Harrison Ford a 'Much Better' Parent Now

01/19/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
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With a 33-year age difference between his oldest son Ben, 42, and his youngest son Liam, 9, Harrison Ford‘s experiences as a parent have clearly run the gamut.

“My first child was born when I was 25,” the actor notes in a recent interview with PARADE. “Babies raising babies is not a pretty sight. I am much better at it now.”

To that end, Harrison, 67, says his weekends are completely dictated by Liam and his mom, fiancΓ© Calista Flockhart. “I do whatever [they] want to do,” he proclaims.

“We’ll take a couple of hours on Sunday morning to go motorcycle riding or go for a hike. I just made a birdhouse with my son.”

Joking that he “inherited” Liam when he fell in love with Calista, Harrison notes that the trio have been a family unit for quite some time. “I think Liam was about 6 or 8-months-old when I met him and Calista,” he points out. “We have been together ever since.”

When asked whether it is an “unexpected joy” to contemplate new fatherhood again after so much time, Harrison concurs.

“Yeah…I wasn’t expecting it at all. The unexpected part was certainly true. And the joy part is also true.”

In addition to Ben and Liam, Harrison is dad to Willard, 40, Malcolm, 22, and Georgia, 18, from two previous marriages. His new film Extraordinary Measures hits theaters Friday.

Source: PARADE

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Benigna Marko on

Harrison Ford is lovely. Even his disposition in the Parade interview is lovely. Congratulations.

maggie on

he’s still hot at 67 and still charming than ever!

Rebecca on

I hope it’s a belief that he was a baby raising a baby at 25 and not all 25 year olds. Harrison Ford seems like a great guy, and how cool would be it as a little boy to have Indiana Jones as your dad?

moose on

a baby at 25?

Ruthella on

A baby at 25… He must have been exceptionally immature. I’d rather have a 25 year old father than a 58 year old one any day!

Bancie1031 on

I see that him and Calista are now engaged, I wonder if they will actually marry? Or have more children for that matter ….. but oh well …. Harrison sounds like a great dad and wonderful fiance.
Maggie – I agree he’s definitely hot especially for 67 years old!

Sonya on

Well, in his defense I’m sure that when you’re 67, 25 seems like a baby.
But, yeah 25 is hardly a baby. Almost all my friends/relatives (including me) were married and had at least one baby at 25.

noam on

at 67, 25 probably does seem like a baby. no matter how mature, poised, pulled together, or ready we feel we are, in a few decades, we’ll all look back and say to ourselves, “oh my gosh, what was i thinking? i was so young!” (this applies to everything, not just parenting, according to my grandmother, who is a spry 98.)

anyways-love that he and liam make birdhouses and go hiking together! too cute.

Dasche Bledsoe on

I always thought Harrison was Liam’s biological dad.

Analia on

Maybe he was not a great father when he raised Ben but I think he did a pretty good job with him and the rest. They are all respectable people.

ED on

When I saw that he refers to Liam as his son, I wondered if Liam’s biological father is in the picture? Or not?

Andrea_momof2 on

Wow Ruthella… that’s very judgemental of you.

Liz on

Calista adopted Liam…

amyjoyfox on

ED, Calista adopted Liam on her own, so it’s likely that neither of his biological parents are involved, although it is possible that the adoption is an open one. I think it’s great that she also plays an adoptive mother on “Brothers and Sisters” now.

BtR on

I totally agree with Ruthella (comment #5).

Ford must’ve been very immature if he thinks that a 25 year old is “a baby.” I think it’s more reasonable for a 25 year old to be a father, than for a senior citizen to be the parent of a 9 year old.

Re: comment #11, ED: Flockhart adopted the child as a single parent, not long before she and Ford became involved.

C on

Maybe he was? Why take his comment about his own life as a personal insult unless you’re feeling defensive? I’m 28, having a baby (tmrw!!) and I’ve felt ready for years. But I have friends that are 30 and don’t feel ready at ALL. Maybe it’s ok to let people feel whatever way they want about their own personal life/history.

michelle on

25 is a baby. And in SOME cases, too young to be a parent. Most people that age have not lived enough. Of course, there will always be 25 year olds who do much better than 35 year olds, but I get his point. It wasn’t until I turned 35 that I realized how immature I was at 25.

My parents were young when they had me 21 & 25. Part of it was so cool and so much fun, but I didn’t get a lot of parental wisdom from them.

Erin on

Can’t he just mean that HE was a baby at 25 and probably wasn’t as wise, patient, etc. as he is now? Haven’t we all met people in their twenties and thirties with kids and said to ourselves that the kid is more mature than the parent? I wouldn’t read such a blanket meaning into it.

