Gisele Bündchen: Benjamin Is 'A Little Angel'

02/01/2010 at 06:00 PM ET

Gisele Bündchen may not be getting much sleep since giving birth to her first child, Benjamin, with husband Tom Brady in December — but she doesn’t mind.

“In these first months, the baby breastfeeds twice in two hours or three times in three hours. It is really tiring, but it’s such a special moment that I am enjoying to the maximum,” the supermodel, 29, says in a new interview with Brazil’s Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper. “I have dedicated my days completely to him.”

Gisele, who calls her 8-week-old son “a little angel,” says she’s been changed by becoming a parent. “To be a mother is a magical experience. The whole body is transformed by this,” she says. “It really is the miracle of life. I am really happy!”

She’s already gone back to work, posing for a photoshoot for the Brazilian label Colcci just six weeks after giving birth, but she’s not using a nanny, instead relying on her family to help her.

“My mother [Vania] accompanied me since before Benjamin’s birth,” she says. “She gave me great support. I couldn’t ask God for more support than this.”

The supermodel also reveals that she didn’t take her pregnancy as an excuse to indulge in junk food. “I kept myself in good shape during the whole pregnancy, eating healthily, meditating, and doing exercises,” says Gisele, who did yoga and kung-fu until November. “I put on a little weight, but kept using almost the same clothes, with small adjustments on the stomach.”

Of course keeping fit since the baby arrived has been a challenge. “I still haven’t had time to go back to doing exercise. In the first few months, everything turns around the baby. But little by little you recover your form,” she says. “What helps me is the fact that I didn’t put much weight on, and that I had a natural birth and am breastfeeding.”

— Charlotte Triggs

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ritter on

oh I can’t wait for the comments to roll in! I agree with her, if you make healthy choices, don’t gain a ton, and stick with exercise it is obviously much easier. It also helps to be very tall and have a long torso. Genetics sometimes help too. Breastfeeding usually does. not sure if the natural birth will play a huge part. maybe in spirit?

carnivore on

ohhh god, here come the “i hate celebrities who lie about nannies” comments. . .

Sonya on

ritter -I think she meant natural as opposed to a C-section, or someone like me who had episiotomies, so of course her recuperation time is shorter.

carnivore -why would people think she lied about a nanny? She plainly said that her mother travels with her instead of a nanny.

Anyway, I’m glad to hear about another natural home birth. I’m hoping to do it with my next baby.
And it’s great promotion of another option for Brazilian women (C-sections are over 80% in Brazil).

lina on

she really said she only was with her mother at the moment. And she also said she had the baby in her own bathtube.

lina on

she actually seemed a bit paranoid in her interview about having help. Is like she seems not to trust anyone but her mother with the baby.. it was how it sounded to me.

Reader on

Has his full name been revealed?

Olia on

I dont know but something is wrong with her comments. or rather with the translation! “In these first months, the baby breastfeeds twice in two hours or three times in three hours.” English is not my first language but it doesnt sound correct to me, like it has no sence.
Anyway I think she is right. she is generaly skinny and she was watching what she was eating and doing yoga, etc her body didnt change a lot.

Mary-Helen on

Some people are just blessed to shrink back down to normal size if they didn’t gain alot. With my first I gained 20lbs and walked out in my size 3 jeans. With my second & third, I gained alot more, was overweight from a poor diet while in school and it’s taken longer. I think Gisele always comes off a little haughty, but that might just be her personality. Modelling is a catty business, so chances are she’s used to being on the defensive more than she’s trying to be a snot. Either way, she seems like she would be a loving and devoted mom, especially considering how loving she is to Jack. Love her natural home birth! I had a natural birth with all three of my kids (had an episiotome with my first) and I did recover fairly quickly, so there is alot of truth in the idea that with a natural birth you heal faster, so you can resume your normal activities (ie yoga, etc) faster.

Luciana on

The translation is a little off – she said the baby feeds every two or every three hours.

In Brazil it is FAR more typical to have the mother help out the daughter during the recovery period than to have a nanny, even if you’re rich like Gisele.

