Giuliana Rancic Opens Up About Her Infertility Struggle

01/19/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
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It took finding out that they weren’t expecting for reality stars Giuliana and Bill Rancic to realize that they wanted to become parents. Following a pregnancy scare during last season’s Giuliana & Bill, the pair began to second-guess their decision when the results came back negative, explains Giuliana.

“When we first thought I was pregnant, we thought, ‘Oh, I don’t know.’ [Later,] ‘Phew,’ turned into, ‘Let’s have a baby!'”

However, while their change of heart may have been spur of the moment, their ability to conceive is proving otherwise. “I thought we’d get pregnant right away,” Giuliana admits.

After eight months of trying to get pregnant on their own, the couple — who are hoping for twins — have turned to fertility specialists.

And while doctors haven’t found anything out of the ordinary, they admit that Giuliana, 35, and Bill, 38, have their biological clocks working against them. The E! host shares,

“Their diagnosis: ‘You guys are mid-to-late thirties. Sorry.'”

Despite Giuliana revealing that there have “been tears,” neither is prepared to give up hope. Brought “closer together” by their infertility struggle, Giuliana insists she is willing to do “whatever it takes” to realize her dream. “I envision our life with kids,” she says. Adds 2004 Apprentice winner Bill,

“It’s now or never!”

Source: Us Weekly

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Brandi on

Honestly she may just need to gain a little weight. I noticed how tiny she is at the Golden Globes. I was about 10 lbs underweight and couldn’t get pregnant either but was only 28. My doctor suggested I try to put on a few pounds to help regulate my cycle and sure enough it worked within 6 months.

Lissette on

That’s great of her to be so honest about their struggle to get pregnant! I wish them lots of luck!

Lena on

I agree Brandi. She may be underweight among other things. I’m sure shell be pregnant in no time. She has the resources.

Leslie on

I wish them luck – they seem like a sweet couple. I did want to say though, I saw the episode where Giuliana bought some Ovulation Predictor Kits, and I don’t have a lot of faith in those. I recommend buying – “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler – it’s the most wonderful book for helping someone get pregnant, or just letting you know what’s going on in your body. Temperature taking is helpful, but best for letting you know if you HAVE ovulated. Cervical mucus (TMI) is best for letting you know you’re getting ready to ovulate. Day 14 doesn’t work for everyone. Best of luck to them, and anyone else trying to conceive.

stephanie on

It is great they are being honest, but they haven’t even been trying a year. The poor people that were Bill’s friends on last week’s show have been trying for 4 1/2 years and Giuliana and Bill act like it is the end of the world that they arent getting pregnant. Have some compassion for real infertile couples and not try to get so much attention. I understand I went thru it, but they haven’t even been trying long, I feel like it is part of a publicity stunt for their show.

J-Lin on

I’m appreciate her honesty. Many folks have tons of resources, but it still doesn’t happen. I wish them the best. It’s such a scary thing to know that you did thing the right way by being grounded in your career, meeting and marrying the right person, and being financially stable, and then not being able to conceive.

Ashley on

She’s still “young” and 8 months is not a long time for couples trying to get pregnant. My doctor didn’t even recommend fertility specialist until I try for 1 yr. Wish them the best!!!

Catca on

Well, when you are in your mid to late 30s, it is recommended to go to a fertility specialist after 6 mos of trying. The 1 year rule is for younger couples. I don’t think this is for publicity for their show and wish them the best. Their honesty is also valuable as it lets people know that it isn’t easy for people to get pregnant even if they have resources. I can’t tell you how many times people point to celebrities in their 40s who have gotten pregnant and say, see, you can still get pregnant at that age. Yes, some people can, but many cannot.

sarah on

I was where they are this time last yr, my husband and I tried for a while to get pregnant and had multiple miscarriages. The day before my first appointment with a fertility doctor I, on a whim, got a postive pregnany result! Now, our little one is due in just 5days. I also highly recommend “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” I recommend it for all women, not just those trying to get pregnant. In our case I think it was as simple as stress that took us so long to get pregnant, we made a few minor changes in our lives and we got pregnant and had it stick.
I wish them all the luck….in the scheme of things, 8months isn’t long, at the time it seems like an eternity, though

Meagan on

Actually on the show they go to see a fertility dr and he says Bill’s sperm count is slightly lower than normal and then the dr pulls him aside and tells Bill she needs to gain some weight. I don’t think it’s for publicity. I think it’s more just sharing that you can’t expect it it to happen right away.

stephanie on

But alot of these if not all reality shows are set up they of course want ratings and people to watch

paula on

It may be for publicity, but is still a very real situation for many many couples their age. The recommendation for women 35 and up is 6 months of trying before seeing a fertility specialist. Also, 35 and up is considered advanced maternal age once you are pregnant. The, now common, comment about “hoping for twins” always makes me laugh. Only in Hollywood is having one healthy child a disappointment, lol. Anyway, I wish them the best.

mrsh on

I had to gain some weight before I was able to get pregnant, also. I was about 10 lbs underweight, according to the BMI charts. I gained 5 lbs and was able to get pregnant. Also, I had been charting my cycles using Taking Charge of Your Fertility, but I wasn’t having any success with that method. I ended up conceiving only after using an ovulation predictor from EPT. But, what works for one person isn’t necessarily going to work for another, and vice versa.

