Candace Cameron Bure: My Kids Watch 'Certain Parts' Of My Show

01/24/2010 at 08:00 PM ET
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Spending a nine-year hiatus from show business raising a family was exactly the experience needed in order for Candace Cameron Bure to make her big comeback in her latest show Make It or Break It, she says.

“I think being a mom and having the maturity and patience with children, that I can definitely draw on that when [my onscreen daughter] gives me those zingers of comments and lines,” she says in a new interview with Media Blvd. “You have to take it all in stride and certainly I can feed off of that from being a mom.”

With the hit series airing Monday nights at 9 p.m., Candace believes the time slot should give parents a clue about what to expect in the storylines.

“It is on ABC Family, but … it does have a rating of 14+. I hope parents are sitting down and knowing what their children are watching, would see the 14+ in the upper corner of the television to know the rating,” she explains.

“Because the network itself has the word ‘family’ on it, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for only younger children.”

That said, the mother-of-three admits that while Natasha, 11, Lev, 9 ½, and Maksim, 8, “are interested to see what Mom’s doing,” Candace is always near with the control!

“Even with my children and me it’s a major concern,” she admits. “There are certain parts that my children can watch and that’s what we do. We sit with the remote and we watch the gymnastics parts … but when there are those teen conversations that talk about sex or things that are too mature for my children, we fast-forward through it.”

Natasha, Lev, and Maksim are Candace’s children with husband Valeri Bure.

Source: Media Blvd

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Brooke on

I loved her on Full House, her kids are adorable, and she seems like a great mom. I totally agree with what she’s saying.

mslewis on

So, when is Candace planning to discuss sex with her kids, I wonder? I mean, her daughter is 11. Isn’t that the age when at least some things should be discussed? (I haven’t seen her show yet so I don’t know what is discussed on it.)

Oh well, her kiddies are beautiful.

Melanie on

I didn’t take Candace’s comments to mean that she DOESN’T or WON’T talk to her kids about sex…I took them to mean that she wants to pick the how portion of talking to her kids…I’m not a parent yet but I totally get it…when I have kids that are getting to that age and you’re needing to have that discussion, I don’t want them finding out information based on a television show. I want to choose how and what information they’re getting at what age. At 11, she’s certainly not too young to have any conversation but she’s a bit young to go in depth the way they do on certain shows.

Alice on

I watch the show. The discussions are far more than the “birds and bees” discussion you may have with an 11 year old. It’s older girls who have actually had sex, losing virginity, wanting to have sex, etc. Those parts are definitely too mature for an 11 year old.

punky on

I agree with mslewis.

mrsh on

That’s a smart way of filtering it. I definitely wouldn’t want my preteen learning about sex from a TV show, either! It gets so sensationalized and glamourized on TV. I wouldn’t want my daughter getting the messages about sex that are often displayed on TV shows. 11 is a good age for “the talk” though because many girls will start to menstruate around 12-14, and it’s important that they understand what is happening to their bodies and why.

Natasha on

I adore Candace and her kids and husband are so freaking beautiful!

JMO on

I agree with Candance and others. TV isn’t where you want your children to learn about things although it’s hard to control where they will pick things up. Everything I learned about sex came from friends and tv when I was growing up. I think it’s great when parents choose to sit down with their kids and disucss the topics (age appropriate of course).
As far as the show I’ve only seen it a number of times. But I find it far more appropriate for tweens to watch then that My secret life show that’s on before it. Geez even as an adult I shutter at the topics those kids discuss on that show!

Jen DC on

I’m just pleased to hear that she sits with her kids and watch what they watch!

While I can’t say “I’m sure” Candace Cameron Bure’s had the sex discussion with her 11 year old, the fact is, she doesn’t believe that a show rated for ages 14+ is the proper discussion vehicle for her household. If as Alice says there are older girls discussing the loss of their virginity – well, that’s a lot for an 11 year old (let alone her younger siblings) who may have been deliberately kept innocent of teenagers engaging in that sort of thing. It’s one thing to have a fact-based discussion of the birds and bees and another to have your pre-teen kid watching teenagers discussing their first times. Maybe she’s limited the discussion to puberty or has talked to her daughter about her feelings for boys her age. We won’t ever know… Unless she gives an interview on it! Seeing how private she is, though, I wouldn’t count on it.

Mallory on

I LOVE Candace on Make It or Break It, and I agree, I wouldn’t let an 11-year-old watch the sex talk scenes either. Definitely not. It’s basically just how Alice described it. But I think it’s cool that she lets her kids watch all the other scenes because there’s a lot of cool details in this show.

Ronda on

I agree with Candace’ assessment of her show. these girls are older than 11 and the topics are geared to their issues. There are definitely some topics that are not age-appropriate for an 11 yr old. I also agree with Melanie, Alice and others comments, these discussions must be appropriate for the age of the child and should take place at home not on TV or at school.

Christine on

Although I think Candace should be starting to have the sex talk with her daughter I agree with her not letting her children watch the more mature parts of the show. There is a lot of discussion about sex and boyfriends going on in the show that is not appropriate for an 11 year old

CelebBabyLover on

In addition to what others have said, I want to point out that it sounds like Cameron and her kids all watch the show together….and the two boys ARE definently too young to be watching parts that talk about sex!

Luna on

Personally, i love the show. I wouldn’t let an eleven year old, or the two boys, watch the more mature content, but the rest of the show is really good. I’ll bet it’s easier for her to screen the show than any other parent. She already knows everything anyone’s going to say and she can pick and choose what crosses the line. Candace and Valeri are doing a great job.

Lis on

What a great mom! Love her!

Alice on

I watch the show (and like it), but don’t seem to remember as much sex talk as the other Alice recalls. The show I do recall as constantly talking about sex and having sex is The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

sad on

Love her!!!! She is a fabulous role model and always has been. Her children are so beautiful. What a cute family!

Jane on

I love her! The show is for kids 14 and up. I wouldn’t let an 11 year old or her younger siblings watch it either.

NW Mamma on

One of the best ways to teach your daughters about sex is to show them a birthing video, while explaining to child about sex and this could be the outcome. Most girl’s at 12 will say I am never having sex or children. Of course they grow up and change their minds, but if the girl’s see exactly what it is like to give birth, they will choose to wait. My daughter waited until she was 18. So I guess it worked for us.

Catey on

@NW Mamma, you dealt with sex by scaring your children about it? I think as parents our job is to prepare our children for the world and that means giving them all the information they need to make a decision and trusting in ourselves as parents that we have done a good enough job that our kids will make the right decisions when the time comes.

I also waited until I was 18, but that was because my parents taught me that sex is about love and is something I should hold dear, not something which is scary.

Sam on

I met her today at her cousins wedding. She is a super nice person and super fun! I danced with her and talked to her and she is a wonderful person and a great mom!(:

Leah on

Let all your kids watch full house!! Than Make it or Break it