In the full interview with the brazilian news show she mentions her mom a few times, how she’s been super helpful and was with her for the delivery. I 100% believe that she does not have a nanny – why would she? She’s at home, her mom is there, and her husband is currently on vacation… why add a nanny to the mix, especially if you’re feeling as good as she seems to be?

mrsh on

I think it’s great that she stayed fit and ate healthy during her pregnancy. I think more women should. It shouldn’t be viewed as an excuse to get lazy and eat whatever you want. I didn’t have any choice about it, because I had gestational diabetes, but I’m glad that I “had” to eat well and exercise. I only gained 20 lbs, and my daughter was a perfectly normal weight. I rebounded very quickly, even though I was unable to breastfeed. I did have a “natural” birth without meds, but had to have an episiotomy, so the recovery period was pretty slow. But, I understand where she’s coming from here.

I also don’t think she is lying about who is or is not helping her during this time. She isn’t saying she’s doing everything herself, but that her mom has been helping her, which seems normal and great! I don’t see why we would assume she has a nanny. That’s just silly.

Thank you, Luciana, for clarifying the breastfeeding comment. I was wondering about that one, just didn’t make sense the way it was translated.

Reader on

funny, I thought the breastfeeding comment was normal. I had such a hard time with bf’ing both times, so I thought maybe she was too. My kids would need to be fed all the time, then I would feed them for the longest time and they’d still need more. Even with lactation consultants I had to supplement. I also had an episiotomy with #1 and recovered normally. with #2 I did not need one and recovered easily as well. I don’t think there is any one formula to birth and recovery and how it will play out. If she has her mom helping her then she probably doesn’t need a nanny. most would hire a nanny or sitter later, not when family is around helping.

lina on

I disagree with the comment that here is more common to have a mother help than the nanny, especially for the rich. but also for many mid class people.. because the salaries are very small and some people even have more than one or two people working in their home.

Yes, the mother presence is very common but usually rich have nannies and some even a profissional nurse.

Jessicad on

I’m curious if she understands more why so many people were shocked when she said those things about feeling like Jack was 100% her own, now that she has given birth. Maybe she’ll be a little more sensitive to Bridget’s feelings now.

For the record I think it’s great that she cares so much about Jack, but I also understood how her comments came off as insensitive.

Elizabeth on

Grandmas are great!

thursday on

Jessicad I agree with you,my thoughts exactly.

Angela on

ritter- It’s perfectly normal to gain 20-25 pounds during pregnancy. I think the baby’s health is the more important then putting on a few extra pounds. Maybe it was the translation but Gisele comes off as been overly concerned with weight. It’s fine to watch your diet but a healthy BABY should be the outcome,not I can still fit my size minus zero jeans.

Me on

Jessicad, I thought the same thing. After all the comments about Jack feeling like 100% her own, there’s no mention of how Jack is with the baby or if he’s even seen the baby.

Lily on

Jessicad, personally, I never thought those comments about Jack were offensive. If they were offensive to Bridget, that’s really too bad.

I know for a fact that if the father of my child were to be with a woman other than me, the most comforting thing I could hear would be that she loved my child as her own. How else could I totally relax when they were all together without me? To know that she was looking out for my baby and loving him just like I do would be all I could ever ask for under such circumstances.

On another note: all the yoga and Kung-fu; Giselle is really inspiring!

CelebBabyLover on

It sounds like Gisele adores Benjamin! Also, I love how she had a home waterbirth (before anyone gets confused, she said that in a different article)! Good for you, Gisele! 🙂

Lauren on

Translation is a little weird. I cant wait to see little benjamin!! that kid will be gorgeous…

Reader on

Jessica, I think her comments about Jack were misunderstood though. She might not sasy things exactly right. I think what she meant was she loves him as though he were her own.

Natasha on

OH my goodness bringing those comments back into here? She has broken english. If you read what she actually said — it sounds like broken english. People who have such an issue with that need to get over themselves. They’re not YOUR family and if she wants to love her stepson that way then so be it. It’s not hurting YOU.