Erica on

I think people are being a bit too sensitive. Relatively speaking, 25 *is* a baby…people are not even 100% cognitively developed until that age so I can see why he would view the situation that way.

I never would have thought these two would still be going strong almost 10 years later though. That’s pretty awesome for Hollywood.

Moore on

I disliked the comment but read it again and take it as him talking about himself. He says he’s much better at it now. Age is but a number. Some 25 year olds can be immature while others are wise beyond their years. I happen to know 30+ year old babies. Heck I’m related to babies way older. I doubt its at reasonable to say that one hasn’t lived enough simply because they are young and if this is going simply by life experiences then I and probably quite a few 20somethings should be rocking on our porches in retirement right about now.

Liliana on

Erica, I agree about people being too sensitive.

Harrison is speaking about himself; not the entire world’s population of 25 year olds.

I became a parent at 17 and was forced to be mature and selfless for my son. Seven years later, I’m still one of the only people in my group of friends to have children. While 25 is an appropriate age for some individuals to start a family, it isn’t the case for all. I know a handful of individuals, 25 and older, who still enjoy their fair share of partying and living without responsibility. Heck, I even know a 30 year old who lives like he’s in a fraternity house. For them, 25 is lightyears away from the right age to become a parent.

Lauren on

I definitely think he was referring to himself being a baby at 25. Heck I’m 29 and I know 25 was way too young for me to even think about kids. Only now as I approach 30 am I starting to get in the ballpark of being ready. Everyone is different. To each their own.

dfgdfgd on

Did Harrison Ford also adopt Liam? I didn’t think he had. I think it’s great that Harrison Ford is a father figure to Liam, but to refer to Lian as his son in this article is a little bit misleading.

Lauren on

I don’t think it’s a matter of people being sensitive. It gets incredibly old to be in your prime childbearing years and have people still think you’re “too young” because you aren’t 35+ like the trend is headed. Parenthood in your 20s is a legitimate choice.

Ruthella on

Andrea_momof2 ; I don’t see why my comment was judgmental. I think anyone who says they were a baby at 25 must have been immature, that’s not judging. If I’d said it was awful or detrimental to his older kids that he was so immature at 25, THAT would have been judgmental.

Although, if he’s putting it out there in a magazine interview, I think it’s fair game to be judged anyway.

Andrea_momof2 on

I think it’s judgmental to think that he’s less of a father or a worse father at his age than he was at 25.

Vida on

dfgdfgd – What is wrong about Harrison refering to Liam as his son?? Papers don’t make a family it is the love you have for a child. To Harrison, Liam is his son and that is wonderful for both.

Caroline on

Hmmm….when I read this article, I see the joy he takes in being a parent and how parenting now is different for HIM than it was when his oldest son was born.

I must have missed the part where he insulted every one who became a parent in their twenties;)

In my opinion – lucky kid, lucky parents. What more can we ask?

Mom2boys on

I don’t have an issue with him feeling as if Liam is his son. Anytime a child has loving parents/caregivers it’s only a good thing! However, one thing he said, and a lot of mature 2-time around parents says that makes me feel some kind of way is that they were bad parents or didn’t know what they were doing the 1st time around.

Now, I agree that a lot of 2nd-time around, mature parents are more grounded, patient, and wise than they were years ago. However, sometimes I wonder if those adult children feel like “hey, I thought I had a great parent and a great childhood…oh well I guess I was screwed and the new kid is getting a better dad/mom”. It’s like your parent is saying “I was some crap as a parent back then but THIS time around my kid is gonna get a top notch parent”.

graciesmom on

Lauren, for some people having children in their 20’s is the right choice; not all. There’s no right or wrong age to become a parent. Some people are ready at 25 while others, not until 45.

Again, he never said every person in their twenties is too young to be a parent. For him, 25 may not have been the right time and he feels like he wasn’t able to give his child all the things he wanted to at that age.

As for his older children feeling resentful, that’s not the case with me at all. My dad was 18 when I was born. Although he tried to raise me to the best of his ability, he’s always admitted that there are things he wishes he could’ve done differently. Now, at 43, he’s a father to children ages 17, 7, 4, and 2. Time and experience has definitely matured him and he recognizes what’s important in life; his children. Just because he’s more present with his kids at his current stage in life doesn’t mean he loves me any less.

