Billie Piper Says Winston Was Conceived 'In the Throes of Love'

01/08/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
Courtesy Marie Claire UK

In the new issue of Marie Claire UK, actress Billie Piper says that son Winston James, 14 months, was conceived spontaneously — but purposefully.

“You do make an active decision that you’re not going to use condoms, or whatever,” the 27-year-old Secret Diary of a Call Girl star — married since 2007 to actor Laurence Fox — notes. “Then there’s that ‘I am so in love, I want to have your baby.'” She adds,

“It’s such a hot thing, it’s so gorgeous. ‘We fell in love, I want you to impregnate me.’ I don’t know what’s not hot about that. And also, making a child in the throes of love instead of, ‘Oh, I suppose we should knock one out.'”

As for the location of the momentous event, Billie is equally forthcoming.

“We were in our house in the country, and we’d just got back from our honeymoon,” she shares. “It was literally jet-lag sex.”

Source: Marie Claire UK

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Tara on


fuzibuni on

thanks for sharing?

Claire on

Erm, too much information perhaps?

Shannon on

Really? I don’t understand why some of these celebrities feel the need to give intimate details of thier sex life to the public. We don’t need to know that. I don’t know if that’s the only way they can stay in the spotlight or what, but it’s ridiculous. Have some class, and please learn to use your mute button.

dickie on

You really have to have an inflated sense of self to tell of your most intimate moments with strangers. I dont know who she is, but I know I dont want to know that about anyone I dont know very well!

Alice on

TMI but it’s from a women’s magazine, they always have sex sections where random people talk about their sex life so it’s not surprising they would ask celebrities they interview about it too!

Laura on

Wow… talk about TMI. Not only do we the public not need to know this information but it is now out in the world and her child could eventually see it. I sure as heck don’t want to know this kind of stuff about my parents! Or I would at least not wanting the public to know about my conception even if I eventually learned about it… (if that makes any sense!)

Allie-Rose on

It’s not just the fact that’s it’s TMI that bothers me, it’s also her wording. “I want you to impregnate me”? Seriously? I can’t even begin to imagine a man’s face if a woman told him “I want you to impregnate me”!

Dickie (#5) – Billie is a British actress. She played in the TV series “Doctor Who” and now plays Belle de Jour in “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”

sunnie on

Wow Billie-Thanks for that love!!! EWWWW!!
We all know how babies are made chick-but thanks for sharing?!
She makes you proud to be English?!

emmaH on

this is just british sense of humour. i talk like this to my girlfriends all the time.

sunnie on

by the way, I am not prude… but my goodness, show a bit of class.

Manal on

what is TMI?!

Jessicad on

I thought it was funny and kind of sweet! If we all know how babies are made what’s so wrong with talking about it? Sex is a natural and fun thing, lighten up! 🙂

kt on

She’s British, people. She’s not so concerned with censoring herself because of “TMI” like we are here in North America.

Love her.

nan on

#12…TMI…..means “too much information”

Stephanie on

Oh for heaven’s sake, people. EwwW?? I read this post and was instantly struck by the poetic and absolutely perfect way Billie describes the conception of her child. My daughter was conceived shortly after my husband and I were married; no, we didn’t plan her, but I bristled every time someone I knew referred to my pregnancy as an “accident”. What better way to talk about your child than to say that they were created because two people were madly, passionately in love? How beautiful. And do any of you not know where babies come from? My mother made sure I understood that, and while all children (even the grown-up ones!) may want to believe that their parents never “did it”, we all know better. I imagine that Billie’s son will be happier reading her statements above rather than the usual, “Well, we didn’t want to get pregnant, but we did, and it ended up being the best thing that ever happened to us.”

Thank you, Billie, for having the “openness” to show everyone that “accident” and “un-planned” aren’t the nicest words you can use.

momof2 on

I would hardly call her wording poetic…yes we all know how babies are made and conceiving my children was a wonderful experience, however it’s not one everyone needs to know about, is nothing sacred anymore? What’s next, we’re going to have to hear about a big crap these actresses took, and people will say, “oh it’s so sweet and endearing that she’s so open to talk about it” I agree with the other posters, hit the mute button.

SBB on

Why couldn’t she just say that he was a post-honeymoon baby.

I think we would have gotten the jist of it without all of the more intimate details.

Lauren on

Well, I for one thought it was a beautiful article and so true. I found nothing more romantic than sex for the purpose of creating a baby, while many people find it more of a chore.

