Jennifer Lopez and Kids Kick Back Poolside

01/25/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

Jennifer Lopez and her 23-month-old twins — Maximilian David and Emme Maribel — were snapped munching on French fries while lounging by the pool at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach resort in Fla. on Friday.

KADENA PIX/Bauer-Griffin

Click below for another photo of Jennifer and Emme!


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baby carriers backpacks on

Must be nice! …it is freezing here in Texas.

Jas on

Emme looks like her mother in this pic…cute kids! And Jennifer is in great shape!

Shirese on

Wow! They are cute but both look like their dad a lot!

Vicky on

More pics of Emme and Max

The twins are growing so fast, adorable! I am loving the matching Burberry bathing suits 🙂

Betsy on

I don’t know how they do it — having paparazzi following me 24/7 would drive me nuts. One thing being snapped at an in-hot spot restuarant (where its pretty much expected) or award shows, but I’d be totally annoyed in my day to day, especially with my kids. Really do they need to be snapped at the playground, on vacation etc. I guess there is really no respect for someone’s privacy. I wonder what all the attention does to the kids in the longrun.

Manal on

I cant believe that Jennifer has kids! they are so freakin adorable!

Anon on

I wonder how long it’ll take for people start criticizing little Emme’s earrings…1, 2, 3

bb on

What cuties!

Mary-Helen on

So cute! Emme looks more like her mom and Max is all daddy! Not to mention Jen looks fab!

@anon I think the earrings have been criticized to death already, but I’m sure the fact that Jen is feeding them fries and not organic, gluten free, wheat free, egg free crackers should bring out some criticism. Not to mention she’s rocking a bikini and not her “I had IVF! Ask me for details!” t shirt LOL j/k.

sil on

@ Anon,
I think that in Puerto Rico (where Jennifer’s family is from), same as in South America, little girls’ ears are pierced when they are born. I think she looks cute 🙂

Nettrice on

My ears were pierced when I was an infant. It was fine.

cane on

mary-helen what does it matter to you or anyone else what her kids eat ! codewords : HER KIDS

Jane on

Cane I think its safe to say Mary-Helen was mocking all the people who WOULD judge Jlo.

Her kids are so cute.

Kayana on

@cane I am pretty sure they were being sarcastic.

ElenaS on

They have changed a lot especially Max. Both are so cute…

Mary-Helen on

@Jane yup, all sarcasm LOL!

Maya on

Betsy – you sound like such a hypocrite! Complaining about how the papz take pics of celeb and their kids, while here you are on logging on to CBB – which is basically a site to catch pics of celebs with their KIDS!

Cammie on

I am half Hispanic, and I had my ears pierced at 6 months old. I can’t imagine not having my ears pierced and have always enjoyed it. All my female relatives in South America also had their ears pierced as infants

Bancie1031 on

Very cute kids …..

Jen on

I think they both look so much like Marc 🙂

Xan on

I want boy-girl twins! These guys are adorable. I think they’re really growing into their looks. Emme looks like a little woman 🙂

Betsy on

Nope not a hyprocrite — it bothers me that mags, blogs and “entertainment” mags invade people’s privacy, just voicing my opinion. I think, it would be GREAT if they would restrict pics to public events etc. And, even if they didn’t do that, there’s one thing taking pics of a star coming out a Starbuck, than taking pics of them picking up their kids (in my opinion). Yes I realize I’m on a celebrity baby blogs. Their kids didn’t ask for this business. If “consumers” voiced that opinion and objected more strongly when paparazzi (and those that buy the pics) are being too invsasive, they might change their way. But won’t happen as long as people still eat it up, buy the mags etc.

JMO on

Wow her daughter is a mini version of her!!

Stephany on

Wow, little Emme looks just like her mama!

Mart on

I had my ears pierced as soon as I was born..if you are a girl in south america its normal to leave the hospital with your ears pierced.. its very common on this side of the world!!! whats the big deal any way??

CelebBabyLover on

Wow, Emme is a mini J-Lo, especially in that second picture! 🙂

Asia on

Love them!I wish I could have a holiday in Miami too!Its -15 in Istanbul,the europe side!

Hea on

There’s no mistaking on who their daddy is. 🙂 They both look a lot like Marc and little David looks exactly like my childhood friend David in this picture. If I didn’t know better; I’d suspect my old neighbor of, at least, being a J-Lo fan.

