Padma Lakshmi 'Would Be Delighted' If Baby Was a Chef

01/12/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Robert Pitts/Landov

Top Chef judge Padma Lakshmi showed off her curves Saturday evening at the 9th Annual New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend, held at The Times Center in Manhattan.

The mom-to-be is on medical bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy, but her doctor allowed her one exception to attend the event.

Meanwhile, production on season 7 of Top Chef has stopped until April, after the judge gives birth.

“I’m very thankful to Bravo for being supportive,” says Padma.

“They’ve been through 15 pregnancies with Heidi Klum already, so they’re pretty generous.”

After all the joy that the “wonderful creative process” of cooking has brought the former model over the years, she now hopes to produce a little Top Chef of her own.

“I would be delighted if my baby was a chef,” Padma, 39, says, “as long as she was a good one.”

— Ronke Idowu Reeves

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Showing 17 comments

electra on

Lol, that comment about Heidi was funny! I love Padma she’s so intelligent and has a good sense of humor.

Lis on

Poor thing 😦 Wonder why she’s on bedrest?

So I guess she knows she’s having a girl? Cute! Can’t wait to hear the name!

daniela on

Wonder why she’s on bedrest.. But she looks stunning! Love the dress!

Casandra on

“as long as she was a good one.”

Guess she’s having a girl! Yay! Can’t wait to hear the name

Sarah on

Yeah! A girl you think? Woo! 🙂

RIP Michael on

LOL @ Padma digging at Heidi 🙂

mel on

I am guessing that she is on medical bedrest because she has severe endometriosis (again, just guessing) and since it was so hard for her to get pregnant, they aren’t taking any chances.

Rye on

I was totally guessing a boy for her! I’m always wrong!! haha. How cute!!! Padma is literally one of the most STUNNING women I have ever seen, so this baby is sure to be an absolute doll!!

Luna on

I think she’ll have a beautiful baby girl. Lol at the comment about Heidi. I totally agree. She’s been pregnant a lot it seems.

Erika on

Has it been confirmed that it’s a girl, or does she just keep saying she accidently? lol

Can’t wait to hear the name!

maggie on

she has severe endometriosis so that’s pretty much why she’s on bedrest so that the baby would have a good chance of being healthy and nothing would go wrong with the pregnancy. cograts that she having a little girl i bet she would be so pretty like padma. 8)

shirab on

funny how padma said she again!!! last time she froze up and said ‘or he’ but then laughed it off!!! i guess once you know it is extremely hard to keep it to yourself especially if you say she/he around people who know!!! the baby will sure be a cutie!!!

Janna on

Here’s hoping for a healthy rest-of-her pregnancy and a smooth delivery for her!

Devon on

I hope she’s having a girl! The world needs more beautiful women like Padma. Just because she said ‘girl,’ doesn’t necessarily mean that she knows. My girlfriend who is pregnant is having a delivery surprise and goes back and forth on calling the baby ‘he’ or ‘she’ depending on what she’s feeling that day.

fuzibuni on

I doubt the reason she is on bed rest is due to endometriosis.
That can be a problem in early stages, and can cause miscarriage or infertility for various reasons.
However, the increase of the hormone progesterone during pregnancy brings relief from endometriosis and can even put it into remission.

CelebBabyLover on

Devon- Well, I believe Padma said early on in her pregnancy that she wanted to find out the sex.

As for her bedrest….What confuses me is that it’s called “medical bedrest”. What is medical bedrest? And is there really such a thing as non-medical bedrest (and if so, what’s the difference between it and medical bedrest)? I’m honestly just curious! 🙂

Donna on

If I were on “complete bedrest” I don’t think a publicity event would be considered a real good exception, thinking that its my baby’s life I am on bedrest for???? So I wonder what the truth is, is she just on light work and stay off feet maybe??? Wonder how the contestants feel about such a highly charged competition having to take such a long break during it, or have they not started that far yet, would have been nice if the article were complete in its details