Jessica Alba Embraces 'Stretch Marks and Sagging Boobs'

01/14/2010 at 06:00 PM ET
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Her acting career may keep her rooted in California for now, but Jessica Alba is in search of greener pastures for the future.

In the February issue of SELF magazine, the actress reveals that she has high hopes for 18-month-old daughter Honor Marie‘s upbringing — including relocating to the South of France. “My mother-in-law has lived there for more than 20 years, and she has a beautiful setup,” Jessica shares.

“I want to be able to allow Honor and my other kids, who I hope to be blessed with in the future, to maintain their innocence for as long as possible. There is so much time to be an adult.”

Until that day arrives, Jessica, her husband Cash Warren and their baby girl have settled in Los Angeles, where they are often photographed running errands or heading to a local café for brunch. Infamous for her attitude toward the paparazzi, Jessica is well-aware of her reputation and makes no apologies!

“They drive dangerously when they’re following us and have caused a lot of almost-accidents. They curse, they’ve threatened people I’ve been with and they’ve called me every name under the sun and then taken a photo where I look mad,” she explains.

“And I’m not going to walk around smiling. Nobody walks around smiling! That’s weird. You’re an alien if you do that.”

And when she feels that the stress is getting the best of her, Jessica turns to her best dose of medicine to date: her daughter. Spending time with Honor gives the 28-year-old “instant perspective” and, in turn, motivates the first-time mom to lead by example.

“I can be hard on myself if I don’t do everything perfectly. But now that I have her, there’s no time for that,” she confesses. “I want to teach her that you can learn from your mistakes, and if you keep moving and stay positive and loving, everything will work out.”

It was her own little girl who taught Jessica a lesson in true beauty. Calling her pregnancy “the most incredible experience,” Jessica has since embraced her postpartum body. “I’ll take the stretch marks. I’ll take the sagging boobs. I’ll take the cellulite I can never get rid of,” she jokes.

“If you walk around with your head held high and you’re happy and positive, then all that other stuff is irrelevant. Confidence is number one.”

Jessica’s new movie Valentine’s Day is in theaters February 12th.

Source: SELF; February issue

— Anya

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Karla on

Jessica is probably my fave celeb mom, she seems so down to earth, genuine and natural. Honor is just adorable and looks completely doted on. I love how we never see Honor with a Nanny but always with her mom. Jess just seems very ‘real’ and very non-hollywood. Definitely agree with her comments about confidence being number 1. Anyone who’s been pregnant knows all the things that come with it, but they’re there for a very reason : )

Lily on

Sounds like Jessica picked the wrong line of work to be in. Perhaps she should consider switching careers.

There are some celebrities who have just as many photographers following them around regularly – or even more – and they are able to take it in stride. Apparently, Jessica does not have that kind of disposition.

She does look angry a lot in photos and on one level I feel bad for her, but then she chose to be a public figure and this is what goes a long with it. Whether it is right or wrong is not the point, it’s just a fact that if you are a public figure photographers are going to do what they do.

acmommy on

I’m sorry – I really do like Jessica Alba, I just hate it when a size 0 woman talks about her cellulite. Come on… you mean when you squeeze your leg super tight and you see a couple of little dents?!!! For goodness sakes girl! I would give A Lot to have your body instead of mine!

oh, and I think her baby is adorable!!

megan on

I agree, Lily. Also, Jessica has done other things besides her acting that drew attention to herself. Remember when she destroyed public property with those shark images & took pictures doing peace signs in front of them ? You can’t act out in public and then complain when it’s noticed.

moose on

I. Do. Not.Believe. One. Word.Of.It.

Lauren on

“I’m sorry – I really do like Jessica Alba, I just hate it when a size 0 woman talks about her cellulite.”

For the record, cellulite doesn’t discriminate based on size. There are plenty of size 0 women who have it. Heidi Klum and Mischa Barton, two women who are far from heavy, have been photographed with cellulite. And just because you’re on the thinner side does not mean you don’t experience the same irreversible body changes via pregnancy and birth that a heavier woman does; regardless of how you look on the outside, there’s plenty going on under those clothes.

