Roger Federer Says Fatherhood 'Enhances' Grand Slam Win

02/02/2010 at 06:00 PM ET
Courtesy Roger Federer

He’s won the Grand Slam singles title 15 times, but when Roger Federer defeated Andy Murray at the Australian Open on Sunday — bringing his total to 16 — it was the first time he did so as a dad. For the new father, taking home the trophy has been that much sweeter now that he is able to share it with his 6-month-old identical twin daughters, Charlene Riva and Myla Rose.

“Having kids and being a father now and being married enhances everything,” the tennis star, 28, tells ESPN. “I’m such a happy person today to see how well everything is working out for me. It just makes me extremely happy, extremely relaxed and it allows me to play good tennis, and I couldn’t ask for more.”

After celebrating his win with close friends — and champagne! —  at his hotel, Roger called it a night and headed back to his room at sunrise. Before he hit the pillow, however, he spent some quality time with a bright-eyed Myla, much to his delight.

“I quickly was able to see her, even though she’s got obviously no clue what happened,” he says.

“She couldn’t care less, but I still felt it was a special moment to hold her in my hands, in my arm after what happened, and it was nice.”

And while it certainly was a momentous occasion, being greeted by his baby girls isn’t anything new. Since Roger and his wife Mirka welcomed the girls last July, the doting dad has never spent a night away from his daughters.

“I feel like I’ve always had a good distance from the game,” he notes.

Source: ESPN

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nic on

As a tennis fanatic, I have always appreciated Federer’s performances on and off the court. He’s a class act, and a supreme talent. Granted, I was hoping for a Roddick or Rafa win, or at least, for Murray to get his first grandslam, but man, is Federer making history. This piece just makes me happy for him.

Elby on

Murray should have won!
Cute story though.

TennisMasta on

What a refreshing change from the super star athletes of today! He is as dedicated to his wife, as he is to tennis and his children. We will not see another supreme talent like Roger that is also a consummate professional, is so well mannered on and off the court, and whose moral values don’t degrade with fame and fortune.

waffle on

so glad murray didn’t win but then there was never any chance of that happening as he’s just not good enough.

congrats roger! its impressive that with such a busy schedules he hasn’t spent one night away from his kids.

True on

i also think he deserves his win, it was played fair and square, that’s what i like i about tennis, U WIN BY GOOD PLAYING, there’s not should have and should have not about it, His is so inlove with his wife and kids, he also seems to be a doting dad. Congratulations again.

lennie on

I love Roger! He’s so down to earth and normal. Congratulations on the clearly deserved win and for being such a hands on father considering the circumstances of being Nr. 1!

Elki on

Ok, ok, BUT isn’t it a bit selfish to take his little ones all over across the world just to be able to do both – persuing his career and seeing his children? Just a thought… What do others think about this?

JM on

tennismasta whilst i agree that it is lovely that he seems to be so committed to his wife and kids and there is no reason to believe otherwise, we can’t ever really KNOW. i mean, people used to say the same stuff about tiger woods, finally a professional sportsman who was such a family man and respectable guy. but i hope we are never proven wrong about federer, he seems to have a lovely family.

Elby on

Murray is good, he’s ranked number 3 in the world now. We haven’t had a champion in Scotland of anything for a long time, we deserve to win something!

babyfan on

I don’t think it’s selfish at all – babies love to be with their parents – any mom or dad will tell you – more than anything else. Plus they have help available round the clock. It may become different once the kids reach pre-school age, when other kids and a routine should be introduced. But that is about 3 years away …

Alice on

Elki, no it isn’t, because they are little babies. It’s not uprooting them or upsetting their lifestyle, because their only attaches are their parents.
It might be a bit more difficult for Mirka moving all the time with two infants and all the baby gear, but they can definitely get help if they feel they need it.

Helena on

Well I’m British, so I’m still bitter about Murray losing.
But I think it’s great that he’s such a family man. He seems like a great role model as well as a one of a kind athlete. I’ve probably spoke to soon, haven’t I? But I doubt it.