Jenna Elfman's Belly Measures Up!

01/08/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
CBS/Mark Davis/Landov

Just how big of a bump is Jenna Elfman sporting?

Husband Bodhi measures from back to front at Wednesday evening’s People’s Choice Awards, held at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, Calif.

Although Jenna’s show Accidentally on Purpose lost out to Glee for favorite new TV comedy, the actress, 38, was still in a great mood at the awards show, sharing her fashion secrets with Us Weekly.

“This year, Alexander McQueen made all these great dresses that fit my pregnant body — and that’s good for my morale as a pregnant woman,” she joked.

“I’m staying in great shape by fooling you by wearing black. In my first trimester I craved macaroni and cheese, which is why I’m fooling you by wearing black.”

Although her second son isn’t due until early March, Jenna says she’s crossing her fingers and hoping for a “late February” arrival instead!

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Casey on

oh my she is carrying low. I did with my 2nd pregnancy also but that almost looks fake!!! that must be horribly uncomfortable!!!

sat on

She looks amazing. I still can’t get over the photo of her playing basketball before giving birth to her little boy.

Ali on

That looks like a pillow…it looks crazy low and bumpy…weird

Reader on

that is one low baby! unless the dress just makes it appear that way. She looks great

Amanda on

I am not all about conspiracy theories or anything else, but my first thought upon seeing this pic was,”What a funny shaped belly,” to the point that it doesn’t even look real. Wth a form fitting dress like that, it should be clinging to every curve of her belly, and this just doesn’t look like a normal pregnancy belly here. Maybe it’s a Scientology thing, as I remember Katie Holmes facing the same kind of scrutiny and comments. One of the most intriguing yet frustrating things abuout Hollywood…we will never know.

Sandra on

I can’t believe that Jenna is not due until March! She looks as though she could deliver today, never mind March! Anyway, she is huge and hope she has a really easy delivery! Congratulations!

Luna on

I love Jenna Elfman. I recently watched the movie Keeping the Faith and i realized that Jenna Elfman is one of the main characters! I can’t wait for her to deliver her next baby. Story Elias is a nice name so i can’t wait to see what she’ll come up with.

Erin on

I bet shes having twins and it will shock us like that one tennis players wife-

tabbygirl on

I carried VERY low with my second baby as well…I have a long torso, bet she is the same. I love her new show, so cute!

Kali on

I say she’s carrying a girl!! def looks too low for a boy…and i don’t think she was that low with story!

Brooke on

I think she has been carrying low this whole pregnancy. Even the first few pics of her early on looked like a really low bump.

Molly on

Jenna looks amazing. I think it was The Big Bang Theoy who won Favorite TV Comedy

Marilyn on

Her tummy is watermelon-shaped. She has looked like that for a few months. It looks uncomfortable and she looks due now!

Janna on

“One of the most intriguing yet frustrating things abuout Hollywood…we will never know.” I actually laughed out loud when I read this. Noooooooo… you’re not all about conspiracy theories!! LOLOLOL

Misty on

Her belly doesn’t look bumpy at all. The lighting in the photo fools you a bit. But she is definitely carrying really low.

soon2bmomof2 on

The fact that the dress and her husband’s suit almost match in color is what is really making the “bump” look strange.

I am due March 18th with my second child, my son just turned 2 in late November, and my belly is almost identical to her’s in shape and size. I am carrying a little bit higher than she is, but not much.

I only wish the rest of me looked as fantastic as she does because the little girl I’m carrying, has really made my skin and hair look awful this time around!! Jenna looks GREAT!!

Lorus on

Babies are constantly moving around and changing positions so baby bumps change from one day to the next. She definitely is carrying very low in this picture though. It almost looks painful!

Liliana on

She does seem to carry low but I believe she also did with Story.

Kali, if I remember correctly, I think she announced this baby is a boy.

