Gisele Bündchen: Water Birth 'Wasn't Painful'

02/02/2010 at 02:45 PM ET
Ian Nolan/Splash News Online

Gisele Bündchen is beautiful, successful and famous. Now, women everywhere have another reason to be jealous. She says giving birth to her 8-week-old son Benjamin didn’t hurt at all!

It “wasn’t painful, not even a little bit,” the supermodel, 29, says in an interview with the Brazilian TV show Fantastico. “The whole time, my head was so focused — every contraction, the baby is closer, the baby is closer. So, it wasn’t like, ‘Oh, what pain.’ It was, ‘With every contraction, he is getting closer to me.'”

Gisele – who had a water birth on Dec. 8 at the Boston condo she shares with her husband, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, 32 – also didn’t have an epidural. “I wanted to be conscious and present for what was happening,” she says. “I didn’t want to be anesthetized. I wanted to feel.”

Her recovery was also remarkably quick. “The second day, I was walking, I was washing dishes, I was making pancakes in the kitchen,” she says with a laugh.

The only thing that was difficult was choosing a name. She and Tom spent more than a week trying to pick something that would work well in English and Portuguese — the Brazilian-born Gisele’s native tongue.

“I adore David [pronounced Davi], but he didn’t like David,” Gisele says. “I liked Joaquim, but he thought it wouldn’t be good … We called him Benjamin. For me, there is no name. He is my benzinho (‘my beloved’).”

Asked if the boy will be raised to be bilingual, Gisele was unequivocal. “Certainly he won’t stop being Brazilian,” she said. “He’s also Bündchen, he’s not just Brady.”

— Charlotte Triggs

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Sandra on

Is anyone certain she actually had a baby? How is natural birth, in water or otherwise, not painful?

Angela on

How beautiful! This is part of what I learned in HypnoBirthing, that the body’s natural pain relievers, endorphins, can take over and give you a feeling of being high while in labor. And fear of the pain is what often causes labor to be painful and stressful. I would imagine that not all births are painless (mine certainly weren’t – I had manageable pain) but some are.

lipsy on

Sandra, I was just thinking the same thing! I wish I could have been that focused, but all I wanted after a few hours was to be anesthetized! Anyone else out there find that you can really mentally prepare yourself so that you feel very little pain? I am going to have another baby!

Sarah on

Not trying to start something, but there is something about this woman that I just don’t like. She really rubs me the wrong way.

Absolutely love the name Benjamin. So classic and handsome.

m-dot on

That’s great and very encouraging. I am planning a waterbirth for the end of this summer, and hope it makes things as relaxed as claimed by many. I also LOVE that she plans to make sure Ben maintains his Brasilian culture.

Allison on

I had an epidural with my daughter and I was up walking with her in my arms about 4 hours later.

Louise on

I wouldn’t say that I had an entirely pain free birth with my second child but it being in the birth pool helped so much. And I find that time has also helped me to forget some of the discomfort.

Moore on

Hypnobirth was exactly what I thought when I read that. It is possible for labor to not be painful.

Amy on

I had two natural births and they HURT LIKE HELL. Who is she kidding.

Elki on

Not even a little bit painful?? Oh please, give me a break! Keep this silly blabla to yourself:
“I was washing dishes, I was making pancakes in the kitchen”
How down to earth you are, Gisele, fine.
One yould be mean and ask – couldn’t the father have washed the dishes? Or the grandma made the pancakes? Where were they? With the newborn? Ahhgh!

Mindy on

what a load and what a disservice to mothers everywhere who experience the intense physical pain of childbirth. Birth is painful, it’s purposeful, lets not start rumors that giving birth is all sunshine and rainbows, it’s hard work!

DD on

um, her way of speaking always seems self-centered and condescending. Maybe it’s the language barrier.

Holly on

I can understand how her labour experience could have been pain-free. I got to experience birth in both a free-standing birth center and a hospital, the same pregnancy and labour experience.

My contractions at the birth experience weren’t so much painful. I remember them as being serious sensation, but not pain.

My contractions in the hospital, WITH an epidural, were painful. Extremely so. So I can totally understand what she is saying. 🙂

heather on

my youngest was born at home in the water, and while I wouldn’t call it painless, getting the water made it feel painless compardto what it was out of the water. What gets me more than that comment, however, is how she says she was up walking around. I’m suprised because midwives are usually so super careful. They tell you not to be up and moving around for a few days because of the possibility of uterine prolapse- yes, women in the old days were u walking around having babies in fields, bla bla bla…but many of them also ended up with prolapseand other horrible reproductive issues. Our boides deserve a rest after that, if not from he labor, from the 9 months of hormonalchanges, weight gain, and pressure on sensitive parts of the body.

Becks on

I had a pain-free home waterbirth. It was intense, but it didn’t hurt. Well, it stung a bit when she crowned, so I guess that was ‘pain’, but that was it. I’m thrilled to hear that someone else was able to do it too. It’s incredible and empowering and peaceful and beautiful and safe. Birth is different for every woman, and it doesn’t always hurt.
Congrats to the family 🙂

Melanie on

Completely agree DD. Many people attribute it to the language barrier but I do not. And I know a ton of people will disagree with me but language barrier or not, when she speaks, she ALWAYS seems incredibly superficial, condescending, and self-righteous.

Just MY personal take on it.

Mary-Helen on

I had all natural births and they hurt like Hell. I’ve never had a hypnobirth but I can’t imagine it “pain free”. It’s always gonna hurt, but some people have a higher tolerance for pain.

Reader on

yeah right, maybe she doesn’t qualify it as pain bc she loved the experience and the outcome. I have never heard of a whole labor and birth with ‘not even a little bit’ of pain. It seems like she wants everyone to view her life as so perfect. Maybe she is an extreme optimist and feels she IS perfect.

Reader on

I labored at home and went to the hospital about 1 hour before my 2nd daughter was born. It was quite painful. With my first daughter I labored at the hospital. it was painful, but a lot less because I had the epidural. I wasn’t groggy or out of it at all. I felt at peace and like it allowed my body to relax and cool off a bit. I wanted the same thing for my second child, but the labor was too fast at the end. I begged for it, and they finally came in when I was 9cm. I still got it, and it really helped me for after the birth. I did think everyone was walking around the 2nd day though?

Belle on

I hate it when women say things like this. Of course it bloody hurt! I think people like Gisele just try to make us mere mortals ever more aware that we are nothing in comparison to her Goddess stature!

mrsh on

Wow, really? I can honestly say that I didn’t notice my contractions at all. I thought I had to go to the bathroom. When I was admitted into the hospital, they didn’t believe I was actually in labor because I wasn’t in any real pain. Upon checking, I was 7 cm dilated and fully effaced, well on my way! But, the pushing part was horribly painful! I didn’t use an epidural or anything else to dull the pain, and really, it was the most painful experience I could imagine. I’ve never heard anyone say that the entire birthing process was painless for them. Not that I doubt her, I’m sure it’s possible, just shocking.

Li on

That’s amazing! Sounds like a perfect birth. Count me in as jealous because I’ve had 2 c-sections and another one happening in June. I’m sad that I will never get to experience natural childbirth, but that’s just life, I guess. Congrats to Giselle and her family 🙂

Cynthia on

Find it hard to believe…not even a little pain? very inconsiderate of her, didn’t like her before, dislike her even more Now!

Kresta on

What does this woman want? A medal or a chest to pin it on. I don’t believe it didn’t hurt at all. She actually makes herself sound silly by saying such things. She actually gives herself away with her comment “The whole time, my head was so focused — every contraction, the baby is closer, the baby is closer. So, it wasn’t like, ‘Oh, what pain.’ It was, ‘With every contraction, he is getting closer to me.’” Of course she had pain.

Marci on

Posters….Let’s not diminish someone else’s experience because it wasn’t your own. I had 2 natural births,in a hospital, with no epidural or pain medicine, and while there was some pain, it was manageable, and my experiences were very different from what I hear from other mother’s. I pushed for 3 and 5 minutes. I had short labors. And yes, I was up walking around the same night/next day. It doesn’t mean I’m better than anyone with a different experience, just means every one is different. It’s ok if you don’t like her, but why does she have to be lying?

Leah on

Every women is different and experiences labor/birth in their own way. Of course, the experience isn’t exactly “comfortable” – but its called labor for a reason! Water births are often less painful, I think because the mother can relax a little more easily.

I do have to agree with those who think she sounds self-righteous…I’m not sure if its the language barrier or what though. I do think its a little weird to be talking about making pancakes etc when you just had a baby though – painless birth or not, you are recovering and you should be enjoying the time to bond w/ your newborn!

Nina on

Wow, every time she does an interview something about her just really bothers me!
Childbirth is a beautiful thing, but a very painful thing as well!

Kel on

I never liked her much before and now I like her less. A lot less.

Catca on

Actually, about 10% of women do have pretty easy births with no pain, and about 10% experience excrutiating pain with the other 80% in the middle. People have different pain tolerances and fitness levels, and the size of the baby and its position also contribute to the level of pain a woman will experience. Warm water also helps to relax muscles which has been proven to lessen pain. She isn’t looking for a medal, just talking about her experience. She’s not saying other women are somehow less worthy because they felt pain, if you take that way, you are projecting things onto her that she never said. I would suspect that if she didn’t do a water birth, she would have had pain. She also did’t say she had no pain medication, just wasn’t anesthecized. So she didn’t do an epidural, but she might have done some sort of local pain reliever. Why knock her for being focused on the end reward and not the temporary pain you go through to get there? Personally, I find it something to admire about her.

Erin on

Maybe she should’ve said it wasn’t painful in comparison to what she was expecting delivery to be like. Pushing a baby through a small space was not biologically designed to be a painless endeavor.

Kate on

If you give birth flat on your back in a hospital bed doing generic lamaze breathing and pushing when you’re told of course it will be painful because you’re not setting yourself up for a painfree delivery. Remaining comfortable and relaxed while letting your body do what is needs to is key. Hypnobabies allows your mind to let your body have a painfree delivery, while the water allows your body to adjust to the birthing process. The reason labor is often painful is because we’ve been conditioned to believe it is.

Judgemenot but you will on

everyone is different people! Some of you just sound jealous. Hell I’ll admit it. I wish I had some of what she has, but I’m not going to knock her for it. I worked for a women who sounded just like her, everyone thought she was such a Diva. After years of working with her,I realized it was just her personality, she was such a amazing woman. She might just be coming off like that,but none of us know her so we cant say for sure. it’s an interview she was asked questions, so no I don’t think she wants a medal, she was answering a question.
For the record, my sister and mother both have said their births were intense but not painful. I always thought it was BS, but once again everyone woman is different, and when I have kids I’ll find out for sure.