As for Jessica, yes the paparazzi are obnoxious brats to a large extent, but I really think they target her because she’s easy. They know she’s going to get pissed and give them the shots to paint the story they want rather than just smile, wave, and get on with life ignoring them. There are plenty of larger stars than her who find ways to deal with it, so imo it’s more of an attitude problem on her part than anything else.

mrsh on

Agreed, Lauren. I’ve always been thin (a size 0, even) but my body is forever changed from pregnancy. I’m soft where I was once firm, my hips a broadened, and my boobs saggy. Yeah, everything is technically the same size as before, but none of my wardrobe seems to fit the same way it once did. Pregnancy changes all bodies, even slim ones.

ecl on

I like her statements about smiling. I hate it when magazines act like stars are upset when they aren’t smiling. Or when a famous couple is together and not smiling, they always declare them “on the rocks.” I find the stars that are always “on” to be the most annoying. They seem so fake!

Mary-Helen on

I don’t see the big deal about her attitude. She doesn’t like them so she doesn’t play the game. Maybe if more celebs were that upfront, then they could have some privacy. It’s easy for us to say “well, that’s what you get” but we also don’t know what it’s like to have a camera shoved in our faces and have our pictures taken without consent when we are trying to buy our food or push our kids on a swing. I don’t know if I would handle it any better than she does. Honor is adorable and Jessica seems very doting on her.

waffle on

why should jessica have to find another career because she doesn’t like paparazzi? nobody should have to tolerate harassment just because they choose to work in a high profile job.

besides doing things she’s contractually obligated to do, being a good mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend etc i don’t think she owes anybody anything, least of all paps…its not as if they give her a portion of their earnings.

JMO on

I have to say that if your going to be in this line of work the best possible thing you can do for yourself is to not let the paparazzi get to you. Doesn’t mean you have to make conversation with them or smile at them. But teaching your daughter that it’s okay to smile and not let these intrusive individuals bother you is also a good lesson. I have seen video and pics of Honor smiling and waving to the paparazzi. Honor knows no different so she just embraces it. Being angry at them is only teaching Honor to grow up to be miserable.
And yes if you are going to choose to live in L.A. which is practically home of the paps then your going to have to learn to deal with it. I don’t always agree with the paparazzi but over the years we’ve come to understand that this is what they do. There are many celebs who have chosen to live elsewhere and you do not see them photographed. I think if you make a choice to live in LA or NYC then you have to somewhat expect it.
But I have seen Jessica smile in paparazzi photos…so it’s not like she walks around angry all the time.

Kimberlee Chrisman on

Used to be a Jessica Alba fan until she came to our city last summer to film her movie and defaced a local United Way Billboard with “Save the Whales” spray painted on. She was arrested, apologized and made a $1000.00 contribution to United Way, but still, why would a grown women, a mother, destroy other property for an activist cause such as whales? We are an inland state at that LOL. Love little Honor, beautiful baby.

whit on

Lilly and Megan,

All she said is that she does not like being followed, threatened, called names and having her childs life put in danger. Which I’m guessing if any of us were in the same situation me would have MUCH worse things to say.

Haleiwa on

You tell em Jessica. Those vultures masquerading as photographers are a menace. I’ve seen them say nasty things not just the celebrity but to the non-celebrity person who is with the celebrity.

She looks very pretty. Jessica defaced one poster. Matthew Broderick killed two people and walked away scott free. I’ll give her a pass on the poster thing.

Stella Bella on

Unfortunately, I’m inclined to agree with moose on this one.

Sam and Freya's mum on

ITA Moose…she doesn’t get much sympathy from me I’m afraid, lol.

kkl on

I think it’s funny how when it comes to attitude, we are always hounding women to be the ones who behave. Are the same people commenting in threads about Mark Wahlberg or Ryan Phillipe (or, on other blogs, Leonardo DiCaprio) about their attitude and how maybe they should just get another job? (Picking three men who never smile for the paparazzi and have made their attitude about being photographed very clear, just as Jessica has.) It’s hard to think of a male celebrity who gets called the names Jessica (and other female celebrities like Reese Witherspoon or Jessica Biel) has been called for not smiling.

Megan on

“Jessica defaced one poster”

No, she didn’t just deface the United Way billboard. She put up sticky posters all over town. There’s no excuse for a grown adult to act like that.

As far as Matthew Broderick ? That’s not relevant to this topic. That’s like saying “Okay, I’m gonna give you my stance on health care. But first, let me point out people kick puppies in your town…”

Callen wants a 4th on

Look. Yeessss she did somehting that offended others, but come on. She is human, im not being biased just because I like her. I actually dont believe her statements about her body I think she works hard for her body and she makes sure the effort shows. I think she just says that stuff to make other moms feel better because not many are fortunate like her. She is a beautiful young lady, cut her some slack : ).