KC on

I have to agree with Stephanie on this one – she was just open about her experience, and let’s face it, that is HOW babies should be conceived! Not just because your clock was ticking or you were on a schedule but because you and your husband were madly in love. A baby conceived out of love, what’s wrong with that, exactly?! Most “accidents” are likely the result of this as well, so why not celebrate it. I don’t have any idea who this actress is but I do applaud her openness. I thought it was a cute article.

Karen on

She just wants attention cos she’s not all that in any realm. I’m British, not a hater, but she’s low on the scale – despite the Marie Claire cover which is a surprise.

megan on

“but I bristled every time someone I knew referred to my pregnancy as an “accident”.
“Thank you, Billie, for having the “openness” to show everyone that “accident” and “un-planned” aren’t the nicest words you can use.”

Not to be hurtful or anything, but isn’t it easier just to not answer anyone nosy enough to ask “so, was your kid was planned or not” ? People can’t call your child unplanned if you don’t tell them in the first place.

Hallie on

LOVE her 🙂

Shaya on

I love her and her little boy is adorable.

electra on

I thought it was funny.

Rachel-Jane on

I love Billie. And I think the sentiment of what she said is lovely, but perhaps a little tmi in the way she expressed it.

Stella on

Censorship is much different overseas. My father’s from England and I remember the last time I went to visit family, Paris Hilton was topless on the front page of the newspaper. No censoring whatsoever. They just have a different way of dealing with some topics.

And I think she was just describing the situation. I don’t think she actually told her husband to impregnate her.

I’ve always loved her, even since she was a popstar in the 90s!!

selene on

God Americans are such prudes.
Its not like she telling the world of her sexual exploits, shes sharing the story of her her son was conceived and she told it with a little bit of humour and personality.
She also plays a call girl on TV, therefor some media want her to talk about sex from time to time.

Stpehen Baldwin, who is currently on UKs Celebrity Big Brother, said that over here(UK) naked woman are on so many magazines and papers and thats just that but in America you would never see womans breast on the cover of anything. That surprised me.

Christine on

I love Billie Piper I really do but seriously TMI. I would not want to be Winston at 15 years old and have to read this on the internet.

Ella on

I also don’t get all the critic or the “TMI” outcrys. It’s not like she gave a detailed description of the act, which I would consider TMI. I liked her story and think her son will be happy to know how much his parents wanted him.
But I’m also from Europe, so maybe it’s really a cultural difference.

SBB on

@ selene – God Brits are so condescendingly smug.

Shannon on

I’m certainly not a prude in any way, however I do believe there are certain things you share and certain things you don’t. This is a don’t. Maybe with your best girlfriends, but certainly not with the general public. I can only imagine how much her son’s gonna like that one someday. I’m 27 and I sure as heck wouldn’t want to find out my mother shared the story of my conception with the planet. That’s something that happened between a man and a woman and it should stay there. NO reason to invite the world into your sex life.

emmaH on

SBB i’m a brit and i think this article has got lost in translation. sarcasm when it is written perhaps reads like smugness but billie piper is one of the most down to earth normal people ever. british people are sarcastic not smug (this is a generalisation obviously there are smug brits just as there are smug americans).

Sam and Freya's mum on

Selene, ITA – people need to chill out…@!

Charlene on

@ SBB – well, you just proved that we Americans really can’t take criticism without making childish retorts 😉 The Brits aren’t smug – they’re just not as innately terrified of the big bad s-word and are rightfully amused at us for being so. And yet its the Brits who are stereotyped as being repressed. I believe irony is the word to describe that.

I agree with everyone who said that Europeans are much more relaxed about sex in general. And god its refreshing. Seeing as how my daughter was conceived with exactly the same mindset and passion as this Billie’s son, i adore her for being open and humourous about it instead of just giving the usual generic clichés or whining about how to coordinate her fabulous life with motherhood like pretty much every other celeb-mom. I have never heard of her before, but i sure like her for being different. Yeah, i too was somewhat taken aback by exactly how open she was and i probably wouldn’t speak so very candidly about it in public myself – but as long as she doesn’t raise her son to be as sensitive to the subject of sex as apparently some of these posters’ children will turn out to be, i personally think he will look back on this and be happy that he really and truly was the product of a happy partnership between two loving people.

By the way – all you “TMI” people – next time you read a post which has a title like this one, which pretty much tells you the subject matter – do yourself a favour – don’t read it! And then go hide in the convent you belong in.

babyboopie on

Oh my god, I’m British and that killed me. It’s just our sense of humour, dry wit. It’s true. And it’s very nice to know Winston was conceived with so much love, because nowadays children are conceived for the sake of just because! Both my children, my son and my daughter were conceived with love.

SBB on

@ Charlene – Ummm what you consider “childish retorts” I consider calling a spade a spade. I simply traded one stereotype for another in an effort to show how ridiculous blanket statements and sweeping generalizations can be when someone uses them without any thought or reflection.