Lorelei on

I absolutely agree with Leslie and Sarah regarding the book “Taking Charge of your Fertility”. Whether you are trying to get pregnant or just want to learn about your body it is an awesome book. I recommended the book to a coworker and although she never did get pregnant she was more confident at the doctors office and truly understood what the doctor was talking about.
I wish Giuliana and Bill the best in their journey to become parents.

Anna on

Kudo’s for raising the secrecy veil on infertility. And they’re amongst the lucky and elite few who do not have resources as an additional obstacle to creating their family.

Now, can they envision creating their family outside of creating their own pregnancy? That’s the real question. Can they “envision their life with kids” that may come from adoption? After struggling to become pregnant, my husband and I decided we wanted to be parents more than being pregnant. Our daughter (who was adopted in 2009) couldn’t be more like my husband or myself if we had created her.

And she is very fond of saying (she’s 6), “I didn’t come from your tummy…but I was born in your heart.” and those are the most truthful words ever spoken!

I wish them luck, but I hope they will expand their field of vision, if they have it in their hearts to do it.

m on

I agree with the weight gain issue. The doctor did clearly told her to gain 5 pounds. She then acted like it was going to be a huge issue. I understand if she feels pressure to look a certain way for her work – but let’s get real – if she wants children as badly as she says she does, she will gain 5 pounds. It’s not 25. Eating extra healthy calories every day to gain 5 pounds over a few months is much easier than keeping multiple doctors appointments, having transvaginal ultrasounds constantly, worrying about the timing of the cycle, and taking fertility medications. IUIs are not easy – multiple rounds of IVF is even harder.

I was into the show for a hot minute. Now I won’t watch it again.
When I watched them tell their friends they had been trying for a few months, I cringed. It was a train wreck. I knew somehow, before their friends said it, that the friends had been trying for much longer. You had to see the looks on their friends’ faces. Maybe they talked about it ahead of time with the friends and prepared them before taping, and maybe the friends were OK with discussing it on TV. But no one wants to hear someone complain about how they have been trying for 3 months, when you have done 4 of 5 IVF cycles. That is ridiculous.

I hope they conceive naturally, and just one baby at a time. Again, people need to research the higher risks that come with a multiple pregnancy, and see a preemie or micro preemie to appreciate why you don’t wish for something so risky.

Ondia on

Sarah congrats on your soon to be new edition. I hope you safe and smooth delivery.

I hope it works out for them. Really like them and think that they will be such fun parents.

Liz on

Paula, “hoping for twins” got me too, especially coming from people who are having trouble conceiving!

Sarah on

I agree with most of the comments; I really believe she should gain about 10 lbs. I think it would make a difference. To me, 35 is not old considering how many women in their late 30’s and early 40’s are having babies in Hollywood these days. I also think she should work a little less to reduce some stress. Not rocket science here!

Soph on

In the UK, you’re considered an ‘old’ first time mother once you’re over 28.
I feel for her, but eight months isn’t long at all really.

ecl on

I agree with the people who say that they haven’t been trying long enough to consider themselves as having fertility problems. It’s a big myth in our society that people get pregnant at the drop of a hat. Some do, but many do not. They probably just need to be patient. Still, I understand the frustration once you start to try.

Mrs.B on

I have been in her position and even 3 months may look such a short time for some of you it’s still frustrating and a big stress every month.
We did that for 5 years and we ended up adopting. My son looks just like my husband and I can’t be more happier.

I wish them the best of luck!

Trinh on

i agree, she needs to gain weight! omg! and i too dont understand the comment about hoping for twins either. does it run in the family? what an odd hope for ppl trying to have one healthy baby.

H on

I think because I have twins that were born at 27weeks and spent 2 months in the NICU. The “hoping for twins” comment always bothers me. I guess they would be able to have nannys so it would be easier than it is for me being a sahm with no help, but the physical toll on you and the babies with a multiple birth is something people don’t like to talk about. Twins are fun and special but it’s much more complicated than just 2 cute babies.

I do wish them the best though and I hope they can have children eventually.

Reader on

I was going to say the same thing, that she should try gaining weight. I know quite a few people who had this work. They gained 10-15lbs and found themselves pregnant right after. My sil’s OBGYN just suggested the same thing to her as well. Good luck to them. Maybe she reads this board?

