Chris O'Donnell: Baby No. 5 the Result of a 'Little Miscommunication'

01/24/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Stephen Shugerman/Getty

When Chris O’Donnell used to picture fatherhood, he did so imagining himself surrounded by five children, but when he and his wife Caroline Fentress welcomed their fourth child, son Finley, now 3 ½, the actor was willing to compromise.

“I always wanted five children, but when we got four, I was like, okay, we’re done,” he tells Michigan Avenue Magazine.

However, less than a year later, Chris’ dream was fulfilled: the couple were shocked to discover they were expecting a fifth baby. “Five was the only time we were really surprised,” he admits.

“All along the way we were strategic about what we were doing and then, uh, a little miscommunication there.”

That said, the proud papa raves that the family’s latest addition has simply stole his heart. “We’ve got five and we couldn’t be happier because Maeve [Frances, 2] is such a cute little girl,” he says.

Chris and Caroline are also parents to daughter Lily Anne, 10, and sons Christopher ‘Chip’ Eugene, 9, and Charles McHugh, 6 ½.

Chris’ show, NCIS: Los Angeles, airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on CBS.

Source: Michigan Avenue Magazine

— Anya

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Ana on

Awwh, I bet Lilly Anne, as much as she must love her brothers, is thrilled to have a little sister!
Five children sounds like a nice number, although im sure its hard work also!

hmm on

Miscommunication? You guys need a better safe word.

Brianne on

Awww… I have always been a fan of his. He seems like such a genuinely wonderful human being.

That being said, I only wish for a “miscommunication” in my house. Baby fever!

amandamay on

can’t wait to see the new little one!!

Tamara on

^The little one isn’t all that new. She’s already two years old.

Kimberlee Chrisman on

Way to go Chris & Caroline!! Accepting your children as the gifts from God that they are! Enjoy

Something About Baby on

Miscommunication … very well put.

Jessicad on

That’s hilarious!

Luna on

This cracked me up. As a kid i always wanted a lot of children too.

Leah on

Cute story – and I love the name Maeve!

Parker on

By miscommunication I assume it means his wife didn’t take charge of the birth control like he wanted since he had decided not to have more. Weird to throw your wife under the bus like that when discussing personal business, especially when the result is so positive.

lbaade on

I can’t blame them for practicing, but common, really…5 kids? At least they can afford a nanny is all I can say.

Amy on

Does anyone know what Finley’s middle name is?

GiannaG on

My best friend and I were SO in love with this man back in the Batman and Robin days, lol. He’s still a cutie.

However, what he’s describing here sounds like they were using natural birth control (of course I’m not certain), and much respect to them and anyone else who uses it, but this ‘miscommunication’ he’s describing here, which may really mean ‘miscalculation’, is why I would not play with this at all. Too much room for human error. But as I said, much respect for those with the time and discipline to do it. But this ‘miscommunication’ stuff is really risky, especially when it comes to something as serious as the creation of a human being. I’ve seen this happen to more than one couple, and one woman I know didn’t take it as a blessing at all. She was in her forties, and she said she felt like ripping her hair out!

I’m glad it worked out for Chris and his wife.

celebsarah on

I was a surprise and #5! I couldn’t be happier to be here. lbadde, come on, really, is that all you got? Maybe 5 kids isn’t for everyone, but the nanny comment is pretty stale. 😉

Jen on

Like Amy, I was also wondering why Finley is the only one without a middle name. It never appears anywhere at least. I bet he has one, though. Would be odd, if the 3 older ones and the younger one have one and he doesn’t! If anyone knows: I would also love to know his middle name! I love the names Lily Anne, Finley and Christopher!

Skye on

Um, since when was it wrong to have a large family? As long as you can provide for them & spend time with them- then what’s wrong with it? A lot of celebs do actually look after their kids themselves & A LOT of people who don’t have millions in the bank manage just fine without the nanny & million

I love him. He seems like a great guy

SH on

I have 4 kids ages 6 to 1 year – all are 5 years apart – and i’m doing fine by myself, no nanny. I could have 1 more and it would be doable. What is hard is the housework – I’d rather have a maid than a nanny.

mrsh on

SH – I agree with you, I’d definitely rather have a maid over nanny any day! I always hated when people would offer to “help” me out by playing with my daughter so I could clean or cook… um, I’d rather play with her and how about you clean and cook for me? Never seems to work, though 😦 No one wants to do my chores, just play with my kid.

Although I personally could not imagine having five kids (or even two, for that matter), I LOVE big families! It just seems like it would be loads of fun. Loads of work, but loads of fun, too 😀

Sarah M. on

celebsarah (#16) – I agree in regards to the nanny comments. The word ‘nanny’ wasn’t even mentioned in the post (that I saw), and there are still people dissing nannies.

I’m a nanny and LOVE my job immensly! Believe it or not, some people want children and a career. And that’s not a bad thing. I love my charges like they were my own, the children get to stay in their home environment while mom and dad work, and the parents get more interaction with other adults that by simply doing a play date or two during the week (aside from shopping trips and the like). There is nothing wrong with that. Just like there’s nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home parent, if that’s what you so choose. And EVERY family that I’ve interviewed with for new nanny jobs has said that the nanny would be considered part of the family and not hired help. Also, I think when most people hear the term ‘nanny’, they assume that the nanny is working 50+ hours per week. The majority of families that I’ve seen since 2009 have actually been looking for part time nannies (no more than 20 hours a week).

Off my soap box, now. The comments just grate after the hundredth time or so. 🙂

Now to something actually related to the post, he always seems like a such a family guy and like they are a very loving family!

deedee on

I have 5 children and the last one was a “surprise” but a much wanted one. BUT I will never ever tell anyone that or put it out there in public. I don’t ever want my bonus child to think they were any less loved than their planned brothers and sisters. I think info like this is best kept private.

CelebBabyLover on

deedee- Actually, I think Chris did a very good job of wording his comments so that Mauve DOESN’T feel that way if she reads this when she’s older. It seems to me that what he was trying to say is that she WAS unplanned, but certainly not unwanted! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and deedee- You just DID tell some people that your 5th child was unplanned….the rest of us commentors here on CBB. 🙂 Perhaps you were referring more to revealing that information in a more public setting. 🙂

M on

Very nice . . . well, done, Chris!