Di on

I was one of those people who had a problem with Gisele’s comments about Bridget Moynahan’s son and thought ther were incredibly offensive, disrespectful and ridiculous and her comments seeem even more ridiculous when viewed in combination with this quote.

All these Gisele supporters want to make excuses for her comments that were obviously in poor taste-English may not be her first language but the gist her comments were absolutely clear.
She said what she said and if people want to bring it up again now or 5 years now so be it.

Gisele made comments that suggested that the giving birth does not matter and that she felt John was just as much as her son as Bridget’s despite not having that experience. Given the fact that she has now experienced giving birth and nursing her very own child, she certainly does not sound so dimissive about the whole process.

TexasGal on

I agree with Jessicad. I was a little put off by her earlier comments. Maybe it will help her be more sensitive in the future about making what could be possible offensive statements to the other mother of her husband’s child. Keep it private!

mrsh on

But what about adoptive parents? Don’t they love their children just as much as if they had birthed them? I can say, I’m no more attached to my daughter because she came out of me. I thought what she said about Jack was sweet. If my child was to ever have a step-parent, I would want them to love her as if she were their own. Why would you want anything less? It shouldn’t be insulting to the birth parent and it certainly shouldn’t diminish what they have between parent and child.

Jenn on

I’m pretty much put off by all of her comments. I was not a fan before and this article doesn’t change my mind. Mabye it is because English isn’t her first language but her comments come across as judgemental and superior. And if I had been Bridget Moynahan, I wouldn’t have been able to take her comments in stride. I would have blown my stack and my ex would have been lucky to ever see MY son again. Especially since they weren’t even married yet when she made the comments.

Shannon on

There’s a big difference between saying, “I love him as if he were my own” and what she said. She said she felt he were her son, 100%. That’s not the exact quote, but it’s what she was saying. I said it then, and I’ll say it now, I would be incedibly upset if someone said that about my kids. I would definitely want a step-parent to love them as much as I do, but certianly not to talk about them as though they don’t already have a mother.

Judgemenot but you will on

For the comments about it’s offensive to Jack’s mom, for her to say I feel like he’s 100% mine, I hope that you guys have happy strong relationships that never break up or end in divorce. Because if they do, and if you have children I can bet my life on it that you would want the new woman/man in your ex partners life to feel the same way about your kids.
My mom is the best, so is my step-mom
My daddy is the best, so it my step-dad
They all love my sisters and I the same and my mom and dad appreciate that my bonus parents love me as If I were there own. they even have a hand in raising my half sister who is nowhere close to being my mothers, but she loves her just as though she is.

For everyone else who feels it’s okay to judge her from a article, I’m sorry when did you sit down and talk with Gisele face to face to get the real story? Go back to college and take a Journalism/PR/media something class. Nothing is ever as it appears. Things are taken out of context everyday! Trust me I work in PR and film it’s never the real story,

Shannon on

“It’s not like because somebody else delivered him, that’s not my child.”

Sorry to bring it back up, but this was the part that really bugged me about her earlier comments. I knew there was something else in there. Pretty much all of her comments rub me the wrong way, but this was about as wrong as it gets. She is almost completely ignoring the fact that he has a mother already, someone who had to go through a pregnancy alone and deal with the tabloid mess and the hurt feelings that came with the situation, then go through the work of bringing him into the world, and who is there and involved and loves her son very much. Gisele completely disregarded that. And I hope that now that she knows waht being a mother is like, she’ll have a little more sensitivity to her stepson’s mother’s feelings in the future.

And there is a big difference between a stepchild who already has parents they live with and love, and an adopted child who has no one else and knows no other parents than the ones they have.

mrsh on

I think it depends on your perspective. I still see nothing wrong with what she said, and I wouldn’t be hurt or offended if I were in Bridget’s shoes.