Lily on

Wow. What is going on here? Can’t people just be pleased for her because she had a great labor/delivery experience?

Anyway, congratulations to them.

Ashley on

I just can’t imagine how “relaxed” she could have been in order for her not to feel “any pain” while she’s giving a natural birth w/o no meds, not even a bit. I’m guessing her baby head must be really really small or her body part is highly experienced at things coming in and out of her. Either all that, or she’s not telling the truth.

Rachel-Jane on

Maybe it hurt, but she doesn’t think of it as pain, but rather as an experience, and was so focussed on birthing her baby that she wasn’t thinking about how much ‘pain’ she was in?

Lauren on

She absolutely could have had a pain-free birth. Do a Youtube search for “hypnobabies” and you can see women in active labor doing hypnosis. You’ll notice that none of them appear to be in pain, and most report only feeling pressure afterward.

I do not think she’s lying whatsoever.

Okay... on

I don’t like or dislike Gisele but this is an annoying thing to say…it creates unrealistic expectations. It is as though she doesn’t want to appear negative in anyway. Her pregnancy was perfect, didn’t have to buy maternity clothes, had baby effortlessly, made breakfast the next morning for the whole family, blah, blah, blah.

Yes, Gisele you’re perfect. Happy?

Moore on

If her birth was not painful why does she have to change the way she said it? Or why does it have to be false? That was her experience. It doesn’t have to be painful.

Marci, I agree. She said it was painless, it is possible for a labor to be painless, I don’t see what the big deal is. She didn’t say that she didn’t feel anything but there is nothing that says that labor and delivery has to be painful. Didn’t another celeb say her labor was like cramps and some people were complaining then as well. That just goes to show that every delivery even with the same woman is different. No right or wrong about it. My mom says hers were like cramps but my cousin wanted to die. Big difference, two different people.

I’m also pretty sure I’d be up doing things around the house too but thats cause I don’t sit still not cause I’m expecting to recover quickly. Put that baby in a sling. Let’s go!

jbergs on

I don’t particularly enjoy reading interviews with her. The comments are amusing though! I don’t think my issue with her has anything to do with language issues. Camila Alves is Brazilian too, and she comes across as gracious and lovely. Gisele just sounds stuck on herself and her perfect husband, child, life, everything. If her labor and delivery were painless, great. I’m not looking to her as my model for laboring or parenting.

Lauren on

Moore, my mom also says her labor with me was like menstrual cramps, and that the enema they required beforehand was the worst part of the whole experience! And my grandmother delivered a 9lb5oz baby with only “some lower back pressure,” she says.

The closed-mindedness is making me very sad.

moose on

I wonder if Giselle feels threatened because Tom has had a child with another woman. I think she’s competing with the ex…see I had a water birth, it was painless etc etc, I am alreday back modelling and I have no nanny. I’ve seen it before in mothers groups and so on, that sort of competition.

Also she doesn’t say it was painless, she says she viewed the contractions as getting her closer to the bbay which is a common pain control method in labour.

Erin on

The more I think about it, the more her experience sounds like the women who never knew they were pregnant. It sounds like a mental block kind of thing. Maybe Gisele is capable of thinking about pain while experiencing it in a way other women aren’t. Hell, I WISH I could say I didn’t remember pregnancy or childbirth!!!

Hea on

Wow, people are easy to piss off or rub the wrong way in here.

My friend hardly felt any pain giving birth (naturally) to her first child. She really thought it was no big deal. Her second on the other hand hurt a bitch and she was “shocked” that she felt so much pain. We are all different.

I think it sounds like Gisele had a wonderful birth and I am so happy for her. I am aware that any future birth I may experience may, or may not, be very painful and I am completely OK with the possibility of us two being different.

Hea on

“Cynthia Says:
February 2nd, 2010 at 4:49 pm

Find it hard to believe…not even a little pain? very inconsiderate of her, didn’t like her before, dislike her even more Now!”

Inconsiderate? Really?

lina on

I thik in portuguese she can sound a bit off too.. sometimes for me, she sounds like she really doesnt like to public delve into any specific feelings and want to make light of all situations.. is like is everything fine

maybe is indeed a posture of life… I am not a fan of Gisele and can be very critic of what she says, but it does bother me some people who come here to bash her just because her husband had a child with a another woman..

lina on

This last interview after the baby.. she was talking to a journalist in the backstage of some photoshot and she really was in a hurry, according to her because of the baby.. I think this also plays a part in how she talked about it. But my impression is that even if she was talking let say with Oprah is a very intimate and personal interview she would still not go deep about any subject. Is like she always want to give to the press a very superficial view of anything that happens to her. It may be indeed wise in some aspects, but she can come as very superficial and childlike.

Momto3 on

I have had 3 children and all were EXTREMELY quick and easy natural deliveries, And All were virtually pain free for me as well!!! I never reached the point in my labour where I wanted to “scream” and “break my husbands hand for putting me in that situation” right up to the point that I was pushing I was still talking away like normal and carrying on jokingly with my family and midwives!

Everyone experiences labour in a different way! Maybe she did get lucky? You never really know!

hayley on

jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez listen to you lot!!!!! so she was supposed to lie and say oh the pain, i couldn’t handle it, i had every drug they could give me then because i’m a supermodle i demanded a c section…..i then stayed in bed for 2 weeks ……….

so you could all have a moan about how its not that bad…and then tear her a new 1 for the c section, how about you say something nice for once ….along the lines of its nice to hear about your postive birthing experinace , but then how would you continue to be all high and mighty would you and i think the nice people that vist this site have figured out that slateing these celebs is how you make yourselves feel better. oh well each to their own.

Hea on

hayley – Oh but you forget, they’re not being high and mighty – Gisele is! 😉

Luci on

Wow, why do so many women on this board sound so jealous and catty towards her? I have 3 kids. My first was a c-section after hours of laboring in a warm bath. The other two were vbacs with the labors lasting maybe 4 hours. I won’t say they were completely pain free, however, they were easy. I had the same focus because I wasn’t afraid. I knew what each contraction was doing: opening my uterus, bringing me closer to the baby… The last two births were almost spiritual experiences. I think Gisele is fabulous and I’m happy for her, Tom, and their child(ren)!

iluvallbabies on

Oh my gosh Ashley:

“I’m guessing her baby head must be really really small or her body part is highly experienced at things coming in and out of her. Either all that, or she’s not telling the truth.”

Ummm you may not have meant that to sound crude, but that is a really bad way of putting it!!!

The Minnow Parade on

I actually think that’s a perfect way to put it

Allison on

With both of my children, I labored at home for about 2 hours with contractions every 3 minutes apart (from the start) when I got to the hospital they were every 2 minutes and I was dialated 8cm. They both lasted in total-no more than 3 1/2 hours and i pushed twice and they were born. My husband has said that he could barely tell that I was even in labor because while I was in some pain, I am not one to scream or curse…I just breathed thru them. Some women just have easier, faster, less painful deliveries!

bren on

I am more weirded out by her comment about her sons name. To her there is no name. Just weird. I never disliked her till I read this interview.

Cate on

I had natural childbirth nearly 25 years ago and I still remember the pain. Yeah, you’re happy your child is being born but there’s no way you could say it doesn’t hurt. Just consider the physics of it!
I think that Giselle says things to “stir the pot” and get attention.She reminds me of Celine Dion.Now flame away…..

Stella Bella on

Sounds like she did Hypnobabies. I did that and it was the best $150 I ever spent IN MY LIFE. It really changed how I approach life in the best way and I’m pretty sure it saved me from having to have a c-section (not the worst fate on earth, but something that I wanted to avoid for my first delivery).
I wish celebrities would explain HOW they had such a marvelous birth experience instead of just acting like they are Mother Earth naturally…

Erykah on

I had three very different labors. One I was in labor for 36 hours and 34 minutes (who’s counting) and ended up with a c/s… that was painful as it was augmented with pitocin for many hours without an epidural and only stadol. My second was a repeat c/s for twins but I went into premature labor with them and the labor wasn’t painful, it was uncomfortable – luckily it stopped. My last one was a hypnobirth which I can say was not painful at all. Although it wasn’t painful, I demanded an epidural as I freaked out about stalling since I was a VBAC. I received the epidural at 3 pm and 3:20 my son was born. My toes were numb and by the time the placenta was born, the epidural took effect. Still, an hour after he was born I walked up to my room and was able to shower and walk about. Two days later though, when I was doing too much, it did feel like my insides were going to fall out! Resting is important!

My next, last baby will be at home and hopefully a water birth as well. I can imagine her birth being as pleasant and as peaceful as she describes especially being at home and comfortable/safe in your surroundings. Natural labor doesn’t have to hurt or be painful. Truth be told, most women do not scream and thrash about – that’s only in the movies.

missy on

I felt very little pain while I was in labor. It took me 4 hours to realize I was even in labor, and by that time I was ready to push. I didn’t find pushing to be painful at all either.
Everyone’s one different and some people have a high pain tolerance than others.

Angela on

I had my first child December 20th, 2010. I used hypnobabies and I would say it was intense but not painful at all! I’m right there with the “with every birthing wave I’m getting closer to meeting my baby girl”. It was an amazing experience all natural at a hospitL with a mid-wife who pretty much stood by and let me do what I needed to do! I had her only 2.5 hours after arriving at the hospital and had a quick recovery as well! Good for her!! My story is posted at under “cadence is born” and “how to avoid interventions”.

torgster on

What is WRONG with some of you people? Are your lives so empty you have to get your kicks by judging these celebs based on edited snippets of interviews gleaned from a dozen tabloids? You talk as if you KNOW them! I miss the old days on this blog before it got so opinionated and nasty.

Janna on

Maybe… just maybe… The reason so many people find her distasteful is that she is a beautiful, high-paid supermodel who has traveled the world, married a football superstar, owns multiple homes, barely gained weight while pregnant and possibly managed to have the pain-free water birth of her choosing.

Maybe… just maybe… people are envious.

Christina on

I just have to say to all of you ladies out there who are bad mouthing her for being up doing dishes and making pancakes the day after her son was born to quit being so judgmental. Considering she had a water birth, it is highly likely that she believes in baby wearing and could very well have had her son in a wrap style carrier while doing dishes and making pancakes. Or God-forbid she allow the baby’s father to bond with him while she did those things.

enjoybirth on

I used Hypnobabies with my last birth and it was comfortable.

Some dentists use hypnosis so people getting dental surgery done don’t need anesthesia, so of course it would work for birth!

