Freddie Prinze Jr.: Diaper Changing Champion

02/01/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Claire Greenway/Getty

He may be racing against the clock as Cole Ortiz on this season of 24, but during a visit to Rachael Ray, actor Freddie Prinze Jr. reveals that the timer doesn’t stop once he leaves the set.

First-time father to daughter Charlotte Grace, 4 months, Freddie is officially on diaper duty, and boasts he can “change a diaper with the best of them.” Noting that men have to keep things competitive — even on the changing table! — the actor claims his best time to date is less than 40 seconds.

“Guys know, we time it!” he laughs.

“We’re like, ‘Oh, you want us to do it? How fast do you do it in?’ Girls are like, ‘Uhh, I don’t know.’ Guys are like, ‘Forty-six seconds!'”

And while wife Sarah Michelle may not share Freddie’s excitement over his personal record, both are completely smitten with baby girl. “We’ve been really lucky,” the proud papa, 33, raves. “She’s a sleepy baby. She sleeps, she eats, she laughs — she’s great!”

24 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on FOX.

Source: Rachael Ray

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ecl on

Bah! Diaper changing at that age is a cinch! Just wait until she’s on the move. Then they become impossible. I can barely get my 10 month old changed at all, let alone without him getting one of his feet in poop!

JM on

ecl, i know exactly what you mean, especially when they start to learn that they can turn themselves over in mid-change. what often helps i have found is to bring a little toy with me, or when they’re a bit older a picture book. used to work on my kids almost every time, they’d lie there distracted and i could quickly change them. try it out, might help….

mom*of*2 on

thats funny you say that about your 10 mo. old. my daughter is almost 11 mo. old and juss got poop all over herself and the floor because she flipped over while i was reaching for the diaper.

Julia on

my sister is 13 months and she lies still if I sing or even just talk to her. If you keep them distracted it can be very easy.

sazzy on

my nephew is 3 and he HATES having his nappy changed, but if u just give him somthing to play with hes easily distracted and its done within seconds.. nothing to brag about lol

sazzy on

*nephew is 1 sorry

Reader on

ecl, my babies went through 3 week stages where they absolutely would not tolerate diaper changes. basically had to hold them down with everything you could. distractions did not work! so glad those phases are over. it was right around 10mo old or so

Natasha on

I was gonna say sazzy… if he hates it he should just get out of them! 😉 haha but now I see that you said he’s one!

ecl on

The toy distraction worked for the last month, but now nothing works. It’s always a battle!

Colleen on

She is a cute little baby! I was hoping for a picture and there was in the video!

Bancie1031 on

Awe! She definitely is a cutie! I love Freddie and Sarah so I’m so happy they finally decided to start a family and wow do they have a gorgeous daughter 😀
I think it’s great that Freddie changes diapers but I have to admit that I agree with everyone else …. it’s easy at 4 months …. wait until she learns to turn over and starts crawling off in another words when she doesn’t just lay there and LET you change her lol 😛
Hope we get to see a updated picture of her soon, I bet that she’s gotten so BIG!

Ily on

Wait till they poo in public try to find a changing table!!! No changing table see how much toilet sheets you put all over the floor to get it done and if he gets really good he can do it on the car seat. HA! changing diapers now is easy…

Lily on

I’m sure he’s an awesome Dad. =)

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