Greg Vaughan Welcomes Son Cavan Thomas

01/19/2010 at 08:30 PM ET
Jill Johnson/JPI

It’s a second son for Greg Vaughan and Touriya Haoud!

Cavan Thomas Vaughan arrived on Tuesday, Jan. 19th at 1:19 p.m., weighing in at 7 lbs., 15 oz and measuring 20 inches long — the “exact weight/size of his big brother,” 2 Β½-year-old Jathan James, the actor Tweeted.

“Big thanks to ALL & MANY who have wished us well on the birth of our new son,” Greg wrote. “He has all fingers & toes! Plus another butt chinned boy! :)”

Click here to see a photo of Greg, Jathan and Cavan.

Greg — who left General Hospital this past fall but will be appearing on 90210 soon — and Touriya announced the pregnancy in August.

Source: Greg Vaughan

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Mallory on

Congrats to them! Interesting name, once again.

Shirese on

I love both the names.

Laura on

Thank god this kid is gonna be gorgeous because these 2 are horrible name pickers. Really? I guess they dont think about these kids 15 years from now and how they are going to have to explain such ridiculous names.

Bonnie on

Aw, congrats to them! Though it sounds like they named their kids “Jason” and “Kevin” and just mixed it up to be a little crazier!

nan on

I don’t mind either name – to each his own. But I still can’t say Jathan without it sounding like “Jason” with a lisp. Am I pronouncing it wrong?! πŸ™‚
Congrats to them on the new baby!

michelle on

Love the name Cavan

michelle on

Wonder if it is Cavan like “Cave” or like “Have”

Jane on

Jathan and Cavan are awkward. Jathan does sound like Jason with a lisp. Cavan is just odd because either way it’s pronounce it will sound like some mispronouncing Kevin, Calvin or Gavin.

Caitie on

Cavan is a BEAUTIFUL Irish name. I love it. Definitely one of my favorites.

Alycia on

Jathan is such a horrible, awkward name, Jason with a lisp… poor guy!
Cavan is cute though

Tina on

I’m not so fond of the names, but congrats!

Sanne on

What’s the fuss about the names? I love the names! Unique but not weird… Lots of love from Holland!

Luna on

Not really crazy about Jathan or Cavan, but they’re not my kids. I’m just happy they’re healthy. And Cavan isn’t really all that bad.

Brooke on

I think that both names are adorable

Tina. on

yay! i think its a cool name πŸ™‚

Reader on

the names give me a little chuckle, like I say them and wonder if I am really sasying it right? Jathan wasn’t supposed to be Jason or Nathan? Cavan wasn’t supposed to Be Gavin, Calvin, or Kevin? That’s what I think of when I say them.

Lis on

Wow! Born on 1/19 at 1:19 πŸ™‚ That’s neat!

shirese on

I don’t see why people get up in arms about another person’s kid’s name at all. First of all, it is not your kid and no one has to hold the same taste as you. Second of all, these kids are growing up with each other. If anything the Emilys and Johns will be made fun of before the Jathans and Cavans. And besides, if kids are not made fun of by some other ill-mannered kid for their name, it will be because of how they look, where they live, or some other reason. Basically, if they have a stable family unit, they will get over the bully making fun of them

alice jane on

Congratulations to Greg, Touriya, and Jathan! I bet Cavan is beautiful.

I think people need to be more open to the idea that some of these names might be coming from a different culture. Just because it sounds different or strange here in North America doesn’t mean it does somewhere else. I don’t know if there’s any history behind the name Jathan, but like Caitie said, I’m pretty sure Cavan is Irish.

noam on

i seem to be one of the few who like this name! i know a twenty-something named cavan, but he pronounces it cuh-van…that may be totally “wrong” though…either way, both boys have lovely “normal” middle names if some of your predictions turn out true and they are mocked for their unique first names…

Emaline on

Ooh I love the name! How cool that it’s the same stats as big bro!

ll65 on

Congratulations to Greg & Touriya!

Sarah on

How do you pronounce Cavan? Like Gavin with a C? Or like Cave – an?

JM on

really don’t like Jathan, it sounds silly and Cavan is weird, sounds like they wanted to go for something like Caden and realised it was too popular. same with jason-jathan…..
i’m not getting up in arms about it πŸ˜‰ obviously not my kid, my life just voicing my opinion.

fuzibuni on

so, does Cavan rhyme with their last name Vaughan?
I’m thinking it is pronounced Cuh-vaughn Vaughan?

shirese on

My Irish friend, who speak Irish says it is pronounced Kah-ven. The “a” is like the “a” in cat.

shirese on

I found this over the Internet on pronunciation:

Ines on

Alice Jean, I agree! Let’s don’t forget that Touriya is not American. Maybe there is dutch roots in both names?
Personaly I love the name Jathan! But also Caven sounds nice.
The β€œexact weight/size of his big brother”, thats cute!:)
Congratulation for all family!