Tams8312 on

I understand where Ford is coming from, stating that he felt like a baby at 25. I am 26 almost 27, have a full time job and am in a long term relationship and don’t feel anywhere being ready to raise a child. I feel I am too selfish right now, and want to live a little more before settling down. Child rearing is a very selfless job, you have to put your children before your own needs. I’m thinking more towards 30 I’ll be ready. I’ll have been in my profession for at least 5 years, will get somemore travelling out of the way and will be able to devote myself to a child. That’s not to say that 25 is too young for anyone to have a child…some people may feel ready at that age or sooner. All I say is be sure before you make some hasty decisions.

By the way, even though Ford is a senior citizen doesn’t make him too old as long as he is active and can keep up with his son is all that matters. Besides there are many grandparents out there raising their grandchildren.

Kerri on

Tams8312, ITA. I’m 26, married, with a full time job and a mortgage, and I STILL feel like a baby when I think about the possibility of raising a child. Not that I’m particularly immature, but that relatively, I am still young and not ready to be that selfless.

Diana on

It does take more than love to make a family! It takes “paper” not just love to make a family…Anyone who has tried to do anything as a married couple or take care of your own child knows you have to prove it with paper. Buy a house together? School? Medical care? Passports? Why doesn’t he marry Calista and adopt Liam if they are his family??? Oh wait, that must just be too much commitment.

m-dot on

I agree that 25 is an OLD baby. lol

Ashleigh on

Diana, if and when Harrison and Calista marry is their decision. It doesn’t concern you so if they continue on as they are for 10 more years, who cares? You act as if you know this man in real life. You don’t.

I also strongly disagree that it takes a paper to make a family. There are so many more important aspects than whether or not something is legal. My sister has been dating a man for the past six years. She met him when she was pregnant with my niece. My niece’s father left throughout the entire pregnancy and came around every so often when the baby was born. Since she can remember, my sister’s boyfriend has always been my niece’s father. The biology aspect has no bearing. My sister’s boyfriend has been trying to adopt my niece for the past four years but her ex has made the process hell. Even though no piece of paper binds the three of them together, they are a family through and through. To say otherwise is ridiculous.

Diana on

Actually it’s not ridiculous. Maybe if you have ever tried to enroll your child in school, get medical care for your child, or get a passport for your child (and those are only 3 examples) then you would actually understand what I mean.

In “your world” you would be implying that someone such as Harrison Ford would be entitled to get Liam enrolled in school in his neighborhood (or otherwise), seek medical care (and, Heaven forbid, even be allowed to make life and death decisions), or request the issuance of a passport (and possibly travel anywhere in the world) for Liam simply because he “loves” him. I don’t know about you, but as a parent, NO ONE is going to be making those decisions except my husband and me.

I’m not discounting anyone’s love for a child (Harrison’s or your family’s)…but to claim them as your child when they aren’t is ridiculous. You may put away your accusations and instructing me that it isn’t my concern what they do. I was talking about legal paperwork…and how important and real it is. That is why it exists.

dfgdfgd on

Vida, I don’t have a problem with Harrison referring to Liam as his son. I’m sure he feels like a father to him. But Harrison didn’t call him a son, the article did.

Sarah M. on

Diana (#33) – It says in the article that they are now engaged. So they apparently have plans to do just that. πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Vida- I agree completely! πŸ™‚

Diana- For all we know, Harrison HAS adopted Liam!

Dee on

I think a lot of these older actors look back at their 20’s and probably wish they could have a do over and to me that’s what he was commenting on about being a baby at 25.

We all know that women mature faster than men and so even at 25, he could very well be a dad sure but maybe not one that was around much or caught up in the Hollywood scene. Maybe working too hard or whatever.

I think in your 20’s not a lot of people know what they want and even though they have responsibilities, they still feel the need to hang on to their youth whatever way they can.

I know a lot of 25 yr olds to this day who act like they are 16 yr old teenagers. Its like they dont want to grow up. I know 30 yr olds who act the same. So I think thats what he was getting at, at least that’s how I interpretted it.

In anycase, I think Harrison is awesome and a really good actor. I never really saw how him and Calista fit together and I have to say I am really happy that they have made it work and for almost 10 yrs now. I am sure that being older, he is able to reflect on past mistakes he made with his older kids and now is the time to get it right and in the same sense also build on his relationship with the older ones.

I commend him for that and wish him and Calista and his whole family all the best πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Rebecca- Or Han Solo, for that matter. πŸ™‚

kai on

I swear I read somewhere that he adopted him?! in any case, I think they’re a lovely couple. calista’s been looking good lately.

CelebBabyLover on

kai- I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that is the case. πŸ™‚

Zoe on

I know quite a few 25 year olds that are very mature and together.
I also know a few 60+ who are very immature. It takes all kinds.
To a person of his age a 25 year old may seem like a baby because of all he has seen and done since he was 25.