Levi McConaughey Goes Out With His Grandmas!

01/09/2010 at 02:00 PM ET

His new baby sister Vida may be getting the bulk of his parents’ attention at the moment, but Levi Alves McConaughey is the apple of his grandmothers’ eye! The 18-month-old was spotted out for a walk with Matthew McConaughey‘s mom Kay and Camila Alves‘ mom Multo on Thursday in Malibu, Calif.


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Shirese on

He is so little but so cute.

Torre on

Aawwhh! What a precious sight to behold.

Liz on

I love this picture!! It is so sweet. πŸ™‚ I can’t really see her very well but Camilla looks a lot like her mom!

Elizabeth on

He looks so happy! I bet he loves the attention.

Lily on

What a beautiful photograph of Levi with both of his grandmothers. Photographs like these are priceless in years to come.

Ashley on

What some hot grandmas!

And a good lookin’ little boy.

Lily on

By the way, both grandmothers are really thin and fit. Look at them with their denim and what looks like UGG boots. They look great! I’m telling you, grandmas don’t look like they used to! Levi’s a lucky little boy, he’ll probably have both his grandmothers for a long, long time. Haha.

Janet on

What a great pic!! Go Grandmas!!

Sabrina on

Aww, little Levi and his grandmas! This picture melts my heart!

Liliana on

He is such a cutie! I’m sure he’s thrilled to be spending time with both of his grandmothers.

Jurnee on

What a sweet, sweet photo! Precious.

debbie on

Great Grandmas, Helping out Camilla with new baby Vida, while Levi gets all his Grandmas attention. Great stuff,
I think these Grandmas look pretty darn good…

Robyn on

hehehe, I love that Matthew (most likely) put Levi in a little Texas shirt for the BCS game on Thursday πŸ˜€ I was wondering if Matthew himself would be at the game but then I thought to myself “No…he just had that baby on Sunday, I doubt he’d be there”, though he tends not to miss Texas games (PS: I go to UT and have met him at games and he’s SUPER nice – exactly how you would imagine him!)

I can’t wait to see little Vida though! Mixing Latin and Caucasian always brings out pretty babies…and I oughta know too! πŸ˜›

Iβ™₯CBB on

What a nice picture. Levi looks so happy with his grandma’s. I’m sure Matthew and Camila are happy for the break!! πŸ™‚

Elki on

I was wondering what kind of brand the sweatshirt of Matthew’s mom is from? See for yourselves…
Did you know?

Sheryl on

OMG, what a sight to see! Maybe its just me, but when do you see both grandmas with their grandchild at the same time taking them for a walk? Just so good to see that. Its nice they have taken time out to be with Levi so Mom can have some time with Vida. Congratulations!

Doreen on

Levi is sooo tiny!! πŸ™‚ His Grandmothers’ do look nice and fit! Looks like Camilla’s Mama has some UGGS! πŸ™‚ I want a pair!

Doreen on

Only thing I want to say is that they’re walking him like in the middle of the road…..I guess they don’t expect much traffic…..

Julia A on

What an adorable photo. They all look so happy.

Reader on

Doreen, I am sure all the paparazzi make quite a road block just by being there

Danielle on

Its so nice to see a celeb baby spend so much time with extended family. Rather than a trail of nannies (and I am a nanny).
Really adorable picture.

Stella Bella on

Those women look GOOD!!! Looks like the whole family is active! πŸ™‚

Ines on

haha just after i saw new post of Levi and first comments i was waiting for usual comment “Levi is so tiny!” it started to be boring reading the same things everytime. no matter what picture we see there is always comment about him being tiny.

anyway this trio looks so cute together. cant wait to se little Vida

whit on

I think its great how often he is around his grandparents not just since Vida was born they seem to believe in the phrase it takes a village to raise a child

Candy on

How beautiful to see this little guy with BOTH of his doting grammas. They seem to be a happy family full of love. Great photo.

Karoline on

Omg! I just looked it up and Matthew’s mom is/ will be 78 years old this year…wow she looks very VERY good for her age!