The mind is a powerful thing. 🙂

Usha on

I have had 2 wonderful pain free births after a very painful first birth in a hospital. My most recent was at home in water, it was wonderful. Hypnosis works! If you can use it for dentistry you can use it for childbirth!

anna on

When I gave birth to my daughter, also a water birth, it wasn’t painful in the same sense. I think people often misunderstand what Gisele says. I went through a similar experience where my mind was just so incredibly focused that the pain wasn’t really there in the forefront, just hanging out in the background of things.

amandamay on

i’m not “outraged” by her comments as some are… but i will say some of the comments about “some women just aren’t as tolerant of pain” etc do annoy me. some women have large birthing canals/pelvis’ and some have small ones. some women have babies with huge heads, some don’t. couple a tiny birthing canal with a huge headed baby and then tell me how it’s not really painful, you can convince yourself it’s just like cramps lalala. lol i am one tough broad. not super girly. i would say pain has never bothered me and i’m not a wuss. but when i had my son, it was as cliche as a bad movie. i was screaming obscenities, clutching the furniture, shrieking like a wounded animal, and a bathtub offered no respite whatsoever. now, giant headed babies and tiny birthing canals run in my family, so it’s not terribly shocking, but i really thought i’d handle it differently and often assumed (before actually having a baby of my own) that the women in my family were just a bit, well, dramatic and wussy. how wrong i was!!! EVERY woman’s body is different. it’s NOT about being more tolerant of pain or focusing on rainbows and breathing. some women aren’t built as well for childbirth. plain and simple. after 15 hours of excruciating labor, i had an emergency c-section and guess what? my kid had a charlie brown head lol i wish women could be supportive of all types of childbirth but please remember that the women who DO experience pain so horrific it seems unreal aren’t just “less tolerant of pain” – our pain is real, and trust me, i hope you NEVER have to experience it! 🙂

Kate on

I really don’t think women who’ve never had a water birth using hypnosis are qualified to say that she’s lying. This “I had a painful natural childbirth 30 years ago” has little to do with more enlightened approaches to childbirth. The main methods used 20 or 30 years ago were Lamaze(which is total BS IMO) and generic hospital courses.

Karen on

Maybe some of you should read Jennifer Garner’s quote before posting:

“I will tell you what I can’t abide – and I think the Internet has really created a space for it – women criticizing other women and mothers criticizing other mothers. It just makes me crazy, whether it’s between staying at home, going to work, how long you breast-feed, if you use formula. I feel like we should just assume everyone is doing the best they can. Women should take care of each other, not tear each other down. I would just like to see a mother who really believes that she has done it all so right, you know what I mean?”

Janna you are absolutely correct.

Gisele is the #1 Supermodel in the world with a fortune of at least $200 million, and considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Gisele has a succssful career, a loving husband and family, and essentially has it all in life.

Of course she’s going to have haters. People will always look to criticize and crucify certain celebs. Usually it’s the one’s having accomplished big things in life that have the most haters-Beyonce, Brangelina, etc.

Why do they do this? Because of their own insecurities and jealousy. They’ll read and believe tabloid trash and blogs to identify with certain celebs while annihilating others in their commentary. It’s funny how cliche’ some of you are.

And to Moose: Gisele has no reason to be jealous of Bridget.

Tom married Gisele because she was the ONE for him and wants to spend the rest of his life with Gisele along with having five children with her- Tom’s words not mine.

Doesn’t matter whatever you say about any of these celebs and their parenting- TomKat, Sarah Jessica Parker, Heidi Klum and Seal, Brangelina, Gisele and Tom, etc.

You won’t make or break their careers or have any influence over their lives. They’ll still have their wealth and families. Have a good day!

liz on

It sounds like she did hypnobirthing. I believe her, too. My first one was in a hospital, induced and epidural and it was the most painful thing I could even imagine. My second was in a birth center and I hate to say it was painful but not “I’m gonna die” painful. No screaming or anything, just intense but manageable. Then again it was only 4 hours so time makes a difference, too. Let’s give her a break, everyone’s labor and perception of it is different.

Reader on

Janna, I think she could be a ‘nothing’ or someone you meet at library hour with your kids and be annoying by her statements

Tina. on

-.-. benjamins a nice name

Reader on

Liz, most labors are not ‘i’m gonna die’ screaming painful. but there is pain. just like menstrual discomfort is called pain.

brannon on

Wow. Some of you are amazing! I don’t remember one bit of pain from my childbirth either – shall I lie about it next time I am asked? Very sad. Happy she is so happy. Period. Much better than the ones who moan and groan about the problems in their lives.

Reader on

Christina, why would she have to wear him to do this? Most of us are up and about in the 2nd day. Sometimes we’re still in the hospital, sometimes not. I was walking around both times, have never met someone who wasn’t. But why couldn’t she do these things while her mother or husband held him, or while he slept? It’s important to just do what you feel like doing after the birth.

JM on

i really wish some of you here would learn to actually read what others post, it’s like you only choose to read the posts that support your argument. several women here seem to have agreed with gisele’s experience, saying that their birthing experiences weren’t painful either. but i suppose they’re all lying too aren’t they? it’s all a big conspiracy to make the rest of us feel bad. come on guys, i thought as women we could be better than that…..
i think it’s your own insecurities that make you so offended by her comments. i mean, no one has actually said, gisele included, that women who DO experience pain are somehow weaker, more sensitive, not as well prepared or anything like that. she is talking about her experience, and who are you to say she is lying? take a step back and try to see the situation objectively….

Reader on

new thought, maybe she is insecure and so she overcompensates for herself in interviews.

Reader on

jm, we still don’t believe that there actually could be NO pain. even a tiny bit. like a menstrual discomfort in the beginning. we think it’s more a state of mind and label of pain perhaps

Christine on

I had a fantastic, natural birth using hypnobirthing and totally believe her when she says her son’s birth wasn’t painful. The doubters just need to do a little more research and realize painful childbirth is just a product of your mind.

Our bodies were designed to deliver our children: If you think otherwise you’re listening to money-grubbing OBs who want to sell you all their junk medicine.

Becks on

I think JM and Reader are both a little right. For me, there was no pain like I had with my first child. My mindset was such that I could feel pressure, I knew my body was opening up to let my baby out, I did whatever made me comfortable during contractions, and I laughed as I pushed because I knew she was coming out. Why am I not allowed to share my experience because people will think I’m lying, crazy, or trying to diminish their experience somehow? It’s different for all of us, and it’s different each time! Why can’t some people just accept that, be happy there’s a new life and a happy family, and move on!

lina on

when she says there is no name, she meant that so far she only calls him beloved.. not that there is no name.. she is just saying that at the moment is just my beloved.. i dont see why this would bother anyone.

Lila on

To Cynthia, how can you say that was ‘inconsiderate of her’ Perhaps she is telling the truth, and you call her inconsiderate for feeling no pain. Can’t someone have an experience and talk about it without anyone saying that they are lying/bragging/exaggerating. Many people on here sound jealous. What matters is how the baby is, and I am sure Benjamin (nice name) is doing great because she sounds like she adores him. Honestly, people, it’s not going to affect you in the long run whether or not some people go through painless (or relatively painless) labors.

Cami on

@ torgster, very well said. I like that statement and I agree completely. sometimes people take it upon themselves to criticize everyone for whatever problems they may have in their lives.

mrsh on

Wow, reading the posts from the women who have had these incredible not-so-painful birth experiences is really cool! I’m honestly jealous of a lot of you ladies. I went into my labor with the mindset of “I can do this” and “it won’t hurt.” I really did think that I could do it with minimal pain, just ample effort. I was right about the contractions. I have a few ideas why I didn’t notice them at all, but they are just theories. But, I just can’t imagine having no pain while pushing, and that’s where I’m totally jealous. I felt it all, and it wasn’t happy. Which is a shame, because I really thought I’d be okay. We also had some complications, which are always less than ideal. I just think it’s great that so many women have had all-around great births. I would never accuse any women of lying about her birth experience, celebrity or not.

Katherine on

We’re all so unique and as with so many other things in our lives, during pregnancy and in preparation for birth we search for the tools and aides that will help us. Gisele made an excellent choice to get informed and education on what actually occurs in the body during birth and what natural tools could assist her to have a comfortable and confident birth (i.e. hypnosis and water, also referred to as mother natures epidural!). As a result, she was able to have a joyful birth experience. What is so wrong about a mother being empowered by her birth experiences, instead of traumatized or injured?

As a Hypnobabies mom myself, I can attest to the fact that birth can be comfortable, enjoyable and positive. My birth didn’t end the way I had envisioned, but it was no less empowering or valid than if I had chosen to just go along with the societal norms.

Consider exploring the unknown instead of bashing it!

Sami on

Well I am jealous of her, but I’ve heard enough stories of people with pain-free or nearly pain-free births that I believe her. It seems like there is a huge, huge, range of women’s pain experiences during childbirth.

Personally, I had a natural birth in a bathtub as well and I was out of my mind with pain. I wanted to die. I didn’t care about anything except for the pain ending. It was a scary place to be in. After that I swore I’d never give birth without pain medication again, but after a couple years the memory is fading a bit and I think I will try to do it natural again, maybe try hypnobabies this time. Maybe I can call Gisele and get some tips!

And I was up and doing stuff right after the birth, too, so I definitely believe her about the pancakes.

bellaf on

About the language barrier… Yeah, I think you’re mistaken. I’m Brazilian, like Gisele, and she always sounds like a sweetheart to me. In this interview, she wasn’t being conceited, condescending or self-righteous in the least. She sounded just like her usual youthful happy-go-lucky self. She also sounded like a new mother who’s deeply enraptured by the whole experience of having a baby. Sure you can understand that.

Ashley on

Let’s not put words into her mouth. Gisele didn’t mention anything about “hypnobirthing”. She only mentioned water birth, and those are two different things, aren’t they? I’d understand if she had said something like, ‘i didn’t feel much pain at all.’ But she clearly stated, “It “wasn’t painful, not even a little bit.” Many people stated that they experienced “manageable” pain while having a water birth. that’s completely different from no pain at all. Especially, this is Gisele’s first baby. Well, it’s not the first time celebs lie about their personal lives, so if that’s her claim, so be it.

Mira on

I have a lot of respect for her now.

Hopefully, this interview does a tiny bit to lower Brazil’s ridiculously high c-section rate.

sara on

Her comments come off as sarcasm, or like mocking other women. Ofcourse it hurts! It’s very easy to forget once its over, we are programmed to forget in order to have more babies. I definitely do not like Gisele as much as I used to. Her comments are trying to minimize other women and give them more complex, especially that “not one bit”. Again, ofcourse it hurts! I dont believe people who say it didnt hurt at all.

sara on

Mira, ever heard of saving lives versus taking risks?