Electra on

Jessica Alba really annoys me. She always come off as a phoney to me and she says whatever she feels will appeal to her audience. Im not claiming to know her, but there were several pics of her in a bikini 8 or 9 weeks after having Honor frolicking on beach with with her body looking cover ready. Stretch marks and saggy boobs?? pfft. HARDLY.

CelebBabyLover on

Megan- I think what Haleiwa was trying to point out is that there seems to be a huge double-standard going on here. Jessica is being criticized lake crazy for defacing a poster…..Yet whenever Matthew Broderick is posted about here, no one critcizes him for killing two people in car accident (which, from what I can gather, was techinically his fault), which is far worse than defacing property.

Ash on


It’s obvious you’ve been misinformed. Cellulite can plague anyone’s body whether they’re a size 0 or a size 50. I’m a size 2/4 and have cellulite all over my thighs! It’s so bad that I can’t even wear a bathing suit anymore but because I’m thin, everyone assumes I’m cellulite-free so they don’t understand. It ticks me off to no end! Cellulite is genetic so it’s inherited (it’s a disorder in the connective tissue under the skin)- has absolutely nothing to do with weight, thank you very much!

Julia on

Cellulite can be a problem, even if your thing. Acmommy you look to me as if you are very frustrated.
She didn’t chose to be stalked by paparazzi. They should definetely move to another country, only in the us (and maybe england) people are like that. Here in Holland, were I live in Amsterdam, famous people (even brad pitt and johnny depp) can just walk around without being harassed, insulted, stalked or even photographed by the paparazzi.

Haleiwa on

Well Megan, you are entitled to your opinion just like I’m entitled to mine. I don’t have a problem with her pasting up posters for a cause she believes in. I may not agree with the guerilla tactics. And I will decide what I think is relevant in something I post.

luciana on

She comes across phony and fake on interviews in my opinion. I saw pics of her in a bikini plenty of times after honor, she doesn’t have celliute, saggy boobs or stretch marks. and do skinny women get that sometimes, yea I saw stretch marks on matthew mcconaughey gf after the baby and same with heidi klum, but jessica got skinner than ever after honor and body looked fine in a bikini. she always talks crap about her body even before the baby, and of course everyone even thin people have body images but if your gonna say yiou have saggy skin and celliute and were just parading around in a bikini and pics were everywhere, where people can call BS when they saw the pics. I always remember her talking crap about being latina, not being latina, etc, she is not a likeable person in magazines or tv interviews. certain celebrities seem snobby/arrogant, she comes across like that to me

Anonymous on

I think people are being really harsh on her. No one of us knows how it feels like to be stalked by paparazzi and called bad names – no matter what profession on has, this is never OK! I don’t think hanging up posters is that bad – probably not the best choice she made but she has apologized for it. When we ourselves make mistakes it is forgotten and we can move on – why can’t we show the same grace to celebrities instead of keep bringing up their mistakes of the past? To me it seems like Jessica is so in love with her daughter!
I think people keep misunderstanding her and twisting her quotes when she gives interviews. She never said she was NOT Latina. She was just stating the fact that one parent is Latino while the other parent is Caucasian – thus she wants to identify with BOTH cultures, not just ONE.

Chelsie on

well i love jessica alba.. it just goes to show that no matter what size you are, pregnancy changes your body forever!!! also ladies, we should know better than anyone, how clothes hide a multitude of evils.. and she’s not comparing her body to anyone else’s, just her own before baby.. sheesh!

Me on

She doesn’t like her body… is there really a woman here who can’t relate to that? I’ve got skinny friends who are always talking about what they don’t like and what they’d fix. And I’m thinking… are you crazy?
But, their feelings about themselves are valid and deserve to be respected.

caysmom on
That’s all I have to say.

Moore on

It doesn’t say that she has all these things, she says that she’ll take all of those because being a mother trumps all that ot her. It has nothing to do with what her body might look like it’s all about the attitude towards her body and the confidence it has given her. That’s my take on it. Besides, if she does have these things she would know.

daniela on

The words sound good, but unfortunately ITA with Moose.

Mary-Helen on

Jessica is always seen with Honor, no nanny around, so her words ring true as she is prally one of Hollywood’s most hands on, devoted parents. So she doesn’t like people taking her photo without permission, @ least she’s not pulling a Sean Penn, Camerona Diaz and destroying the cameras and screaming profanities @ them. She just glares. It seems like some celebs just can’t win for losing.

