Anne-Marie Duff: Pretty in Pink

01/29/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

Gero Breloer/AP

Anne-Marie Duff, who recently announced that she’s expecting her first child with her husband, Atonement star James McAvoy, kept her bump under wraps in a loose-fitting pink dress at the Berlin premiere of The Last Station, in which both star.

No word on when Anne-Marie, 39, is due, but James, 30, opened up about the sex of the baby, saying, “Don’t know, don’t care!”

The Last Station is now playing in NYC and LA.

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Heiden on

Wow, he looks much younger than 30…I thought he was standing next to his mother!

pia on

anne-marie is glowing!
mr. mcavoy has a slightly unfortunate manner tho, eh?

Belle on

Ahhh, I think they’re such a lovely, down-to-Earth couple who will make wonderful parents. Wish them all the luck in the world at this exciting time.

sam on

macavoy looks not older than 18 and she looks exactly her age. i agree with heiden

Kaisa on

What’s with everyone saying how young he looks and that she looks like his mother? They have an age gap of nine years, yes, but I don’t think she could be taken for his mother. They look pretty much the same age to me and the age gap is really beside the point. What matters is that they’re having a child and that they’re happy together. Everything else is irrelevant.

Philippa on

One thing’s for sure: that’s going to be one gorgeous baby!

torgster on

I’m trying to figure out who she is, as have never heard of her. Is she an actress?

noam on

torgster: yes, she’s an actress. she’s probably most known for the bbc show shameless (it’s where they met) and she’s in the new john lennon film, lost boy (i think) is the title of it. she’s not really known outside of britain, i don’t think…

April on

Torgster she is an actress yes, but he’s the one who is famous in the States. He was in Atonement to much acclaim and also Wanted with Angelina Jolie and a few other films.

nettrice on

I absolutely loved Anne-Marie in The Magdalene Sisters film. Congrats to the both of them!

ella on

LOVE LOVE LOVE him. God bless. xoxo

Tom on

I wish I could get my hair to grow like James’ but it’s too curly. Grrr.

Gina on

I have to say that pregnancy really agrees with Anne-Marie Duff… she looks GORGEOUS!! Maybe I’ve only seen her in roles where she is required to look more “plain”. Congrats to the couple!

Clair on

torgster, she was in the channel 4 series ‘shameless’ don’t know whether it is shown in the US, or what channel it’s on if it is indeed shown in the US. I am so happy for them, they make a cute couple.

Tracie on

She is an acclaimed stage and screen actress in the UK. She can be seen in the film ‘Nowhere Boy’, based on the life on John Lennon, which has just been released in the UK. I think the comments on this page have been quite mean and unnecessary. He definitely looks his age. Congratulations to them both.

Sophia on

Anne-Marie is gorgeous, and I loved her in ‘Is Anybody There’.
Unfortunately James’ hairstyle makes him look like a try-hard teenager.

Ali on

Not that it’s any of our business, but in my opinion, a lot of guys tend to look younger than their wives/girlfriends (especially since many women look a tad older when they’re made up for formal events). As much as I love wearing make-up, I think I look a lot older than my husband when I wear it, even though he’s actually 11 days older than me). Fortunately for them, he & many other men have baby faces & age well. Regardless, I think they look great & congrats to them!

Emma on

So great to hear about this, I’m so happy for them both. They are both brilliant actors, and Anne-Marie does not get half the acclaim she deserves- she can take really dark roles and make you believe her. They are so refreshing as a couple, despite their jobs, you never see them stumbling out of clubs or bars drunk, and they seem to keep themselves to themselves. For the people who want to see them in the show which put them on the map in the U.K (and allowed them to meet), go on to 40D (just google it) and type in Shameless. If that doesn’t work, try Surfthechannel (again, just google it)!!

SRT on

oh they’re fantastic and she looks beautiful. love both of them and wish them both all joy!