Moore on

Ashley, we’re just saying that it sounds a lot like Hypnobirthing. Being focused, calm and not having much pain or completely painless. Sounds just about right. Being pain free doesn’t mean that there are not still sensations and feelings though just that they aren’t painful for some. There’s a few posts here that say they had pain free births.

crimpe on

Yikes. Check out this turnout. Yeah, maybe she is insecure, or conceited, or lying, or magical, or honest. I’ve had four children, four very different ways. Of course you have sensation still with an epidural. I, too, was up and able with and without an epidural. I had my daughter in 45 minutes, completely natural. The pain was rather horrific. One son was natural, about three hours. Painful? Sure. Epidurals for two others…does anyone care? Of course not. We are all different, with different tolerances, as well as different memories. I don’t buy Gisele’s story. She does sound rather obnoxious, but hey, it works for her.

Rach on

I was induced because of preeclamsia and that was a painful process, especially because of the constant escalation of the pictocin and that stuid foley catheter. I really wanted a water birth but it wasnt possible for me, I really believe if I did have it I would have never went throught with the pointless epidural. Mind you, if I knew better, I would have went with what my body was saying, rather than the docs who were convinced I was going to have a section instead of a vaginal and changed my entire lan because of misguided info.

I ended up getting the epidural, but it didnt work and because of a bad reaction to morphine, I was given nothing else. From the early contractions with the foley, I stood under the shower in hot water, that helped sooo much. Way more than the stupid epidural, in retrospect.

It hurt, but I was totally goal orientated. I knew I had no choice but to get the baby out, so I went crazy and pushed like a madman, and the little guy was out on two hours.

Once he was out I went through the craziest adrenaline rush or something in my life ! It is even on the video. I was so giddy and I could not shut u, I just kept talking and talking about nothing really lol.I wanted to get up and go running up and down the halls, but they made me use a wheelchair. As soon as they brought me to my room, I got up and went walking around the ward looking for my friend.When my baby was in the NICU and I was in the recovery ward, that was even a longer walk to do every three hours for 5days after giving birth.

Some women are just different.

A close friend had her baby on the same day about an hour later, but she had a csection.

LP on

Well, she does come off as little annoying. However, I can say that I didn’t really feel pain or “labor” during my delivery! The anesthesiologist kept asking me if I wanted a epidural–I told everyone I was fine–walking around and siting on a ball made the contractions pass. Honestly, I still can’t explain to people how it felt, but it definiately wasn’t painful, like an achy feeling. I did feel uncomfortable though, like a intense period cramps but it wasn’t painful so maybe she is telling the truth.

My friend had a water birth (1st pregnancy) and it was quick and intense (she did say there was pain pushing). As other posters have stated, every women is different.

rachios on

Sorry, I was watching LOST and not paying attention. I meant to say that my friend had her baby by csection and she really scared me when I initially saw her because she was barely with it, and half in and half out of consciousness.Not saying anything bad about sections, because once her meds wore off she was back to herself, much to my relief.I just feel like sometimes women tend to act like they really do need badges for these things, and boy some of them sure do act like it so much you want to slap them. I got so many bad comments from mothers because I ‘gave in’ and recieved an epidural, even though it did not work. I say, each woman has their own experience and issues, to ridicule or poke at them is foolish.

Nicka on

I just think that sometimes Giselle doesn’t realize how her words might effect other people. For instance, her comments about feeling that Tom’s first son is her son—she was speaking from the heart, perhaps, but just didn’t realize how that might upset Bridget Moynihan to hear that.

I think Giselle is very enthusiastic and emotional, so maybe she exaggerates a bit. I am sure in that moment of childbirth she was having some discomfort or pain! That is natural, your cervix doesn’t open up 10 inches every day, ladies. Now on a scale of 1 to 10, maybe hers was less than average. But to say “no pain” that would be unnatural. But isn’t that part of the experience, we all forget exactly how bad it was? Otherwise we’d all have only one kid!

Her comments about never needing maternity clothes, no nanny, etc., she doesn’t realize that these can be interpreted as criticisms of average women or that she herself will somehow be established as an ideal for women to compare themselves to. I just don’t think she realizes how her comments impact other women, but judging from the response of this thread, obviously tons of women are listening!

LP on

Sorry for all the typos in my previous post!

I just wanted to add that maybe some people don’t think of pain the same way. After reading my post I think my perception of what is painful is not the same as others. Period cramps are not painful to me, just annoying. Cutting my finger, jamming my toe, migraines, that’s painful. Lucky I haven’t been seriously injured so I can’t describe that type of pain. I have many friends who described like other posters that the pain of labor was so intense they couldn’t see past it, obviously they are experiencing pain. I just didn’t feel that way and I know I didn’t just forgot because of the process of birth. My husband, doctor, mom, etc still comment on how calm I was during delivery. I was in labor for 24 hours and I walked around, slept, watched TV, read during the whole time. I was upset because the process was so slow!

jessjess on

when I was pregnant I asked my mom what birth felt like(I was petrified of labor) and she told me contractions were like menstrual cramps and there is a lot of pressure during the pushing . Iwould like to offically go on the record saying say cramps an pressure my foot!! I would compare it more to a steam roller and a blow torch..I guess what I am trying to say is everybody has a diffrent tolerance.. Lucky Giselle’s is high!!

Maria on

All I see here is jealousy. Gisele has never said anything rude or mean in her interviews, so I don’t see why everyone is so upset.

I have two kids, and both of my births were natural and pain free.
The first one was the most “painful”, however, I wouldn’t call it pain. Never during labor did I scream, or want to scream. Yes, sure, I felt pressure and discomfort, but I still would not call it pain. The discomfort was very tolerable.

The second birth, however, was very quick and the level of discomfort was very low.

However, my pregnancies were very easy. I continued exercising up until the day I gave birth (yoga, swimming, cycling, jogging) and ate only raw foods. I only gained 23 lbs with the first baby, and only 21 with the second and went back to my normal weight within 6 weeks after both births.

Being a raw vegan does miracles. Trust me.

True on

Gisele Please dear stop!!!!! having a baby is painful period full stop……i dont care if u say people or women are different giving birth/having a baby is painfull no matter how u have it, that is How God intended it to be and that is how it is.

Ash on

As usual, some of you guys are way too judgemental and shortsighted. It is actually possible to have a virtually painless delivery. When my mother gave birth to me (her first child), she said that the pain was very severe but when she had my younger sister, she said that she barely felt anything at all! In fact, it was so uneventful that she almost didn’t get to the hospital in time because it took her a while to realize she was actually in labor (she was already 10 centimeters dilated once she got there and continued laughing at my dad’s jokes right up until it was time to push).

Is that a rare occurence? Maybe, but I’ve seen enough med-free birthing videos on YouTube to safely conclude that at least a small percentage of women either A) experience very little pain or B) just have a high tolerance and are very good at dealing with it.

Ash on

“I have never heard of a whole labor and birth with ‘not even a little bit’ of pain.”

I hate to break it to you, but look at my post above. My mom didn’t experience one iota of my pain with my sister’s birth so that ruins your theory right there… LOL.

sil on

pain free? give me a break! maybe not “too” painful, but a “little” pain you have to feel….I don’t believe that giving birth is not painful at all, is not possible, imo. Maybe some women can “control” the pain, but it hurts anyway.

Lisa on

here’s the interview…for those who speak Portuguese since it has no subtitles…it’s cute that in the end of it she’s anxious to go back with her baby… she said she isn’t going to show any picture of him because even tough she’s a public person it’s her job, and that her son is just her son so she will keep him protected but she also said that some day we will meet him…

Sarah on

I absolutely believe her too, and I’m glad she is publicizing the benefits of water birth. My labour was intense and hard work, but it was not painful. I made no noise except for a grunt when my water broke and was totally myself throughout, laughing and chatting between contractions. Being in the water was amazing. I wasn’t told when to push (I specifically requested non-directed pushing) and ended up with only a tiny graze as my daughter descended in a slow and controlled manner.

Gisele is young and fit, I’m sure that helped. Baby position is also important. There is one idea that the modern sofa is part of the reason for the increase in C-sections – mothers sit slouched back, and aren’t as physically active..this leads to more posterior babies.

Medicalization of birth is definitely important in many, many circumstances, but for the majority of women a birthpool and a supportive midwife is really all they need.

bellaf on

Nicka: “I think Giselle is very enthusiastic and emotional, so maybe she exaggerates a bit.”


But, really, I wouldn’t expect a new mother to be political and watch her words when describing such an emotional moment. I would expect, though, grown women not to be so fragile and defensive about other women. Why take everything as criticism and cattiness? It really doesn’t have to be that way.

Hea on

Gisele can say whatever she wants. If it makes other women bitchy or upset; so be it. It’s their problem if they can’t accept that not everyone are just like them. This whole “female pride” or whatever you all may call it is stupid.

“I’m guessing her baby head must be really really small or her body part is highly experienced at things coming in and out of her. Either all that, or she’s not telling the truth.”

Are you implying that Tom is hung like a horse or that Gisele is a slut?

Hallie on

Sara – in a normal pregnancy/birth, c-sections are FAR more dangerous than vaginal births.

kate on

Ridiculous comments. Ridiculous.

Melissa on

I am happy to hear about a celebrity who chose to go with a more natural aproach to childbirth as opposed to an elective c-section. And she sounds like she will be an awesome, protective mother to sweet little Benjamin. And she is also one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. That being said, I don’t like her, lol. I agree with previous posters that she sounds condescending and self-rightous. I have never had a home birth, so I don’t know about the pain thing, but its more about the way she comes across when she talks about it. I feel like my epidural/hospital births are seen as weak to someone like her. At the end of the day, we all have our precious babies to love whether we felt the pain or not.

Reader on

Ash, I don’t believe your mom either

Hea on

Reader – You seem a bit like my aunt. I had surgery in my skullbase through the roof of my mouth and I was in pain. 16 hours in surgery, four days in a ventilator and unable to close my mouth fully for a week. She told me; “Well it can’t be that painful”.

Don’t ever tell others what they feel or do not feel. I would never in a million years do that.

Olivia on

I’ve never paid much attention to her before, but I am loving how she is sharing her natural birth experience. As I understand it, c-sections in Brazil are around 80%, so it’s really wonderful for her to openly talk about her homebirth and perhaps encourage other Brazillian mothers to consider non-medicated birth.

I also love her comment about how Benjamin is “also Bündchen, he’s not just Brady”. That’s just cute!