Reader on

Trinh, they probably hope for twins since they are turning to fertility treatments. Since they are having a hard time getting pregnant, maybe they hope to just have to go through this once but get 2 babies out of it. Also, they are both so busy, maybe she likes the idea of only being pregnant once.

Blue on

I love their show and don’t think they are revealing their infertility struggle for ratings. I’ve been TTC for around 3 years now with no luck and we can’t afford IVF. Its a hard thing to go thru and I think its very brave to show the world their struggle. I wish them well and hope they get their baby.

Jessica on

hmmm, I wonder if they’ve turned to fertility specialists because they WANT twins, not becuase either is actually infertile, and they are telling a little white lie. Someone who’s too selfish to gain 5 pounds is probably not someone who’s selfless enough to be a mom. Does she think she’ll get pregnant with twins and not gain an ounce? It doesn’t surprise me, she comes across as very vain and immature on her show. Hoping for twins, isn’t like hoping for a girl or a boy, it’s completely different.

moose on

I’m very thin but have never had any problem conceiving…maybe its just if you are one of those people who are thin because you are on a crazy diet/exercise regime, not just thin beacuse thats your body type…

Heather on

I wish them the best in trying

SH on

it’s really the BMI, not how thin you are. you can be thin and your BMI can still be enough to get pregnant.

also, i would highly recommend that book that people are talking about. “taking charge of your fertility” – it helped us to get pregnant within a couple of months. really taught me a lot.

the other thing…if giuliana was on birth control until 8 months ago, that can really screw your body up. it took us 2 1/2 years to have our first. then we had 3 more before our first was 5 years old. it can take your body a year to adjust from being off birth control pills. there’s a myth out there that you can just stop your pill and get pregnant 2 weeks later – might work for some but definitely not all women.

Rachel on

The twin comment struck me as well. My twins were born full term and healthy however I know of several cases in which they were not. One of my close friends is expecting twin boys in March and has a very tiny frame. The twin pregnancy has taken quite a toll on her even though she is doing everything right.
Something tells me Giuliana would still count calories and work out a little too hard despite doctor’s wishes. It is obvious that she is very much into herself and her appearance. I can only hope that motherhood changes that, but it the business that she is in will probably make it more difficut.

JMO on

I find it so amazing how some people can get pregnant on the first try and so sad for others who struggle for years. I wish nobody had to go through these struggles. I hope one day I’m not in the same boat. At only 26 I am still plenty young but no where near ready to have a child. I fear if I wait TOO long I may be one of these couples….scary but if it’s meant to be it will be.

christina on

I sincerely wish them all the best, but I wish they wouldn’t perpetuate the “hoping for twins” mentality. I recommend this NYT article for a good rundown of the medical risks involved.

m on


Thank you for giving the link to the article. I just read the whole thing. I watched a friend go through a very difficult twin pregnancy, have a cerclage, be on complete hospital bedrest for 8 weeks, then give birth to her boys at 24 weeks. One died after a day. The other is fairly healthy now, but spent 6 months in the NICU and had multiple difficult surgeries on his intestines and eyes before being released. He has been going to therapies 4 days a week. He is a beautiful child, but has been through so much. That is what I wish people would know before romanticizing twins. Sure, there can be really healthy twin pregnancies and high risk singleton pregnancies. But for sure the risks are higher with twins.

Erika on

they’ve been trying for eight WHOLE months? wow. perspective, people. they need some perspective. you don’t go your whole life taking birth control then one day go off it and expect to get pregnant right away.

i agree with romanticizing twins. i had spontaneous (aka “natural”) twins that died due to a complication late in pregnancy. it really hurts my heart when people “wish” for twins. you never think losing a baby (or in my case two babies) will happen to you until it does.

Benigna Marko on

All good things come in time. I am sure all will be perfect and the best to you both.

Sami on

Wow, I can’t believe some of the hurtful comments on here. I hope Giuliana and Bill either don’t see them or will ignore them.

I also saw a fertility specialist after trying for about 8 months and having one miscarriage in that time. I was 27 but after my miscarriage started having irregular cycles and my gut told me something was not right. The RE diagnosed my issues and prescribed me fertility drugs. Less than 2 weeks after my first visit with the RE I was pregnant with my daughter thanks to them.

I think I would have had a successful pregnancy on my own eventually, but I didn’t see the point in risking years and years of struggle and disappointment if we could have help and bring home a child sooner. The risks of having a child at Giuliana’s age or older are higher than they are for a mid to early 20s mom, and IMO if you are ready for a baby (financially, emotionally, relationship-wise, etc) in your 20s or early 30s I don’t see any reason to wait until late 30s. I think she is doing the right thing by heading to a specialist. I thank G-d every day for my daughter and I am so grateful that I was able to get fertility treatment and that it worked and I didn’t have to wait 3 or 5 or 10 years for a child (either biological or through adoption).

