Victoria Beckham and Boys Leave London

01/08/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

Cheerio, Beckhams! Victoria Beckham and her sons — Brooklyn Joseph, 10 ½, Romeo James, 7, and Cruz David, 4 ½ — arrive at Heathrow Airport to fly out of London on Sunday.

After returning home to Los Angeles, the boys were back at school, but still had a little fun this week — mom took them to see The Princess and the Frog after class on Wednesday!


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janie on

handsome boys!

Natasha on

Love the Beckhams!

Sydney on

Loving Romeo’s scarf!

Jessica on

Such cute boys!

shirese on

They all are mini-Davids.

sad on

Beautiful boys! I just hate that Posh is always so sickly looking. She has a beautiful personality.

amandamay on

i love to see romeo carrying his plush animal! my 7 year old son loves to carry his still, too🙂

gorgeous boys!! but i agree – victoria looks so underweight. i think being thin and fit is fantastic, but she always looks painfully skinny to me.

Bumbles on

Wow, I couldn’t take my eyes off Victoria’s Chest, there’s not an ounce of fat on her anymore. The boys are gorgeous and it can’t be long before Brooklyn will start the heart-breaking!!

Shaya on

Such beautiful kids. Victoria has always seemed too thin but this is scary thin territory.

Catca on

The boys are turning into handsome young men. Victoria looks very stylish as usual, but I also couldn’t help but notice her chest and legs. She was already underweight and she looks as though she may have lost more weight. For the sake of her health, I hope not.

Kim on

T think she is on the raw food diet.

daniela on

Cute boys! But Victoria looks scary skinny!!! Doesn’t look very healthy to me.

Sandrine on


I was thinkng the same… She is TOO skinny!!! Luckily her boys look really healthy!

Luna on

I love all the Beckhams and think their boys are adorable. I do think Victoria’s a tad too thin but I love her and her personality. I’ve seen youtube videos of her that are sooooo funny. There’s one of her interviewing David and i was laughing hard.

aj on

Brooklyn looks like a young Heath Ledger to me. Beautiful family.

Molly on

The Beckham boys are going to be heartbreakers!!!! Lol so cute!!!

btw_2010 on

if you click on the link that talks about her taking the kids to the movies – the picture of her there is much better…her chest doesn’t look the same at all…but I do agree SHE NEEDS TO EAT!!! LOL

crimpe on

Hey, at least those boys look happy and healthy! They are lovely! Victoria…since everyone denies you have a problem, I wish you luck.

traxie on

Brooklyn is just insanely adorable, I always get the vibe from photos of their family that he’s very much the responsible older brother & leader. You know, irrespective of whether their mother has an eating disorder, they come across as very happy and well-adjusted kids.

B.J. on

I don’t like the term “scary skinny.” It’s insulting to people who might just be thin.. I know being skinny really isn’t the norm anymore, but there are people out there who look really thin and are just fine! She’s always been small, so who are we to judge? People are so judgemental of skinny people.. It’s true.

Sonali on

I absolutely love Victoria and David both and have done since forever…the boys are amazing looking…and they look down to earth…gosh I adore them!!!

Rosy on

She has such gorgeous wee boys🙂 My sister has three boys too, and they are the same ages as Victoria’s.

Poor Vic always looks so stressed out, somebody get her a hamburger! x

CelebBabyLover on

btw_2010- I agree! Her chest DOES look better in that picture. I think I read that she had her implants removed at some point, so that may be why her chest is smaller now. My guess is she may just have naturally very small “girls” (hence why she got implants in the first place)!

B.J.- I couldn’t agree more. I know a woman like that. She can eat pretty much anything without gaining weight (not saying that she eats like a pig or anything, as she definently does not!). She’s also tall, so naturally she looks like, for lack of a better word, a bean pole (especially from the back. Sometimes, depending on her posture, you can even see her shoulder blades protruding a bit). However, she is, in fact, one of the healthiest people that I know! In otherwords, it’s simply her body type!

Bottomline: Some people ARE just natural skinny, and, I, too, hate the phrase “scary skinny”!

que cera on

She never used to be skinny like that when she was a Spice Girl – I don’t think there is anything natural about it. She consumes very few calories – we could all be so skinny if we chose to starve ourselves.

CelebBabyLover on

que cera- We aren’t in her house or at restaraunts with her, so we have no way of knowing if she’s actually starving herself. I realize this is pretty unlikely, but, for all we know, she could have a medical problem that we don’t know about that’s contributing to her being so skinny.

JM on

very handsome boys, they seem like a lovely family.

just out of interest, and i’m not trying to start an argument with this question it’s just something that has puzzled me for a while, why is it generally more acceptable to comment on someone’s weight if they are skinny rather than if they are fat? when either of the two extremes is unhealthy…

que cera on

CBL – Mrs. Beckham is quite candid about what she does and doesn’t eat. And if she indeed has a medical disorder which makes her this thin (again, reference images of her earlier years in show business where she was fit but certainly not this thin), than “naturally skinny” would not be the right description. (You wouldn’t describe someone struggling with cancer or a thyroid disorder as “naturally thin”, you would probably use the term “sick”). Again, “naturally skinny” is not the description one should give someone who only eats very little and when what little she does eat consists of very few calories, no refined sugars or grains, etc. It is more an issue of cause and effect.

I am more inclined to get involved in these issues because I think that those of us who look into the celebrity world easily appropriate a warped view of the human body, especially when it comes to thin women. I don’t have an axe to grind – I am actually one of those people who can call myself naturally thin. I just think there is a big difference between having a high metabolism vs. eating the bare minimum required for survival and looking the worse for it.

Catey on

JM, I’m with you. I have said on here before that I have been harrassed for not eating enough and being too skinny while at work (I am 5’10” and a Aus size 10, which I think is a US 6). I am spot on a perfect BMI, but the more over weight people at work are always criticising when I bring healthier options for my lunch.

Back to VB, my sister is even thinner than I am. She is 5’9″ and was a dress size smaller than me. She had never exercised or ate well as she was thin and never needed to. She has recently started running every day and improved her diet and has dropped about half a dress size because of it. But her skin is clearer, she is stronger and feels better than ever. Even her doctor agrees that even though she has lost weight, she is better off.

I read somewhere that VB discovered a more balanced lifestyle since moving to LA and had started running a few miles every day. Sometimes ‘skinny’ doesn’t always mean unhealthy.

Cat on

I hate when people can comment on someone who is skinny and think it is ok. It is just as insulting for someone to say that ” you are too skinny” as to say ” wow you need to lose weight”. We know nothing about this women. She may eat healthy because eating healthy is good for you and your body. I am extremely tiny, 5’5 106 pounds, I barley fit into a size 2. I eat very healthy most of the time and exercise. If I don’t eat junk food or sweets sometimes, I would weigh nothing. And having kids doesn’t always change how your body works. I have 2 kids and still can only gain weight when I am pregnant. So next time you want to call someone ” scary skinny” “too Skinny’ or ” she should eat a cheese burger” think that you wouldn’t want to be called ” fat” ” you should stop eating ” or ” Lose weight” It’s the same thing.

CelebBabyLover on

que cera- My point was that she could be naturally thin OR have a medical problem we don’t know about. That being said, I didn’t realize that she is fairly open about what she does or doesn’t eat.🙂

Cat- Right on!🙂

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