Melanie on

This is like the “good side” to paparazzi photography. I’d kill for photographs of my son with his grandparents/aunts&uncles/etc when I’m not around! πŸ™‚

Brooke on

78???? That cannot be right…My God…the woman has a better body than me.

Reader on

Matthew is tiny too, he is just muscular on top of it. he seems to be built like his dad

Tee on

How sweet of the Grandmas’ to give Levi some special attention!

CelebBabyLover on

Robyn- Matthew actually did go to the game. PEOPLE has a picture of him attending the game on their website. πŸ™‚ I have to admit, that kind of surprised me at first, since, like you said, he just welcomed a new baby last Sunday. However, then I realized that Texas is not that far from California, and obviously, as this picture proves, Levi and Vida’s grandmothers are there to help out as well (so in otherwords, Camila had plenty of help while Matthew was in Texas). πŸ™‚

Anyway, this picture is adorable!

Daze on

This photo is so cool. You can kind of get a feel of how Matthew and Camilla turned out from seeing who their moms are and then how the both of them comprise in creating little Levi. What a lucky little boy. Looks like these kids are going to be adored.

Kati on

OMG! Levi is soooo cute! He must really have enjoyed this special time with both of his grandmothers. ItΒ΄s so sweet that his grandmothers give him this special time now that Vida is born. He certainly loves his new little sister but needs some one-on-one time with his relatives.

Kelli on

Too cute!!

Carrie on

Great picture of the three of them – everyone seems to be happy and having a fun time! Grandma time is definitely up there with “favorite” things for my kids too! I loved Levi’s Texas shirt too – I went to UT and was on the sidelines for a home game when Matthew was still allowed on the sidelines (I think they had to stop letting non-athletic personnel on the sidelines). He was totally in his element for sure. Any FYI, the game was in Pasadena, California, so Matthew probably just slipped out of the house for the game and pre- and post-game activities and then came home. He wasn’t far at all!

Lauren on

to cute! i love it when we get to see the grandparents as well as the celeb babies.

Ann on

CelebBabyLove- The Texas game was held in Pasadena, CA.

legemc on

Matthew was at the game, but the game was not in Texas it was in Pasadena which is only an hour away from Malibu where this picture was taken.

Alex on

I don’t get why grandma’s are wearing boots in SoCal. Their feet must be sweating buckets.

Levi is a doll.

jessie on

he’s so cute, camila looks just like her mom!

Benigna Marko on

OMG they all look so nice. I love it.

mp on

God bless grandmas!

Janessa on

Levi is such a cute kid and his grandma looks afro-latino which i think she is.

CelebBabyLover on

Carrie and Ann- Whoops! For some reason, I automatically assumed it was a home game!

Bancie1031 on

I love this family! I think it’s great that BOTH Grandma’s are spending time with the family at the same time. I also just can’t wait to see Vida, I bet she’s tiny also πŸ˜€

Kate on

What a lucky boy he has two gorgeous grannies. LOL.

Randa on

That is super cute.. You know there is nothing like getting spoiled by your Grandma(s)!!! How fun for him!!

Casey on

He has got to be the smallest 18 onth old!! he never really had any baby cub though, always looked like a little man!!!

Maria on

Cute picture! I am glad that Matthew is starting Levi’s love of the Longhorns early in life! Hook’em!

Karoline on

Levi is gorgeous. So is Camila’s mom.

CelebBabyLover-do you have to comment every single post??

Roslyn on

This is a great picture – to be with both his Grandmothers!! Levi will treasure this picture forever!

CelebBabyLover on

Karoline- I try to (BTW, I’m being sarcastic there)! πŸ™‚

Laura on

I just googled for info about Matthew McConaughey’s mother and she is 79. She was having sex with her husband in 1992 and he had a heart attack and died! Omg. Matthew says that is the way he wants to go when he dies.

Marky on

Cute picture! I’m just wondering why Karoline would care if someone posts “every single time”? What difference does that make? People enjoy reading this stuff and they comment; who cares?

allie on

He is super cute (everything but his shirt, might wanna take that off lol) Roll Tide!

mermaids614 on

Aww, what a sweet photo. It makes me smile!