Kate on

Using hypnosis to avoid pain has nothing to do with having a high tolerance. It’s about having the will over the mind. Childbirth does not have to be painful without the fear and resistance.

fuzibuni on

thanks for posting the video lisa!
gisele looks so good with a little bit of pregnancy weight on her.
i know broken portuguese, and could follow the gist of the interview.
when she is in the middle of talking about her birth experience, there is an edit. you never know what else she might have talked about in the part that was cut out. i tend to believe she had a hypno-birth too. she uses the same type of words and descriptions.
also, since gisele is so tall, it might have made birth a bit easier.
there are lots of things that go into whether or not you feel pain during birth.

fuzibuni on

also, in defence of the woman, i know people who have worked with her, and they all love her. keep in mind, she is a professional super-model. it’s her job to be fabulous, wonderful, beautiful, and better than you. she is supposed to sell unattainable dreams to the masses.
personally, I think she seems like a real sweetheart and I’m thrilled to hear about the lovely experience she had with benjamin.

liz on

Reader- you don’t believe Ash’s mother? Seriously, what exactly are you trying to prove? Have you walked in everyone’s shoes? Do you have a 6th sense that others don’t?

Reader on

Liz, I was joking

liz on

wow reader you’re fast! my apologies then 🙂

Mira on

“Mira, ever heard of saving lives versus taking risks?”

Precisely because I know a lot about taking unnecessary and stupid risks with your life, I’m appalled at the fact that 80% of Brazilian women choose to have MAJOR surgery with a much higher mortality and morbidity rate than have a go at a natural process, which childbirth is.

Reader on

fizibuni, sometimes a person who is fabulous and focused professionally is still not someone you’d spend your downtime with or choose to be friends with. nice to hear that she is kind professionally though. Maybe she feels a bit defensive or on guard at times and overcompenstes for this by always saying everything is so perfect.

Rach on

Nicka, I agree.She is such a vibrant person. I can easily see how her comments are always miscontrued.If I was a celeb..omg they would have probably burned me at the stake because of the way I let my mouth escape me before my brain has time to catch up. Thanks be to the computer and the backspace button !

I really think though alot of the negativity about Gisele comes from people not understanding what she is saying, or lost in translation, so to say, or people who are Bridget fans.I dont think it has to all do with jealousy or anything, thats why the implication of that may irritate some people. Honestly, I am no where near Gisele as far as figure, and I didnt need maternity clothes, I just bought XL’s.I was walking all over the place and skipping down the halls an hour after giving birth (they made me stay in bed,and use a wheelchair before some sort of hospital policy).That nevers seems to bother anyone or bring on jealousy or least I dont think so.

I love her last comment about Ben being a Bundchen also. I am raising my son to embrace both cultures too !

Rach on

And I agree with Hea, the comments about Giseles feminine parts etc. are beyond childish.

I have a good friend who went through labour walking around in the mall and didnt realize it, she thought it was just some discomfort. It wasnt until her water broke that she realized she was in labour.Her baby came out straight away at 9 pounds.Would she be considered a slut too ??

Melanie on

Thanks to whoever posted the video–this is in response to that (the video, not the poster)..I read what she said on People the other day…so, Gisele, you will parade around Jack every chance you get (even though HIS mother, Bridget, has tried very hard to keep him out of the public eye) yet when it comes to your own son THEN you want “privacy”?? Classy. THAT is why I don’t like Gisele.

I’m sure there will be a million more posters who rip on me for saying that but I don’t care. It’s true.

Reader on

Rach it seems funny that someone really wouldn’t realize it was labor at all though. I mean at the end aren’t we all wondering when it will happen and we think everyday maybe this is it? Labor is typically a long process, so I did things while I was laboring as well. I went to a playdate with my older child (at one point I was leaning over a friend’s counter with a big contraction) stopped for gas on the way home, checked emails etc. When I got to the hospital I was 7cm. I definitely remember feeling a tiny twinge in the morning though and wondering if labor would happen. I was 1 day before my due date.

Reader on

Melanie, I think they just live life with Jack. They take him places and basically walk everywhere in the city. I am sure they will with Ben too. Bridget is not as stalked by paparazzi as Tom and Giselle are.

Bronwyn on

I am so happy to hear Gisele is sharing the secret of waterbirth and hypnosis for childbirth. My experiece with waterbirth was very similar. The combination of waterbirth and hypnosis gave our family an amazing painfree experience as well. Thanks for sharing the truth about what birth can be with the right tools and skills.

Elizabeth on

Wow, I can’t believe how many jealous women are on here. I do believe she had a pain-free childbirth because it is not completely impossible, there are women that do not even know they are in labor, women with very high tolerance, and women with very strong will and mind power to overcome it. We are all bred to think birth is painful because we are all told and beaten to believe that birth HAS to be painful. There are women in villages and other countries in the world that are not made to believe that birth is painful, and they have less pain or no pain at all. If you think something is going to hurt, it will hurt, and hurt more than if you didn’t. I had a hospital birth with an epidural with my first and I was completely miserable. I had an unassisted homebirth with my second recently and laboring in the water and reassuring myself definitely helped with the pain. Hell, after I had the baby and passed the placenta I cleaned the whole house, showered, and went to bed. I had no problem with Giselle before and I definitely LOVE her even more now because she is a smart celebrity, a smart woman, who gave her child the best start in life rather than some selfish woman who only cared about her body and herself and just scheduled an induction or c-section like most other too-posh-to-push women in today’s society. Have a problem with what I say? Look at the new study that states “having a baby in California is more dangerous than giving birth in Kuwait or Bosnia”. That is scary. We need more women like Giselle to make for healthier mothers and babies.

Ashley on

Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, and some people do not choose to believe everything celebs say. I don’t think it has anything to do with jealousy. Does everyone believe everything that they read on newspaper or watch on TV? Come on. After all, this is Hollywood and images are everything to these people. Why is so hard to conceive that some people use a little bit of fib?

Moore on

“Why is so hard to conceive that some people use a little bit of fib?” Sure but why is it hard to believe that a person is incapable of telling the full truth when they are “hollywood”? I think its ridiculous to immediately think someone has to be lying if you’ve never experienced it, if they live in hollywood, if they look like their life is perfect. Maybe it is that way on the outside. (And I don’t mean you specifically, Ashly,just general).

I really don’t see why people are harping on any of this. So she didn’t wear maternity clothes. Are they required? No. She doesn’t use a nanny. Required? No. Birth has to be painful? Not true not even biologically and it is very possible to be up and walking around afterwards. This is true for everyone not just her so I’m inclined to believe it because I know it is fully possible for myself and I’ve seen it in others.

Some people think she has a stank attitude. I can’t help her with that part.

Mari on

The comments about Giselle are incredible. I can’t read all the posts, but as someone else mentioned, how can we know what anyone feels and how much pain they experience? My sister compared the pain from a detached retina to be much worse for her than labour.
With my second labour, I really did not know I was in labour as the contractions were not consistent and even stopped at some point. A few hours later I delivered a 9 lb baby with no meds. Two days post partum I was cooking and taking the garbage to the curb. I felt amazing.
Lisa – Thanks for posting the interview. Giselle looks very happy.
Congrats to her and Tom.

Sarah on

Whether I like Gisele or not doesn’t matter….
With my first, I had Pitocin, and at 4cm, I thought I was dying and got an epidural.
With my second, I did Hynobabies, had my baby at home in a birth tub, with NO PAIN whatsoever. Yes, childbirth CAN be painful, but it doesn’t HAVE to be painful.

Deal with it!

Samantha on

So glad to see water birth being brought into light. Far too many celebs are induced and/or go for the c-section, maybe if more and more people came out about their natural birth experiences it would become more normal?? Natural childbirth is such a beautiful thing 🙂

amandamay on

i really have no problem with giselle – yes, she can be a bit annoying, but… hey, we all are sometimes. that said, i am really really annoyed by all the posts implying if you had a painful childbirth it’s because you’ve been “conditioned” to it or you don’t have a “high tolerance for pain” – these statements are JUST as rude to women who really experience horrible pain in childbirth (one end of the spectrum) as the comments are about women lying about no pain (the other end of the spectrum) i find it highly amusing that all of the women insisting we be tolerant and non-judgmental about their “pain free” births are super judgmental and rude about women who had painful births (implying if you just had mind over matter, you wouldn’t feel pain either) that’s devaluing the experience of the women who had severe pain. as a mom who had a horrific childbirth experience (not due to low pain tolerance or evil doctors, but to a tiny pelvis and a huge headed baby – seriously, you should see the photos… he’s adorable but man that was a crazy huge head!) please stop acting like you’re somehow better or more of a woman or stronger somehow for “hypnobirthing” yourself to a pain free birth. maybe you would have had a pain free birth anyway – some ladies are built internally bigger and it makes it heaps easier to pop a baby out. i wish everyone would just stop judging on all sides!

Larissa on

As someone mentioned, Gisele is sooo bad for being up the next day making pancakes, how dare she? Newborns are up and running 24/7…they don´t get to sleep AT ALL, again how dare she???
Seriously, some comments here are just completely OFF!

Gisele is an avid YOGA practicer, so starting from there she is COMPLETELY eligible to have a pain free labor! Plus she had a water birth!!!!!!
Other than that, labor is called labor because it takes focus and hard work, not because it´s supposed to be PAINFUL, or else it would be called torture.

HLM on

Everyone perceives pain differently and every has a different pain threshold. Both my deliveries were drug free and I have to say that I wouldn’t consider the pressure of contractions to be painful. I don’t disagree that Gisele comes off as condescending, but I too was up and around the day after I delivered both my babies. I went home from the hospital 24 hours after delivering my second – and that was only because the insurance required the baby be monitored for 24 hours. Otherwise, my OB and the pediatrician would have released us first thing the next morning.
Yes, pregnancy & delivery are hard on a woman’s body but we aren’t made of glass.

Cathy on

Gisele spoke the way she did about it probably to raise awareness for it in Brazil (the population to whom she was speaking) for an alternative to c-sections as they are very common there. She wasn’t harping on anyone or saying she was better, she was simply relaying her experience because someone asked about her pregnancy and delivery.