Guiliana and Bill are probably “hoping for twins” because they’d like two children and if it going to be a huge struggle to get pregnant they’d like to just do it once. I felt the same way until I had my daughter, but now I think one at a time is enough! I think non-parents may have a hard time grasping just how difficult twins can be. As the parent of a singleton, I can barely imagine it myself but no longer romanticize it like I did pre-baby.

I am also so glad that Giuliana and Bill have opened up about this because I think it is good when infertility is talked about more openly. I hope that they will be able to conceive quickly and we’ll hear a happy announcement here soon!

Sami on

Oh Erika, I am so sorry for your losses.

Sloane on

Actually, you CAN get pregnant right after you stop the Pill. In fact, it is one of the more fertile times for many women. However, doctors discourage women from trying to conceive immediately after stopping because at that time the lining of the uterus is very thin and it can lead to miscarriage. I was on the Pill for 15 years and forgot to pick it up one week at the drugstore. 40 weeks later, guess what happened?

Jennifer on

Gee, that seems like a really insensitive doctor. I’m 32 and don’t have kids yet and am not ready for them now, but if I got to that age and saw a doctor and they said that to me in the manner this one did, I’d be kicking them to the curb ASAP and finding me another doctor pronto! Poor Guiliana..I hope she doesn’t give up, and gets a 2nd opinion.

That doctor both scares me and makes me mad me at the same time. I guess if it’s meant to be it will for all of us-celebs and no-who are in their thirties (and forties), trying or not right now for those future babies! ๐Ÿ™‚

stephanie on

Sami, I doubt Giuliana or Bill will come here and read the comments, they have better things to do like worry about he ratings of their show by exposing a personal matter to millions

Erica on

I like this couple (their show is actually pretty funny) but I agree with those who have said, she needs to gain weight. When your own doctor is pulling your husband to the side and saying this to him point blank then really…you should just do it. Giuliana is not just thin–she is TEENY tiny and all but admitted this was not natural, but for her job. If getting pregnant is as important as she says it is, she should bite the burrito (heh) and follow the doctor’s advice. I honestly think they would be great parents, too.

Stacey on

They very well may be on to IVF by now so hoping for twins isn’t that unreasonable. IVF takes quite a toll on the body, as well as the emotions and finances. Not wanting to go through it repeatedly, but yet wanting more than one child, is understandable. I have a 6 month old conceived through IVF. I was originally pregnant with twins and lost one. We’ll be going through IVF again, and I’d be ecstatic to learn it was twins!!!

Go Giuliana and Bill! Good luck!

linda on

I wish them well. We can relate to their story.. Giuliana and I are the same age and her b’day is a day after mine! My hubby is 38 shortly! It gets harder when you’re in your mid late 30’s it’s good to address the issue now before it’s too late – we know how its like and there are tears but at the end of it, we hope for at least one healthy child -it only makes you stronger! Good luck – wow if you have twins all the better but you both need to slow it down careerwise – you’ll be fabulous parents ! Love you guys to be our pals hahah xoxo

Katie on

I personally understand the heartache of infertility. We tried for close to 2 years to conceive our daughter. I also wanted twins, not because it was a novelty, but because of how hard it was to conceive in the first place. My thinking was ” this may not happen again, if it is twins we dont have to worry about trying again”. My SIL has twin boys and i have seen how hard it is first hand not just her pregnancy and delivery but also her every day life. Everyone is different.
I also understand Giuliana being upset after trying for 8 months. I was upset after not falling pregnant after 1 month. There is a preconception that you will fall pregnant easily, because it seems like every 2nd person out there is pregnant and it seems easy. I commend Giuliana for coming out and saying they’re struggling. Her honesty is refreshing. I wish more celebrities were like her, so when us “normal” people try to conceive and it doesnt happen in the blink of an eye it doesnt come as such a shock.

Kir on

I’m a bit flabbergasted by a two things:
a. they went to see a fertility specialist and taped it on their reality TV show
b. the doctor pulled Bill aside and told him Giuliana should gain weight
Not much of a doctor if he can’t give it to his patient straight.
My doctor had no problem telling me I should lose weight to help fall pregnant.

I’ve been trying for more than 2 and a half years. And I have to say that although it annoys and sometimes upsets me that people complain about having been trying for 6-8 months (esp to friends who have been trying longer), I can actually remember how hard it was in the beginning. No matter who you are or what you know (that the AVERAGE pregnancy of a couple with no fertility problems takes 6 months) you are still shocked and sad when it doesn’t happen straight away. And it’s a roller coaster every month. I don’t think it’s anything you can explain or understand til you’ve experienced it.
Of course having gone through it now month after month after month, I can really appreciate how it doesn’t compare at all – 8 months? Try adding another 2 years! I know women who have been trying longer than me and I always try and be respectful and sensitive.

