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01/15/2010 at 12:00 PM ET

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Anonymous on

We MUST stop importing children’s items from China! The US needs to take a stand against them poisoning our children!

Kate on

I so do not see what is offensive about serving Southern food in honor of MLK day. He was from the South, and they have a great cuisine unique to that area. If an antipasto platter was served in honor of Columbus day would that be considered offensive?

Alice on

“[Bristol Palin] does tell In Touch what kind of guy she’d like, when she’s “ready” to date: “One with values, one with a good family, a hard worker, and someone who is going to love me and my baby.” But Bristol says: “I’m not going to have sex until I’m married. I can guarantee it.” (The word “again” seems to have been left out there.)”

Hahaha. The interview is blatant propaganda but the article itself is quite funny!

fuzibuni on

The article about the Denver School district states that the woman who found the meal to be offensive is white. However, the school board president, who happens to be black, made a statement that he was not personally offended and was more concerned about the educational outcomes for his students than whether or not they ate collard greens and fried chicken for lunch.

I’m curious what the other parents at the school thought, because in a way, this lady’s actions added further fuel to the idea that serving southern food is racially insensitive when I doubt the elementary kids saw it as anything other than a meal.

Allison on

I guess I just don’t see how an honest article with Bristol Palin can be seen as propoganda. Human beings can make mistakes and be honest about opting to make better decisions in the future. In my opinion, that’s all Bristol was referring to. The great thing about America is that we can all have our own distinct viewpoints and voice them accordingly. Why should we state something as “propoganda” simply because it doesn’t support our own personal views. More power to Bristol for trying to improve her own life and that of her son. In my opinion, it is not hypocritical for her to strive for different behaviors in the future, despite her past actions.

Erika on

Haha the Southern meal actually sounds good! In my school it was whatever could be served with an ice cream scooper lol.

I could see why that could be considered offensive, but I’m sure that wasn’t the intent!

Alice on

I guess that was a bit of a strong word. But it is, in a way. The aim of the article is clearly to influence people which is different from the average celeb who just shows off their babies. And they’re not celebs anyway they’re political figures. The huge title on the cover isn’t “here’s my new baby” but “I’m glad I chose life”.

It’s not hypocritical to admit to having made a mistake it’s even admirable, but the “good girl” speech is really too much. I’m certainly not going to have sex before marriage? Please. If she had indeed said “again” it might have rang more honest. And yes, of course she’s not going to, she has had all the “downsides” of it, the early motherhood, the breakup after baby, no more time for her friends. She’s just trying too hard to “clean” her image, which she doesn’t even need to do.

And for the record, I’m glad she “chose life” too and probably would have done the same so it’s not because I disagree with the viewpoint. I just don’t like people trying to hint at what is right and wrong when there is no such thing.

mrsh on

Excellent post, Alice! I agree with you 100%