Freddie Prinze Jr.: No Schoolyard Smooches For Charlotte

01/23/2010 at 08:00 PM ET
Claire Greenway/Getty

It was karma at its best when Freddie Prinze Jr. welcomed his first child — daughter Charlotte Grace, now 4 months — with wife Sarah Michelle!

Always one to chase the girls on the playground, Freddie recalls his antics left his own mother warning her son of future fatherhood.

“When I was in the second grade, there was this girl that I really liked and every day at recess we would play ‘boys chase girls,'” he reveals during a recent appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly.

“There was this girl — I liked her so much. I ran after her, caught her, went in for the smooch and she cheeked me — she turned the cheek so I didn’t get the kiss!” he laughs. However, not one to admit defeat, Freddie took matters in his own hands.

“I had these Sesame Street shoe laces. I took them out, tackled her and I tied her up and I smooched her right on the lips.”

After being sent home from school, Freddie’s mom forewent a punishment and, instead, dished out a bit of advice to her young son. “I said, ‘[Mom], are you mad at me?’ And she said, ‘No, I’m not mad at you, but you’re going to have a little girl,'” he recalls.

And despite her predictions being correct, Freddie insists history will not be repeating itself with Charlotte! “Second grader is gonna get knocked out!” the protective papa jokes.

Calling fatherhood “the best” and sharing that the addition of baby “straightens everything out in your life,” Freddie freely admits Charlotte resembles both parents, depending on the situation!

“Certain expressions she makes look just like mine — those are on the dumber side — and when she’s contemplative and thoughtful she looks like Sarah.”

Source: Live with Regis and Kelly

— Anya

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Something About Baby on

very cute story from a very cute daddy.


What a doting dad! Bet Charlotte is beautiful.

Nadal on

Aww, how sweet. His daughter is 1/8th Puerto Rican too. Freddie’s father was the late Freddie Prinze who unfortunately had a tragic life. The senior Prinze was 1/2 half Puerto Rican.

Lauren on

So funny and cute. Freddie’s mom sounds like she was a great influence from everything I’ve read. Very realistic yet insistant on chivalry.

Siri on

I’ve seen pictures of Charlotte in People magazine and she is adorable but how come it wasn’t feature on this site since it is own by People magazine?


The images featured in PEOPLE were for use by the magazine only, so they couldn’t be posted online unfortunately.

— CBB Staff

kendrajoi on

Awww I love them! I wish we could see a picture of Charlotte, I bet she’s so cute!

Reader on

so sweet

dfgdfgd on

Wow, Nadal, I’m glad you mentioned that. That’s really important and relevant to this article.

amandamay on

lol we used to play “boys chase girls” in 1st/2nd grade too in the early 80’s (but we called it “kissey tag” lol) nowadays kids would be arrested for sexual harassment for doing that. such a messed up PC society we live in today!

Lia on

He sounds like he was a very cheeky little boy! I’m sure he’s a great dad. I haven’t seen a picture of Charlotte, but I bet she is just beautiful inside and out like her parents.

jacob black lover on

this article was so hilarious! charlotte is such an adorable baby!

Dana on

Very cute! One of my favorite families—–Charlotte is so cute, I loved the PEOPLE magazine article. Beautiful family, thank you!!!

Alicia on

I love how this family is so un-Hollywood. Very, very down to earth.

Luna on

We played this game as kids. This girl tackled this boy and smooched him. It was the class scandal.

CelebBabyLover on

amandamay- “kissey tag”- LOL!

Simply Bohemian on

amandamay, omg too funny cause well yep way too true! Funny thing my sis uses that moniker……

All Women Stalker on

Awww he’s an adorable dad. I like what he said about who Charlotte resembles 🙂

April on

GEEZ HE TIED HER UP WITH SHOES LACES! lol haha my daughter was playing kitty with a little boy in nursery school last month. All I was told is she was put in time out for putting her tongue in his mouth. I was horrified that my lil baby was becoming the class you know what but had a discussion WITH HER and learned she was playing kitty like out kitty does to her! THANK GOD!

So was he more calm then his late night interview last week? It was rather odd, anyone else catch it? Was it Leno? Pretty sure BECAUSE that’s the only one I TIVO. He didn’t mention the baby which I was bummed about andseemed to have missed some medication or something. He was really excited and scattered.

Bancie1031 on

Siri – I was coming here to say the same exact thing …. Thanks CBB Staff for answering the question because I also was puzzled by this!

With that said I am hoping to see pictures of Charlotte on CBB. I can’t wait to see recent pictures of Charlotte.

Freddie sounds like he is a proud loving father 😀 I bet he and Sarah are going to be very hands on in their children’s (or just Charlotte in case they decide not to have any more) lives.

CelebBabyLover on

April- He was probably just nervous. From what I can tell, he and SJP are extremely private people, and don’t give interviews that often. Therefore, my guess is that he just isn’t used to/that comfortable with giving interviews. 🙂

Simply Bohemian on

After finely finding a picture of this fabulous baby, I kid you not she looks so much like my niece. And I am not just saying that cause she is my niece lol. Then again my Sister is drop dead gorgeous so but of course she would be beautiful.
Anyway lol BACK ON THE SUBJECT (sorry)
I have always loved Sarah, ever since she boomed on the set of AMC and an verocious Buffy follower
I hope they have many more babies, they are good at lol!

CelebBabyLover on

Oops! I meant he and SMG!