It’s ridiculous that people are getting angry about Benjamin/Jack and Gisele’s desire to keep Benjamin out of the public light. I am sure that Benjamin and Jack and Gisele and Tom will all go out as a family and there will be paparazzi pictures of it because she is a public figure. She’s not going to stop going out with her step-son now that Benjamin has joined their family. And have we forgotten that Bridget knowingly put Jack on the cover of a magazine when he was Benjamin’s age? One could argue that Bridget made her son a public figure by doing that.

amandamay on

larissa – so those who had a truly painful childbirth just didn’t work hard enough and focus? this is exactly what i was saying – comments like these piss me off. just as much as people like you didn’t have pain (one far end of the birthing spectrum of pain) there ARE women who truly DO have horrible pain (the other end of the pain spectrum) with the majority falling somewhere in the middle. good to know there are people like you to let us know that if we had just been more focused and worked harder, it wouldn’t have been painful. mental note made.

sheryl on

i am glad some woman had pain free births. i cant imagine it not hurting. i had my daughter when i was 18. they gave me some pain medication that totally wore off before i hit hard labor. i was in labor for 6 1/2 hours and pushed for over an hour. my daughter was 10 lbs and was 22 1/2 inches long. IT HURT LIKE HELL!!!! then i had my son when i was 35. i was in labor for only 2 1/2 hours. it went so fast they couldnt give me anything for pain. i pushed only about 2-3 times. my son was 9 lbs 8 oz and 22 1/2 inches long. and IT HURT LIKE HELL. the contractions were so awful. i was screaming and crying both times. i dont know how she was up making pancakes. with my first one i could barely walk for 2 weeks and after both births i was bleeding to death and had to wear 2-4 pads at a time. there was no way i was cooking a damn thing!!!! lol. thats why u have ur hubby take some time off of work to help take care of u and the baby. she was lucky she had it as easy as she says she did. i feel bad for woman that dont!

415mama on

This is really a great birth story; how amazing for her and her family…it really sounds ideal! That being said it is worth noting that all women experience birth differently!! This was most definately not my experience…but I really wish it had been 🙂 I’m not sure about the pain tolerance argument… tolerance is very very high…yet my contractions were by far the worst pain I had ever felt in my life! I just think that across the board there is just no comparing one woman’s experience to another. There are soooo many variables in play…it really is not worth comparing one to another! JMO

Moore on

Many women here are talking about the pain of labor being different due to the way each woman is built or that some women aren’t built for it, are internally bigger, etc. Where are those ideas coming from? Correct me if I’m wrong and I probably am but I have always believed that the pain in childbirth has nothing to do with the shape of your body. The pain is caused by the contractions of the uterus, pressure from the baby and the stretching. Nothing I’ve read says a woman with a certain body has an easier time and that those of us without it will just have to suck it up.

Ash on

Wow, Reader, aren’t you special? Thanks for calling my mom a liar (which she isn’t by the way). She was completely upfront about the pain she felt when she gave birth to me. She even wrote down the birth story including every gory detail. It just so happens she got lucky the second time around, had a very fast labor (under 2 hours), and experienced no pain. She was 10 cm dilated when she got to the hospital and felt so good that she refused the wheelchair and walked to the room on her own. She was having a good old time, and the nurses thought she was nuts but what was she supposed to do? Pretend that she was in so much pain that she was dying… screaming and flailing about. Please! Your naivete and narrowmindedness isn’t going to hurt anybody but you, Reader. I’m sorry that you and so many of the other women in this thread are jealous. Again, that’s your problem. But I certainly won’t tolerate anyone calling my mother a liar. Get over yourself.

Ash on

Oh, and now I see that you were supposedly joking. Haha… so funny.

amandamay on

i agree with 415mama – well said! all women’s bodies and birth experiences are different, none better or worse, just different! and i’m one tough cookie as well, but my contractions had me turning into linda blair in the exorcist 🙂

moore – do you really think that a 5’0″ woman birthing a 10lb baby and a 5’10” woman birthing a 6lb baby won’t hurt differently because of how they are built? all women are built differently internally, and i can say with all certainty that the truly horrific pain of childbirth for me was that my son was enormous and had a freaking huge head and i have a seriously teeny, tiny body. ripping everywhere, tearing, he wouldn’t fit out for hours. yeah, fun times lol. the contractions hurt like hell, but fitting him out was the real pain. my friend had a tiny baby (barely 5lbs) and she practically fell out of her. one push and that was it. i want that next time 🙂

Elizabeth on

Amandamay, I’m guessing that you were probably delivering your baby on your back with your feet up, right? And possibly with an epidural? Did you know that the lithotomy position, aka the “hospital” position where you are on your back down or propped with your legs back or up is the WORST possible position to give birth in. It gives no room for the pelvis to move and also constricts it. This position has absolutely no benefit to mother or baby, it is used so the doctor can have a good view of what he is doing. Real nice for mom and baby who are doing all the work, right? Wrong. By simply switching to a squatting or hands and knees or knees position, you can open your pelvis up to 30% more, allowing a baby that may not have been able to fit or fit well through the birth canal to more easily deliver. I know this to be 100% true because my first birth was a hospital birth with an epidural delivering on my back with legs back with a 7#12oz 20in long baby. I pushed for hours, and they had to use the vacuum. My second birth was an unassisted home birth to a 7#12oz baby. During labor I moved around as my body told me to, and I delivered on my knees after just a few minutes of pushing. Same exact size babies, different moves, COMPLETELY different outcomes. But just remember, you can’t squat or be on your knees with an epidural. Birth doesn’t have to be completely horrifying, plan ahead, do major research, and figure out what you want.

elen on

Well I used to beleive birth was really painful, like most people. and I guess the way most of us are pushed to give bith, It is. But if you take away most of the protocols and dinamics moms unfortunately become a part of in labour specially in hospitals pain becomes a really small part of the birth experience.. I had a c-sec… way painful, then a birth center water birth… a lot better but intense, all the driving , having to talk, interuptions and expecting people to tell me what to do pain was less a pasrt of it but quite present. My 3rd I literaly remember what amounted to about 1 minute of pain in a 6 hour labour.. I think the main difference is , yes mindset and mostly beeing in a safe, intimate, place which made it realy easy to remain relaxed and (key) I was not interupted nor “” which probably made a whole lote of a difference… I had the same experience she did.. But being a mom of 3 I did let my fammily pamper me, even if I felt so good, naturaly high and thrilled I could have made pancakes…

Moore on

amandamay, my cousin who is a little taller than average had a five pound something oz baby boy three years ago and wanted to die. Reminded us of it constantly. My aunt is shorter but had cramps for labor like my mom but her children were much bigger.
I’ve seen short women have huge babies with no problem, tall women begging for epidurals and everything in between. All different sizes and all would describe the pain differently. I think there is no norm for pain not even based on a woman’s size or else all short women would opt for pain relief much faster. This is just what I think but I am wondering where the other thought comes from biologically speaking.

Hallie on

Elizabeth — excellent comment! You’re so right. Flat on the back is the worst (and hardest) position to give birth in!

J on

Did I read the same article the women who are leaving nasty comments read?

It’s sad that some women apparently feel pregnancy, birth and motherhood are just a contest. That’s how some of you are acting; like if you’re own experiences weren’t so great than God forbid anyone else have different experiences.

How would some of you cattier women like it if you were telling your own birth story and someone came along and poopooed it to your face and made nasty hints about your sexual history because your baby came out easily, or they made snide comments on how you dressed during your pregnancy. Honestly, grow up.

Hea on

Well said, Elizabeth! I’d never want to be flat on my back unless I was completely exhausted and had no other option. There’s a birthing stool in Sweden, is that avaliable in your country as well?

amandamay on

elizabeth – nope and nope. no laying on my back and no epidural. but apparently it was all in my mind.

amandamay on

oh and elizabeth – “Birth doesn’t have to be completely horrifying, plan ahead, do major research, and figure out what you want.”

this is by far and away the most insulting thing anyone has said to me about giving birth. as if i chose pain and hadn’t thought about researching birthing options before giving birth (yeah, i just blindly went in and said “do whatever” without reading/studying/watching all the books/videos/theories etc). because OBVIOUSLY if i HAD done research i would have chosen your (ahem, the RIGHT) way of giving birth. this is what i’m talking about. the snotty superior attitudes of some women that if only “women would educate themselves” we’d all see that their way is the true, correct, better way to do it. this is my last post because i’m beyond annoyed with women in general now lol. this is why i have mostly male friends 🙂

Jessicad on

I think most women are up and walking around within a few hours, the question is why do we feel the need to do that? That’s what I think comes off wrong in her interview, that’s great she was able to make pancakes or whatever, but we all should learn to rest and stop trying to do it all, or beat out other moms in some ridiculous labor contest. If you just pushed a human being out of your body, REST. Regardless of if you have pain meds or not, your uterus is still contracting, you bleed non stop the first few days after, your body is tired no matter what way a baby comes out. Her saying that puts pressure on other women to do the same and I think its wrong, in a way.

Some of you guys are acting like if we didn’t labor like you then we are stupid or wrong, that’s just ridiculous. Every woman is unique and responds to pain differently. Stop being so judgemental.

jaQ on

great for her! i just gave birth three days ago myself, to my third child– my first two labours were hell, but this one just wasn’t really painful– and i could feel it all– i couldn’t believe it. and 3 pushes. i too have been up and about too– thank the lord for a stitch-free birth this time!

sometimes it really does happen– i’m wishing painfree, “easy” births to all of the pregnant mommies out there right now!

jaQ on

reading some of the comments about how she’s lying and whatnot, is exactly why i don’t often bring this up, or say how fast my labours go. what judgement– she says she wasn’t in a lot of pain– why all the hate for that? i understand how painful labour can be, i really do– but why hate on someone for saying they had a great birth? 😦

Sarah on

Birth really wasn’t “painful” for me. There was a lot of pressure, but no pushing at all. After 1.5 of labor helped by Hypnobabies, my little one arrived. I did my research and knew how to handle all that labor was about.

I’m so thankful that Gisele had a water birth at home and is now sharing her story. Perhaps others will do their research and learn how wonderful and pleasant birth can be!

Kate on


Did you try hypnosis or waterbirthing? If not, I don’t see how you’re in a position to evaluate the accuracy of her statements.

newmom on

Moore–just so you know, it absolutely has to do with the shape of your body, but on the inside. Not necessarily your size or the width of your hips. For one thing, the shape of the inside of the pelvis, (which you can’t see of course so you’d have no way of knowing beforehand) determines how the head will pass through. It can be more round or oval, and some shapes predisposition a woman to have posterior babies, which is much much more painful. Also the symmetry of your tissues and ligaments plays a role. If they are asymmetrical the baby’s head will be tilted, and it will take longer and be more painful to work that out. That’s just a couple of examples. Some women truly have bodies that were built for birthing babies and some don’t.

