Keri Russell: 'There's Nothing Like Children to Ground You'

01/26/2010 at 06:00 PM ET
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Actress Keri Russell feels she is living the best of both worlds, splitting her time between the glam life of a Hollywood starlet and the grounded life of a Brooklyn housewife. The allure of the latter often overrides that of the former, however. To that end, Keri asks, “My house is so great, why would I leave?”

Ultimately, she says, the “variety” of opportunities presented by her professional life “keeps things balanced” with her private life. She adds,

“It is a luxury to stay at home and be a mom and cook dinner and do laundry and all that stuff. And it’s certainly wonderful to come to a hotel room, sans child, and go to parties. So I feel like I have a nice version of both.”

That she would take such delight in domestic life caught Keri, 33, somewhat off-guard. “It’s so nice to have a home and a family, and that’s really what I feel like I have now,” she confesses. “That’s the most surprising thing about having a family — just the stability of literally having a house, not an apartment with mattresses on the floor.”

Making it all possible, of course, are husband Shane Deary and the couple’s son River, 2 ½, and Keri gives credit where credit is due.

“Because acting is such a nomadic lifestyle — to have a home, there’s nothing like children to ground you.”

Click below to read about Keri’s thoughts on social networking.

Or, it would seem, to inspire you! Keri says that being a real life mom informed her performance in Extraordinary Measures, in which she plays a mom on the verge of losing her two young children to a rare genetic disorder.

“Certainly I’m sensitive to those kinds of stories, now that I’m a mother,” she notes. “Now that I do have a family, it’s on my radar.”

“Before when you hear about a story like this, you go, ‘How sad.’ But now you hear it and you think, ‘That’s so awful! I’m not going to recover!’ Every kid becomes your kid — it’s so funny.”

Protecting the privacy of those she loves most remains a priority, and to that end, Keri says that you won’t catch her Tweeting anytime soon.

“I don’t know how to do that stuff, man … I don’t Facebook; I don’t know what that stuff is,” she says. “Who wants to see pictures of you out drunk with your friends?”

“When we were looking for babysitters, we were Googling and we’re like, ‘People can see these! You’re not getting the job.’ It’s crazy.”

Extraordinary Measures is in theaters now.

Source: Toronto Sun

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XOXO12 on

I love her since the her movies: ‘Waitress’ and ‘August Rush’ she is adorable and seems like a nice person.

Everyone makes fun of me because I dont do Twitter, facebook or Myspace….just not interested I am glad I am not the only one that doesnt do it.

Jane on

I love her. She was so good in Waitress. Facebook is fun. I love it because it’s easy to share pictures and info with family and friends.

Vera on

I do have facebook and twitter, I even blog a bit. But I also google and myspace and facebook search every babysitter I interview, and it’s ridiculous how sometimes people will post completely inappropriate pictures of themselves where everyone can see them. It’s like, okay, let’s take the drunk girl making out with her mirror off the list of people I might want to watch my kids…

Mrs. R. on

never thought to google my babysitter… opening another window in my browser now…

JC on

My Facebook is uber private and I wouldn’t put pictures of myself doing those things up mostly because I don’t do them.

Anne on

JC – Now, it’s not just about what you put up, it’s what your friends settings are set to. If your friends’ settings are to show pictures to “everyone” or even “friends of friends” and you’re tagged – guess what? Lots of people can see you, likely with your name attached. I always untag myself from friends photos unless it’s a photo I truly like and think is a good reflection of me. People who know me can recognize me without my name spelled out, but I don’t like having the world see random photos of me (and I can’t control my friends settings).

It’s amazing what you can see on other people since facebook changed its security settings in December, I don’t think people realize it!

Maya on

I always liked her understated delicate beauty and style and loved her in Felicity and Waitress, and now with with that Facebook/Twitter comment – she just went up by a notch!

MW on

I don’t drink,so there are no drunken facebook pictures of me out there. I also think the people that believe they look cool in those pictures actually look ridiculous. However, I also believe that it’s stupid to hold what someone does in their spare time against them when it comes to employment.

Honestly, they’re not getting drunk and THEN coming to watch your kids. What happens when the kids go to school? Do you think teachers don’t drink on their time off? I live in a small town and my best friend works at an elementary school. We have been out to dinner on a Saturday night and seen teachers from her school WASTED. But, it’s their business. As long as they are sober on Monday morning when they are responsible for children, who cares?

Rach on

MW your comment made me laugh ! I agree ! They are all human.I had so many teachers that went out drinking etc. I even had my catholic school teachers that drank during school hours.We had an alcholic teacher that drank vodka etc in his waterbottle and thermos. No one reported him or anything, he was the easiest teacher lol.

I remember a bizarre event at a club one time. This guy came up to me and was hitting on me, I politely excused myself. My friend was going on about how cute he is etc and when we were at a safe distance away,I finally burst out OMG that was one of my high school teachers !! He clearly did not recognize me .. or did he.. weird..

Facebook is great for those of us that have family and friends all over the globe..much easier and cheaper to stay in touch. I love sharing pics of my baby on my facebook.

LOL, I will admit doing a google search on myself to see what is out there at times !