Heidi Klum Takes On a New Role: Tooth Fairy

01/27/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
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She’s a model, TV host, producer and a fashion designer, but Heidi Klum has taken on a new role: tooth fairy! With daughter Leni, 5 ½, having recently lost a tooth, the native of Germany — who never experienced the tradition herself as a child — was excited to play the part. However, she realized that she knew less about the job than she thought.

“I didn’t know because I didn’t have the tooth fairy and I wasn’t going to call anyone and say, ‘How much do you put under the pillow?'” she confesses during a recent appearance on The Jay Leno Show.

“So we put a $20 bill. I just heard that was a lot. What am I doing? I don’t know! I did too much.”

The high rate is for good reason; Heidi believes Leni wouldn’t have been as impressed with anything less. “She finds money all the time, that kid has her eyes on the floor,” she says. “When we’re in New York for six weeks to shoot the show, she’s always on the floor looking. She finds pennies and dimes so I don’t know if that would have cut it.”

Willing to go the extra mile for her kids, Heidi did not disappoint when Leni begged to catch a glimpse of the tooth fairy.

“She said, ‘Oh, I can’t fall asleep because I want to meet the tooth fairy,'” Heidi recalls, showing the talk show host a photo of the back of her head swathed in fabric and topped with a tiara.

“I said, ‘Don’t worry, papa and mama, we’re going to wait in the closet and when she comes we’re going to take a photo of her. So as soon as she was sleeping I put this thing over my head and I put this tiara on. Then we put the money [under her pillow] and took the photo.”

With Jay quick to point out that at Heidi’s current rate, she may have a few more takers in the house when it comes to losing teeth, the model reveals 4-year-old Henry has already alluded to the idea!

“Henry was already saying, ‘Ohhh, if I pull out…” she admits, while counting her teeth.

Click below to see what Heidi finds “annoying” about nursing.

Maintaining her stance that she and her husband Seal‘s family is complete with the new addition of baby Lou Sulola, 3 months, Heidi’s plan has worked out perfectly.

“We were hoping that we were going to have another girl so now we have two girls and two boys,” she says.

As a nursing mom, Heidi explains that choosing the perfect outfit while promoting the new season of Project Runway takes skill — and a bit of last-minute adjusting!

“I was very lopsided before, one breast is always making more milk than the other side,” she laughs. “It’s annoying!”

The seventh season of Project Runway airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

Heidi and Seal are also parents to 3-year-old Johan.

Source: The Jay Leno Show

– Anya

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acmommy on

I love Heidi! She is so sweet and innocent but so strong and fierce at the same time!

g!na on

WOW! 20 dollars for a tooth! lol. my daughter got 1 dollar a tooth and she spent it at the dollar tree! Heidi can afford the 20 dollar rate but i’m a single mother and i can’t. My daughter was appreciative with her dollar! When i was growing up we got a quarter :) times have changed! lol.

Angel on

This woman annoys me. I wonder how many $20 bills she put under her kid’s pillow? Sounds like a little bragging to me. I guess it wouldn’t bother me so much but I have heard too much news today about people losing their jobs and their homes and not having the money to buy prescriptions or pay for medical insurance after working all their lives. Then to come here and read about a 5-year-old getting so much money for doing nothing but losing a tooth just makes me angry. These celebrities are SO out of touch with reality. And I don’t buy her story that she didn’t know how much the tooth fairy generally leaves. Okay, off my soapbox now and quietly moving over for the Heidi lovers to have their say.

JMO on

okay I want Heidi and Seal to adopt me! First they give their kids $20 for a tooth and then they actually dress up and take a picture of the “tooth fairy”! Hilarious! Beats the 25 cents I used to get (if the tooth fairy even remembered to show up)!

JMO on

Angel, $20 to Heidi and Seal is equivalent to a $1.00 for us average americans!! They are not out of touch with reality they just live a different life then most and who are we to knock them for it! I see nothing wrong with what they choose to give Leni. Sure now she’s going to expect that much each time but maybe they’re also teaching her about saving her money and using it towards something she really wants instead of them personally just going out and buying it for her for no reason!