And color me uninformed, but I don’t know any Americans that spell humorous as “humourous” or favor as “favour”. Perhaps you are from our 51st state, Canada?

Nice job of flaming the fire by closing with that whole convent suggestion. So I would in turn suggest you go back to your job of strolling your local red light district.

See how pointless inflammatory statements can be?

** Disclaimer: I actually like Brits and Europeans, really! 🙂 I just get so tired of all the bashing of America and Americans.

Bb on

LOL i thought it was romantic and a totally British thing to say, think there’s a bit of british sarcasm going on. Love Billie Piper.

bex on

Wow, Americans do seem like prudes. Im Aussie and I had a good laugh at that, its refreshing, upfront and honest she didn’t say every little thing they did together, just that “accidents” aren’t so much as accidents but wonderful suprises!

Janna on

I agree with selene (and I’m American!). I think Billie is young and fun and refreshingly honest and passionate. I also think that her son should be (and will be) happy to know that his parents conceived him in the context of that love and passion.

Has it occurred any to anyone that the interviewer ASKED her these questions, and that she just didn’t blurt out that information unprompted? Maybe YOU would feel uncomfortable sharing this much detail, but I guess she isn’t. To each his own.

Kit on

I’m American and rather prudish, but I liked the article, I thought it was sweet.

SBB on

@ emmaH – I was using sarcasm (see we Americans can be sarcastic too, lol) to make a point about stereotyping a whole country of people solely based on a comment or two or a few.

I don’t really think Brits are condescending or smug (as a whole of course.) I’m sure there are individual Brits that fit that description as it is true in America too.

It just seems to me that a lot of threads seem to take a unpleasant turn into the time-tested “Ugh, you Americans are blank, blank, blank.” Or “God America is so blank, blank, blank.”

And I just don’t understand why some people so inevitably take every opportunity available to bash America or Americans just because they don’t agree with a comment a person – who just happens to be American – has posted.

Charlene on

@ SBB – and by the way – no, i’m not Canadian actually – thanks for showing interest in my ancestry though. I suppose it never occurred to you that some Americans do actually live abroad – sometimes for a long enough period of time to not only adopt a slightly more relaxed attitude to sex among other things but also to affect their language, written and spoken if you must know.

Selene just mentioned the whole “Americans are prudes” thing in passing to prove her point. Your whole “God Brits are so condescendingly smug” comment was purely inflammatory – you just dedicated an entire message just to hit back. Your comment had nothing to do with spades, shovels or any other gardening paraphenalia for that matter. And it seems everyone else is agreeing with Selene anyway – so maybe that’s what got your panties in a twist?

Ella on

I don’t think people were bashing Americans, it was just a reaction towards posters who bashed Billie, an British actress, and said things like “show a little bit of class”. They bashed her without taking into consideration that as an European she has a different cultural background and a different mindset. Most Europeans have a totally different attitude towards sex and nudity and we don’t like to be called classless because of that.
I’m not British but German, so please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.

Clair on

don’t know how half of these comments have been published.

i’m English, i study America – i love everyone 🙂

Maybe it’s just my culture but i think it’s nice how honest Billie is. We’re obviously interested in celebrities private lifes if we’re on a website dedicated to their children, so why shouldn’t she be so open to the media.

i like her honesty

i think there’s jsut a cultural difference here that’s all. If people are used to hearing comments like this in Europe it’s not going to be such a big deal, but if Americans aren’t used to such comments then it clearly is going to be a big deal. Everyone needs to chill out 🙂

Scarlet_Willow on

After reading most of the comments, it made me want to hop on the nearest plane and move BACK to Europe. Everything is way too censored both here (in Canada) & in the States, and as a result everything is given a taboo feeling to it. Strange to think since it’s in human nature to be enticed by things that are forbidden/taboo. In Europe, people acknowledge that sex and nudity and all that stuff is everyday things we will have to deal with and happening(obviously) in the world so they don’t try to hide it. North Americans, on the other hand, try to hide it as far away into their closets as they can that their own right hand doesn’t know what their left hand is doing. Ridiculous!! Do you wonder why there’s so many people who are stressed when they are fighting their own self?!

The article seemed great, I was quite humoured by it and agreed with her. Winston was conceived because they were in love and not because you have 5 minutes to spare and you have to do it now otherwise you can’t conceive this month. I understand that some couples find more obstacles in their way to conception, but that’s not the point. She wasn’t saying that she has some hot torrid kinky sex or even giving details about what happened when he was doesn’t matter.

