price on any of my daughter’s clothes makes it worth the wait.

Glad that zulily exists !


customer and satisfied mom 🙂

very disappointed mom on

Zulily is extremely slow at getting their orders to you!! I sent an email requesting a update on my order and they replied that it is standard for their “order processing” to take up to 15 business days (excluding Sat & Sun)

Warning – your kid may out-grow the new clothes you buy from Zulily by the time it arrives at your doorstep!

Mom on

No more shopping from other stores. Zulily is the BEST! Thank you, Zulily! We love you!

bb on

I do love this website because I’ve found some great brands I otherwise wouldn’t have known about. Customer service is good, my only compliant is you won’t see the items for a month. Every time I’ve ordered something, it really does take almost a month to get them. Not sure why they need the full two weeks for processing – it seems like they’d have that streamlined by now.
They don’t’ even process your order for the full two weeks, then you have to wait another week and a half for it to be shipped.
If you see an item you like, take the brand name and google it. You’ll find the same exact deals and sometimes free (and much faster) shipping.

MB on

Zulily offers really cute items at great prices, but after waiting more than 4 weeks for delivery most times and now have 2 terrible customer service experiences, I would never order from them again. I ordered maternity pajamas and nursing bras, all of which came in the wrong size despite me having measured myself and ordered according to their sizing chart. All clothes were still in their original packaging and I called to complain the day I received them, but Zulily refused to remedy the situation since they are ‘personal’ items.

An unfortunate scenario where a great concept with good products is very poorly delivered. Get up to speed on customer service Zulily!

Alisa on

DO NOT BUY GIFTS ON ZULILY! I found some really cute items on Zulily that I wanted to send to a friend for her new baby- matching cup & plate set, onesie, bibs & burp cloths. They were all from the same vendor and would be a great gift. I indicated on the order that it was a gift. The problem was that the gifts came in 4 separate shipments. How embarrassing! Had I known this, I would have had the items shipped to me and sent them all together. Very disappointing to say the least!!

Valerie on

On June 27th I ordered a pair of shoes for my grand-daughter. It’s now July 22nd and no shoes have arrived. I contacted them after 2 weeks and they told me they don’t ship for 14 BUSINESS days. That meant almost 3 weeks. They shipped it via a strange UPS service that then delivered it to the local post office for delivery to my home. The package has been sitting at the Sacramento post office since July 18th. What type of shipping do they pay for??? The price I paid for shipping should have given me priority shipping. My grand-daughter will probably not fit in the shoes by the time they come. I will NEVER order from this site again, as the customer service is the worst I’ve ever encountered.

di.va on

Terrible service and experience. There are far better sites to sign up with. Will not recommend zulily to anyone. My kids change measurements by the time the shipments arrive. Inspite of constant complaining the company refuses to work change customer service. Never again.

Momma who's used to the efficiency of Amazon Prime Shipping on

I echo the other complaints about shipping. I ordered some Halloween items very early October (during the first week of the month) and since it was my first time ordering from Zulily I assumed shipping would be commensurate to other online retailers. Not so, the Halloween items are FINALLY now in transit but they are not scheduled to arrive until November 1st, which will be completely useless. So my advice would be: Don’t place an order unless you have LOADS OF TIME to spare, and you probably won’t want to order sizes that fit your child at the time of ordering because by the time you finally get your package, they’ll probably be wearing the next size. So just go ahead and order the next size up to compensate for the time delay – that or simply choose another online retailer.

Anonymous on

Takes WAY TOO LONG to receive items, I will NEVER use this site again.

Jennifer on

I have to echo the other reviews I’ve read here. Terrible customer service and ludicrous shipping delays. I inquired as to why my order was going on three weeks before even being “transferred” to Zulily for shipping to me and they just vaguely blamed it on the manufacturer. A week later, I received an email that they’d be unable to fulfill my order (took that long to learn that??) and offered me $10 as compensation. Hilarious since their basic rate shipping is $6. Thanks for the big $4 “credit,” Zulily. Don’t bother with this site, it’s not worth it.

Judy on

I have ordered two different girls’ dresses…one was darling and somewhat acceptable with regard to size—but too small (ordered size 8-10 for both my 6-year-old granddaughter and 7-year old grandaughters, and it was small on both of them but okay since they can wear tights with the short skirt (for this year only). The next dress I ordered was WAY too short for the same girls, and I am trying to remedy the length by sewing something onto the hem. I’m not sure there is ANY return policy, and that brings up my next comment: Just ordered valentine boquet candleholder….looked great in the photo….but the base is so wobbly even after setting it up with the bolt/nut at the bottom, that I wouldn’t DARE put candles in it and light it. It is now a worthless piece that is UNUSABLE!!! I have not seen the return policy ANYWHERE!!!

Terri on

I was thinking of ordering for my new granddaughter to be born in April – but not to many reassuring posts – sounds like they are slow at your items to you and expensive – so will go elsewhere – thank you for the heads up!

Nikki on

Yes, the shipping takes awhile, but knowing that before you make a purchase, you can take into consideration when ordering. I have loved all of the clothing I’ve ordered for my 2 year old. Great for the discounted prices (some things are still expensive….but these are things that would be MUCH more expensive elsewhere).

Haley on


Ashley on

I have place several orders and have received nothing! Contacted them they said they are still working on my orders. It has been two months! Horrible! Would not reccomend this site!

Megan Smith on

The good: shopping and ordering was easy and I loved almost everything I saw. Great variety of clothing.

The bad: I ordered on April 9th, my order was processed by the 11th and I have not received it as of yet..its April 28th. The Zulily website does state shipping could take 20 days but this seems ridiculous and a huge deterent to re-order. According to others, the company does not ship all items together which results in higher shipping costs and an inconvience for me.

I give this company 4/10, I can go to another company and get same items when i want it for lower shipment costs.

B's Mom on

I am BOTH a mom that shops on Zulily AND a supplier to Zulily – I have ordered things for my 5yr old daughter and as gifts. I have bought some super duper cute stuff at really great prices from really cool brands that I would not have otherwise heard of, but have also been slightly unhappy with an order. (I ordered a zebra tutu & leggings set for a baby gift and the pink accent bows on the leggins were a different color pink compared to the tutu’s bow, magenta vs neon hot pink).

One thing a lot of people don’t realize is what sets Zulily apart from other private sale sites is access to the ’boutique’ style brands. Chances are, if you have not heard of the brand before then it is a very small, stay-at-home mom or mom-N-pop business. They are probably accustom to a few orders per week, and single zulily event could easily overwhelm.

As a supplier, I can tell you that the reason they don’t process orders for up to 12 days is they do not hold any inventory. That is how they can offer such a huge variety of products at such a great price. After the sale is over, they send the vendor a purchase order for the units sold (which can take 1-2 days, depending on time zones & weekends, etc). The vendor then has to collect, sort & bundle all the inventory by style, size, color, etc. which depending on qty could take several days with 2 or 3 people working at it – even in a large business warehouse. They then ship it to Zulily which could take up to 5 days by ups. Then it arrives at Zulily’s warehouse and has to be basically processed in all over again and shipped out individually.

I know it can be frustrating, but the ship time shown on each product is usually pretty on target and supplied by the vendor. Zulily is kinda at the mercy of trusting the vendor to be able to fulfill as they promise.

I have shopped many of the private sale sites, and they are all basically the same. I like Zulily the best because of the product selection and prices.