I watch Bill and Giuliana’s show, I actually like it in spite of myself. But it’s easy to see that the show is staged. It’s not about their everyday life, it’s about planned, staged parts of their life. I really hope this isn’t one of them. And I wish them good luck.

hayey on

jeeeeez catty much!!

i’m sorry there are rules now before some one can say they haveing propblems geting pregnant! ‘oh they have only been trying 8 months’ that doesn’t count…how dare you , how dare you say that those 8 months don’t count, they count to them, those two people tat really want a baby, thats 8 times they hoped and wished and didn’t get it, wanting a baby and not being able to or having problems id one of the hardest thing a couple can go through and i’m reallysorry but if you think its ok to judge some one on the length of time they have been trying than there is somethng wrong with you.

i feel bad for them, ys thre are those who try for year and years and yes i feel worse for them buy i stil feel bad for two people who clearly want a baby and ARE having trouble.

and btw i would LOVE twins! there is nothng wrong with tha, some of you need to lighten up, having one baby is a blessing two is a double blessing , hardwork …of course but ablessing none the less so for goodness sake don’t jmp on th poor woman for justwishing for something thas is beautiful, its not like she is saying she only wnats a brown haired, brown eyed, prefect baby wih mo colic ..tha sleeps thrugh form 3 moths so she can lave it with a nanny and see it once a day…. honesly some of you really need to get a gri and sto being so offended by every thing these celbs say.

well thats my 2 cents, btw sorry for the selling bloody lap top is buggerd, lol lol lol

Bela on

Love them as a couple, and love their show. My girlfriend is as tiny as Giuliana, and she has had two babies with no problems. So I think it just depends on the person. Her fast passed lifestyle and not having much time to actually have sex also is a factor I think. They need to find time to relax, and actually spend more time together.
As for the twins, she wants them because she is having problems having one, so she might be afraid it won’t happen again, or take years to get pregnant again. Yes, there are problems with twins, but alot of people also have normal pregnancies with them too. I have 3 girlfriends who had twins, and all of them carried full term with no problems. So you see, it depends on the person’s body, and not really on the fact they are twins.

DaniDo on

Hey you guys – if they are already seeing a fertility doctor or and RE I am sure that they have each gotten a complete workup and if Juliana’s weight is an issue it is already being addressed. It is a little insulting to me that you all think it is so simple as “gain some wieght” or what not. Maybe they should just relax, stop trying, go on vacation, try ovulation predictors, have more sex, have lkes sex, wait til god blesses them.

i commmend them for coming forward! good luck to them.

Riley on

I agree with the weight issue. She is WAAAY too thin…I know that’s the Hollywood way but she doesn’t even look good. Even her boobs have disappeared. 10-20 pounds would help get her pregnant!!

Dr. Sam on

Giuliana, Yes, you may need to gain a little weight, but THE most important thing you can do is have BALANCE in your life. That means eating the same amount at the same time , not traveling all the time. One trip can cause you to be off balance and not ovulate. Also, if you exercise, do so very moderately. Studies have also shown that consuming whole dairy can help. If you can’t tell when you are ovulating, then you probably are not. Good Luck

FC on

I adore these two and their show, and I really do wish them the best during this particular journey of theirs. I’d love to see them as parents.

paula on

Sometimes fertility problems are unexplained. I’m sure that putting on some weight and taking some stress out of their daily lives wouldn’t hurt. But some people just have a hard time conceiving and should see a specialist sooner than later. When we first tried to get pregnant, I was in my early thirties, was a perfect weight for my height, ate very healthy foods, did not lead a particularly stressful life, no issues on my husband’s side and it still took us more than two years. I wish we had seen a fertility specialist much much earlier than we did. For our next child we saw a specialist right away and got pregnant very quickly. We’ve always been “unexplained infertility”. I think it’s great that they are being proactive and appreciate that they are sharing their journey.

SH on

It sounds to me as if this is not necessarily infertility. Yes, at 35 they do start recommending getting checked out after trying for six months, because the window of fertility is getting shorter. Still, not having conceived in 8 months is NOT a positive sign of infertility. I don’t know what the average time to conceive is, but I think I remember it being between 8 and 12 months. It can take a long time–I know from personal experience! In my 20s for my first pregnancy I conceived on the first try; the second took me eight months.

I am glad, though, that they are getting checked to rule out infertility.

I must admit to being a bit annoyed that this is being labeled as an “infertility struggle”. JMO.

torgster on

I wish them the best too, but it’s so tiring hearing this same story over and over again. The simplest solution would be for women to stop waiting until they’re 35 or 40 to have kids. They want the fab career with all the material trappings first, then boo hoo when the ultimate acquisition doesn’t just materialize. We all have choices, mine was kids in my 20s.

Sharon on

Jennifer, I agree, I found their doctors’ comments to be very rude. When is mid to late thirties too old to have a baby?? It does happen for millions upon millions of women naturally with no medical assistance. I think fertility issues shouldn’t always be attributed to age but also to a couple’s health in general and the lifestyle they live. There are so many other factors that can influence fertility as well – illness, stress, nutrition, etc.