I had a posterior, tilted head (asynclitic) baby. Combine that with a 42 week induction and 19 hours in, a crappy epidural, and all I will say is I got PTSD, it was that bad. It had more to do with my body and my circumstances, and less to do with a lack of mental control or preparation. I actually took Bradley and was as prepared as I could have been, but sometimes things just don’t go your way. I’ll never badmouth someone because I’m jealous that they got the experience I wanted. She has just as much right telling her birth story as we do ours. (But tell us the whole story if you are going to do that Giselle! Go on Ricki Lake’s website or somewhere!) Our experiences are all so different and that’s ok and women need to know that. It does a huge disservice to only play up one extreme or the other.

Trude on

1. I had two painless childbirths. I perceived the contractions as pressure. I am an OB RN and have seen painless birth as well as those who thrash and scream at one centimeter with contractions every 10 minutes. Mental preparation is very important.

2. Uterine prolapse is NOT caused by walking after birth. It can be from an overused and/or overextended uterus or too much traction on the cord while waiting for delivery of placenta. We encourage early ambulation. Laying around is worse. Increased risk of blood clots and slower recovery.

Please do your research .

CelebBabyLover on

Cathy and Reader- I think you two are spot on as far as pictures of Jack and Benjamin. First of all, I don’t think Gisele and Tom parade Jack around. I think, like Reader, said, they just “live life” with him. I mean, what are they supposed to do? Not take him anywhere when he’s with them?

Also, I think Gisele just meant that she and Tom aren’t going to do any sort of photoshoot with Benjamin or even release their own photos of him to a magazine or website. She DID, according to the poster that orginally pointed out what she said about not sharing pictures of Benjamin, also say that we WILL see Benjamin eventually.

I take that to mean that she and Tom ARE going to go places with Benjamin, just like they do with Jack, and we will see him then. 🙂 In otherwords, I don’t think Gisele meant that they’re never going to bring Benjamin out in public where we can see him. 🙂

Hea- I agree with you completely. I think the exact same thing about the comment about Gisele’s feminine parts! As for Gisele’s birth, there, too, I feel the same as you. Some people DO have really high pain tolerances. I happen to be one of them. 🙂

sara on

Hallie, you are wrong, c-sections save lives, and you, as well as other people need to be more respectful of that. Women need to stop being obsessed with their own “empowerment” and focus more on the baby. Too many babies have died in homebirth or vaginal births because of stubborn egoistic mothers.

Tamara on

Bravo for Gisele and such a beautiful birth of her baby boy – what a precious gift!
I had homebirth/waterbirth with the help of Hypnobabies and it was amazing!
Before the actual birth day, I really tried to imagine my perfect birth to the smallest detail.
Also, I did a lot of research about hypnosis for surgeries and dental procedures (for people who are allergic to anesthesia) and I remember reading about Queen Fabiola (of Sweden) and surgery of thyriod gland that she had under hypnosis only!!! I was amazed, read a lot more and finally found Hypnobabies – I practiced daily and I can honestly say that my birth was pain-free! My midwife was amazed, she did not believe I was giving birth that night (and I was already 6 centimeteres open), since I was so calm and “in the zone”.
I am not trying to persuade anyone (and I would not gain anything from making up stories) but my experience might be valuable to a woman out there, trying to have her perfect birth.

Hea on

Jessicad – I think a lot of women need to think for themselves a lot more and not let peer pressure take over completely. Everyone has to do what makes them feel good and we need to realize that we’re all different. I honestly don’t understand why that is so hard.

My friend, who I mentioned earlier in this thread, went home from the hospital four hours after giving birth. That’s the earliest you can go home here I think. On their way home they visited her mother in law to present her first grandchild and have dinner. My friend felt great and nobody put any pressure on her to do be out and about. Some people have a lot of energy kicks after giving birth.

MiB on

According to a midwife friend pain has to do with several main factors, being (as far as I can remember):
A) The babys position in the uterus (i.e. babys back towards mothers back is way more painful than babys stomach towards mothers back)
B) The position the mother is in while labouring and pushing
C) How tense/relaxed the mother is during labour
D) The mothers physique (shape of uterus and pelvis)
E) The size of the baby

This is what i remeber from when she tried to explain to a friend of ours why it was way more painful for her to deliver her 7 lb (who was lying with her back towards her mothers back) daugher lying on her back in a hospital bed with monitors strapped around her abdomen and chest as opposed to delivering her 10+ lb son (who was in an ideal position with his stomach towards his mothers back) while moving around (including taking a bath or two) at home.

I am sure that pain thereshold comes in somewhere too, but as this clearly doesn’t change too much for the same woman, I guess she didn’t actually go in to it.

Well, point beeing: I think Giselle (and many other women) where lucky, their babies were in a good position, they found good posions to labour in, they were relaxed, etc. And as many people have said, it sounds as if Giselle practiced hypnobirthing, wich gives you a focal point other than the pain, which in turn makes you feel the pain less (pain does increase if you focus on it and vice versa), so I don’t doubt it when she ays she wasn’t in pain.

Elizabeth on

Sorry Amandamay, but I must call BS. You say “as if i chose pain and hadn’t thought about researching birthing options before giving birth “, so did you, or did you not research options, experiences, why todays hospital births are typically wrong, yes the wrong way, to give birth? I’m sorry but most women in this country do not know the options they have when giving birth or that these so-called “high-tech” births are actually more of a major downfall and causing more injuries and deaths to mothers and babies. You have yet to explain your birthing experience other than it was terribly painful and you were ripped apart, and until you do, which is obviously your personal choice, I must highly doubt that you had anything other than a conventional hospital birth. Now I’m not saying my home birth wasn’t painful compared to my hospital birth, hell, at one point I was telling myself I would just go ahead and give in and go to a hospital and have a c-section to get this over with! But it was a different kind of pain. Once I was able to focus on the end, and remember why what was happening was happening, I was able to tell myself, just as Gisele did that each contraction was bringing my baby closer and closer, and that my body was just doing what it was doing to get my baby out, whereas in the hospital, I was just laying there letting whatever happen and not able to work with my body and I was completely miserable, and finally having my baby out was more of a relief than a joyous occasion. I remember not even wanting to hold my baby because of what I had just went through. I was angry with him because of what he had put me through, and I realize now that I was really angry with myself and the lack of care in this country for letting women know that there is a better way. I was just like a bunch of women on this board, bitter, critical, and simply unknowing, but one glimpse of something different, and yes in my eyes better, shot me right across to the other side and I have yet to look back.
So once again, congratulations to Gisele for daring to go against the norm, thinking, and accepting nothing less than the best for herself and her baby. She should be proud and shouting out across the mountains to let women, especially those in Brazil, know that there is a better way!

nicole in paris on

What a wonderful role model Gisele is! Go Gisele!

Ash on


Of course c-sections save lives; when they’re actually needed. But it’s common sense that major surgery is always more risky to both the baby and the mother which is why it should only be used as a last resort. Mothers aren’t egocentric for wanting to go drug-free or have a homebirth. That’s absurd! I would argue that they care about their babies so much that they spent a lot of time researching the options and educating themselves about evidence-based medicine, therefore deciding what they believe to be the safest option. Also, when you evaluate the stats globally, there’s a lower mortality rate for homebirths.

Hospitals are not as clean and safe as many people want to believe. I know of two women who recently delivered, both c-sections, who had to be put in lockdown afterwards because they both contracted dangerous staph infections while staying in the hospital. Of course that meant that they were also separated from their babies for quite some time (several days), interrupting the bonding process and just generally messing with their emotions. The bottom line is that everyone has to choose what’s best for them but, ultimately, all mothers care about their children. To imply otherwise is ridiculous.

The Nanny on

Sara – you’re right, c-sections *can* save lives, but ONLY in emergency situations. In a “normal” pregnancy/birth, they are much, much riskier and more dangerous than a vaginal birth.

sarah on

i was just wondering if some of you ladies are as mean to people you actually know as you are to some of the people you attack on this site. if you are i imagine your circle of friends is pretty limited since some of you are pretty nasty. we do not know the famous people posted on this site. as far as i am concerned reading about them is just for our information and if you don’t like what they say or do don’t read anything else about them. but at the same time it seems that every time i read some of the comments on a wide variety of subjects some people are very worked up over things that they have absolutely no real say in. if we were this cruel to people in our everyday lives i venture to say we would to have very many people in our everyday lives. all of this discord does not accomplish anything ladies!

Moore on

newmom, thanks. I knew it didn’t have anything to do with the height or size of a woman and wanted to know the biology behind it.

amandamay on

elizabeth – ok i swore not to respond but wow, but that was so bitchy. and you’re right, my birth is none of your business. also, since you state multiple times that “hospital births are typically wrong, yes the wrong way, to give birth” and “there is a better way!” than “regular hospital births” what’s the point in my saying anything to you about it? you don’t want to hear other opinions, you are just adamantly against anything but “your way” of birthing. i’m glad you lliked your way – like i said, i support ALL women’s birth choices. what i don’t support is people like you shoving their opinion down other women’s throats and making women feel “less than” you for making different choices. you can say “bs” all you want, but i know my own experience and i did NOT have an epidural nor did i labor on my back (except to lay down occasionally) sorry that you don’t want to believe that, but that’s not my problem.

Whitney on

While it can’t make it completely disappear, I am sure the 25 million dollars a year she makes and Brady’s 8 million per year salary can make the pain a bit more manageable. Seriously, I am happy for them. She is lucky to have had such a wonderful birthing experience. Plus, she was lucky to be close to such wonderful Boston hospitals in case of an emergency.

Liz on

I just had an unmedicated birth a week ago. It was a wonderful experience, and my recovery this time around has been so much easier. I do find it very hard to believe that she experienced no pain during her birth. Granted, I didn’t have a waterbirth because we had no time to set up the tub, but I did labor in a warm shower. When I hit transition, it was painful, no two ways about it. And from all of the readings I’ve done, transition is painful and hard for most women. That being said, I would do an unmedicated birth again without hesitation.

sdr on

whatever, i have no problem with anything that she says, if she felt no pain good for her though from having a child myself and being an observer of basic anatomy i think it’s a bit unrealistic to say there is ‘no’ pain. only reason i wanted to comment is that it’s a litle bit annoying that she is patting herself on the back for ‘walking around’ the next day. unless you’ve had surgery it’s perfectly normal to be walking and completing basic tasks the day after birth.

CelebBabyLover on

Ash and The Nanny- I agree with both of you! Of course C-sections can and do save lives. I don’t think anyone is disputing that (in fact, I was born via C-section myself due to being transervse, i.e. sideways, and my mother and I almost certainly would have died had she not had a C-section, so believe you me, I am well aware that C-sections can save lives!) .

However, the fact is, just like any major surgery, they carry risks (including breathing difficulties for the newborn and excessive post-operative bleeding in the mother, sometimes even requiring a hysterectomy. From what I’ve read, some studies have also shown that babies born via C-section have a much higher risk of contracting Asthma later in life than babies born vaginally.), and certainly aren’t always neccesary.