And just on a side note, why would celebrities start talking about their poop? Really? That’s like comparing apples to oranges and expecting no one to notice the difference. Ok…

Scarlet_Willow on

Oh and just for the record, I grew up in Canada with a Canadian father and an American mother. I lived in Wales for only 10 months back in 2005 when I moved their on my own.

Aurora on

Just checking in from “your 51st state”. That felt REAL nice, and sadly, did reaffirm some horrible stereotypes about Americans. How about we drop the stereotyping altogether and all agree that for some the article featured TMI, but for others (such as myself), it was heartfelt and much more interesting to read than the usual generic comments from celebs. Oh, and I think both the brits and the canucks spell it favourite and colour. Diversity, the spice of life. Embrace it! 🙂

selene on

I didnt mean America as a whole I just meant that more Americans that Europeans seem to think that comments like Billies are too much information.
I’m Brittish, Scottish, and see nothing wrong with hearing about how much an adult woman loves her adult husband.
It’s alot nice than the usual underage bus stop no protection conception we hear so much about.

Chloe on

For the love of Bob people!
Im Aussie and i think its great to see that kinda honestly, plus she plays a call girl the media will WANT her to talk about sex.

Sex is a natural thing why does it have to be so taboo and secretive?

like I gave kudos to Kourtney Kardashian (iam in no way a fan at all) for speaking about her deciding whether to have an abortion or not. many woman face that decison everyday, it was so refreshing to hear a celeb talk about it when it seems EVERY other person is reading to become a mother, to have a family.

Bravo to Billie for being so honest and brave and if i was her song it would be wonderful to know that i was concieved through love not a feeling of ‘Oh we have to’

and please people, can we stop with the nationality remarks, Australians are great, Brits are great, Americans are great, so is every other nationality, i would have assumed we had a more mature crowd on here….

annalee on

I’m American, and most of you would probably consider my Christian conservative views extremely “prudish.” However I thought the interview was sweet… it’s nice to hear someone talking about how much they love their husband. All you ever hear about is how in love people are with their children. It’s just nice to hear this.

Ava on

When I read that, I laughed – I thought it was funny. Man, people get so up in arms and uptight about the silliest things!

JM on

i’m scared to jump in on what seems like a heated debate, but my analysis on the whole “prudish american vs less-prudish europeans” debate, stems, in this thread from the fact that the majority of the people who were fine about the article were europeans, and the majority who found it offensive were american. now, i personally would never say that ALL americans are prudish, of course not, but it is true to say i think that europe does have a more relaxed attitude to MANY things. i am often surprised at how many americans are offended by certain things people wear (women showing too much flesh), people being topless, or naked on a beach, people talking about sex, people talking about religion and politics… all these things just aren’t as censored in europe. now, i’m not blaming or attacking anyone here, but you can see how billie, being british, is likely to not hold back as much as some american counter-parts might. all i’m saying is, you have to see things in context.

Catey on

I am a young Australian and while i thought there was perhaps a little TMI in that, I still really enjoyed it. Australians have a simialar view on sex as Europeans, very laid back and defintely not afraid.

And I LOVED the ‘impregnate me’ quote! Haven’t we all looking at our partners and thought “I would love for you to be the father of my children” and knowing then that he was the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with (after all, all the qualities which make my hubby a great dad are the same which make him a great husband and partner). That quote really spoke to me.

Jacey on

Oh please, leave Billie Piper alone. If it were someone like Tom Cruise no one would be saying anything. Censorship is slowly going out the window anyway, bug off.

Linda on

Firstly, I’m not a prude. While I find Billie’s honesty refreshing and, in a way, touching, I felt just the tiniest bit uncomfortable reading that. I understand that some cultures have different feelings on certain topics than others, but I can’t help it, that’s just my feeling on it. Great for Billie for being open and honest, though. I loved her on Doctor Who. I feel that going, “EEW!” and “TMI” is a little rude, and while we’re all entitled to our own opinions, we can be a little civil.

paige on

huh… seriously?!

Elizabeth on

Well, this certainly is an interesting topic on whether or not Billie Pipper told the story ‘the right way’, ‘The appropriate American way’ of course!I don’t understand how people came to say ‘TMI’. I don’t recall reading what position or what they were wearing before the act itself.

I think she played around on the subject and didn’t want to make a big thing out of it. It was a beautiful way for her to explain how she got pregnant … What’s the big deal.

Oh and SBB, you’re being incredibly rude about ‘Where are you from Canada: the 51st State’ which is incredibly ridiculous and pointless coming from someone who reads WAY too much between the line from a simple interview. Maybe I should hand out a map to you or have you take your geography class from elementary school again to let you know what Canada really is 🙂