Patrice on

God, I HATE it when celebrities do this fake, self depreciating B.S in some sort of transparant attempt to seem like an “every-woman”! Excuse me, but I have seen MANY un airbrushed photographs of Alba in a bikini on the beach and the body is still flawless with nary a mark or thigh dimple to be seen!! She should revel in her beautiful figure and not cliam that it is something that it clearly isn’t.

Patrice on

Moore: You may be right, but if that is the case, how can she POSSIBLY state that she will “take” those things if she has never has to personally deal with them?! Don’t you think it’s all a tad hypocritical?

Rosie on

Oh yeah, like I’m sure she has soooo many stretch marks and her boobs are really sagging! Whatever! Alba comes across as a self-centered person only focused on the superficial. I remember the interview where she said she didn’t really like being pregnant, that she had a REALLY hard time with the ‘gaining weight part’ of pregnancy. What, a measly 20 lbs on her frame? Ridiculous.

dfgdfgd on

Rosie, MANY people dislike being pregnant. It’s not fun and comfortable for many people. And of course gaining weight during pregnancy is going to be an issue for many women. I really don’t see anything superficial about any of that. It’s natural to feel that way, and I’m glad Jessica said out loud what many other women are thinking.

Mary-Helen on

I love my girls but HATED being pregnant. I was sick all of the time, my back hurt and the weight gain drove me nuts! Some women love being pregnant, some just love that it’s over!

Danielle on

I’m so sick of these fake celebrity interviews where all they care about is portraying themselves in the best possible light instead of being honest. All I have to say is GIVE ME A BREAK JESSICA! If you want your fans to relate to you then don’t complain about your size 0 body, when obviously you like your body otherwise you wouldn’t always be getting photographed in your bikini.

electra on

I think Rosie is just trying to point out JAs hypocrisy in one interview she states how she loved being pregnant and had an easy pregnancy and labor and in another interview she says she didn’t like it at all. I’m not ragging on her, I think she’s a smart pretty woman, but her constant inconsistencies are irritating.

Rachelsun on

I agree even skinny women have stretch marks. Maybe you can’t see hers in those photos but maybe she had none before and noticed a few. As women we are so critical of our bodies. I don’t see her as being fake. I just don’t understand the hate towards this woman. My opinion too many people rely on blogs for their info. The blogs set up a narrative about a celebrity and have made Jessica out to be a bad person (she hates being Latina, she is rude to them, etc.) because she does not like them and all these people buy into it. It is actually quite sad. I don’t know what this woman is like but I do know not to judge people unless I have first hand info and these blogs are not setting out for the truth. Their goal is to get as many hits as possible to make money. That is their only goal and not the truth. Also, the laws on libel/defamation in the US are difficult to apply to the internet and until they are changed, the blogs will continue to get away w/ it. I like CCB because they just report w/o trying to add unsubstantiated opinions and try to keep out unsubstantiated comments that border on defamation.
I agree I do like looking at the baby photos but the paps could get the photos w/o calling them names and everything to get a reaction. I live in LA and have friends in the industry and they do that a lot. Just because you want to be an artist does not mean you should have to put up w/ it. You could smile 9/10 if that 1 time you don’t feel like smiling guess which photo the blogs will publish? They re-publish over and over to fit their narrative.

Moore on

Patrice, no, I don’t think so. I would take all that and I don’t have kids nor do I have experience with saggy boobs (I have the stretch marks and am skinny). It’s just physical and sure it may effect you in a deeper way but is motherhood not worth that at least in some part? I would like to think so and I think she does as well. Besides there are much worse in the world then skin flaws. I used to want to change mine but if getting pregnant will only get me more of them then they might as well just join the club as long as my kid is healthy and happy in the end.

sheri on

size doesnt matter when it comes to cellulite! my daughter has had alot of cellulite since she was 13 and she is tall and thin. i am 38 and very heavy and have been all my life and i didnt have any till i was older. i remember seeing on tv ( i think on dr oz, or the dr’s show ) they said thinner woman were actually more likely to get cellulite than heavier woman and it was hereditary too. bottom line….will all eventually get it, so we might as well except it like jessica. she is so pretty. her daughter is so cute.