Hea on

“While it can’t make it completely disappear, I am sure the 25 million dollars a year she makes and Brady’s 8 million per year salary can make the pain a bit more manageable.”


Sarah M. on

I think if the mother is induced the labor can be more painful, also. A friend of mine was induced with her son (her only child) and was told by a nurse that at least some of her pain (she had a VERY painful labor, pushed for 3 hours, almost had a have a c-section, third degree tear, had a hard time walking for several weeks, had a weight limit for what she could pick up, etc.) was due to the fact that she was induced rather than going into labor naturlly. She was induced almost 2 weeks early due to high blood pressure. He weighed just over 7 pounds and was 19 or 20 inches long (pretty average size).

I don’t have any children yet, not pregnant either. But, I know that when my time comes, I’ll make sure that I get all the information I need beforehand and make an informed decision as to what my birth plan will be. I also know that my pain tolerance level isn’t very high. I’ve heard that women who have back cramps during their periods tend to have back labor (not sure if it’s true or not), and that back labor hurts more. So I have a pretty good idea that I’d go for a hospital birth with some sort of pain control. But that could change by the time I am at that point in my life. I guess I’ll find out then. But whatever I choose will be the best for ME. And if other women choose something different, then they’re choosing what’s best for THEM. And that’s how it should be!!!

Larissa on

@amandamay – Your body prepares itself for labor for 9 months, it´s not like you are being stretched all of the sudden to some unbearable pain. I didin´t mean to say labor is not supposed or can´t be painful, but it doesn´tt always HAS TO BE and it´s not just about the pain!
Then again people percieve pain in different ways, I am not exactly the most pain tolerant person there is and I am full aware of that, none of my pregnancies have been a walk in the park neither my deliveries, but I for one know that is not just because someone didn´t experience the same as me that they are trying to make less of a good mother!

Melitabella on

You ladies crack me up on here. Freedom of speech is something we are lucky to have here in the USA. I am enjoying all comments, good and bad….

Melinda on

I have had 2 HypnoBirthing births, and I am a HypnoBirthing practitioner (instructor). I never had any pain whatsoever in either birth. I absolutely love natural childbirth. It was amazing. While HypnoBirthing does not promise pain-free births, it teaches deep relaxation through self-hypnosis techniques, which provide for a comfortable birthing experience. If it happens to be pain-free, even better! Birth is not supposed to hurt. Natural bodily processes aren’t meant to hurt. Fear leads to tension, which leads to pain. Fear of the process brings about pain. Take away fear and tension, and childbirth is not painful.

sfcasun on

I had at-home waterbirths with both my daughters. While I wouldn’t call my births painless, I can attest to the fact that getting into a deep tub of water definitely takes the edge off the pain. There is a feeling of weightlessness and pressure on the lower back and belly are decreased. I’d say that it decreases the pain by as much as 30 percent, well at least it did for me.

Even with my two births, my body’s perception of the contractions were very different. With my first, pushing hurt, no two ways about it, and it was exhausting. With my second, pushing felt good; it felt purposeful, and the pain was lessened while I was pushing.

I also completely agree with Gisele that women who have uncomplicated and unmedicated births recover faster. I, too, was washing dishes the morning after giving birth. Perhaps part of that is that women who give birth at home feel incredibly empowered, like we can do anything! And, I wasn’t swollen with water retention from an epidural (perhaps the most common side effect of epidurals). I was up walking within hours, even though I had stitches “down there” for a 2nd-degree tear with my first baby.

Finally, different people have different tolerances for pain. We also don’t know what sort of pre-birth preparedness Gisele might have done (e.g., hynobirthing, etc.). Visualization is powerful tool during the birthing process, and she might have been so focused on birthing her baby, that her mind just “blocked out” the pain.

Elle on

As several people have posted, some women feel very intense pain, some do not, but most are in the middle. So people who are raving on about how they avoided pain because they were mentally prepared, focussed etc, have you ever considered you were in the lucky group who do not feel it painful? Have you ever considered how incredibly insulting your superior attitude is to us lesser mortals who did feel pain? My own personal experience is that for the first stage of labour (dilation) with both my children it was extremely easy and not really painful. In fact with my second I got to the hospital, thinking I cannot be that far along, only to be told I was fully dillated and ready to push. I also did not get any urge to push, and had to rely upon the midwife to inform me that I was indeed ready to go. I gave birth on my back because that is what I felt I needed to do – not because anyone else told me to, I strongly felt that was what my body was telling me, but apparently that is the worst position for birth, acording to the “experts” on this site. So “experts” I went with what I felt was right for me, but according to you that was wrong. I also had a strong desire to give birth in a hospital, with expert medical assistance available very quickly had me or my baby required it. A home birth would have been incredibly distressing for me.So perhaps “experts” you should be able to accept that everyone is different and what is right for one Mum is absolutely wrong for another Mum. Oh and I can definitely tell you the pushing stage hurt like hell, but I did it with only the assistance of gas and air, so I really do not think I am a wimp by any means.

Jane on

So, a woman who takes control of her body and her birth is ‘incredibly superficial, condescending, and self-righteous?’ Women are designed to give birth, and there is no physiological reason for it to be excruciating. Women in 3rd world countries don’t suffer the way that women in Western countries do, because they truly embrace birth as a normal, natural process. Fear causes tension, and tension causes pain. Women in developed countries have to actually prepare their minds and bodies to give birth naturally, or it WILL hurt like hell. HypnoBirthing is so popular for a reason – IT WORKS! I highly commend Giselle for taking control of her body and giving her son a calm and gentle birthing experience, free of all the drugs and trauma that too many babies are subjected to:-(

Jane on


Please do your research before posting false info. Statistics have repeatedly proven that more babies DO NOT die in homebirth. If they did, don’t you think it would be in all the newspapers? Hospitals and doctors want us to believe that homebirth is dangerous because maternity services account for ~68% of a hospitals revenue. It’s not about safey, it’s about $.

The US has one of the highest rates of infant mortality among industrialized nations. The drugs and unnecessary proceedures are far more detrimental to babies.

steph on

Jane-some of us have already posted valid reasons birth can be excruciating for some women. Some women are just unlucky and for them it has nothing to do with preparation.

And you don’t think women in 3rd world countries suffer in childbirth? Do a search for fistula and Africa for one very good example. Women blessed with *normal* labor and delivery do not suffer but is it so hard to understand that there are women who are not fortunate enough to have normal labors and they suffer a great deal?

Halley on

Who is she trying to kid? Childbirth doesnt hurt? Thats just an asinine statement. Of course it does. Hopefully something just got lost in translation…

CelebBabyLover on

Halley- I recommend reading the rest of the comments on this post. For some women, childbirth IS painless, or at least almost painless!

Amy on

Not even a little bit painful? I don’t believe that at all. I’m sure hypnobirthing can reduce pain but eliminate it altogether?

Oh and Gisele? I was eating pizza and walking around within half an hour of giving birth. So there!

anna on

Can we all as women be supportive of each other? If she had an amazing birth experience with little to no pain, then good for her. Each birth is different for each women, I had a similar experience where the birth was virtually painless. It’s really hard to explain, because you feel pain, but because your mind is so incredibly focused, you’re aware of the pain, but it doesn’t exactly register as “pain”… so it is possible. Just because we didn’t “feel” the usual pain doesn’t make our birth experiences better, worse, fake, etc… it just makes it our own birth experience and we should all celebrate one another in such a huge accomplishment as giving birth whether it be via C-section, with epidurals, natural, vacuum, induced, etc.

Elle on

Newmon – thumbs up to you mate, you posted exactly what I was thinking! I hope you are enjoying your new motherhood.

Dear hypno birthers, well good for you, but can I repeat what I said in my first post? I am not going to profess that how I gave birth is the only way for everyone – not like a lot of you are doing – nor to say that the people who took more than gas and air to relieve their pain are somehow weaker than me because they lacked sufficient mental control or what have you, which I am afraid you are implying or even out-right saying in some of the posts.

Homebirthers – well, great you did what was right for you, but it just was not right for me. I really wanted to be in hospital, as I said earlier, a home birth would have been distressing for me, not comfortable and secure.

I described my second child’s birth – my first was an emergency c-section because she was a facial presentation, and was at risk of becoming stuck in the birth canal had I tried to deliver her. I can honestly say it was a very relaxed experience, with my husband at my side, and I did not suffer the pain that a lot of women suffer. At the stage the C-section became necessary, I had had no pain – just some discomfort and had thought I was not in labour for most of the time, when in reality I was very nearly fully dilated. It resulted in the safe delivery of my beautiful daughter so I will never regret that experience, nor consider that I failed because I did not push her out of my body. My recovery was very good too. But will I say to everyone, give birth by c-section its great, no, of course I won’t because I am happy to recognise every woman is different.

Ilya on

Wow, that’s wonderful that she felt no pain. I had a meds-free birth also and the contractions were quite painful. However, it was not endless pain like they show on TV shows, the pain comes and goes and you can certainly prepare for it mentally when you sense one of those coming, ouch.. One need not howl like a banshee, all I did was grunt when I pushed, I did not scream or cry, but yes, it was painful.

Terri Hultman, CNM on

Take a survey of women that have had more than one birth. What this story shows that why in the world would any mother that avoids drugs during pregnancy take drugs in labor? Many women are encouraged by medical personnel to be frightened into being manipulated by the threat of pain. I am a homebirth Certified Nurse-Midwife in Missouri. My job is to dispell myths regarding pain from labor vs pain from Cesarean Birth. All moms want what is best for their unborn child. Seriously, if labor is so bad would anyone have a second child? Labor pains hurt but unnecessary epidurals and surgery can harm you and your baby forever, why take that chance….I had a normal birth and then a C/S for fetal distress. When a woman endures the discomfort that is associated with childbirth, she readily becomes a “Mama Bear” in order to protect her young instead of throwing the child in the dumpster. We all need to strive to make mothers good parents by helping them to have an awesome birth, period.

prue on

I don’t understand why women who have had painful births have to deny that there is no chance of a low pain or pain free birth. How selfish is that. You were in pain so you want everyone to have a painful birth and deny that any other way is possible. Everyone told me that having your wisdom teeth extracted was horrible and excruciating and there would be swelling and pain blah blah blah. I had NO pain when i had them extracted. Little swelling and felt awesome. Get a grip and realise that saying birth ‘HAS TO BE PAINFUL’ is your own trauma and not everyone else’s. Totally unfair. Watch some videos on youtube of women having birth without screaming or looking like they need massive doses of painkillers. Are they faking it?

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