Mark Wahlberg On a Fifth Child: 'The More the Merrier'

01/15/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

When it comes to family planning, Mark Wahlberg‘s approach is simple.

“I’m the youngest of nine,” the Lovely Bones star points out during a Friday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, “So the more the merrier.”

Of course wife Rhea Durham — who delivered the couple’s fourth child, daughter Grace Margaret, earlier this week — has a well-earned say-so in the matter, and for now she is standing pat.

“My wife has always wanted four, two boys and two girls, so miraculously she got everything she wanted … She’s saying she’s done.”

That’s not to say a change of heart couldn’t occur, however. Although Rhea has been “hinting” that their family — which includes Ella, 6, Michael, 3 ½, and Brendan, 16 months — is complete, Mark isn’t so easily convinced. “She loves being a mother, so she may end up wanting one more,” he muses before adding,

“We’ll see what happens.”

Just what could motivate the model, 31, to contemplate a fifth pregnancy? The rest and relaxation afforded by the maternity ward! “She likes hanging out at the hospital,” Mark jokes. “It was the first time we had a couple of days of peace and quiet, even though she had to go through the pain of giving birth.”

Likening the experience to a hotel stay, Mark, 38, pointed out that mom and dad even had their own televisions for viewing. “She didn’t really want to go home,” he said.

Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Maddy on

I love this family! I think 5 would be wonderful…I always wanted five! Either way, they’re a great family! 🙂

lipsy on

I felt like that too- I didn’t want to go home from the hospital! I was comfortable, my food was brought to me, people came to visit, but didn’t stay long… husband brought me clean clothes everyday…!

Angela on

I think two and two would also be great. We have a daughter and son and are pregnant again, and I’m secretly hoping for boy/girl twins this time around since they run in my family.

I’m not so sure about another pregnancy just to get a couple of days off in the hospital (two days vs. 18+ years) but I know he’s just joking.

electra on

I’ve always said I want either one child or 5! No in between. She’s only 31 so she’s got sometime just in case she changes her mind.

french gigi on

mark is due here in my town in ct in about 2 weeks to start filming his new movie with christian bale, russel crowe, and hugh jackman…… friends and i are all hoping for a glimpse of at least one of ’em!!!!!!!!!! :o)

i find rhea to be so gorgeous…..i hope they are blessed with as many children as God allows.

Amy on

I didn’t want to leave the hospital either! It’s so relaxing, you can sleep, have meals brought to you, quiet. Wonderful. I think they should quit with two of each, it really is the perfect family. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they have one more in a few years.

mrsh on

Electra – I always said I wanted either 1 or 3, but never 2, haha. Incidentally, we’re going with 1 🙂

Amy on

Has anyone got any idea what little michael’s middle name is as we are all aware of mark’s other children, ie: Ella Rae, Brendan Joseph and Grace Margaret.

Alicia on

Cedars Sinai Medical Center has an awesome maternity ward. They have deluxe suites that are about $3000 a night so when Mark said ‘hotel room’, it’s the truth. There are photos online of the rooms. It’s amazing how people live.
Anyway, they will definitely have one more in two, two and a half years. It will be a boy. They might as well go for a sixth one while they’re at it, LOL. Three girls and three boys would be perfect.

cassie on

they are so awesome

shacoria on

I think they should have another kid. I don’t know why but I never liked the idea of an even number of kids.LOL. Only odd numbers.They should have either 1,3,5,7, etc. Since they can’t go back to 3 they should have another to make it 5

Alicia on

By the way, Mark said on Ellen that Rhea wanted to start ‘juicing’. Does anyone know what that is?

Stella Bella on

To answer Alicia’s question, I imagine Rhea plans to juice fresh vegetables and fruits. I did this after I gave birth and it really helped with my recovery. I felt really healthy, the weight slid right off, and I wasn’t run down even though I wasn’t getting much sleep.

Xan on

My mom liked the idea of staying in the hospital so much she asked to stay even though she could have been discharged on Christmas Eve. She brought me home Christmas morning instead, and said it was a welcome vacation 🙂

Shelby on

Shacoria–we have 3 (so far), but I’ve always liked the idea of an even number! Funny how everyone feels so differently about that!

shacoria on

@Amy I’m almost certain that Michael’s middle name is Robert.

SAR on

Why not adopt, Mark? There are lots of children, including babies, who need homes.