Tiffany on

The only time I ever got $20 for a tooth was because the tooth fairy forgot me one night so to make up for it, I got the $20 and a note ;)The tooth fairy was very careful not to forget my teeth in the future!

Devon on

Angel, celebrities and the wealthy aren’t out of touch with reality, they just live in a different reality than most of us. It’s not that they’re wrong and we’re right, we live in 2 very different worlds and we are not going to relate when it comes to certain things like money. It really irritates me when people complain about a celebrity talking about their life and calling it “bragging” or “rubbing it in.” They are talking about their life and it is going to be different than ours. Heidi and Seal work hard for their money and they’ve got every right to spend it how they want to. Instead of being jealous of it, which it (not necessarily Angel) comes across as, just take the anecdotal comment for what it’s worth…a cute story of her playing tooth fairy and giving her daughter, which she now knows, is a little bit more than what the norm is.

I thought it was a cute story! If she didn’t know how much to give then it’s not surprising that she gave her $20. When my brother and I lost our teeth we received 50 cent pieces. Come to think of it, I hope my Mum still has these!

Janna on

Just to be clear: $20 to her is NOT like $1 to an “average” American. Heidi Klum made about $16,000,000 last year. The average American made about $40,000.

$20 to her is more like 1 *CENT* to an “average” American.

Janna on

Oh, and I think she’s hysterically funny and just seems to ENJOY motherhood!

Micheley on

I think $20.00 is a little much. But they make a ridiculous amount more than I do, so I think when your making more its okay to give a little more. I don’t think its that big of deal.

M on

Money aside, Heidi and Seal seem to be wonderful parents. Taking a picture is a fun way to make this milestone even more special. I will always remember an early Easter where my parents left a jelly bean trail in the hallway. Silly but fun.

Brandi on

The story is funny because of her lack of knowledge about the tooth fairy because she’s German. Now she knows that she gave way too much for one tooth. It’s not that serious, somehow the humor always seems to get lost when I read the comments.

Kate on

I don’t think its that big of a deal. I think Sean P Diddy Puffy Combs (or whatever his name is) giving his 16 year old a car worth $360,000.00 is a bigger deal. The car thing bugs me, the $20 per tooth, not so much. She seems like a fun caring mom and the family seems to be having a great time. Good for them.

Mina on

@commenter 13, Kate: I agree! Those super sweet 16s are RIDICULOUS!! I’m 23 & I think that. For my Sweet 16, my dad rented a limo & I took 2 of my best friends, mom & grandma to dinner & a play. $20 for a tooth is no big deal but I do realize not every parent can spare it. When I got $4 for my tooth, I was excited & got snacks at school.

I wish the tooth fairy were here. When I had my wisdom teeth removed, I wanted something for my pain & trouble. XD

J.D. on

Considering it’s Heidi Klum, I don’t think 20 dollars is excessive. In fact, I think I got 5 dollars for one of my teeth and we were far from rich. As much money as Heidi Klum makes, she could give her kids hundred dollar bills from the Tooth Fairy and it wouldn’t be that big a deal.

Stella Bella on

Such a cute story!

Electra on

I don’t think its relative to how much she makes, but to how much money a small child should have. Even if I was a millionaire I don’ think I would give my 5 or 6 year old daughter 20bucks per tooth. I don’t think that makes heidi out of touch with reality, its just difference of opinion.

Reader on

While I wouldn’t leave $20, I don’t really care that Heidi did. It’s their/her money that they’ve earned, and they can do with it what they want. Maybe the tooth fairy will always leave that at their house, maybe it will be more random. Even with this economoy it is still their choice and money. They seem to be pretty involved parents. I like that.