Lori on

Don’t rule out adoption! There are a lot of kids in need who can use family!

Miriam on

Guiliana: honey, don’t listen to the docs. I had my first child when I was almost 31 and TWINS at 34. I was blessed to carry them to full term. You can do it–stay strong and believe it will happen! ๐Ÿ™‚

mom of three on

I had my three kids when I was 34, 35 and 36. My husband was 38, 39 and 40. It will happen for them when the time is right. They need to relax and it will happen when they least expect it. Their ability to have children should not be written off simply because they are older. I know a few moms who got pregnant naturally after 40. Have fun trying!!!

cakies on

I didn;t even get married until I was 40, so when we started trying I was on the fast path to the fertility specialist. I was able to conceive and carry fullterm twins and I delivered two weeks after my 42nd birthday!

good luck to them on this very emotional journey.

cd on

Giuliana may need to gain a few pounds and stop worrying about keeping her weight down to fit into a size 0. Sometimes your body is not ready to hold a child if you are to small. Stop worrying about getting pregnant and just relax enjoy your time with your husband and dont think may this time.

Andrea Russell on

I appauld Bill and Guilian for breaking to light such a devasting and heartbreaking experience for so many couples. I was like Guiliana and felt that it would not take long to get pregnant. Two years later my husband and I were still not pregnant and I felt like I had no one to talk to. We also were told by many people (not our doctor, he was wonderful) that our age was working against us. After many prayers and two rounds of Clomid we now have a beautiful 2 year old daughter, who is very happy and healthy. I wish Bill and Guiliana much luck and prayers in their journey. Don’t give up!!

Cassie on

I feel for them. I’m 30, my hubby is 31. We have been trying for kids for five years.
We began fertility treatments in August 09, and still no luck.
Hoping for 2010 to be our year!!

Brianne on

The “hoping for twins” and complaining bit bothered me. Has anyone read Giuliana’s blog about her diet? She sounds like she has an eating disorder and needs help, in my opinion (no, I’m not a doctor, but was shocked when I read it.)

I hope she has that aspect of her life straightened out before conceiving. Good luck to them.

KiwiKiki on

In women, hormone production is definitely connected to BMI. If your body has too little fat, your estrogen (and other hormones) production decreases. Female runners frequently suffer from secondary amenorrhea (absence of menstrual periods) because their body fat falls too low for proper hormone production and they frequently do not ovulate; this condition is also present in women who are anorexic and those with intrauterine scarring from untreated long-term infection or STDs. Guiliana’s arms and legs are like sticks…I have been concerned about her health even before she announced she wanted to get pregnant. When she announced she was having problems conceiving, I have to admit that I immediately wondered if her weight was an issue. I hope they are not doing these episodes for ratings, as that would be a real slap in the face of those suffering from real, long-term fertility struggles. I think they have the money to follow up on any real issues (if she will gain the weight the doctor recommended) but even that does not insure a pregnancy. I found it just a tad tacky to say they were hoping for twins…how about being grateful for ANY pregnancy if you really do want a child? Having babies is not like getting “his and hers” puppies.

amy on

He is hot, that’s all I have to say!

paula on

So annoying to read all the “they should just relax” and “8 months is not long enough” comments. They are in their mid-thirties. If they want to have more than one child, it is a very smart decision to be proactive and see a specialist NOW, not in 2 years.

Katherine on

torgster: what would you suggest people do when they haven’t met the person they want to marry in their 20s. some people don’t want to have a child until they are married – it’s not always about career and money. and some people just don’t feel ready in their 20s, and if that’s the case then it would be selfish and irresponsible to have kids before then.

Meg K on

I’m in the same exact boat right now with me & my husband. Good luck!!! Haven’t tried fertility specialists yet, but we’ll see in a few months I suppose. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you too!

nono on

It’s perfectly fine (and certainly wise) for them to see specialists at this point in the game, but at the same time they shouldn’t shrug off what their doctor said about them being in their mid-to-late 30s. It IS going to make it more difficult to get pregnant. I wish more women realized that, while it is nice to have choices and build careers and all that jazz, your biological clock isn’t going to sit around and wait for you, so don’t be surprised if a pregnancy doesn’t occur right away when you want it to.

Susan Andrews on

Guiliana will probably conceive in a couple of months if she allows herself to gain a few pounds. And although i’m sure she’s terrified of “ballooning up” because of her job, she looked prettier a few years ago when her face was slightly rounder. She looks older than she is now because her face is so thin and drawn.

... on

My sister had five kids starting at age 35 and ending at age 40. One kid a year! All are very healthy children. She is thin and tall, like Giuliana. She runs five miles everyday, and during her pregnancies she ran at least a mile daily. During the years she was having kids, she also found time to run 3 L.A. Marathons!

