Frannie and Frankie Enjoy a Park Playdate!

02/01/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

Celebrity baby playdate!

Francesca Nora Bateman, 3, and Frances Pen Benioff, 3 this month, hitched a ride on the same toy while on playdate at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Saturday.

Joining Frannie and Frankie were their mothers, Amanda Anka — wife of Jason Bateman — and Amanda Peet, who is pregnant with her second child, reportedly another girl!

See a photo of Frankie giving expectant mom Amanda an Eskimo kiss below!


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bren on

So sweet!

CTBmom on

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!! Love it =)

shirese on

They are too cute!

Lia on

So adorable!

kelsey on

Frannie just steals my heart! I love those curls, she’s going to be such a heartbreaker!

skipsie on


emilyheskettphotography on

how cute!

Forever Moore on

This is such a great picture…Frannie looks just like Jason and I love Frankie’s little pageboy!

chrissy on

Frannie & Frankie, their mums Amanda & Amanda 🙂 This is just too cute to be true, are you sure you’re not making it up? *wink* ;)I love how mummy and Frankie’s stripes match ❤

bungalowbliss on

What adorable little girls!!

Lauren on

I know everyone fawns over Frannie, and she’s cute for sure. But Frankie is hands down one of the most adorable little girls I’ve ever seen. Oh my God is she gorgeous. Any little girl who can look that cute with the obligatry Dorothy Hamil haircut has it goin’ on.

stedine on

That Frankie is soooo adorable!!!! OMG. I love her haircut, I wish Suri would go back to that haircut

Annie on

Ohmygosh! Those are two of the most adorable little girls EVER! They’re still a lil’ round with baby fat. So precious. They seem to start to lean out around 4 and lose the baby fat a little, scary how fast they grow.

Sonya on

They are adorable!

I really hope Amanda and Jason have another baby too.

mrsh on


sat on

adorable adventurers-in-training! just adorable!

Mallory on

SO CUTE! And it makes me laugh that two Amandas named their daughters Francesca and Frances, Frannie and Frankie. 🙂

Names4Real on

Frannie and Frankie sounds like the title of a sitcom.:)

Alice on

Cute girls and cute nicknames, althought doesn’t it seem like Frankie would be a nickname for Francesca and Franny a nickname for Frances?

We had neighbors when I was a kid named Penny and Francy (rhymes with fancy) which were nicknames for Penelope and Frances and I always thought those were cute names.

crimpe on

They are just all kinds of cute. And @ Alice, my grandmother’s name is Frances and she goes by Frani. I prefer Frankie…and for Francesca I think Frenchie would be awesome. And yeah, Penny and Francy are adorable nicknames!

sad on

Francesca is such a beautiful child! Every picture I’ve seen of her, she is so adorable!

cecily on

I love Frankie’s little haircut. She looks like a doll.

selene on

They are just gorgeous.
They remind me of me and my best friend when we were that age, every single picture just pure joy on our faces.

Erin on

I know it’s a paparazzi picture, but I hope Amanda squared frame that picture ASAP! Adorable. Selene, I love what you said! You can be happy throughout life, but only a small child radiates pure joy day after day as the world gets more crazy around them! If only we could stay so innocent!

Nella on

Beautiful little girls!! This picture melts my heart, pure joy 🙂

Reader on

Frankie is so cute and looks so much like her mom. Frannie is cute as well, I see a lot of both of her parents in her. I love the pics, I love that Amanda Peet is wearing comfy sweats with her top. I wonder if they were friends before and sort of discussed names first?

Melanie on

How cute would it be if they grew up to be just the best of buds?! They sure look like they are well on their way!

Tina. on

thats so cute! Frannie and Frankie! lol 🙂

Jane on

The first picture is so adorable. It’s cute how much Francesca looks like her Dad.

TracyG on

They are both adorable girls! Love Frankie’s haircut too! Frannie looks just like Justine Bateman IMO. I think it’s also too cute that both Mom’s are Amanda and both kids are the essentially the same name just different versions! LOVE IT!

fuzibuni on

i second what every one else said… adorbable!

and I love love love the girls clothes! especially francesca’s lavendar pants and floral top. so cute.

h on

i think that Frankie has the “Dora” hair cut. Many children have it too or used to have it( Leni Samuel, Sam Woods…)i hear it’s quite popular!

Luna on

How cute is that? I know a Francesca who goes by Frannie and one who goes by Frankie. Then I know a Frances who goes by Frannie and one who goes by Frankie. Personally I’m not crazy about either names but they are too cute for words.

Sophia on

Those two are honestly the cutest little friends I’ve ever seen. Frannie’s gorgeous curls and floral dress, Frankie’s cute bob and dress and adorable faces, what’s not to love!? Both photos are just too, too sweet 🙂

Maureen on

They’re both cute little girls! They look so happy. Anyway Frances reminds me of Suri on the 2nd pic with that haircut lol. Cute!!

FC on

Cuteness overload! I don’t think I need to say more… 🙂

Melitabella on

ADORABLE! What cutie pies…mom Amanda too.

Natalie on

Francesca has the name Frances in it and they’re mothers have the same names! Coincidence!! Heehee, so cute!

Alex on

Moms & the kids have practically the same names!

Whitney on

I love the whole Frankie and Frannie BFF thing -it’s like a Hollywood movie!