Neal McDonough Welcomes Daughter London Jane

01/26/2010 at 08:50 PM ET
Janet Gough/Celebrity

Neal McDonough, who played Edie’s crazy husband Dave Williams on Desperate Housewives, and his wife, Ruvé, have a new addition to their family.

Daughter London Jane McDonough was born on the morning of Monday, Jan. 11 at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, PEOPLE confirms. She weighed 7.95 lbs and measured 19 inches long.

Morgan Patrick, 4, and Catherine Maggie, who is 2 ½, are thrilled to have a new baby sister in the house,” Ruvé tells PEOPLE exclusively. “The first words out of their mouths when they wake up or come home from preschool are, ‘Where’s Baby London?’ ”

London has achieved top status in the family. “She is being treated like the president in the McDonough home,” the new mom jokes. “She sleeps for four hours and breastfeeds a lot. There’s hardly much time for ‘play’ right now, but she’s smothered in hugs and kisses from the kids every chance that they get. We’re definitely going to keep her!”

As for how Neal is doing, Ruvé says he’s “truly been Superdaddy. The kids even call him that. He has been a super help during Mom’s recovery. We’re already thinking about number four!”

— Cynthia Wang

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Shirese on

I really love the name London.

Emily on

London is quite a different name from the other children. I like it, but it seems not to match with the set.

JessieLee on

What a beautiful name! Although I agree with Emily, it dosent seem to match the older children, still, I love t!

Sophie on

My sons name is London and while I obviously find it all boy, I think its a cute name for them! Congrats to them!

Mallory on

What a CUTE name! Congrats to them!

fuzibuni on

so we now have names like bronx, london, brooklyn, paris, alabama…
but i’m still waiting for someone to name their kid Hollywood.

meghan on

I like that name. I imagine it has a lot of significance for them.

Tina. on

LMAO fuzibuni 🙂

Kara on

So many babies born on 1/11/2010! London McDonough, Grace Wahlberg, Rocco Reynolds and Kloey Fatone! Congrats to the McDonoughs!

maman on

Love the name, gorgeous.

lbaade on

Congrats to them, any pics of little London yet?

Clare on

I’m sorry but I really don’t get the whole ‘London’ thing. I live there. It’s a pretty dull name for a City let alone a child. Especially when you prounounce it in the native accent – “Laandon”.

Then again I pretty much hate all non-traditional names so there you go.

Luna on

I’m happy that they had the baby and she’s safe but i do agree with earlier posters that London doesn’t match the other kids’ names. Morgan, Catherine, London? I don’t see it. But i like the name London regardless.

Shannon on

I actually really like the name! I think it sounds good with the other name. It may not “match”, since they’re more traditional, but I think it flows well.
Congrats to the McDonough family! Can’t wait to see pics!

vixen on

Not convinced by the name – not terribly feminine, is it? Maybe she’ll go by Jane, which is much prettier.

I agree with Clare. London is a big, dirty, unromantic city with a tall old clock and a giant ferris wheel. Why would you want to be named after it? It has a lot of history and some decent shopping, but that’s about it!

shirese on

For all the people asking why they chose that name, (here comes a shocker): Maybe they liked it? I get so sick of people trying to name somebody else’s kid all the time on this site. Not everyone has the same style as you.

jan on

My sister has a friend called London Jane. (only because she’s Jane from London as opposed to Jane from SomewhereElse.)

Think it’s kinda fun even if it makes me think ‘hooker’ for some reason.

Sapphire on

Love the name!

JMO on

My niece has a Londyn in her class. I love the name!

Erika on

Congrats to them! 3 little girls! It must be so much fun in that house!!

Ama on

It’s a cute name, maybe they like that all the kids have an ‘N’ in their names. I would pick Jane over London, it’s a personal choice right. It’s their child right. I got so upset when family would make comments about names we liked when we were pregnant.

JM on

totally bizarre name, seems like kind of a pretentious choice to me… are we going to have kids called called Berlin, Oslo, Rome, Madrid, Stockholm…. soon, i just don’t really understand the whole place names thing…
but i hope they are all happy and healthy with their beautiful baby girl…

Tamara on

@Erika: I’m pretty sure Morgan Patrick is a boy.

Jennifer on

I love her name…it’s original and beautiful. I hope she wouldn’t go by Jane, I don’t like that name, although I do think Janie is pretty.

Elby on

Not a fan of London (the city or the name) but each to their own. Congrats on the birth of their baby girl

Jen on

Congrats! Had expected something more traditional (and I don’t like London at all, Landon for a boy is pretty), but the name has a great flow!

Erika on

Tamara- Yeah I saw the Patrick after. But Morgan is a girl’s name 99% of the time where I live (in fact I’ve never heard of it for a boy) so I assumed girl.

Tamara on

@ Erika; yeah the name Morgan is unisex but leaning more towards the girls. I can see why you thought he was a girl. 😉 So I didn’t mean it in a bad way, I just wanted to point it out so you know he’s a boy 😉

acmommy on

I actually went to school with a girl named London about 17 years ago. It was a little “exotic” sounding back in the day, but it suited a girl. Sounds sweet.

Elby on

Morgan is actually a Welsh boys name so although it may have become more unisex it’s really a boys name.

Laydacris on

@ Vixen, London is a great place to live, which is known for its multi-cultural surrounds. Its where alot of trends and history also comes from. I’m very proud of my city. obviously you dont know the real London.
Also I think London is a great name and its up to the parents what and why they want to call their daughter that. I hate that people always have to say horrid things about the name or that they should be known by their middle name. If they wanted to to known by their middle name I’m sure that would of been their first name and not their middle name if that was the case!!

katie on

as always, i’m with fuzibuni

CelebBabyLover on

JM- Actually, my great-grandfather’s middle name was Berlin, so I think place names have actually been around for quite awhile. 🙂

Jaime on

@JM I have a 3yr old daughter that is named ROME the choice of a name for us was personal and has much significance to her father and I. So name choices dont always have to make sense to others:)

Lindy on

My daughter is London Bella… I love the name London, I’ve gotten majority compliments over it… there are the few that say “oh… thats different…” and its obvious they just don’t like it, but thats mostly elderly people who have that reaction.

Brenda on

Love the name London Jane. Great choice!

Sarah Jane on

I Love the name so much! I acctually found this blog because I’m due in May and I’m naming my daughter London not sure of a middle name yet, I like Victoria but my husband is sure there is a better one . We named our first daughter Scarlett Miriam. I think the names they picked out work very well together and are beautiful names.

LLB on

To help clarify the name choice…I’m a personal friend on Neal and ruve’s and know that they met in London when Neal
started filming Band Of Brothers. Hence, the significance.