Erika on

If they can afford it why not? And Leni probably got a kick out of it. Besides, I knew a girl who got $100 for her first tooth, then $20 for every additional one. They had a lot money, and weren’t living off of welfare, so why not? I got like $5 for every tooth, and I thought that I had a generous tooth fairly lol…

On another note I can’t believe Lou is 3 months old already!

actualsize on

Reminds me of the Full House episode where the tooth fairy accidentally gives Steph a $20 bill fumbling around in his wallet in the dark. Very funny! I bet Heidi wouldn’t have given that much if she knew what the norm was. At least she can laugh about it.

Solène on

I don’t think that’s excessive since Heidi and Seal are so rich. Here in France, we don’t have the Tooth fairy, we have “la petite souris” (the little mouse). She used to give me 10 francs (1.5 €) and a little gift, so you can guess I didn’t belong to the same world as Leni. Suri’s 5000$ birthday cake is way more ridiculous in my opinion!

Angela on

I agree with some of the PPs. I don’t know what they do in Germany but she started out by saying she didn’t know how much to give. $20 hardly seems exorbitant, especially with all of the money they make. It’s not like they’re giving $1000 per tooth. They’re also not buying their 16-year-old a Maybach or Bentley. And don’t get me started on some of those parents on MTV’s “My Sweet 16″ blowing a million bucks on a teen party.

Jessica on

I am no where near the wealth of Heidi Klum, but we have given in the $20 range for all of my daughters teeth. That’s not bragging – it is what it is. Likely it was the only money I had on me as I remembered last minute – and once the bar is set…

JMO on

$1.00, 1 cent…the point was that her money is not the same as what the rest of us make therefore her giving Leni that much money to her is nothing compared to what it would be for us.

Colleen on

Leni is 5 and a half. While she is probably learning about money and math, and may have made a few purchases of her own, I doubt she gets what $20 really is. My kids know what $20 means and that you can buy a babydoll with it, but they also don’t know how many candy bars would cost $20. $20 does not really have a meaning for young children as it does for adults.

momof4 on

As Electra stated, it’s not how much money the parent makes that is relevant but how much should a small child be given for losing a tooth. I realize that every parent can choose their own amount but $20 seems excessive and is teaching the child that $20 for a tooth is “normal”.

We live very comfortably and can afford $20 per tooth, as well, but I would never give that much because I don’t want my children to lose touch with reality and what value things should be given. A couple $1 bills per tooth or even $5 for an older child is the norm around here because I feel that giving more just encourages losing the value of money. There are so many families that for $20 could feed them for dinner and I don’t want my children to grow up thinking $20 is not worth much and given freely by the tooth fairy. I guess I’m thinking ahead and want to impart them with respect for money and what $20 can actually buy for many people.

Benigna Marko on

I remember a dear friends of mine teaching her child the meaning of money and how expensive things were. She always said, two hundress ninety nine, when something was wroth $2.99. That really always hit home.
Benigna Marko

alli on

JEEEEZ i swear some people post without even reading the darn story.

It CLEARLY stated how this is her first child to lose a tooth and how she wasn’t accustomed to the tradition as a child. People give gifts worth 20 bucks or more for Christmas and b-days, and she may have assumed that rewarding lost teeth fell in the same realm.

Whew rant over :)

{JeLisa} on


That Leni’s got it gooooooooood!

alice jane on

Something tells me Leni is going to be just fine, even though Heidi gave her (gasp!) 20 dollars.

They seem like a really lovely family, I love reading these interviews about them.

