Victoria Beckham's Cafeteria Career

02/02/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Courtesy Glamour

Free time is practically nonexistent for Victoria Beckham, who — in addition to running her fashion line and the relaunch of Victoria Beckham Denim — recently tried her hand at judging American Idol auditions (and is back tonight for more!). However, when there’s a moment to spare, the former Spice Girl lives for her brood of boys.

“I travel a fair amount, and when I’m here in L.A., everything revolves around the kids,” she reveals in the March issue of Glamour.

Making true on her promise, Victoria doesn’t let the school day separate her from sons Brooklyn Joseph, 10 ½, Romeo James, 7, and Cruz David, 5 this month — she can often be spotted around the halls — and in the cafeteria — offering a hand where needed!

“If I’m not working, I go to the school and help serve lunches to the children,” she says. “They just love that. It’s like, ‘Oh, there’s Mummy serving me!'”

A mother of three boys, Victoria has made it no secret that she would love to welcome a baby girl to the family. And until the day she can share her impeccable sense of fashion with her daughter, Victoria has settled for her youngest son’s classmates!

“The other day I was there reading to Cruz’s class,” she recalls. “All the little girls were saying, ‘We really like your dress.’ And it was cute because I don’t have a girl.”

Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz are Victoria’s sons with soccer star David Beckham.

Source: Glamour; March issue

— Anya

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LaLA on

That’s really cool! I hope she gets her baby girl some day.

Rye on

I never really liked her before I saw her on Idol and she seemed sooooooooooo nice and down to earth. Made me really respect her a lot and I can now call myself a Posh fan! I also think it is so cool that she goes to her kids school and serves lunches from time to time! That is really cool!!

I also hope she has a baby girl someday! Imagine the clothes!!! LUCKY!!

Mrs.B on

Her style is amazing and she is a great mom. Her kids are so cute and hopefully she will have her baby girl in the future.

Reader on

can’t picture it. i’ve read too many things about her. I wonder if she really does or if she has done it once. she was very funny and likable on her reality special though. that was hilarious, I wish they had turned it into a show.

Reader on

she looks like Lisa Rinna in this pic

Leah on

I had the pleasure of meeting Victoria a while back thru a friend who worked at a concert hall (back in the late Spice Girl days) – she truly is really nice, funny and likeable. I think her image throws people off – but I think she intends it to be that way.

I loved this little story – I think its cute. I couldn’t help but picture her toddling around in super high heels in the cafeteria. I’m hoping that wasn’t really the case, but I’m guess she didn’t wear Keds 😉

mrsh on

She always looks like a sourpuss in photos, but she seems lovely in interviews and on tv. I really like her. I think people just get the wrong impression from her for various reasons. How funny would it be to see Victoria Beckham serving lunch to school kids? I love that!

Alice on

Look what I found! A photo of Ms. Beckham serving lunch at the kids’ school. The lunch chow looks more like the buffet at the 5-Star resort I used to work at years ago. She’s fully made up and wearing a hat to match her apron (at least I think that’s an apron)! And where are the sneeze guards??

Mary-Helen on

I love Victoria! I also love that she is always quick to point out how happy she is with her boys, sometimes it seems like people have trumped it up that she NEEDS a girl to be happy, when that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Reader on

hmm Alice, do you think it just so happened that they took pics that day at school?

mrsh on

Yes, Alice, thank you! I love that! That food looks so good. I need to move to California and get a teaching position there 😉

Em on

I have nothing against posh I actually adore her. But if you look at that picture of her serving lunch, it’s totally photo shopped. The face skin tone and the neck skin tone don’t match at all.

Posh_Fan on

umm Alice, that picture is SO photoshopped and even if it’s not, that’s not the boys’ school. They have a different uniform.

Lorus on

Victoria comes off cold as ice to the paps but I’ve always believed she is a great mother and is very dedicated to her boys.

True on

Yet another reason why i adore this woman.

millie on

Lol! Im glad someone else had pointed out that’s not the boys school uniform. I felt a bit like a stalker realising that! That looks a lot more like something out of Jamie’s School Dinners, with Vickys head stuck on it.

I think it’s cute that she goes to school, soon enough her boys arent going to be pleased about mum turning up, so she should do it while she can! I know they go to private school, but I’m curious, is this the norm in America? Not to be a dinner lady, but for parents to turn up and help out? In the England, it wouldn’t happen at all, there are way to many rules and regs to sort out before you can ‘work with children,’ even if some of them are your own! The kids would have left by the time you get permission!

millie on

Oh and the 3am website is a slightly scarcastic website to say the least. From the title, it seems they themselves did the photoshop pic. So it’s not really proof, but why do we need proof, she has no reason to lie.

mommaruthsays on

I’ve always been on the fence about VB but after seeing her on Idol last night, I’ve jumped off said fence! I am Pro-VB 🙂 She was such a nice lady, even when she looked all crazy – very encouraging and sweet. I think she’s a very good mom to her boys obviously – I hope she gets her girl!

Benigna Marko on

I ove he in Idol, she is so on target. Benigna Torviso-Marko

Jeanne on

I remember back in the Spice Girls days she said she didn’t like her smile so she never smiles for photographs, which can lead one to have the impression that she’s a sourpuss. But every interview I’ve seen of her she’s been so sweet and nice. She clearly dotes on her boys, and she seems like a good person.

mrsh on

millie – During the elementary school years (typically K-5), it’s pretty typical for the stay-at-home mom’s to help out with stuff at the schools, like class parties and what not. I don’t know if they require the parent’s to file for their clearances or not, though. I definitely don’t think they did some 20 years ago when I was in grade school, but that certainly could have changed.

Reader on

I wonder if she is just really good at portraying someone when she knows she’s being filmed

Melanie F. on

After seeing her on AI definitely made me see her from a different point of view.

SAR on

I’m hoping that Victoria wants a daughter BECAUSE she wants a daughter, not because she wants a real-life dress-up doll. Baby girls are not toys.

CelebBabyLover on

SAR- What’s wrong with wanting to experience having a girl and getting to do “girly” things with her after having three boys? Victoria seems to be very “girly” herself, so it seems natural to me that she’d want a girl to share that with. 🙂