Amber Valletta and Auden: Super Spies

01/12/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

Strike a pose!

Model/actress Amber Valletta brought son Auden, 9, to the premiere of The Spy Next Door, held Saturday evening at The Grove in Los Angeles, Calif.

Dad is Amber’s husband, Olympic volleyball player Christian ‘Chip’ McCaw.

Amber plays Gillian in The Spy Next Door, which hits theaters Friday.

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Dasche Bledsoe on

Cute son. He looks like a little musician 🙂

Ellen on

Before the “his hair is too long” and “I thought it was a girl” brigades come along I thought I’d mention his hair is beautiful. He has a natural colour that we pay $00’s for.

Very handsome lad.

Erika on

Why why why must people do that to their child’s hair? I don’t get it. He would be cute, but he looks like a girl, I thought he was one.

Amity on

He is so cute…he reminds me of a young Brad Pitt! That hat of his has to go tho. Its too Boy George-ish lol. Amber reminds me of Sara Paxton.

shirese on

I love his hair and think that he is very handsome.

Tyannah on

Why don’t we ever see children like this in “real life”? Only “people”‘s children…. Maybe because they ARE indeed real children in a real world.
A boy like this in one of the school i work, or used to work would really seem weird…
Too young to look like that in my opinion.
Of course children don’t need to be all the same, look the same but each age has its own way of being…for me!
Plus he really looks like a girl.

electra on

I find it funny, that boys always tend to have the things women pay for..the blonde hair(i noticed more natural blonde males than girls), the long eyelashes, the coloring… its unfair. Hes gonna be tall man when he grows up.

Jenn on

I don’t think I would have so much of a problem with his hair if it looked like he had brushed it any time this year. But I like his hat.

Luna on

Honestly, i thought, Gosh Amber’s daughter looks like she’s a tomboy- how funny, then i realized Auden was a boy! He looks adorable when you look at him more but at first glance you think he’s a girl.

Jenna on

Cute boy. Mom has a smokin’ hot body!!

KMP on

Honestly, I thought it was a girl until I read *son*. And I also thought wow Auden is such a pretty name (for a girl lol). Amber looks great!

em on

I guess I’m old fashioned enough that seeing the long hair like that always throws me off at first, but his face and appearance is ALL boy, and a very handsome young boy too!

Liliana on

He’s a handsome boy.

Tyannah, I know several boys in the “real world” with shoulder length hair or a bit longer like Auden’s. Perhaps it’s wear one lives but for me, it’s not something to make a big deal about.

Jess from Ohio on

I like his hair just fine. It suits him. And I think he is a very handsome young man.

brannon on

Nothing about him that looks like a girl and no problem for me with long haired boys but it doesnt look clean. a little too grungy for my taste…her body is unreal though

Brooke on

I will never understand celebs thing about keeping their boys hair long…..I think it just looks ridiculous. He is a beautiful child, but his hair isnt even combed for Pete’s sake. It might look more acceptable if Amber put a brush through it.

fuzibuni on

It always seems to make people uncomfortable when they can’t quickly decide if a child is a boy or a girl. A simple thing like long hair on a boy really throws folks for a loop. In many cultures, especially native ones, men and boys often have long hair as a sign of masculinity and virility. However, in “civilized” western culture, it is considered a bit taboo. I find that interesting.

bre on

my best friend’s nephew decided to grow his hair out when he was around 9/10 (he just turned 16), and he had the prettiest blonde hair of anyone I had ever seen. No one ever gave him any grief about it and the girls in his class loved it..he said even some older ones too. lol

Amber’s son is gorgeous, and I don’t see what the big deal about parents, celebrity or otherwise, letting their sons have long hair or the daughters having short hair if that is what the kid likes.

Alice on

Auden, please, cut that hair… and give it to me!!

He’s so lucky, why should he renounce his gorgeous hair because he’s a boy? Nonsense.

Aurora on

Mom is gorgeous, as is her son! Just wanted to briefly weigh in on the “long hair” debate lol. Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion (thank gawd), and on that note: I really like the hair, looks very surfer/rock star. I’m sure it’s clean, even if it’s not brushed (or maybe it was brushed & then specifically styled that way!). Also, my younger male cousins ( ages 11 and 13) both sported long locks. The 13 year olds wasn’t QUITE that long, but my 11 yr old cousin’s is, and every time I see him it reminds me of my father’s and uncles’ hair back in the 70’s (“hockey hair”). So it’s not really just a celeb or new age thing really.

theusualworkday on

i love that dress!

selene on

Auden is 9 years old, I am sure if he didnt want long hair he would tell him parents he wanted it cut.
He’s got gorgeous hair, and is a very handsome boy.
Amber loooks amazing, I swear this woman does not age.

Michelle on

This one school I used to volunteer at, long hair was totally pervasive…the boys with short hair were the ones who stood out there! Not all as long as Auden’s though…but long enough to get certain people to rail against. The best part about it is it just makes it easier to distinguish one boy from another…when they’re all buzzed like the Spears boys, for instance, it’s just too homogenous.

Hea on

He’s gorgeous and his mother has a body to die for.

shirese on

With all the things that can go wrong with raising children, I hardly think the length of his hair should matter. He is healthy and happy, so…

All Women Stalker on

She’s gorgeous. And his son is handsome, long hair and all.

sgtmian on

i love the name auden. i don’t get how you can confuse him with a girl. he’s very handsome, i love his hair. it’s kind of odd that people are so put off by boys with long hair, because it’s not like it isn’t supposed to be long. a y chromosome doesn’t mean your hair stops growing at the ears. long hair is just as “dirty and unkempt” on girls as it is on boys.

Natasha on

I did think he was a girl (and then thought so again when I saw the name) but I guess at 2nd glance it made more sense. He’s a good looking kid and I think there’s a celebrity with a daughter named Auden too.

Dasche Bledsoe on

Auden looks like a boy to me. Long hair is hard to pull off on a little boy and even a man if its not your style. I think he pulls off the long hair really nicely. My son has wanted to grow out his hair several times, he’s 8, but I can’t seem to get past the ‘wearwolf’ looking stage before I make him cut it.

CelebBabyLover on

Natasha- I believe it’s Noah Wyle that has the daughter named Auden (I forget his wife’s name). 🙂