Amy Adams Anxious to See Who Her Baby Grows Up to Be

01/15/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Dave Allocca/Startraks

An admitted “last minute” kind of gal, Amy Adams tells USA Today that she’s not feeling overly stressed about impending marriage and motherhood.

In fact, the 35-year-old actress — expecting her first baby with fiancé Darren Le Gallo this spring — says that not only is there no set wedding date, there are no nursery plans underway either! “What I’m actually looking forward to is when my child is old enough to tell me what they want in the room,” she explains. “We could do it together.”

“I’m more interested in seeing who this child is, as a human being. That’s what’s exciting to me. I’m just so excited to see, if I have a little girl, does she want a princess room or is she into soccer?”

Digging into a plate of eggs and bacon — “emergency eating,” she explains — Amy is clearly enjoying an early maternity leave.

“It’s been good for me,” she says. “I’ve benefited a lot from taking some downtime and working on friendships and really reconnecting with my fiancé.”

Amy’s new film Leap Year is in theaters now.

Source: USA Today

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Ali on

Amy is great. I feel like she could be a member of my own family (we’re Irish so she’d fit right in :). Plus, we have the same last name and she’s from Rhode Island and I’m from a small town in Massachusetts, right on the border of R.I. My dad calls her ‘cousin’ Amy whenever he sees her on t.v.

Something About Baby on

Amy looks fantastic! Its great that she admits that she’s last minute … good not to place too much pressure on herself.

Alice on

Love Amy. She seems so happy about being a mother and you know it’s really all about the kid. She’s already thinking of him/her as their own person with their own tastes, it’s quite refreshing. Not that there’s anything wrong with setting up a frilly princess nursery though! Her take on it is just different and beautiful.

Sonya on

Is that such an oddity in America?
None of my friends/family (including me) were obsessed with planing a nursery. We all have the baby in our room for the first few months (you just get a crib and a changing table) and that gives you plenty of time to organize a nursery. Really, a newborn doesn’t need his/her own room, it’s not like it’s going to play or walk around or anything.

Forever Moore on

I’m going rather slow on my nursery too…we aren’t planning in buying a crib right away, just a bassinet in our bedroom. I’m not painting either…found these super cool decals that are kid friendly yet artsy at the same time. I want my son’s personality to be involved with decorating the room.

Forever Moore on

Funny about the bacon and eggs too, that has been a huge craving of mine the last few months! Glad I’m not the only one

noam on

sonya-in my experience with friends/family (i don’t have kids of my own), getting a full nursery together is a huge thing before baby arrives. i’ve heard several explanations–some say they know they won’t have time after the baby gets here, others say it’s just in their nature to plan ahead, some say that physically preparing a space makes the whole thing more real for the father/ other family members. i don’t know, personally, anyone who hasn’t created a fully stocked, decorated nursery…however, as i am ttc, i am reading lots of books, and several have said that this is still kind of an american thing. some cultures feel its bad luck to prepare too far in advance, and many european nations have showers after the baby is born, with mother, father, and baby all feted…

Xan on

Amy is adorable, and I’m sure her baby will be, too. Interesting thoughts on nurseries. I’ve always been rather creatively inclined, and I love to decorate, so I admit that even now (though I am years away from having a baby!) I have some well defined ideas on how I will prepare my child’s nursery. (And how I will help them decorate their rooms later, according to their own preferences.)

Nevertheless, I am aware that the reality of the situation is that baby will not remember/appreciate/need such a space until years down the line. Not bothering too much with a nursery seems like a wise, and economic plan, too.

Sonya on

Noam -yeah, we do the after the baby is born shower (it’s not really a shower, but people come and visit and bring gifts, it’s not all planed and in one day).
While I didn’t have a problem with people giving me things before the baby way born, my Mom had a fit when a friend brought a playpen when I was 7 months (it’s still seen as bad luck and extremely bad manners -it’s like you wish someone bad luck).

Personally, I worked till about two weeks before my due dates and really didn’t have the energy, desire or see the need to decorate. We have one year maternity leave, so that gives you plenty of time to plan once the baby’s here.

maggie on

i soooo hope she has a little girl and i have a feeling because she talked about if she had a girl but not a boy

Luna on

Sonya- Out of curiosity, where are you from? I remember when my sister was born, we had the room so ready, it was like someone was already living there for years.

CelebBabyLover on

“emergency eating”- I love it!

dfgdfgd on

Sonya, what is bad luck? I didn’t understand your comment.

Jessicad on

One year maternity leave? I’m jealous!

Everyone I know has the nursery ready before baby arrives. I can see why some believe its bad luck though. I’m glad I had my daughter’s ready, she was a tough baby and I rarely left the house:)

Jessicad on

I assume the bad luck thing is a superstition in a way. Just in case something happens before the baby is born and it doesn’t make it.

Ella on

@Sonya: It’s the same here in Germany (assuming you are not from Germany). Everyone I know just buys the necessities before the birth, and the rest is bought or given by friends afterwards.
It’s the same with birthdays, we never celebrate, congratulate or give presents beforehand, because doing so would mean you jinx it in some way.

Heath on

Babies in the Uk are in with the parents for the first 6 months so there tends to be not that much emphasis placed on going mad on the nursery before the baby is born. As long as you have got the essentials in before hand then the rest will be bought when the baby arrives.

Catey on

In Australia, we don’t have such a focus on getting the nursery set up as they were in our room for the first couple of months in a bassinet anyway. We just set up a change table etc so we would be ready to run when we got home. Plus we never learnt gender before any of our kids, so waited until after the birth before decorating their room.

Although we do have baby showers, I have an American friend who has commented that Australian babyshowers are much smaller than the ones she had been to in the states.

@jessicad, we also get one year maternity leave here (but you can take less) as well and I also got 3 months paid maternity leave (although not every company provides this).

Hannah on

Not everyone has their babies in their room for 6 months Heath.. my 1st son was in our room for 1 month but he was a noisy sleeper so worked frantically on his room to get it ready before we put him in there (we didnt decorate his room beforehand) with our 2nd son his room was fully decorated for months before he arrived. He went into there at a week old as he was also a noisy baby and I’d lay awake all night listening to him instead of sleeping!