Reader on

shannon, I don’t think that comment is bad at all. you have to remember English is not her first language, and also think about what questions she was asked. I take it to mean just because he is not her bio kid it doesn’t mean she loves him any less. she could have continued on and said he does have a bio mother who loves him as well. but she didn’t, they were probably on to the next question. Jack is a lucky boy to have this situation, many step parents don’t feel that kind of love. Tom started dating Giselle after he and Bridget broke up, but before Bridget told him she was pregnant. I am sure Bridget had some doing in the getting pregnant too, and I am sure things were already heading toward a break-up when Jack was conceived. Break-ups don’t just happen overnight. I just don’t think Bridget is such a victim in all of this. If I were Bridget I may be a little bitter too, but she got a beautiful little boy out of it, and she can feel relaxed when he is with Tom and Giselle bc she knows they both love him and treat him well. Hopefully Bridget finds a partner like that too.

eb on

mrsh, they don’t take your adoption scenario into consideration because they hate Gisele. Rational people realize that you can have love and feelings for a child that didn’t come from your womb. Most rational people realize that words shouldn’t be taken literally, especially in celebrity interviews, and that you cannot get context from Googling “Gisele Bundchen”, reading interviews for clues and then concluding that she’s trying to claim Bridget Moynahan’s son as her own.

You know how that goes. But then they love Angelina Jolie and Heidi Klum here and have no problems with their previous failed relationships and various adoption scenarios here where the parents claim and love the kids as their own. That’s how it is here.

Jessicad on

Adopted kids are a different topic and not really related to this post. Jack’s mother is alive and well, and taking care of him, and I think when Giselle said that the two hadn’t even met. I truly don’t think ANY mom would be comfortable with what Giselle said. like I said its great that she cares so much about her stepson, it was insensitive in my opinion though, and now that she has actually has a son who is “100% her own” I wonder if she feels differently.

I also don’t see a problem with bringing her comments back, since her giving birth is what reminded of them in the first place, and when any other celebrity has done something in the past it gets brought up ALL the time.

Cat on

Ladies, why all the talk about “broken” English? I KNOW Gisele has an accent, I’ve heard her speak, but you DO realize that in this case, in this article above, she’s speaking her NATIVE language, so whatever we are reading from it, is a translation, NOT her own words?!?!

I did read the extended article about her not feeling an ounce of pain during birth, etc, and overall, this woman seems to want to give off a public image of perfection. I am not saying her birth wasnt easy, but between the posts regarding her immense love for this and that, her practicing kung-fu, her life being perfect, etc., it’s a bit much. Everyone has problems at some point, but I highly doubt we would ever hear that stuff from her…I guess she’s her own best publicist 🙂

Sarah K. on

Jenn, I found your comment a little disturbing to be quite honest. Jack isn’t just Bridget’s whether or not she and Tom were married. It takes TWO people to conceive a child. No parent has the right to keep the other parent from seeing their child because the step-parent loves the kid. That is ridiculous, selfish, and illegal. Ripping a child away from one parent because you feel as though you are entitled or your ego got bruised is bad parenting to say the least. Clearly, Bridget was able to see that it was in Jack’s best interest to have both of his parents. She and Tom obviously have their priorities straight.

Shannon, while you partially quoted Gisele, you left out the part that said “I respect Bridget’s role as his mother…I wouldn’t want to come between that because they will always be mother and child” (paraphrased).

How convenient that people only take the quotes that sound controversial and leave out the rest. And, now those same people are criticizing her for not mentioning Jack here. She can’t win.

mrsh, I agree! Adoptive mothers love their kids just as much even though they didn’t give birth to them. Children can’t have too much love.

Shannon on

Sarah, I’ve never read anywhere that she went on and said anything about respecting Bridget. I don’t spend my time googling celebs just so I can take all of their quotes out of context. I was going simply on how I had seen the quote printed out on the couple sites I read it on. So I’m sorry I didn’t see that part. I wasn’t trying to only include the controversial parts of the quote, I just didn’t read the entire interview. Regardless I still think it was insensitive to say what she did.

And yes, a person can absolutely love their adopted child as much as a biological child. And a step-parent can absolutely love a step-child as much as their own. However, those are 2 very different scenarios, as I pointed out above, so I don’t see why people are bringing up adoption here.