Ally on

#32…you’re wrong…Jessica has a nanny and it may seem that she’s always with her coz she always carry honor around…her nanny can be seen in a lot of pics–young and reddish hair. She even takes her to the park…I for one can’t stand this woman..she just doesn’t seem genuine….again, blaming the paps for how the public perceives her. You don’t see Reese, Jennifer Garner, and others have a scowl on their faces everytime they are out. Once in a while yes but this woman is pictures everytime with that face….All the stories about her are not a propoganda against her because let’s face it, she’s not exactly an Oscar winning actress…who wants to damage her career when she’s done that herself with her lack of talent.

Sarah on

This is so ridiculous. I have seen pictures of her in a bikini after having a baby and she has absolutely no stretch marks, sagging boobs, and no cellulite. I don’t know what she is talking about, I’m actually disappointed in her because it is so fake. Unless she sees herself in a completely different way, she in no way has cellulite or anything. I have read about how she worked out for hours with her trainer and went on a strict diet plan right after having a baby. Honestly, it you are going to say something like that, it should at least be true. I am very disappointed in her and obviously she says she’ll take these things if she doesn’t have them! So please, get real Jessica.

diana on

i’m with moose.

i think jessica alba would probably throw herself off a cliff if pregnancy had left her with even an average figure.

not that i hate jessica – she’s just another insecure starlet – but the appeal to the everywoman (sagging skin, cellulite, stretch-marks) is so patronising.

amciver on

She strikes me as very fake. I understand the paps are annoying and she does’nt have to walk around with a beaming grin-but she always looks ABSOLUTELY miserable. She is the saddest looking celeb and she more than most going for her. Maybe her boobs might be a little saggy (I doubt it tho) and we have all seen her in candid bikini shots and there was not a strechmark in sight. I don’t know if she is just saying these things to appeal to the “regular ol mom crowd” but if so I would say most of us know she KNOWS she is hot and we’re not buying the crap.

dfgdfgd on

What’s wrong with not smiling? Jessica doesn’t owe it to anyone to walk around with a forced smile on her face.

Abby on

Thank god, now everbody doesn’t have to say, ‘Why isn’t Jessica smiling? Is she sick? Are her and Cash fighting?’
I agree, people don’t walk around smiling.
I understand if people said that if she was at a red carpet event, but this is her day to day life, she isn’t working, so she doesn’t have to be all smiles and be warm and welcoming if she doesn’t want to.

Shaking my head! on

I cannot believe how malicious and mean some of you women are, it is as if you cannot wait to pounce on the celebrities you do not like. Some of you are still the same little insecure mean girls from elementary and high school. If you do not like a celebrity, then why do you read articles about them? If you all hate her so much, then stop reading about her and just pass her article up on your way to the next one, it is that simple. I have never met the woman nor do I care to, but some of you all act as if you know her personally. The overly critical bloggers always hide behind the “I have the right to voice my opinion line”. I bet given the chance to meet Jessica Alba you would never ever say any of the mean and hateful things that you all post. I am a plus size woman, and my best friend is one of those size 0 women that you all love to hate. She does have the stretch marks that Jessica Alba is referring to in her article.

Wow on

I find it amazing how critical some people can be. Do you really need to see her stretch marks, cellulite, or sagging boobs for them to be there? She admits to having flaws, like anyone else, and she is called a fake. Take a better look at yourself, when you feel that you have to criticize another person, it sounds more like jealousy.

CelebBabyLover on

Shaking my head!- I agree! Really, we can’t know for sure whether or not Jessica has stretch marks, cellulite, or saggy boobs just by looking at pictures.

Yes, she looks fantastic in those bikini pictures. However, it could very well be that she covers her stretch marks and cellulite with concelear cream before putting on her bikini. Or perhaps the stretch marks and cellulite are hidden under the bikini?

dfgdfgd- Very well said. Think of it this way, ladies: Do you honestly think YOU would be smiling if you had people following you everywhere and sticking cameras in your face all the time? I doubt it. In fact, after seeing various videos of various celebs out and about, I’m amazed that a lot of celebs keep it together around the paps as much as they do!

Catey on

I think the paparazzi would be fine if they took one photo and then left her alone, but they don’t. They harrass people, get in their way, intrude on their privacy… no one should have to put up with that.

Also, being a skinny person myself, body issues are a personal thing. I have things which I don’t like about my body which some of my other friends laugh off as being silly, but that doesn’t mean they don’t bother me. I have stretch marks on my stomach, but just because they aren’t as dark as someone elses doesn’t mean they are any less to me.

jenny on

Caysmom- thank you! need we say more?? i dont think you can cover cellulite and stretch marks with cream or concelor when your swimming and wet!!