Mrs. R. on

I think her comment about her boobs being lopsided is AWESOME!
Next time my husband gets a smile on his face with the victoria secret catalog arrives, I’ll be sure to show this to him!

sat on

Maybe the fact that she was willing to err on the side of giving more, rather than less, is part of the reason why she is a wealthy woman…

CelebBabyLover on

Devon- My brother and I also got 50 cent pieces from the tooth fairy for lost teeth. Because I have a small mouth, I had to have several teeth pulled during my childhood (my mouth was simply not big enough for all my teeth!), and the tooth fairy did pay extra (about 1 or 2 dollars instead of a 50 cent piece) for those (due to all the pain and such involved with getting teeth pulled). :)

Sophie on

@ Brandi:

We do have a tooth fairy in Germany as well… It’s called ‘Zahnfee’ and means exactly the same.

denise on

how is a native german supposed to know how much a tooth fairy brings?? I’m not such a fan of heidi klum’s but as far as I’ve read stuff about her she (and seal) seem to be great and caring parents.
and in my opinion 20 $ is not that much…
as heidi says, leni collects money in the street so obviously money DOES have a value for her and maybe leni likes to save and has a piggybank?

jen on

CelebBabyLover – I have a tiny mouth too, so the toothfairy left me extra when I had 4 teeth pulled at once! It sure made me feel special while recovering from the horrible procedure. And since the pain was quite obvious, I don’t think my brother was too jealous of the increase. :)

Lis on

I really do love this family, but yeah…this story pretty much proves how out of touch with reality celebs are! $20 a tooth! For a five year old! Goodness gracious!

Reader on

momof4, maybe they will have them put this money in a bank account to be saved for later. maybe they will be able to pick out 1 toy and save the rest. who knows. it seems these kids are loved and cared for with involved parents, and I bet they will be fine. they will probably always be wealthy, and maybe they will end up quite generous.

jessicamom#3 on

What Heidi and Seal do with their money is their business. All the judgemental crap I read on here seems more like jealous to me. I give my kids $10 for each of the first for teeth lost and then each subsequent tooth gets $5. Heck I did give my son $20 for one tooth because he had to have it pulled at the dentist. He also got a gift when we left the dentist. IMO, if you work for your money (and most celebs do work their butts off) you have the right to do what you want with it. The judgemental crap I read on here is ridiclous…people need to quit being so judgemental…or should I say “jealous”?!?!

Rebecca on

The first tooth is a big deal! When my 4 year old lost her first tooth this past fall I was in denial for awhile. I asked her what the tooth fairy might bring her, and she said she would ask for a necklace (I said sometimes the tooth fairy does requests for the first tooth). I hunted down a fairy necklace while she was at school and found one at Claire’s on clearance for $3, it had “diamonds” on the wings. I also made her a tooth fairy pillow (she picked out the fabric she wanted, and the beaded trim) with a pocket for her to put the tooth in because she’s a wild sleeper. She was SO excited by the necklace, and was equally excited the next two times when she got $1. (The second tooth made her worry because she lost it at a birthday party and we couldn’t find it! We wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy explaining what happened, and the Tooth Fairy wrote a note back to her, she was so thrilled!)

Anyway, people told me it was ridiculous to spend “that much” on a necklace when they saw it (not knowing it was only $3 and the fabric and trim for the pillow cost $10 and I made a grand total of 4, sharing the rest with friends.) It really made me mad that people would judge me for spending any amount of money on something that brought my daughter so much joy. Shame on y’all for judging Heidi for giving her daughter more, she’s not in danger of losing her job, and even if she did she could afford to be without one for awhile because she’s a very wealthy woman married to a very wealthy man.

JM on

i completely believe it is their choice, not my place to tell people how much money to give their kids.
but i do think it’s ok to have an opinion on it (partly because i am sure heidi and seal will never read this). but i have always believed that even if i was a multi-millionaire i would not really give my kids more money as an allowance than i was given growing up (my parents i would say were on the average to lower income range) simply because kids DON’T need money. and i wouldn’t want them to have a lot more money than their friends because i want them to learn the value of money, how to appreciate it and that you shouldn’t just get it for nothing, but rather you should earn it.

i would also encourage them to always set a little aside to give to a charity of their choice. this is something we already do. our 5 kids are all aged 7 and under but we talk to them about charities a lot and the older ones have charities they belong to and help out. this needn’t necessarily always be money. sometimes as a whole family we go to fundraising events, do things for the charity where we are sponsored, go out leafleting and go to information evenings. it’s a great thing to do together as a charity and the kids definitely know what’s behind their charity and why it’s important to help them.

basically i just think that no matter how much money parents have or give their kids, i hope that they are able to teach them to not take if for granted and to be aware that there are many people with less money who are just as deserving of it as they are.