Jennifer on

What a stylish mama! 🙂 This is what I think about when I think of Old Hollywood glamour..exactly what she is wearing, the headwrap, the big glamorous sunglasses. Those are going to be such stylish little ones. Max looks just like Marc but a cuter version lol! Emme..she’s a mix, I don’t see her favoring one parent over the other, looks wise.

sarah on

my husband is from the dominican republic and my oldest son was born there. had he been a girl they would have pierced his ears before he left the hospital. it is just tradition. i do not know one hispanic girl who does not have pierced ears. it is just what they do.

Isabelle on

I think the whole ear piercing thing that people are making too big deal out of it. I have 2 girls Lyla Sweetheart had her ears pierced at 3 months and again at a year, Ever Rose got hers at 3 months also, my husband actually wants to get our 4 yr old son Juelz ear pierced. Being of Latin decent it is common for the piercings get over it.

Veronica on

@Mart, Cammie, Cane, Nettrice, Sil:
And who says the parents should get to make ALL the decisions? Does that make beating your child o.k., if he/she is naughty? Does that make it o.k. to force your daughter into a marriage? ETC.I think the ears should be pierced when the girl asks for it, it is HER body after all. Don’t even get me started with the circumcision thing…

Catey on

@Veronica, calm down. If Emme decides when she gets older that she doesn’t want to have her ears pierced, she can taken them out and let them close over. Don’t compare getting your childs ears pierced to child abuse or forcing your daughter into marriage, you are over reacting.

@Mary-Helen, you made me laugh! So what if her kids are eating french fries, they are on holiday! I may not take my kids to a resort, but on our seaside holidays, nothing makes them happier than a big bag of hot chips and a pineapple fritter from the Fish and Chip shop after a day swimming and playing 🙂

Mary-Helen on

@Catey I’m glad I could give you a chuckle! It seems J.Lo pics get so heated, sometimes you gotta lighten the mood with some silliness lol! My kids had McDonalds last week and we aren’t even on holiday! Everyone needs a treat sometimes!

CelebBabyLover on

Catey- Mary-Helen was clearly joking in her post! I completely agree with you about Veronica, though. And really, I don’t get why some people think think that it’s practically the end of the world or something if a parent chooses to pierce their babies’ ears. I have pierced ears, and the fact is, most of the time I don’t even notice them! 🙂

Caring for them is also a lot easier than some people make it out to be. After the inital six to eight week (i.e., two months) period after getting them pierced, all you need to do to care for your ears is clean them, and your earrings, with alchohol or special ear cleaning solution (that can be found at some jewelry stores) occasionally. 🙂

Also, even the initial piercing is not that big a deal. It maybe hurts for five seconds, if even that. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Hea- David is actually Jennifer’s son’s middle name. His first name is Max (well, Maximilian, but they call him Max). 🙂

Mary-Helen on

@celebbabylover ita! I got eldest daughter’s ears pierced @ 18 months and my middle daughter’s done @ 2 months. My 4 month old will be getting hers done any day now. I find they are much easier to take care of when they are little & less likely to get infected. If the girls don’t want them when they are older, they can take them out.

monie on

R u kidding Emme is the splitting image of Marc.

CelebBabyLover on

monie- Well, in that second picture, I see J-Lo in Emme. 🙂 Some people (not on this thread, but on other ones), have also said that Emme looks like J-Lo as a kid. I recently saw a picture of J-Lo as a kid (sorry, but I forget where! I think it was in a video of pictures of celebs as kids on YouTube.), and Emme DOES resemble her as a kid quite a bit! 🙂

Lauren on

It’s actually better to pierce a baby’s ears as an infant, because the nerves in their ears are not yet fully developed. So while getting your ears pierced normally feels like a tiny pinch, on them they basically feel nothing. I really think it’s an attitude problem, if you will, on behalf of a lot of people. Many cultures of people that are not white pierce infants’ ears, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of it just comes down to people thinking it looks low rent. As for the circumcision outcry, I’m sorry, but anyone bemoaning that has no clue what they’re talking about. Circumcised males have proven to have less cases of HIV, cancer, and infection than noncircumcised males. There are serious health reasons to do it. Beyond that, the procedure KILLS as an adult, whereas a newborn will never remember it. Seriously annoys me when people jump on bandwagons with no idea what they’re saying.

Alex on

The twins the same! They look like Mark.

isaac on

@Lauren there are no serious health reasons to remove the hood of the clitoris or the hood of the penis. would you want yours removed? The U.S. is the only developed nation to do this to people without asking them and reduces quality of life (as you could imagine what life would be like without that protective barrier). anyway, hispanics DON’T do it as often, and so i hope that the ear piercing thing is a sign that Jennifer did NOT have her son mutilated. In fact that would make me her fan.

Fan on

J-Lo’s daughter looks like she’s not going to want to be a sex symbol like her mom. She already looks very intellectual…