Jessica on

It’s not like paparazzi are a surprise…if you plan on becoming an actress you KNOW they are going to be there, and in this day and age, I think the paps are responsible for making these women as rich and famous as they are, so they should just stop complaining already. And as for the stretch-mark/cellulite comments…come on, I can absolutely see how heavier girls get extremely annoyed when thin girls complain about being fat or their bodies, yeah we all have body issues, but Im betting a 230lb woman with real sagging DD’s doesn’t want to hear about a size 2 barely Bcup complaining that they can’t see every muscle fiber….I always thought that when thin women complain about their bodies, they’re just fishing for compliments…

ED on

I agree with ecl (no.8) – If a Hollywood star is walking along the street not smiling (which, admit it, is totally normal), the press say that her marriage is “in crisis” or she “can’t cope with demands of motherhood” or is “strained and stressed”. Also, when they are snapped with no makeup on the paps take bad shots at unflattering angles and broadcast them to the world. However they gain an enormous amount of publicity from the paparazzi and sometimes even made known from them. I wonder if the paparazzi were banned who would have something to say about it?!

It’s nice that Jessica Alba had a wonderful pregnancy and is enjoying motherhood. Personally I don’t feel as if I have a right to judge Jessica on how she feels about her body but I do think that some things should be kept private.

CelebBabyLover on

Catey- I couldn’t agree more! Yes, being followed the paps comes with the territory if you’re an actor. However, think about it this way: I doubt any of us would like it if everywhere we went, we were followed by a bunch of crazy men (not saying there are no women paps, but let’s face it, the vast majority are men) who constantly shoved cameras in our faces, made it so we could barely see (if you watch some pap videos of celebs, it’s very clear that sometimes celebs can barely even see where they’re going because of all the camera flashes!), yelled insulting comments at us, etc.

And I doubt we’d like it even less if we had to deal with all that while trying to enjoy a day out and about with our kids (I’m speaking generally here. Obviously not everyone on here has kids!). Also, in recent months, some celebs (Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson’s kids, etc.) have been involved in car accidents caused by the paps getting too aggressive about following them.

Not to mention the instances where paps have gone to crazy lengths to get pictures of celebrities and their children (such as taking pictures of celebs and their children in their private yards). I don’t care how famous you are, no one deserves that, NO ONE!

IMO, there needs to be rules about what the paps can and can’t do (for example, they have to stay at a certain distance when taking pictures of celeb babies).

CelebBabyLover on

I also want to add that I seriously doubt that no one here has ever complained about some aspect of their jobs. That’s basically what celebs are doing when they complain about the paps. If we “normal” people are allowed to complain about our jobs, than celebs should be allowed that right as well. 🙂

Karla on

I definitely agree with what Jessica. If we all think back to how we felt before falling pregnant, we would have given anything for our babies. Jessica’s not a super human, to our eye, we see someone who looks pretty damn good but I think we all knw that every pic in a magazine has some photoshop and editing done to celebs. Jesscia no doubt probably has a few stretch marks, maybe not many, and perhaps only on area that we can’t see, from what I’ve read before she did BF so she probably has a couple on her boobs too. Confidence is the most important thing. She clearly looks after herself and her body, something that every one can do whether a celebrity or not if they feel the need to. I think she’s a great role model and very genuine and honest.

TB on

Wow, really. Damned if you do damned if you dont. When celebrities act super human we pounce on them. When they act down to earth and admit to flaws, we pounce on them.

Regardless of what size you are, every woman when pregnant gets stretch marks. Every woman gets cellulite. Get a grip people. You become exempt from it because your a celebrity. Nothing can stop you from getting it a bit, not even expensive creams.

And the skinnier you are, the MORE stretch marks you get.

As far as defacing a poster and sticking up posters around the place. It’s called activism. Leo makes docos on the environment, Al Gore has, Bono has done extreme activism. Try and have a go at REAL graffiti vandals, before picking on her. So what? She’s not a murderer or a racist. She is trying to fight for a good cause. In my opinion I have nothing but respect for people standing up for what they believe in.

Now if Lady Gaga did it, it would be another story. Everyone would be talking about how wonderful and avant garde she was being…

Debbie Terry on

Jessica I give you so much credit for admitting you have stretch marks and sagging boobs. I am 51 with three girlis , and I always was so self conscious of my stomach. My husband loves it. Not everyone gets to be “fixed” . I believe your partner loves you no matter what,