Simone on

Yes indeed there is a TOOTHFAIRY in Germany..even books about the toothfairy with a little toothcontainer for lost teeth that comes with it!!
Indeed they are rich but that doesnt mean spoil your kids…I went to a all girls boarding school as a teenager and there were the girls that claimed their parents money as their own (like they worked for it) and like me kids that knew parents made money but it wasnt OURS to claim…depends on how you raise your child and $20 is a lot for a tooth everyone with some sense knows that and how many did she lose at once since it says $20BillS?

So much need in this world and iam sorry for people that lost touch with reality and forgot where they came from!

Sorry I used to like them…now i only think the kids are cute

kira on

I gave my kids 20.00 for their first lost tooth and 1.00 for all other lost teeth and I am definatley not in Heidi’s income bracket! I think it was the thrill of the first lost tooth. I couldn’t afford 20.00 per tooth especially since one of my kids lost 4 teeth in a 3 week span!!

Jessie on

I love them. They seem so fun. And boy, can I relate to lopsided boobs!

Angela on

I totally agree with jessicamom#3. And I don’t know how someone can read one article and say they no longer like them. I doubt that any of their accountants have responded to this post, so how can we speculate on how philanthropic they are? They could give millions to charity but we read that they give $20 bills to their kids for lost teeth and decide how they should spend their money. Come on, people. Worry about your own finances and stop passing so much judgment.

April on

I think her point in sharing the story was to point out the cultural difference in her childhood in Germany to her childrens in America not so much to make us normal folk jealous of her money or to brag about it! I love her in interviews esp with Ellen-I dvr her everyday just for her 1-2 season shows with Heidi.

KiKi on

There is NO tooth fairy in Germany.
It is false to imply otherwise.
Only because you can now get a book about her (which btw is very expensive and comes from a line of books that try to help parents (if they are interested in stuff like this and so inclined) to get their kids off the dummy, out of the diaper, potty trained, sleeping through the night, tidying their rooms, not fight, be polite etc) doesn’t mean that she is a tradition over here!

If she were, we’d have traditions full of Dummy Dwarfs, Potty Princesses, Cursing Cows and the likes lol

Well, with the globalisation and all, there now is one visiting one or the other family, but when I grew up we didn’t have anything as “superfluous” as a tooth fairy.
I am almost 41 now and I remember when my younger sister reached the tooth-losing stage, there were these two little tooth imps Karius and Baktus becomming popular that tried to teach the kids how important it was to clean their teeth.
Having some of the worst cases of bad teeth myself I was willing to hop on any waggon that would help keep my kids’ teeth in order, so when I learned from my US penpals about this weird tooth fairy tradition I was all game for it.

So when my boys lost their teeth I would leave them a €2 coin under their pillow for a perfect tooth.

Actually I would have left more there if I could have had my will, – because, – weird and superfluous as this tradition may be, – it’s still kind of magic and, – it only happens once in their lives that your children lose their teeth, – naturally that is ;o/ And, boy, a €5 BILL would have given my boys hysterical laughing fits lol

angelbaby33 on

Jeez, overreaction much?!!! I think it is neat that Leni will now have her own money to buy what she wants herself. If I go to a store and buy my daughter a new book or puzzle, it is not nearly as exciting as my daughter clutching her own money and “paying” for it herself. My kids get so excited when they are able to “buy” their own things. So really what’s the difference in Heidi buying her kids stuff or giving them money regardless of the amount so they can use it themselves? And who knows, it might go right into the bank for all we know. I think that it is all of this negative type of feedback for something so innocent that will start turning celebrities off of doing interviews and answering questions!