Amanda on

Janna, I’m glad I could make you laugh. Seriously, I simply meant that though there are so many things to which people would like to know the answers, such as what really happened to Michael Jackson, or if Sharon Stone has really had any plastic surgery, or what happened with the Sheen family a few weeks ago, that we will never know. We sometimes think we deserve to know, since when celebrities choose their career, some people think that they also make the choice to put everything about their lives under a microscope for all of us to see, including all the sordid personal details. But when you get down to it, being famous is just a side effect of someone’s job. Fame is all an illusion; none of it is real. So as far as me truly being a conspiracy theorist…nah. Harmless speculation is fun, but the actual facts are nobody’s business, even if we are dying to know. Hence the frustrating thing about Hollywood. Being a childbirth instructor and a doula-in-training, though, I know a pregnant belly when I see one, and all I’m saying is that her belly looks a little “off,” and I’ve never commented anything along those lines before. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would have been one of the posters suggesting at one time that Suri Cruise’s father was really Chris Klein or one of a number of rumors floating around out there. I sincerely hope you were laughing because you caught my sarcasm, because that’s one personality aspect I do possess. Now, with that being said, I’m gonna head to bed and dream about what Oprah and Gayle got each other for Christmas and wonder how much frozen sperm L. Ron Hubbard actually DOES have on ice somewhere, and plan my camping trip to the grassy knoll this summer.  Everybody be safe in your part of the world…mine is coated in snow and I can’t get out of my driveway.

CelebBabyLover on

Erin- Well, Naomi Watts just about looked like she was pregnant with triplets when she was pregnant with Sasha, so I’m thinking Jenna is just following in her footsteps. 🙂

Kali- Every pregnancy is different! 🙂

Kaisa on

Kali, she has said she is having a son. The article states it too: “Although her second son isn’t due until early March…”

Mama Llama on

She looks great! She has such a long, elegant, dancer’s body. I think that is why she looks like she is carrying especially low.

Sarah on

Her belly reminds me of mine. I had a lumpy tummy 😦

Jennifer on

She looks great and glowing, but that dress is not flattering at all to her shape. It does make her belly look odd. And she needs a better bra!

I think her husband is adorable! And I do think that JE revealed it is to be another boy for them.

sarah on

she is a very tall women abdomen wise….Heidi Klum has the legs. Jenna has a long torso so where else is the baby going to go? He is in her uterus…her’s isn’t going to go all the way up to her brests because of the long torso. I don’t see anything wrong with her belly except that is seems to be too big for being due in March. I say she will have him Feb 24!

Em on

She’s carrying super low!

Elizabeth on

I love Jenna Elfman but wish she had picked a more flattering dress!

Shelly on

I have said this before but I have three young sons and have had many back surgeries. Was told to not have any more children because of how low I carried my sons. Well,baby number 3 was a shock as we were using two things to not get preggers! Sure enough by month five I was using crutches and crawling around and could hardly take care of the other two and had no help w hubby at work. She is already as big as I was with #3. The docs said they had never seen someone carry that low.I need to show them the pics of Jenna=)=)=)! She looks great!

CelebBabyLover on

You what I think is kind of funny? Nicole Kidman, like Jenna Elfman, is a very tall woman and has quite a long torso. However, when Nicole was pregnant with Sunday, she barely showed for most of the pregnancy…..yet Jenna is HUGE, and also got very big when she was pregnant with Story.

It’s funny how women of a similar body build can carry so differently!

ED on

My goodness, she is HUGE!

miameows on

I just love the look on Bodhi’s face, like “look what I helped to make!” He looks like a proud papa 🙂

Lara on

Wow, relax on the sarcastic laughter there Janna, it looks ridiculous.

Janna on

Hey, Lara… Chill out. Amanda posted something very clearly contradictory, which I thought was hysterical. Excuse me for laughing!

And can you tell me how my typed words look ‘ridiculous’ so I can try to avoid ’em in the future. Thank so much!

Amanda on

Once again, Janna, I was being sarcastic and “contradictory” on purpose. I guess my sense of humor just isn’t palatable, or understandable, to some. And I still fail to see what was so contradictory…saying I’m not into conspiracy theories while also saying that in the world of Hollywood, no matter how much we want to know the truth about any rumor, we never will…which is frustrating (in a silly way, like when your hubby won’t tell you where he’s taking you for birthday dinner) yet fun, because speculation about anything is fun. Everybody needs to relax, be friends, and disagree with the opinions of other posters with respect and tact…something these comments have been missing for quite some time. Have fun. It’s only a website, after all. Whoa.