Keyshia Cole Engaged and Expecting

01/08/2010 at 07:00 PM ET

Koi Sojer/FilmMagic

After months of Internet speculation and rumors, singer and BET reality show star Keyshia Cole is finally coming clean about her future: Yes, she’s planning a wedding with her fiancé, Daniel Gibson of the Cleveland Cavaliers. And yes, she’s pregnant with their first child!

In a statement to her fans, the R&B singer, whose reality show often chronicled her rocky relationship with her family, said: “Now that I am becoming a mom my passion for having a loving and peaceful home for my child is my #1 priority. It’s very important to both Daniel and I.”

Keyshia, 28, who owns homes in Los Angeles and Atlanta, is due this spring. According to her rep, she has not yet set a wedding date.

— Tiffany McGee

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Tatyana on

NO WAY? I love her. Congratulations, Keyshia!

Luna on

Congratulations to Keyisha and Daniel. I heard this on Perez Hilton a couple days ago.

Shaunie on

Congrats to Keyshia and Daniel!!!

And from reading the rest of her statement I also commend her for making the decision to distance herself from her family. Its always a difficult decision to make, but sometimes you have to protect what you feel is important (like your child and your sanity).
Some people just aren’t healthy to be around.

I♥CBB on

My post wasn’t put up so I’ll write it again. It’s been said for a while that she is pregnant. She is due in March and they are having a little boy.

Lady on

I loooove Keyshia…she really has come a long way. Her and Daniel make such a great couple, im happy she has distanced herself from her family and their embarassment & antics. Congrats to her, can’t wait to see her little guy!!

jm on

well said shaunie!! : )

All Women Stalker on

Aww that’s really cool. Congrats to them! 🙂

RaisingChild on

Congrats to them!

Frost on

I also applaud her for distancing herself from her family.

It must have been a very hard decision, but I believe it is for the best.

To put it bluntly, her mother is still a crackhead and her sisters are still very much hoodrats.

nita723 on

I love Keyshia Cole. Congrats

Nell on

I am so happy for Keyshia! From what I can see from her personality that she will be a great mother. I am sure that will be one gorgeous baby.

I’m also glad she distanced herself from her family. I think its been for quite sometime now because I recently read that she didn’t spend or communicate with them during the holidays.

CelebBabyLover on

I love CBB- How do you know that? Have you heard it from reliable sources?

Niko on

This news is a little old. I heard about it late last year. Congrats to Keyshia!

Allison on

I never watched the show…whats up with her family? I love her music! Congrats to her!

Jaye on

I am so happy that you put this post on here! I give three cheers to Keyshia and Daniel on the baby and another three cheers for her statement she released. It makes me proud to see that she has let the drama go to make sure she establishes the loving and drama free environment for her new immediate family (she is a good role model). Stay strong and stay blessed Keyshia, I have no doubt that this baby is going to be blessed with beauty.

Jen S on

Best wishes to you Keisha on your engagement and impending motherhood!!! Good for you on making the decision to leave the drama and the dysfunction of some of your family members alone. Now is your chance to break that cycle with the new family you are creating with Daniel. You are going to be a great mom.

Mel on

She really deserves some happiness! Her family was just sucking the life out of her! Her mother Frankie is beyond crazy and Keyshia choosing to distance herself and her new family is the best thing.

That’s going to be a gorgeous baby BOY!

I♥CBB on

CelebBabyLover-It’s on both Keyshia and Daniel’s Wikipedia pages under personal.

Frost on

Well Wikipedia isn’t exactly a reliable source. I could go on there right now and say that Keyshia is going to give birth to a duck and it would be posted.

But Monica, the R&B singer and her close friend, posted that she’s due in March with a boy on her personal & verified Twitter account.

Frost on

@ Allison, her mother is a drug user. She claims to be clean, but she has been spotted at several nightclubs using drugs here in Atlanta and from footage of her, it’s fairly obvious she’s still using. Her behavior is very erratic and more than often embarrassing and destructive. She had several children, none of whom she raised, by several different men. Keyshia’s sisters, also, appear to just want to drain Keyshia of her money and celebrity. Neffe in particular, like their mother, has several children by several men.

They are just not good people in general. They probably have good hearts, but they are stuck in just really stupid and bad decisions.

I♥CBB on

@Frost-Well that’s what Wikipedia said so I guess on this topic they are pretty reliable.

Tan on

@CelebBabyLover it was speculations for months then a video came out around thanksgiving when her and her hubby to be were giving away turkeys that clearly showed she was pregnant.Its since been a cute photo of her on christmas glowing.She released a statement through her publicists because her sisters and mom were saying things that should be discussed amongst only them.What tipped things over was when her mom stated she was already married.thats when Keyshia released a statment.I hope her family gets it together.sometimes you gotta love people from afar no matter how it hurts.I wish her the best she truly deserves it!

CelebBabyLover on

I love CBB- It was probably one of those rare occasions where the person who posted it is actually in the know. 🙂

Frost- I hope Monica had permission to reveal the gender and due date! I mean, since Keyshia didn’t announce those things in her statement, it seems like they may have wanted to keep that info private. However, since you mentioned Monica is a close friend, I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that Keyshia doesn’t feel like she needs to announce those details herself, but it’s not meant to be some huge secret! 🙂

Dee on

This is unexpected but great news. I am so happy for her. I used to watch her show on BET and I just hated how she would let her crackhead mom and her sister drag her down. She is such an example to young black women for 1) Rising above where she came from on the streets of Oakland and not letting it define her and 2) for showing young black women that you can do things the right way. I.e.: getting married and having a child with someone who thinks your worth it. It really shows that she has every intension of taking this child seriously by severing her toughest ties and leaving her past in the past. This is a lesson to even me that hard work, prayer, and patience brings it’s own rewards. BRAVO to Keyshia and thanks.

CJ on

CelebBaby Lover – If you see recent photos of her, you can tell that she is very very very very and did I say very (lol) pregnant. You can see photos on blackcelebkids or theybf

mslovely on

i luv keyshia…awww congrats….