Reader on

Love it. That’s how I feel about delivering our 3rd child. I will not be in a ruch to leave the hospital because I know now what happens when you get home! I had a friend pay extra to stay another night, and now I finally get it.

sil on

Alicia you are right, i just saw the room pictures of Cedars Sinai…wow, with a room like that i would love to stay a month on that hospital! Here in Milan you have to share the room with another woman (or maybe 2), share the bathroom….is not comfortable, and the food is awful! so after 2 days i was so ready to return home! 🙂
(Well, if you want to have a better room, just for yourself and your husband, and better food, then you have to pay 500 euros a day…but the other way is free, so i guess is better to be a little uncomfortable for 2/3 days and save 1,500 euros!)

CelebBabyLover on

Where does it say Rhea gave birth at Cedars Sinai?

Bancie1031 on

I haven’t seen the rooms at Cedars Sinai, but like a hotel? LOL that’s funny.

If anyone has a link to Mark’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show please please share.

I can see Rhea and Mark expanding their family 😀 They have beautiful children 😀 My personal outlook on it is that children are blessings. I wish Mark, Rhea, Ella, Michael, Brendan and Grace the best of luck! And of course the comment I have to make on everyone of Mark’s posts …. I absolutely love this family!

Amy – Michael’s middle name is Robert (so I’ve read, I think his brother dished out this information). I think the reason that CBB doesn’t include it is the fact that it was never confirmed to them like the other children’s middle name.

french gigi – Good luck running into one of them 😀 How big is the town that u live in, if you live in a small town that ups your chances of this happening 😀

luciana on

I always loved the number of 3 children, always thought it’s a nice in between of a big family but not out of control as far as kids are concerned. I think it’s nice they have 2 and 2 though, I think that’s better than 5 kids. But everyone is different, everyone has an ideal number perfect for their family, some think 1, others 2, some think 6.

mel on

his wife is stunning OMG!

Chris on

I have a feeling they will end up with 6 children.

Shaya on

Wow I want to give birth to my second in a hospital like some of the commenters. 🙂 I had a c-section with my first and had to stay 4 days and was miserable. It was a teaching hospital and I was being bothered all the time even several times at night. I never got any sleep at the hospital and b/c I was so hormonal and sleep deprived I was begging my husband to break me out of there.

Sam and Freya's mum on

Four would be busy enough IMO/personally – of course they can afford help & she has time on her side. Time will tell! Two kids ideal for us. Had 2nd/last a mth after turning 36 (didn’t want to be much older to be honest, say late 30’s or so, diff if a celebrity and can afford it and the help!). Had son at 32, few mths off 33 years. Age/financial stretch is an issue, but mostly always pictured two kids. Both have a younger sister each, which may have influenced it too. Also keen on even numbers for some reason. Different strokes for different folks.

I like their girls’ names, but not keen on sons’ names, esp Brendan, but perhaps just me, LOL, as have noticed many commentators liking all their kids’ names. Congrats on arrival of baby Grace!

Nausicaa on

The more the merrier indeed! Normally I’m against having excessively large families – I’ve known people from very large families who have all sorts of self-esteem and emotional development issues and whatnot due to not having individual attention. But if you’re rich and can afford to get off work for months at a time like Mark and Rhea can, then why not? Just as I’m sure there’s no lack of individual attention in the Jolie-Pitt families. Millionaire actors are lucky to be able to have many children.

momof4 on

Well, I have four like the Wahlberg’s (two and two of each gender) and it’s perfect for us! I was laughing at his wife loving the hospital as I was, too. They brought my meals to me. On a tray. And took it away when I was done. And helped me out of bed. I could sleep. It was quiet! HEAVEN!

Sophie on

@Shacoria It’s funny how everyone is different, I’ve only ever wanted even numbers so that each child could have a playmate (its how I see it). so it’s either 2,4 or 6

Kristi on

I come from a family with 6 kids- 3 boys and 3 girls. The 3 boys came first and then my sisters and I. I have always loved coming from a big family!

Cat on

SAR – Wh do they need to adopt??? Just becasue, sadly, there are children out there without families, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own children. I want 4 kids. I love the idea of a large family.

Brownsugar1313 on

I’ve always wanted six kids, then changed my mind to four…two boys and two girls. Sadly hubby only wants one more. I have to convince him to make it three…right after I give birth to this one….lol

Love Mark and his family….so down to earth and such a long way from Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch…lol

Tanya Denison on

What a beautiful couple! God Bless your family.

jdef39 on

As a mom of eight, I say to Mark and Rhea: GO FOR IT!!