KB on

Hmm..not too sure I believe that her and Seal didn’t know how much money to give…why wouldn’t Seal know? And why couldn’t they have asked one of their friends? I’m sure not all of their friends are from Germany & don’t know the Tooth Fairy. Also, it irks me that they gave her 20 dollars (AT LEAST). By the time she loses all the teeth she’s supposed to she’ll have (once again, AT LEAST) somewhere around 575 dollars, which I believe could be donated to Haiti or some type of charity instead of given to a 5 year old.

Lau on

I agree with Kate (#13). Also, for some people the loss of teeth is more important than for others. For my family it was, so for every tooth I lost I got somewhere between $10 and $20 (in Argentinian Pesos which back then, were the same as dollars) and we were not even close to having a lot of money!

Kelsa on

Wow, these comments are crazy. My family was nowhere near wealthy when I was growing up but I got $20 for my first tooth! I got $1 for all the ones after it, but the first was special.

Heidi and Seal do volunteer work and donate money and are, in my opinion, raising their children well. They make their own money and they can choose to do whatever they want with it, especially seeing as they do do a lot of good things also.

All Women Stalker on

This is a cute story. We don’t have the TOoth Fairy in our culture but it’s understandable how she would not know how much to give.

Mrs.B on

Love the idea for the tooth fairy picture. They are one fun family!

chun on

Errrrm Heidi did say ‘i went over the top’ so what she gives her daughter $20 for loosing a tooth..if we all had the money she did then i think every single one o us would do the same..when my little un looses a tooth we leave $5 and a little present too – like a cindy doll or something each to their own..it really really annoys me how people judge other parenting skills on here its so sad..everyones parenting skills are different..our children are happy and healthy and above we are all doing the best that we can..dont judge because i am pretty sure if all your parenting skills were magnified people would critisise..no one is perfect we all make mistakes with our kids its how we learn..i doubt you all read a ‘how to step by step parent your kids’ book!!

alanna'smom on

I love Heidi, she seems like such a laid back, cool mom! As far as the tooth fairy comments go….Wow. Who even cares?

Toni on

I’ll age myself . . . when I lost my first tooth I got a dime.
And each tooth after that . . . a dime. But that was way over 1/2 century ago – – at least I remember!

K8 on

Who cares if Heidi gives her kid $20 for a lost tooth? She nurses her kids- how many stars do that? That’s worth more than a million dollars for a lost tooth in my book!

topsi on

I can’t believe you all think that $20 is too much for a tooth!! My kids get $20 per tooth. My young one actually lost two in one day and received $40. I used to get $5 when I was a kid so I thought $20 is fairly normal. When our first child lost her first tooth my husband and I looked at each ther and said…$20?? Seems okay. We can’t both be that off!!!

I do realize that many people can not afford that but if you can it’s really not that much money.

angelbaby33 on

topsi- my 5 year old son just lost his first and second tooth about 30 minutes ago, one right after the other. He is beyond excited to have lost 2 in one day! Although now he has quite a gap since they were both bottom front teeth!

CelebBabyLover on

KB- I imagine she was probably embarassed to ask her friends how much the tooth fairy normally brings. And it’s very possible that Seal didn’t remember how much he got as a child. Or maybe he didn’t grow up with the Tooth Fairy either. I was under the impression that he didn’t grow up in the States, either, but maybe I’m wrong about that. :)

In any case, I’ve never once seen Heidi lie about anything else, and she seems to be a very open and honest person, so I’m inclined to believe her. :)

Anna on

I think she can choose how much money she wants to give her children, but I do not believe she had no idea what the tooth fairy normally gives. I am from Europe too and even though it is not tradition for us, we know what it is and that you would give around 1 euro/tooth.

Shelly on

KB- I’m sure Heidi and Seal have donated something towards Haiti. Leni should not have to miss out on a visit from the toothfairy because something tragic that she can’t even grasp happened in the world.

RHB09 on

lol’s $20 for a tooth? Man, where was she when I was growing up? Too funny!