Shannon on

Judgemenot, I am a child of divorce. I have 3 children and I myself am divorced. I know that my stepfather loves me as much as he would his own kids. He has never once referred to me as his step-daughter, I am simply his daughter. He has been a wonderful person in my life, and I love him as much as I love my own father. I would definitely not be comfortable if my XH married someone who didn’t love and care for my children as much as I do. They deserve to have all of thier parent figures love them this much. My XH is also involved in my youngest child’s life, even though he’s not her dad, but he loves her just the same as he loves the 2 children we had together. Don’t be so quick to judge people you don’t know anything about. I have no problem with mixed families, and truly believe that the kids always deserve to have everyone love them like their own.

mrsh on

The reason I mentioned adoption was because of Di’s comment: “Gisele made comments that suggested that the giving birth does not matter and that she felt John was just as much as her son as Bridget’s despite not having that experience. Given the fact that she has now experienced giving birth and nursing her very own child, she certainly does not sound so dimissive about the whole process.”

That particular comment makes it sound like a woman has to give birth to (and nurse, apparently) a child to have a claim on them and to really “understand” what it is to be a mother. That’s why I brought it up. Di made it relevant in my opinion.

Judgemenot but you will on

@Shannon That’s exactly what I meant to say. I believe love is love and everyone would knock her if she never spoke of Jack as if he didn’t exist. I’m not judging her, i’m happy and wish more blended families would be like mine and yours. We are blessed.

Hea on

Where did all the comments go..? Oh well…

“Adopted kids are a different topic and not really related to this post.”

Actually, it kinda is. Welcoming a child into your family on a permanent basis means to learn to love that child as a parent.

Lauren on

“And if I had been Bridget Moynahan, I wouldn’t have been able to take her comments in stride. I would have blown my stack and my ex would have been lucky to ever see MY son again.”

And if you were Bridget Moynahan and I was Tom Brady, I’d drag your behind into court for deliberatly keeping MY son from me so you can nurse a bruised ego. Thankfully for everyone, you are not Bridget Moynahan and the real Bridget is mature enough to keep her problems amongst adults without letting them affect her son and his father, stepmother, and brother’s influence on his life.

brannon on

I still don’t understand the hatred for those comments – I thought they were sweet. My mom/step-mom both lay claim to me – as do my dad/step-dad and if either of them ever said they didn’t consider me 100% theirs…that would be insulting. Same for my son…if he had a step-parent I would hope they loved him as if he were their own. This should make MORE sense now that she has had a child…when Jack is with them do you guys want him not to feel 100% part of the family or like Benjamin is more important? Weird.

annie on

Actually to have a healthy pregnancy you should just gain 20 pounds, that way the baby is very healthy and not TOO big which can cause problems at birth or end up being born via C-section. She sounds like she take care of herself during the special period that is the pregnancy, being very healthy, not like other women who take the opportunity to just eat whatever they want and just get fat.

MiB on

If I were ever to have a child who had a step mother I would love for her to feel as if it was her own child the same way I would want my “next” spouse to do so. It would make me feel better to know that my child is loved by everyone in his/her fathers household too. Besides, I know from my own experience that even though step parents may divorce the biological parents of a child, it doesn’t mean they will sever all ties to the child, especially not if they have a good bond or if the child has siblings. But of course, I strongly believe that the more people that love a child, the better.

Angela on

Annie- Actually to have a healthy pregnancy you should just gain 20 pounds(Most Doctors say 25-35 pounds)but there are a variety of reasons women need a c-section not pertaining to weight.
To each their own.

Jessicad on

I understand that adopted kids are loved the same and the moms feel they are 100% theirs, and I don’t think you have to birth a child to feel that way, but Jack is not adopted and I’m just trying to stick with the facts relating to this situation. Her comments would’ve been taken completely different to me if his birth mother was not around and he was adopted, but he’s not.

mrsh on

I think we should all just agree that some people think what she said was inappropriate and others don’t. Neither side is going to persuade the other, and we’ve all made our points clear. Well done to us all. Now, I’m done with this post and I’ll see you ladies on the next one 🙂

Jessicad on

Sounds good! 🙂