IrishPolPhd on

FWIW, Cavan is one of the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland, and a town of the same name. It’s not usually used as a given name in Ireland….more common would be Caoimhin (Kee-vin). Still, it’s a little like naming your child Tipperary.

collette on

My Dad, was from Cavan in Ireland and its a very popular boys name there, also its pronounced Cav-an.

crg on

We considered using this name for our son because we stayed in Cavan when we visited Ireland, however, I thought it was too close to Kevin (my brother in law’s name) and I’m really glad we didn’t use it now. I have a friend with a son named Cavan and I thought he was Kevin for the longest time, until I saw it written down in an email! It’s a nice attempt at a different name, but it’s awkward in that way.

bridget on

Our 6 month old son is named Cavan. (rhymes with Gavin) Its Gaelic origin and the meaning is “handsome”. We love it even though its not common, we always have to spell it for people, some want to pronounce it Cave-in. We hope he will like it one day too. Just because its not common does not necessarily mean that its strange (like Moonbeam) and it sounds much better than many popular names.

Chantal on

I really like the name. It’s not as commen as other names(now a days, and dont get me wrong, cause there is nothing wrong with those names!)and it’s not as weird as some names you hear nowadays in Hollywood land.
They are unique, special, but still pretty πŸ™‚

Sylvana on

Congrats to Touriya, Greg & Jathan with the arrival of Cavan Thomas.

On the dutch tv they just showed a picture of Greg, Jathan and baby Cavan.

They are just a beautiful family. I love their boys names.

kai on

I love how people can say a name is silly without knowing how it’s pronounced.

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to both Greg & Touriya. I love the name Cavan! And how crazy that he was the exact weight that his big brother was when he was born! Oh and what a great date & time to be born: 1:19pm on 1/19/10!

Amber on

@ Ines: I’m Dutch myself and neither Jathan or Cavan has Dutch origins. To be honest, I have never even heard either of those names before, so I don’t think they got their inspiration here…

Overall, I do like the name Cavan. And I think it’s pronounced like Caden. The pronounciation ‘Kevin’ seems a bit far fetched to me… that would be like pronouncing Jason as ‘Jessen’…or something similar.

Luna on

I posted earlier and now the more I hear the name, I really like it and jathan is growing on me too.

crg on

Cavan is not pronounced like Caden, it’s pronounced like Gavin but with a “C”.

Liliana on

I think there are far worse names out there than Jathan and Cavan.

As for the pronounciation, a friend of mine is named this and he pronounces it like Gavin with a C.

Olivia on

Okay, I try not to make fun of people’s name choices, but these have me scratching my head.

mrsh on

How weird that they were the exact same weight and size! Their names are very matchy.

Lola Marie on

The world needs more babies that will grow up to look like Greg πŸ™‚

Some day old baby is gonna be a lucky girl…

Nysha on

Jathan & Cavan may sound strange & made up, but they’re a million times better than Sin Halo!

Sadie on

Craig Biggio (the baseball player) has a son named Cavan Thomas, born in 95′. He pronounces it like Gavin

CK on

I used to watch GH when he was on there. I wish them lots of love and happiness. πŸ™‚

The names of their children are a bit uncommon and perhaps unusual but at least they didn’t go with Pilot Inspecktor or Jermajesty. *shakes head*

Sarah on

I think the names are Macedonian. Afterall, that’s Touriya’s heritage.

shelly on

Cavan is a county in Ireland, where I’m from and there NOBODY called that over here πŸ™‚

Deirdre on

@ collette Sorry to contradict but I’m Irish and I’ve yet to hear of a boy called Cavan over here. Naming your child after a county is not the done thing in Ireland.

Ellen on

It’s a nice name.

Vaughan is Welsh so Greg obviously has Celtic roots which could mean Irish roots which could lead to the name Cavan, which as already stated, is a county in Ireland.

Regardless, those of you making judgements about names, remember a lot of poeple hate your kids names, whatever they may be.

Ali on

The Jason with a lisp thing had me literally laughing out loud. My brother’s name is Jason and when I said “Jathan” to myself just now I couldn’t believe how funny it felt and sounded. I do like Cavan though…

FC on

Jathan is getting to be such a little man now. He’s so cute, and so is his new little brother, Cavan! I think the name’s cool, IMO.

Congrats to Greg, Touriya and Jathan on the new addition to their family. πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

alice jane- I couldn’t agree more! Padma’ Lakshmi has said she’s going to give her a baby a traditional Indian name (as she is from India), so obviously her baby’s name will probably sound weird to us Americans, Europeans, etc. I sincerely hope that she will does not face the criticsm that these two have faced!

Juju on

Who cares what names we like or dislike it is what it is for Greg and Touriya. After all if they grow looking like Greg who cares what first names they have. I like both names to be honest

Leanne on

My 2 year old son is called Cavan, who wants to have the same name as 4 other children in the class at school? most people love the name and comment on it if they havent heard of it before.