Well Born Baby on

I love when celebrities talk about nursing their babies!!! Even the buxom and beautiful Hedi knows its how you feed a baby. Hopefully more women will get the message.

momoftwo on

So funny! Our son had a tooth that was loose for the longest time & we tried & tried to get him to pull it out with no luck. Then my husband said, you know on Tuesdays it’s $20. So guess what, the tooth came out! And he still tries to make sure they come out on $20 Tuesday!

Love Heidi she seems so fun and normal. Love the picture with the tiara!

Angela on

Now I dont feel so abnormal with my lopsided milk machines :D Im glad to hear about celebs breastfeeding, especially with a career like Heidi has. Kudos to her for doing it! Next time my sister mentions “hating her” for being so beautiful I will remind her that she is lopsided just like usnon famous people.

Tara on

Umm, I got saving bonds from my parents when I lost my first tooth, it was for $50.00. I got one for all my teeth. Yes it was a lot of money but my mom saved them and gave them too me along with the ones I got at my baptism and communion and graduation and I used them when I went away to Europe for the first time at 25. It was sad to cash them because each one had a memory attached to it but it was wonderful. Great memory for me.

sarah on

my oldest son got 5 dollars for his 1st tooth and then a dollar for each one after that. he knows that his dad and i give him the money but he always puts the tooth under his pillow anyway.we always let him keep the tooth which was funny when he lost the 1st one because he tried to put it back under the pillow the next night also. we have never promoted santa the tooth fairy or any of those things because we feel that in our economic situation we need to be realistic and teach our kids that you don’t always get what you want. as parents we get them what they need and we can afford. however we have been sure to teach them that just because they know the truth that some other kids don’t and they should not spoil it for others.

Belle on

The Tooth Fairy is a British tradition too, so surely Seal would have known that putting $20 under a child’s pillow was massively accessive. When I was little I used to get 20p!

Annelise on

Other countries probably find Americans bizarre for having a tooth fairy! (Except Britain, I guess) It really is kind of funny.

I am proud of Heidi for following American tradition, however. You know that saying, when in Rome, do what what the Romans do. Well, when in America, do what Americans do.

I don’t think it matters whether you get .25, 1 or 100 dollars…kids are excited to get anything new under the pillow! Kids just love gifts in general, no matter how small. It is the thought that counts the most.

hayey on

i think some of you need to chill!!! for christ sake she is talking about a tooth and a twenty!! they way some of you ‘perfect’ parents are going on you would think she shoved a pack of fags under her pillow topped off with a ottle of beer!!

how about joining us here in the real world, get off your high horse and turn a diffrent shade of green.

CelebBabyLover on

Anna- Well, Heidi and Seal probably didn’t know how much the Tooth Fairy gives over here in the States. Euros are not equal in value to dollars, after all (by that I mean 1 Euro is not the same as 1 Dollar). :)

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I was just using Euros as an example. 1 Pound or 1 Franc isn’t the same as 1 dollar, either. :)

Anne on

@alli, I totally agree with you!! That’s what I was going to say :)

micheliky on

look let me say for Heidi she is learning and someone told her it was too much she knows now hey. Dont diss her for being famous or being the way she is dont get jealous for what she is she worked hard to be there maybe all you haters pull up your socks maybe we wont have you trashing a very good and amusing story. As for the P.Diddy comment yes that was to wayy over i dont care how much he is worth that kid is sixten years old. By the time he is 18yrs you will need to give him a two-3million dollar present. That isnt right. Out there in the famous world are responsible parents maybe the rich and showy should take a leaf out of them. Good family is Heidi klum. dont we all agree. Haters change stance please.

this is what twenty dollars buys for my country. i packet toothpaste, three loaves, I pint milk 3 packets candles 1 carton matches, 2l liters gel fuel, i packet sausages 1 bottle cooking oil and a packet of onions and tomatoes,

Puff daddy’s gift can feed a village of 100 for 3 years. heidi please it was a mistake she realised and was appreciative over so haters stop.


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