Tyrese: Keep Divorce Drama Away From Kids

02/01/2010 at 07:00 PM ET
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When Tyrese Gibson agreed to take on the role of Kyle Williams — a divorced father who finds himself in the middle of a custody battle — in his latest movie Legion, he did so without knowing how closely the storyline would mirror his own life only months later.

“It’s almost like this film predicted that I was gonna go through that. I actually went through it in the movie before I went through it in real life,” he tells Celebrity Baby Blog exclusively while attending the film’s premiere in Hollywood recently.

Hesitant to divulge details surrounding his relationship with ex-wife Norma Gibson — with whom the actor welcomed daughter Shayla Somer, 2 ½ — Tyrese is far less guarded when it comes to insisting fathers step up to the plate.

“At the end of the day, this is what I would say to all fathers: Don’t allow the conflicts between [you and] the mother of your child … to get in the way of your responsibility as a father.”

Urging fellow dads to “be a man” and “be a father,” the 31-year-old says there are no regrets when it comes to his relationship with Norma. “Your responsibility when you coexist and create a child is to be a father — period — because that child is affected by your irresponsibilities if you decide to be irresponsible,” he explains.

Adding that he adores Shayla, Tyrese admits his feelings for Norma run much deeper as a result.

“I still love the mother of my child and that will never change.”

Legion is now in theaters.

— Anya with reporting by Jessica Wedemeyer

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{JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After on

It’s great that he’s able to be mature and keep perspective in his situation. It’s really too bad his marriage didn’t work out, but he sounds like a great father {with an absolutely adorable daughter!}.

Luna on

His daughter is adorable, he’s mature about his divorce, and he seems like a great man. I love this!

Mari on

He’s got it right.

PS: And his daughter is adorable.

Dana on

What a beautiful little girl she is, wow!!!!! Thank you for sharing that, she is a doll.

Liliana on

He seems to be a respectable man and father. That mindset will benefit his daughter tremendously.

Shirese on

What a beauty. Kudos to him for keeping it as far away from the kids as possible.

Kelly C. on

I’m glad Tyrese is a mature adult that choose a positive route to handle his divorce. He definitely puts that aside and pays attention to what’s most important, his beautiful daughter Shayla. More fathers need to be mature like you!!

Princess on

My chids father and I went through something similar and we to realized that it was about our daughter and no one else. When you put aside all the drama and the fight, you find that you have a wonderful child to be there for no matter what. You really touched my heart with this posting, it really hit home for me. We sometimes think we are the only people deal with this and it feels good to know someone else shares your outlook on life.

erin on

God I love this man! lol

Missy West @MsMsWest on

Its such a blessing that he has chosen to step up & be a father to his daughter despite a failed marriage which I’m sure hasn’t been a smooth transition for him or anyone involved. Hopefully the young brothers as well as the old knuckleheads are listening & following his lead. GREAT JOB TY!

sarah on

I think that its great that Tyrese has put the breakup into perspective with regards to his wife and daughter. It takes a real person to own up to their responsibilities. I have been in a situation, at one point in my life, and gone through a breakup. You dont realise how much that it effects the children, it can be so heaartbreaking to see everything fall apart. Tyrese, i have a lot of respect for you!!! Keep holding in there!!!

Beverley on

Real men like Tyrese and Seal need to be talking to the drive by dads of the world like Little Wayne. They could teach him a thing or two about being a father who is there for his kids.

Robin on

Wish all men would think the way he does. Shayla is absolutely gorgeous! I hope to see more pics of her. I would love to see a pic of Norma to see who Shayla favors more but no matter what she is a beauty.

Morgan on

I really wish more men thought that way; my ex included! Good for Tyrese

Lola on

Tyrese is such a great daddy with a wonderful take on an unfortunate situation, love him! Shayla is so gorgeous, not surprising with a dad like that *winkwink*

True on

This posting really hits home for me too, i wish that more father and men can have the same attitude, my ex included, Shayla is a very beautiful gal with a gorgeous daddy!!!!!!!

lu 1 on

Gorgeous gorgeous baby!!!

FC on

I could think of a few men I know personally he could share this info with. I’d only hope it resonate with them enough to do something about their presence in their child’s lives.

gaby on

my goodness what an adorable child she so cute!