On the other hand, my best friend got married at 21 (her husband was 22). They tried for eight years to have kids, and were unable to conceive. They were both healthy, and the doctors found nothing wrong. They eventually adopted two children. But were always sad they couldn’t have their own kids.

Please don’t assume that Giuliana’s age or weight is the cause. I know a lot of infertile couples in their twenties, and plenty of women over 35 who are extremely fertile. Everyone is different! Anything is possible! Don’t give up hope! ๐Ÿ™‚

Amy on

I think the twins reference means they want 2 kids but realistically know that they will be lucky if they even get pregnant once. If they do the invetro stuff then the chance of twins is a bit higher.

denisesimmons on

my husband & I tried for 10 excruciating years! The first month failing was equally difficult as the last month, actually after trying for just one year you have learned to protect yourself mentally & emotionally better than the first year! So please try to be kinder to them. When they agreed to do the show they could not have predicted fertility problems! If they did know i am sure they would have had 2nd thoughts about doing the show. I to was 33 years old when i married an was aware of impact of age on fertility so we went to spec right away. Please do not be so judgemental of these people. how can anyone think it is staged when giuliana had to wait to be tested to see if her uterus was ok. no one should wish that on anyone. as for the couple trying longer they should have been more compassionate toward giuilana & bill because it is harder in the beginning. It does not work out that god gives those who have waited the longest thenext child! I sent many friends to my specialist in ten years and they all had children, some more than one I did not resent them. The longer you try the more you can help others. I Too hope the do not read these and have a wonderful life. I have seen them grow closer through this process. I for one think most of it is real. We all stage our lives for family,friends & co-workers letting them see only what we chose. This is no different. God Bless!.

racheal on

Guilaina was on The View today talking about her struggle. Her doctor told her she needed to gain weight because she was not ovulating consisitently. She said she gained 5 lbs., but did not seem that convincing. She then went on to talk about how insecure she is and that gaining the weight clearly was not what she wanted. Maybe she should not be having children if 5 lbs. is all she could sacrafice for her child to have a healthy beginning. If she does become pregnant she will be in for a rude awakening as she will have to sacrafice a whole lot more.

Loni on

They were on The View today (Feb 25) discussing their trouble to get pregnant…and while age may have to do with it was clear that the issue was more about her weight. She even admitted that she doesn’t always get her period. And she even said it was difficult to gain 5 pounds…the truth is I understand how she feels since I have an eating disorder and am told if I don’t gain weight I won’t be able to have kids either…and though I am only 21…that is scary! I don’t want to weight until I am 35 years old. I really think Guliana should to a therapist to talk about her insecurities. She does need to gain at least 10 pounds…She needs to ask herself does she want to feel thin and have the “Hollywood” look or does she want to be a mom. I think she should leave E! and move to Chicago, get out of LA and maybe then she’ll be able to get over some of these body image issues.
wishing them nothing but the best!!!!!!!

janice on


I totally agree with you- I understand where she is coming from as I have always been thin, low BMI, and into exercise and eating healthy – but my doctor said it’s essential to have a certain percentage of body fat to ovulate and get your period regularly. She definitely seems insecure about her weight – and she mainly emphasized that it is an “age issue” because she wanted to draw less attention to the obvious fact that it really is a weight issue coupled with an age issue. I believe she has hypothalamic amenorrhea – a diagnosis for irregular/lack of ovulation due to low body weight, excessive exercise, stress, etc. It’s hard especially since she’s always on camera but she really needs to decide between whether it is worth trying to look good for the camera or just gaining 10 pounds, having more estrogen, and increasing her chance for a healthy pregnancy.

Allison on

Just watched the clip of G&B on the View. I have to agree that it seems Mrs. Rancic has an issue gaining weight. I don’t blame her, because a good portion of her job depends on her looking a certain way. However, they need to decide together what they want – fabulous careers or biological children. As much as we, as women, want to believe that we can have it all and make it all work, in reality, it doesn’t work that way. There are trade offs. Not everyone will have to make them, but it is looking like they will have to make some.

They’ve been riding the fence on many issues. They don’t live in the same city because neither is willing to sacrifice their careers! While this is working for them now, I’m sure the constant travel and scheduling is stressful and not condusive to baby-making. I wish them all the luck in the world and hope it happens for them tomorrow. However, I just don’t see it working out easily for them without them making some significant lifestyle changes.

Lyoness on

@ Many of you who believe the doctor is rude… He’s not. He is simply stating biological fact. I’m a Chemist and work in the health industry. I’m nearly 30, size 4 and 5’7. It’s easier for women to conceive if they have a certain percentage of body fat. She NEEDS to gain weight. If they do continue fertility treatments, the added weight not only help get her pregnant but help MAINTAIN her pregnancy. Whoopi and Barbara were right. If she can’t put on a simple 5-10 pounds now, how will she be able to put on the baby weight? Will she have pregorexia? Some women who are pregnant will put on the bare minimum (if not less) of weight to maintain the pregnancy but no more. They will also restrict certain foods that may be nutritious for the baby. That can open a whole can of worms.
To address the age issue, I wonder what age her mother was when she had Guiliana and her sister and what age the mother went through menopause. That also can influence the fertility in the female children. I truly don’t think age is the major factor here but more so weight. If she has these many body issues, she needs to talk to someone. If they truly want children then someone needs to gain weight.

