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02/01/2010 at 12:00 PM ET

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Erika on

I’m so glad Josie is doing well! I would never do what the Duggar’s do, but they seem like nice people, and I respect their beliefs and lifestyle choices. Also Josie is such a beautiful litle miracle and I cried watching the special. I think everyone- whether they like the Duggars or not- should wish the best for that little baby.

I don’t understand why people hate them so much, they are self sufficient and not living off of our taxes, so nobody should judge.

XOXO12 on

I too cried yesterday when I saw the Duggar special…little Josie is so so tiny, and Michelle and Jim Bob looked so sad it broke my heart. I also love how they are so organized I only have one and I am a mess sometimes…lol

Even though it is none of my business, I really do hope little Josie is their last child…I mean Michelle is older and her body has gone through so many pregnancies, she has all those other children to think about.

Praying for Josie to get 100% better soon 🙂

mrsh on

It’s amazing to hear what that little baby has gone through already! I couldn’t imagine being in Jim Bob and Michelle’s shoes right now. It must be a very scary time for the whole family.

Erika on

I agree XOXO12 that this should be the last, because I don’t think having more will be healthy. I won’t be upset or anything if they have more, but I feel if that were me, that would be the healthiest and safest decision. But who knows maybe she will have more healthy pregnancies?

And I forgot to add, isn’t amazing how different and how much bigger she looks now in only a month? That’s what I was thinking when I read the magazine then saw the special, she looks SO much bigger even though she’s still tiny. She looks more like a baby.

Mandy on

Well, Michelle and Jim Bob do not believe in birth control so I am not sure if Josie will be the last.

So happy to see her thriving. She has so many people praying for her.

I missed the special but I will watch it tomorrow when they replay it. I have seen the TLC clips and can’t believe how tiny she was. Like a little doll.

My sisters were 9 weeks premature (triplets) and 3 pounds each and I thought they were tiny but wow.

jke on

The special last night was truly touching. When all of the Duggar children came to the hospital to meet their new sister, there was a mix of emotions but Jim Bob explained all of his children that “Little Josie is beautiful and perfect in every way.” They just seem like such a nice family. I wish them all the best!

Rachel on

So glad to hear that little Josie is doing well. I truly hope that she can have a completely normal childhood and life with no implications from being born early.

I too watched the special last night and seeing a baby that tiny just made me thank God for the advancments in modern medicine. I was slightly baffled by the response of the older children in the family (it was strange to see 17, 18, 19 year olds being excited that a sister was born at 1 lb…) but I do think it was more shock than anything else. I mean none of them were expecting that at all. And then when they all went in to meet baby Josie, it was as if they were all totally unprepared for what they were going to see. But who wouldn’t be. Seeing a baby that size if you’ve never seen one before can only be shocking.

My continued prayers with the family!

Dee on

Well I certainly wish all the best for their little girl and hope that she will continue to grow strong and healthy so she can be home w/ her family.

They seem like a loving bunch and I respect the way they live their lives but I really do hope that Jim Bob and Michelle really think about whether or not she should continue having babies.

I know they love their kids but I think there comes a time when you just want to relax and let your body heal and spend time with the kids you have and just appreciate them before bringing another one into the world.

After awhile it seems like the older kids end up raising the little ones and thats not fair. But who am I to judge them?

I just pray their daughter gets better!!!