I think their friends truly did have some biological issue that affected their ability to concieve. I think it was rude that Guiliana was so flippant with the 8 month remark.

… stands down from soapbox….

Emilyo on

I was an avid runner, and coming off a miscarriage my Ob at the time recommended I gain 5 lbs. I did, and immediately had a successful pregnancy. I was probably not nearly as thin as her, either.

If she is so OCD with her weight that she can not bring herself to put on 5 lbs., good luck with having a kid! If there’s anything to be said, it’s that you can’t control them ๐Ÿ™‚

Seven on

I wish both of you success in your journey to parenthood however, please remember that should you not ever have a child do not despair. There are many other great sources of joy in life other than children. I know this sounds harsh but my DH and I have been through it all and we still have a great life, marriage and love for each other for the rest of our lives. Good Luck and love each other regardless.

barbara on

I must say that i think this is a publicity stunt with the fertility thing. She previously had a show that said she was afraid of heights (Ferris Wheel and Flying). If she was so afraid of heights, why would you take a job that you have to fly in an airplane CONSTANTLY from New York to Chicago to California and back. She was screeming in the airplane segment of that show. Do you think that sheโ€™s screaming while she is in first class sipping on her wine. I donโ€™t think so. I donโ€™t think that she is honest when she states that she wants to have a baby that bad. The comments that talk about the extra weight gain when carrying a child is true, there is no getting around gaining a few extra pounds when your pregnant.

Maree on

I wish Guilana & Bill all the best with trying to get pregnant. I watch your show every week and I think you are a lovely couple and would make great parents. I know is must be a hard time for both of you, but I am sure you are doing everything you doctor has suggested (like gaining 5lbs), but as the saying goes, “if it’s meant to be it will be”. I pray for both for you and hope we hear some good news soon? I don’t how far we are behind here in Australia with the episodes, we get your show on In Style here and I tape the show so I can watch it about three or four times before the next episode as I thing you are just great.

Amanda on

I wish them the best also, but only 8 mths of trying? It doesn’t always happen right away- My God, all the last few episodes have been about is them trying to conceive, well try 3 yrs like my husband and I or longer or never. Stop complaining about it so early on, atleast u have the fertility treatments, most like me can’t afford them and insurance doesn’t cover them.

lisa on

I have sruggled with infertility for a few years and still am and I know how dissappointing and painful it is to actually see a period at the end of each month when you are hopeful that it is the start of a pregnancy. I give them kudos that they are actually putting a very sensitive topic and their own personal experience in the public spotlight since many persons still do not know how to deal with persons stuggling with this. I believe some sensitivity to the couple’s feelings would be appreciated. I wish them a baby soon.

Jules on

My hubby and I tried to have a baby for 4 years with no luck and went through IVF now finally after 5 years we have a son. I am now almost 41 and wish we would have recieved help much sooner and realized we had a fertility. I have always wanted two children but fear it is now way too late for me even with IVF. I wish I knew at 36 what they do. I also wanted twins feeling it would be my only chance to ever have more than one child.

Lucky Mom on

I got married at 33, it took me 6 yrs and 3 RE’s (IVF doctors) to realize that if I did not go to one of the best doctors in the Country that I would not be sitting here with my 2 yr old son. Infertility creates vunerability. After 4 IVF’s, and 3 cancelled cycles due to poor reaponse, I was told that I would never have a child, I also suffered a miscarriage on my 1st IVF and had numerous surgeries relating to infertility. I was ready to give up. I researched the SART statistics, and was a member of IVF connections which educated me on the top IVF doctors in the Country. After extensive research I decided that Cornell in NYC would be one of the best clinics. Then there was the task of finding an RE at my age that was advance age friendly and willing to give me a chance. The RE is Dr. Owen K Davis. He created a protocol for me and never gave up. I hope that Guilliana and Bill realize that it is not to late. They are still considered young in the infertility world. Sometimes you have to go somewhere that is a better fit for your situation. I hope that Guilliana and Bill do not let people’s comments bring them down. They are a beautiful, successful couple and there are alot of jealous people in this world. I am thankful that they allowed the world to see inferility from a famous couple’s perspective and that even famous people struggle and it is not all glitz and glamour. I wish them both success and luck!!!

Jennifer on

I just saw her on the veiw this morning. This being June of 2011 and she is still not pregnant, my heart breaks for her. At least she has a supporting husband which is a lot more than many people have. I’m a year older than her and can’t even find a husband!!!